Me: Hi everyone, so everyone loves Jeff and Slender so I have made this christmas story for the followers. Also I don't care if you don't care about my feeling, but please don't read. I said if you don't like boy x boy don't read it, but some guest posted a comment with how people like are ruin this stuff good name. Who cares, so if anyone writes a bad comment it will be deleted. I don't have time for you go out in real life and fight someone you have a problem them. I don't want to hear your mouth about my crap, because some people like this and I thank them. Enjoy.

It's near Christmas time and Jeff has been killing many people, families, and stupid couples would walk in his forest at night. Jeff wanted to see Slender again, because usually by this time Jeff gets pretty lonely. Jeff could just want Slender to fuck him again? He does really know he keeps having these odd feeling.

"I wonder where he is? ...!"

Jeff hears a scream and runs to it only to see Slender cover in blood.

"Oh he killed a group of girls. AAH!"

Slender's tentacles grab Jeff from the bushes.

"Hey...Slender? You'er wearing a santa hat?"

Slender tips his hat to Jeff end let him go. Jeff hugs Slender not really knowing why, but he did. Maybe he has a soft spot for Slender.

Slender grabs a small box from his coat pocket.

A flat black box with a purple ribbon on top.

Slender hands Jeff the gift.

"For me?"

Slender nods.


It's a hunting knife...a Elk Ridge Knives. It's use for hunting animals, but now it will be use to hunt humans.

"Oh wait. Here."

Jeff killed a old man a few days ago and he found a 17 century watch.

Slender hugs Jeff.

"You're welcome."

A mist moves in and Jeff can't see but he is till hugging Slender Man.


Jeff finds himself in a mansion.

"Is this your home?"

Slender nods and walk up the stairs Jeff soon follows him.

Why would he have his big place all to himself?

Slender walks into his bedroom.

"Wow, it's very comfortable in here."

A tentacle wraps around Jeff's leg.

"Uh, Slender?"

Slender kiss Jeff.

A cold kiss, but it's fill with love.


Slender's tentacles remove Jeff's clothes and lays Jeff on the bed.

"What are you doing?"

The tentacles surrounds Jeff and Slender sits on the couch in room.


Is he watch?

One tentacle is jam inside Jeff's mouth.


Another tentacle pumps his cock.

Slender not doing anything and that cause Jeff to close his eyes just to give in to whatever happens to night.

Three more tentacles are shoved in his mouth.


The last two tentacles rubs against Jeff's butthole making Jeff bend over resting with his hands as his butt is in the air.

Slender unzips his pants and strokes his cock slowly.

The five tentacles leaves Jeff's mouth and the two tentacles spread Jeff's legs apart for the moist tentacles to enter one by one.

"Oh! Ah! Umm! Ghh! Ark!"

Jeff opens his eyes has the tentacles thrust deep inside him. Jeff turns his head to Slender.



The two tentacles whips Jeff's ass and the one near his cocks now plays with his balls.


Slender opens his mouths and hiss.

Jeff can feel the tentacles throbbing in his ass un-controllable making his eyes roll to the back of his head.


The tentacles pump Jeff's ass to the brim over filling with the hot jizz.

Slender squeeze his own cock to stop from cumming.

The tentacles leave one by one from Jeff's ass.


During that Jeff didn't see that Slender removes his clothes.


Slender kiss Jeff

Those ice cold lips...


Slender disappear and then re-appear behide Jeff.

"What are y...!"

A tentacle shoot right back into Jeff's mouth and he sucks it willing.

"Hmm! Fhmm!"

Slender slides his cock into Jeff and then pops in the five tentacles.


The tentacle from Jeff's balls goes into his mouth and the tentacles hammer at the bottom of his stomach.

Slender pounds away at Jeff's ass, but Slender his the doors opens and see the Smiling Dog laughing at Jeff being Slender's bitch. Slender throws a lamp at the door and the Dog leaves. Jeff's eyes where close, but he open them when he hear glass breaking. Slender push Jeff's head into bed.

The two tentacles jump out of Jeff's mouth and goes back Jeff's balls rolling them around.

"Ahh! Slender!"

So much pleasure is running threw Jeff's body. Feeling fuzzy and warm inside cause a sparks to hit his magic spot making him cry out.

"Aww! Fuck me Slender! Yeah, make me your bitch! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Slender growls has he released his seed inside Jeff and the tentacles cum all over Jeff's body. Jeff release all over the sheets.

"You didn't stick one in my mouth."

Jeff turns to Slender and Slender sticks his cock in Jeff's mouth fucking his head. Jeff can feel Slender's balls on his chin. Slender holds on to Jeff's hair not slowing down. Slender cums in Jeff's mouth and Jeff drinks his big load. Slender let's go and Jeff and Jeff trys to catch his breath.


Me: Have a great holiday everyone and be save! Thanks for reading!