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Edit 6/30: Just to make this clear: I started writing the fic before the movie came out, but having now seen the movie, it's set after the movie.

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The night stars shone brightly above San Francisco, and the Andersen family was starting to get ready to sleep.

Riley, for the most part, had been in a pretty good mood that day. She got a good grade on her science report, managed to do well in her hockey game (she missed her mark once or twice, which provoked Anger, but at least her team had won in the end), and got to eat pizza with her family for dinner with not a speck of broccoli insight.

And a good day for Riley was a good day for Joy.

Turning off her light and getting into bed, Riley was lightly humming to herself, a merry little tune that she had heard on the radio that had been playing around in her head all day. As the young girl gazed up at her ceiling, another shimmering gold memory orb rolled into Headquarters in her mind. Joy picked it up and held it close before gazing at it proudly. Yet another moment of happiness for her and her emotions to treasure.

"Another day, another good memory to add to the collection!" she said brightly, placing it on the memory shelves next to the others. The shimmering emotion then paused, noticing Riley's eyes start to close. She moved a bit away from the orbs and the console, close to the ramp that led to where they slept, and pressing a small button on the wall. A light above a small intercom flicked on, glowing with a gold aura much like Joy herself.

"Say good night to Mom and Dad," she murmured quietly. True, she suspected the voice would only be heard as the faint "voice in the back of your head" that everyone seemed to experience once in a while, but at least it was something. Some indication of a little someone in her head guiding her.

Riley's eyes opened once more as she sat up, gazing toward the door. "Good night, Mom!" she called, a small grin on her face though it went unseen by the emotions. "Good night, Dad!"

"Good night, Riley" her mother called.

"Hope you had a great day today, sweetie!" her dad added.

"Yeah, I had a great day!"

Those words warmed Joy's heart to hear. Satisfied with her little bit of help, she switched the intercom off and bounded over to her emotion companions as Riley's eyes closed. "So, great day today, right guys?"

"Pretty good," Sadness said, giving one of her rare smiles.

"At least she got an A on that paper her teacher decided to give an insane amount of pages for," Disgust quipped. "I think teachers want to annoy the kids on purpose."

"Aw, come on, even if that is true, she did great!" Joy exclaimed, glowing happily as she stepped toward the console again, waving her hand. "You guys can head off to bed, it's my turn for Dream-Duty. Bet we've got a big day tomorrow!"

"It's just a Saturday," Disgust said, not really seeing what the big deal was as she and the others started to walk off,

"Yeah, but everyone knows Saturday is the best day of the week!"

Anger rolled his eyes a bit.

Joy called back to them cheerfully. "Good night, you guys!"

"Good night, Joy."

"See ya tomorrow."

"Hope Riley's dream is good."

As the other emotions headed toward the ramp that would lead up to the second floor, Anger glanced over at Fear with an irritated expression. "You know, I still think she could have got those hockey goals if you hadn't been taking control so much!"

"What are you blaming me, for?!" Fear asked, jumping a little at Anger's accusation. "That one time the puck came whizzing right at her face! How else was she supposed to not get hit?"

"Easy," Anger said with a roll of his eyes as they walked toward the ramp. "She'd punch it out of the way like this!"

He slammed his fist into the wall as a demonstration, but instantly drew his hand back when his hand connected with something that wasn't the durable purple wall. In fact, it felt a bit more metallic and mesh-like.

His eyes widened and the others whirled around. He had slammed his fist right into the intercom Joy had been using earlier, the device sparking and the light blinking on and off in rapid succession. On. Off. On. Off.

The next time the light turned on, it stayed that way.

The five stared at it in silence. As they peered closer at the construct, they could see that some of the structure inside it seemed to have come loose, though the integrity of it seemed to hold. Not to mention the button seemed stuck.

Sadness was the first to speak, two quiet, simple words that were resonating in the heads of all five of the emotions. "Uh oh."

"Dang it!" Anger shouted, looking like he was about to strangle Fear as he stormed toward the purple emotion, who backed away with each step. "Now it's broken because of that little lesson in actually having a backbone when it comes to hockey pucks!"

Fear was about to respond to defend himself and retort that it was Anger's fault for punching in the first place, when suddenly they heard a scream from Riley, causing all five of them to turn toward the console screen. Eyes wide open once more as she sat up, Riley was rapidly looking left and right, hiding a little more under her covers, having cried out like she had been startled by something.

Fear instantly scurried away from where the intercom was and leapt at the controls, nearly knocking into Joy who was looking at the screen with confusion. Riley had screamed. A scream could be an action of surprise that was more serious than a gasp. Screams meant danger. It was his job to keep Riley safe from whatever it was that might hurt her and guide her away from it. But as he watched through Riley's eyes, he couldn't see any immediate danger. Everything looked the same as always. But he was still on edge, and that feeling resonated through Riley's consciousness. Fight or flight? Defend or run?

"Wonder what's got her spooked," Disgust commented, still near the intercom.

Riley whipped her head around again. "Who said that?!"

The emotions paused, a slow realization dawning on them. They looked from the monitor of Riley's sight to the slowly sparking Intercom. Then back at each other.

Fear's eyes grew wide as saucers and he looked like he was going to faint, Joy barely stopping him from doing so. He was so stunned that he barely managed to get his next sentence out. A sentence that he could barely believe he was uttering.

"… I think it's us that's got her spooked!"

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