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... ... ... ... ... ...

I guess no one is out to night.


What the hell is with this chick?


A black tentacle burst through the woman's chest.


"He has been acting funny for a while, Jeff. Do you know why?"

"No, that tall stick won't talk to me Dog."

The Smiling Dog looks across the room at Slender.

"If the big guy goes on a killing spree then you know it something super bad. Stay out of his way Jeff."


"Just going around killing people with out a care in the world."

I do like this side of him.

Slender is chasing people in the woods and hunting them for sport. He is a little sick of doing this because now those sweet screams turn sour to his ears. He was also getting his suit soak in blood.

I want to go find Jeff.


Slender pops up in front of Jeff scarring the little man.

"Please don't do that again. You ready to go?"

Slender shakes his head and then points at Jeff.

"What? Is there something on me?"

Slender turns Jeff in front of a tree and then rams him into the tree.


Slender hiss at Jeff showing Jeff is long serpent like tonuge.


Slender's tentacles wraps around Jeff squeezing his body.


Slender hiss again not really caring at this moment, but he does love Jeff too much to kill him.

Why is he doing this to me!?


... ... ... ... ...

My head hurts and it hurts to breath. I wonder why Slender attack me...wait what is wet thing near my butt.

Jeff opens his eyes.

I'm in his house and...!

Slender has remove Jeff of all his clothes. A few tentacles are holding Jeff's arms and the others have his legs spread while Slender licks and sucks Jeff's cock, balls, and asshole.


Slender has on no clothes, but some black boxers.

Gross, it's so sloppy!

Slender takes long slow licks at Jeff's nutsack before taking the balls into his mouth.

"No...slender wait...sle...sle...slender! GAH!"

Slender massges the balls with his tonuge causing Jeff's stomach to do flips. Jeff's legs jolt at the hottness inside Slender's mouth. The tentacles lets go of Jeff's arms and hover over him.

"Oh my freaking god!"

The little sounds Jeff makes are so cute. They are to die for.


Jeff cums on the bed sheet and grabs a pillow to hide his face.

Slender release Jeff's balls from his mouth and takes the dripping cock into his mouth.


Shouldn't his cock be in my mouth!? This feels so weird! I gonna...!

Jeff cums again, but this time down Slender's throat.

So that's how the kid taste so damn sweet.

Jeff is crying into the pillow trying to relax.

Where is Dog when I need him?

"sle...sle...wait a minute! UGK!"

Slender spreads Jeff's buttcheeks before rimming his tiny pink hole.

Jeff moans and Slender's long tonuge slips into Jeff's ass.

"OH NO!"

The long tonuge plunger deeper and deeper inside.

"NO! Don't wiggle it...around like...that. Ohh baby!"

Oh god those sounds! I can't believe this...and how it feels so damn good.

I think he is enjoy this. I see this cock is throbbing and he crying in pleasure. My sweet little Jeff.

"Sl...sle...nder...slender, please...move your tonuge more."

Slender grabs Jeff's buttcheek and gives them a hard squeeze.

He's tonuge is longer than his cock. I feel so stupid right now.

The tentacles wrap around Jeff's cock and storks him while Slender eats his asshole.

"No please! Stop! Let go! Don't touch...! AAAAAHHH!"

Jeff cums around on the sheets and bites into the pillow.

He is so freaking cute! Let's see four tentacles are wrap around his legs, two tentacles are warp around his cock, and my last to are hover over him and I need another hand.

"I can't...feel my legs."

Slender moves Jeff closer into the bed, so his feet are hanging over the edge of the bed along with his hard dripping throbbing cock.

"What are you...doing?"

The last two tentacles wrap around Slender's throbbing cock while Slender starts sucking on Jeff's cock.

"That tonuge...won't stop."

Slender wraps his tonuge around Jeff's cock while sucking him. The tentacles around Jeff's cock move and rubs against Jeff's lips.

"Come on guys...into my mouth."

Jeff opens his mouth allowing the tentacles to fuck his throat.

Finally I get a taste of his cum! I hate it when he doesn't give me a tentacle in the mouth.

Jeff moans around the tentacles sending a weird feeling to them causing them to throb and thrust more brutal.

YES! Sweet tentacles in my throat give me what I crave the most!

Slender can feel Jeff release small amounts of cum in his mouth.

This kid loves sucking on my tentacles.


Jeff cums inside of Slender's mouth.

Oh my.

Slender gets up and sticks his hard cock inside of Jeff.


He put his cock inside of me. Give it to me baby.

Slender starts thrusting and Jeff's throat close down a little on tentacles. Slender throws his head back and starts to thrust a hit harder and the tentacles begins to release some semen down Jeff's throat trying not to release the whole.

Slender hiss and grips harder onto Jeff's hips. The other tentacles enter Jeff's ass.

Please don't break my ass.


Slender thrust becomes harder and faster turning Jeff's mind into a puddle.

Oh shit!


Jeff cums and Slender cums inside of Jeff's throat and ass. The tentacles over flow inside of Jeff on both ends cause it the semen to splurt out of him.


Jeff coughs up Slender's semen gasping for air.

Yeah, I over did it.

"his sweet cum..."

... ... ... ... ... ...

Jeff wakes up in bed next to Slender.

Why was he so mad? He wouldn't talk to Dog, me or anyone else. You killed people for three weeks straight and then fuck the shit out me. Slender...

A tentacle wraps around Jeff's waist.



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