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"I think he has gone to far, Rake."

"Dog are you sure? You know Jeff and Slender have strange kink sex. I mean the man is a tentacle monster."

"Rake no! Like I mean he as broken that boy. He only listen to Slender. He only does things when Slender tells him too."

"Well if you put it like that. Let's check out their room."

"It's not their room it's Slender's room."

Smiling Dog and Rake walks into Slender's bedroom to find Jeff tied down cover in cum with a butt plug in his ass.


Jeff didn't move when Rake called his name. He didn't respond because it was not he's master. It was not Slender.

"See I told you. I told everyone, but no one ever believes me."

"I'm so sorry Jeff. Dog we have to do something!"

"Hey, I have tried before. I don't what these chains are, but they are unbreakable. I think they are apart of Slender."

"How do we get him free?"

"Slender might untie him."

"I DON'T WANT TO...!?"

Rake grabs Dog and hides in the shadow as the door opens.


Slender knows they are there, but he doesn't care for them he only wants his pet. Slender smiles to himself as his tentacle wrap around Jeff's legs.

"Eemmhff!" Jeff squirms under his master's touch. Slender kisses his pet's neck making Jeff whimper for more. Slender's tentacles leaves Jeff's legs and move to his cock, balls, and butt plug.

Tears fell from Rake eyes as she watches her best friend become a sex toy to a man that she has always hated.

The tentacles rip the butt plug out of Jeff making him scream.

"Aaaaahhhh!" Jeff can feel all of Slender's leftover cum flowing out of his body. "No master please...!?"

Slender places his hand over Jeff's mouth. Rake feeling sick to her stomach picks up Dog and quickly runs to the door.

'Good they both left, now my little pet.' Slender takes off this clothes. 'Are you ready to play?'

Jeff squirm trying to break his damn chains.

'Wait my little bunny.' Slender freed Jeff from the chains. 'You're going to suck daddy's cock, okay bunny?'

"Yes daddy!" Jeff answers quickly and opens his mouth wide.

Slender rams his cock deep down Jeff's throat making him gag a little.

'Oh, come on baby I know you can do better than that!' Slender replied rams his cock in and out Jeff's throat. Jeff's eyes started to water as Slender was being to rough with him.

'Such a good little bunny whore!' Slender is close to cumming. Slender rips his cock out of Jeff's mouth. Jeff coughing for air.

"'t...cum daddy."

'Shh, I know I'm to cum all over that pretty little face of yours.'

Slender is stroking his cock in front of Jeff's face. Jeff is only focus on the tentacles surrounding him. "So many...tentacles."


Slender releases a huge amount on Jeff's face and hair causing Jeff to giggle.

'You look so sexy cover in my cum Jeff.'

Slender gently kisses Jeff.

"Yes master Slender."

Slender picks up Jeff and flips him over.

"Slender...!? Ooooohhh!"

Slender lighty licks Jeff's pucker hole.

"Please not my ass daddy!"

Slender slaps Jeff's ass three times.

'You don't tell me what to do my little bunny!'

"I'm sorry daddy!" Jeff cried out.

Slender circles Jeff's hole before slowly forcing his tounge inside.


Slender can feel Jeff relax. Slender's tounge travels deeper inside Jeff's love tunnel. A few of Slender's tentacles wrap around Jeff's hard cock to keep him from cumming.

'I love your little doughnut.'

Jeff softly sobs.

'Just hold still.'

"Daddy please!"

Slender's tentacles penetrate Jeff's ass.


All of Slender's tentacles are pounding Jeff's prostate making Jeff's stomach do backflips with each strike.

Slender licks he's lips looking at his pet crying.


"I hate that man."

"Why don't you call MoMo?"

"And what can she do, Dog?"

"Maybe she can bet Slender...or save Jeff. You know like sneak him out the room."

"I give her a call."

Rake pulls out her phone and calls her new friend.


"Aaaaaaahhhhh! Daddy! Mmmhhhhgg!"

Jeff screams filling his insides get stuff and cream by his favorite tentacles.

Slender laughs at his pet.

'Good little boy.'

Slender rises Jeff's butt in the air.

'You ready baby?'


Slender smiles as he slowly pushes in.

'Aaah! After all that you're still so tight. I might have to break you some more.'

The tentacles shove a gag-ball into Jeff's mouth. Slender pulls Jeff up by his hair assaulting Jeff's prostate. Jeff crys behide the ball gag. Jeff cums on the sheets from this brutal assault.


"You want me to save Jeff?"

"Please MoMo! Jeff has become Slender's toy. He's my friend and this has been going on for long enough."

"Okay I'll help, but what if Slender attacks me?"

"We got your back." Dog nodded at MoMo.

"Alright deal."


'My little boy...mmmmmhhh! You made such a good little fuck toy!'

"Aaaahhh! Mmmmhhh! Mmmnnnnnggghhh!"

Slender releases in cum inside Jeff making Jeff kick his feet.

'Hold still. Easy boy.'

Jeff felt something warm in his throat.


Slender's cum was too much and came out of Jeff's mouth. Slender slides two of tentacles in Jeff's ass fucking him again.

My stomach hurts.

The tentacles kept pounding Jeff's ass. Slender gets behide Jeff's and sucks on his balls making the little boy cry.

Jeff colors the sheets with his cum.

'I'll be back in a little while Jeff.'

"Yes...y...yes master."

Slender's cleans up Jeff and himself then leaves from the night. Jeff is left on the bed clean and all a lone.

"Master where did you go?"

Jeff hears three knocks on his door. "Who is it?" The door opens, but no one is there. "What the hell!?" The rooms becomes dead cold.

"Are you okay Jeff?" Says a very low female voice.


"No...I'm sorry."

Jeff see a large hand reaching for him. He runs away from the hand trying to escape the room, but he reaches the door it's start to melt.

"Oh shit!"

Jeff stabs at the hand with his knife still trying to run away from it.

"Good to see you still have some fight left in you, but you'll need a lot more to defeat me."

The words soon turn into an evil laugh.

"Fuck you! Uh..!? Aaaaahhh!"

The large hand grab Jeff and pull him through a portal with very shard teeth.



Jeff was breathing heavy unable to see in a pitch black room.

"Fuck. Hey anyone here!?"

Jeff saw the shadow of two women. They appear to talking to one another.

"Oh kid you're awake."

"Dog!? Where the he'll am i?"

"Funny thing about that we're at Rake's house for free food and scary movies. Stay with us."

"Where's Slender?"

"Uh...he had something to take care of. You want so pizza or hot wings?"

Jeff looks at the table of food and pick two chocolate candy bars.

"No thank you."

"Hey Dog the drinks are ready! Is Jeff up yet!?"

"Yep, come see!"

Rake runs into to hug her best friend.

"Mmmhh Jeff!"

"Watch the nails! Watch the nails!"

"I only stab you once."

Momo laughs at them.

"Can we watch the movies now?"

"Sure Momo."

For the time in a very long time Jeff final having normal fun. Hanging out with his friends watching movies, almost as if they are human teenagers. In the back of his mind he however miss Slender.


'Jeff! Jeff!?'

Slender didn't know that Jeff was not in their room nor was he in the whole house. His lover was gone.


Slender left the house in a deep rage looking for Jeff.

'I bet they took him!'


'Wait they're watching movies?'

Slender can see that's it Rake, Dog, and Jeff are sitting on the couch, but there's another person on the arm of the couch.

Slender grabs everybody with his tentacles screaming in revenge.


"Slender wait please come sit with us. Come eat some food or candy."

Jeff was trying to talk Slender down.

'Who is this woman?'

"That's MoMo."

Slender stays and watch the movies, but with Jeff sitting in his lap. Jeff didn't like it, because he can feel Slender's cock poking him. Jeff knew once again he's in trouble.


Jeff: "Happy Halloween everyone we hope you enjoy this and we hope to see you in the next request."

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