Thousands of years ago the four nations lived together in harmony,

Then everything changed when the war in Kalos begun.

Only AZ, creator of Life and Destruction, could stop it.

But when he did, he vanished.

Many years later, and the world is in a new era,

An era a peace and prosperity.

But new threats are on the rise,

And this is the story of the four who stopped them.

Chapter 0: Teaser

Location: Mount Coronet's Spear Pillar in Sinnoh

On top of the mountain in the center of the Sinnoh Region, there are some ruins as old as time at its peak. With a flash of light, a lone figure appears crouching among the marble pillars, worn with age to the point where the tops resembled the location's namesake. The figure straightens and is seen more clearly in the light, it is Arceus, one of the god-like Legendary Pokémon. However, he has assumed human form, or at least resembles a human. He looks around with eyes that have green sclera with blood red irises and black pupils. His skin was dark gray and hair pure white. He had on an off-white shirt with yellow trim, matching pants, and a long flowing cape with antler like décor at the neck. He looked up into the sky and summoned the celestial stairs that led to the Hall of Origin. He ascended the steps and at the top, he saw a very long table with all the other Legendaries, whom had also assumed humanoid forms. He moved to the head of the table and took a seat. As per usual with these meetings, he had to wait while everyone stopped their own personal discussions. That and Rayquaza, the Poke-god and guardian of the sky and beyond, had to clear his throat to get Groudon and Kyogre, Poke-gods of the land and sea respectively, to stop bickering. Like small children. Again. Arceus then stood up, looked around at the table, and let out a small sigh,

"Let us call this meeting to order, I have heard rumors among you that something big is going to happen."

At that moment everyone heard a loud voice call out,

"Tch! THAT'S what this is about? It's probably just some crazy human and their organization or whatever trying to play Poke-god and mess with stuff they don't understand."

And everyone looked nearer to the end of the table opposite Arceus and saw a legendary that was infamous among human and Pokémon alike. Mewtwo. One of the few man-made Pokémon, and the genetic clone of the Poke-goddess who was ancestor to all non-Legendary Pokémon, Mew, to boot. His human form had cold, calculating violet eyes and short but messy lavender hair, and he was wearing a shirt the same shade as his hair, but the sleeves purple.

"I wouldn't talk Mewtwo." snickered a young man who then had to brush a mop of bright red hair out of his grey eyes. He wore a tan shirt with a blue furred vest, and a pair of dirty jeans. This was Keldeo, Master of the Swordsman Trio which included Cobalion, Terrakion, and Verizion.

"I agree," stated a young woman with a smile. She had bright yellow hair in a bob cut. She wore a pair of earrings with red jewels and a grey flowing dress. One thing that stuck out was that she wore a pair of glasses, similar to pairs worn by blind humans, with lenses tinted with the same shade of yellow as her hair. This was none other than Uxie, member of Sinnoh's own Lake Trio and Poke-goddess of wisdom, "If I recall correctly, you are a product of one of those 'Crazy humans and their organizations.'"

At this point, a couple of the other Legendaries chuckled at this, not noticing Mewtwo's growing embarrassment and rage.

"SHUT IT," He yelled while slamming his fist down on the table, causing a lot of the others to jump, "I may have been cloned from Mew by the humans, but I'm still capable of taking any of you down all by myself!"

"Try it kid." The cold, almost gravelly voice growled so unexpectedly that Mewtwo looked around mildly surprised. His eyes finally meeting with one glaring eye that had bright blue sclera and an off-white slit pupil with no iris. The other eye was hidden by long, greasy off-white hair belonging to Darkrai, poke-god of nightmares. Darkrai's human form had dark-charcoal skin and he was wearing a shirt with red and black stripes running across the sleeves and chest, he was wearing a tattered fedora and he had set down something he had been fiddling with. It seemed to be a bronze glove with knife like blades extending from the fingers.

Arceus sighed once again, Darkrai had a bit of a habit of dressing up as characters from horror movies made by humans that he made everyone watch with him, claimed the two activities gave him 'inspiration'. That, and arguments and fights between Legendaries were nothing short of common.

"Enough," he called, stopping the budding argument, "We are not here to prove strength, we are here to discuss how to act with this coming situation. As it supposedly happens in the not-so-distant future, what are we looking at? Celebi?"

"Erm, well…" The young looking Minor Poke-goddess of time and nature looked down and picked and the hem of her skirt, which was pale green had leaf patterns all over it, her shirt was a similar shade but lacked the leaf designs. She took a deep breath and looked up, showing pale blue eyes and her light green, bobbed hair that had two antennae like bits that were pale blue at the tip, similar to the ones she has as a Pokémon.

"I don't know exactly what's going to go down," she said carefully, "I have tried to contact my future selves at whatever time this happens, but I never get much of an answer. Just a vision of destruction spreading across the globe…" At this, she looks down and begins picking at her skirt hem again.

"What sort of destruction?" inquired Arceus, leaning forward to prop his elbows on the table and lacing his fingers together. Prompting Celebi to look up again.

"That's just the thing, there is no singular event of destruction, but several. The first one originates in Hoenn, with torrential rains causing the sea to rise, and massive tsunamis bringing mass destruction and death. Then Sinnoh becomes covered in spatial distortions until the entire region just disappears, taking a huge chuck of the planet with it. Then comes Unova, but what's odd is, two forms of destruction originate from there; first terrifying lightning razes the land, and then unnatural cold and ice spreads over a vast space of the planet."

At this, everyone draws a collective breath. Uxie frowned, trying to make sense of this disaster. Darkrai looked up from alternating between fiddling with his glove and glaring at Mewtwo, frowning as well. There was a slight commotion from the Eon twins, Latias and Latios. Both wore heavy desert robes and had cloth face coverings, with Latias having pure white robes and a bright red vest where Latios had off-white robes and a blue vest. Latias looked at her brother, who currently had an almost angry look in his eyes under his face covering and elbows on the table with fingers interlaced, with a scared look in her own eyes. There was a little girl with curly green hair and a pink flower tucked behind her ear, she had a white long-sleeved shirt with denim overalls had reached into her pocket to bring out a paper bag. It would seem that Shaymin, the Poke-goddess of nature who had a habit of over-reacting, had begun hyperventilating. One figure, a teenager with short, straight hair that split down the middle with one half being red and the other blue, stood out simply because of how still he was among the commotion. This was Deoxys, Poke-god of science and technology, and he remained expressionless as usual as he toyed with a necklace that consisted of nothing but a cord from which hung a simple amethyst orb. A girl next to Uxie started fidgeting and playing with her hair, which was bright pink and put in dreadlocks. She also had red jewel earrings and a grey dress identical to Uxie's. This was Mesprit, Poke-goddess of emotion and another member of the lake trio. What Arceus found slightly worrying was the worried look on Mesprit's own face. She was usually happy and optimistic, usually able to say something upbeat to raise the spirits of others, as such she did not normally get perturbed so easily. Judging by this and everyone else's reactions, this needed to be dealt with. Now.

"Anything else?" asked Arceus, keeping a calm look on his face.

"Well…" She started while looking down to pick at her skirt hem again, then looking up again causing her antennae to bounce, "There is one thing, whenever I ask if there is any way to prevent the destruction, I get a new vision." At this, everyone leans forward slightly.

"What I see," Celebi continues, "I see raging flames engulfing the seas and rain of Hoenn. Then a fierce storm swirls over Mount Coronet, stopping the spacial distortions. After that the lightning in Unova seems to be stopped by a sort of raging sea, and the ice that appears later is shattered by earth-shaking tremors capable of toppling mountains."

"Well, now we know how to stop these disasters easy," boasted a young man with bright red hair, yellow eyes, a sweater of the same shade with black markings on the sleeves, and tan cargo pants. This man was Groudon, the Poke-god of land.

"Entei can stop the ocean disaster in Hoenn, which is probably going to be caused by Kyogre anyway-" He continued before another voice called out,

"Shut it Earth boy." This came from Kyogre herself through grit teeth, which if you looked closely you would see they were sharp and triangular. Her own yellow eyes glowering from under bright blue shoulder-length hair that had a bright red extension. She said this as she tugged at the sleeve of her bright blue fisherman's jacket with bright red trim, and then stole a glance at a middle-aged man with a mane of shaggy brown hair. He wore a fur vest over a bare, muscled chest, and leather pants. This was Entei, the Poke-god of fire, and he was currently looking at her uncertainly. Meanwhile Celebi was trying to get another word in but Groudon kept going ignoring both Celebi and Kyogre.

"Tornadus or Lugia probably save Sinnoh, maybe together, who knows." The minor and major storm deities cast doubtful looks at each other. Once again Celebi fails to get a word in edgewise as Groudon keeps going, ignoring everyone's reactions.

"And Unova is probably saved by Keldeo or Kyogre the first time around, and then I stop the ice." Groudon crosses his arms, sits down, and looks around very pleased with himself. Oblivious, of course, to Keldeo protesting and Kyogre trying to strangle him. However she is being restrained by two men. One with a green aviator jacket with red trim, green spiky hair, yellow eyes like Groudon and Kyogre, and a pair of aviator goggles hanging from his neck. The other one had a white muscle shirt stretched tight over a muscular frame, black cargo pants, and a bald head with a curly, moss-green beard. The first man was the aforementioned Rayquaza. The other was Regigigas, the Poke-god who moved the continents, and master of the Golem Trio (or Regi Trio if you prefer) which included Regice, Registeel, and Regirock.

"How can you be so sure?-" began Arceus before was interrupted by a sudden cry

"HOLD ON ALREADY WILL YOU?!" The outburst was so sudden that everyone once again looked at Celebi, who took another deep breath, "The ones who stop the disasters are not any of the Legendaries." At this, everyone looked at each other, shocked.

"I see the disasters resolved by HUMAN silhouettes." This was the point where everyone started shouting trying to make sense of this revelation.

"ENOUGH," boomed Arceus, making everyone instantly silent. "Now, how are we supposed to find these humans?"

"Shouldn't be too hard," snorted Mewtwo, "there are only about a couple BILLION humans on the planet." Everyone grudgingly agreed, except for Celebi.

"It won't be hard," said Celebi, "I already know where the first one is, he's arriving in Hoenn." Now everyone was staring at her, dumbfounded.

"Well," sighed Arceus, smiling, "that certainly makes my job a lot easier, I'll find this human and convince him to help us." He, turned to leave but Celebi interrupted once more.

"Um… it won't be that easy, see, the humans will have to go on a Pokémon journey, you know, gather badges and defeat the League Champion, but they will have to follow some specific rules along the way." With this, she summons some papers and hands them to him. Arceus looks over them, looks up, and says, "Okay, anything else?"

"Yes, the rules change a little depending on which of these they choose," She hands him four medallions. A red one has a flame emblazoned on it, the blue one depicts a rolling wave, a medallion of silver shows a three swirls of air, and a ring with a square in the middle is engraved on the medallion of bronze.

"Very well, I shall be off." Arceus turns to leave and walks a few steps before turning on his heel and asking, "But how will I know when I've found the boy?"

"That's easy, the medallions will glow when they're near one of the four."

"All right," Arceus says, "Now, I am officially off." At this he turns, and leaves, disappearing in a flash of light. He is finally off, to find the four humans who will stop the end of the world as we know it.


*Author's note* Well readers, there you have it, a teaser for a 4 arc Pokémon Fanfiction adventure. This is the part where I address some things.

1. I will be doing these arcs according to me playing four Pokémon games according to Avatar Mode rules, don't know what they are? I will also upload the set of rules I will be using. Also the medallions, all of them have the symbols of the four nations respectively; red is fire, blue is water, silver is air, and bronze is earth.

2. I will try to upload updates when I can, school may interfere with this as well as my laziness

3. In terms of comments, I am fully open to constructive criticism among other things, but if you're just going to bash on my writing just for the sake of being a dick, STOP READING THESE, or I will block your comments.

4. I may use some… less-than-appropriate words, if even mild swearing offends you, stop reading now. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

5. There may also be blood from time to time, and same as with the swearing, if violence offends you, STOP READING NOW, because this WILL take place in the Pokémon Universe. So there will be Pokémon battles (shocker I know)

6. There will be plenty of references, and if you spot them, kudos to you. If not, too bad.

7. Except for the first run, all of these adventures will have a unique "special rule" that change how the game is played, once again, I will upload a list. I will also upload an updated list of these "special rules" if/when I come up with new ones.

8. I know Legendary Pokémon are "genderless" but I decided to identify them by one gender or another to give them more character.

9. I will be playing the four games in this order: First disaster is in Sapphire, Second disaster is in Pearl, Third and Fourth disasters are in Black and Black 2 respectively (I will be using memory link if you are interested, all of these are cartridges, not ROMs)