Blaze Arc Chapter 1:

A New Home, A New Journey

Location: Moving Truck making its way to LittleRoot Town in Hoenn

An ordinary moving truck is driving along making its way to a small town on the south end of Hoenn. In the back, with all the boxes and a sofa, is a 14 year old boy. He has an average build and is somewhat tall for his age. He has dirty blonde hair and blue-gray eyes with glasses that have black plastic frames. His skin is a bit pale with a spray of freckles on his face and arms. He is currently lying on the sofa trying to get comfortable and read a book with all the jostling of the truck. Some light is streaming through a window on the door to the back of the truck. On the outside, a Taillow is flying through the sky and sees the truck. It notices the window on the back of the truck and flies near it, curiously peeking in. The boy looks up, annoyed that his only (non-battery dependent) light source is obscured, notices the Pokemon, and flashes it a sarcastic smile.

"Nothing to see here, just some luggage."

Shifting attention back to his book, he is once again interrupted, this time by the ringing of his Pokégear. He stares at the blue device for a few seconds before picking it up. Flipping it open, he checks the caller ID, and answers it.

"Yo," he starts, "Professor Birch right?"

"That would be me," replies the voice on the other end, "and if I recall correctly, you're Atticus Daemon who's moving to my hometown of LittleRoot."

Hearing this, Atticus sighs, he had never been completely on board with his parents' plans to move all the way from Johto to Hoenn. He really would have preferred to stay there with his Pokémon and his childhood friends, Lyra Elm and Silver Battaglia. He STILL couldn't believe he wasn't allowed to bring his Pokémon with him across the regional borders, really who came up with such a stupid-

"Helloooooooooooooo…..? You still there? I swear this thing drops so many calls, it racks up the Pokégear bill like you wouldn't believe…" Professor Birch's voice interrupting his thoughts shakes Atticus out of his daze.

"I'm still here, I just spaced out, sorry." Atticus sighs again lifting up his glasses and pinching the bridge of his nose where the glasses were rubbing.

"Anyway, as I was saying," continued Birch as he confirmed he had Atticus' attention again, "When you get to LittleRoot I'll see what I can do about getting you a starter Pokémon, how does that sound?" At this, Atticus perks up suddenly very excited.

"A starter Pokémon? I did hear that correctly, right?" Asked Atticus sitting bolt upright, very eager to get to LittleRoot now.

"Yes, that's what I said," confirmed Birch, "that is unless you don't want one, I had heard from your dad that you weren't too happy about moving to Hoenn…"

"NO I WANT ONE!" shouted Atticus, then wincing as he realized that Birch had probably jerked the Pokégear away from his ear at the sudden shout, "Sorry, but I really do want a starter Pokémon."

"I see," said Birch, "Until then, I suppose. Bye." With that, the Pokémon Professor hung up. Atticus sat there for a while staring into space, then smiled to himself.

"Maybe this won't be so bad then." He said aloud to no one in particular. He was very interested in getting a new Pokémon, since he wanted to go on another journey after he ended his first one in Johto. He smiles to himself and once again picks up his book and tries to find his spot again when he is nearly thrown from the couch by the abrupt stopping of the truck. Dazed just a bit, Atticus looks behind him to see the door of the truck being opened and light streaming into the truck.

"Atticus? Is that you?" said a feminine voice coming from the outside.

"Yeah mom, it's me." Replied Atticus as he stepped out of the back of the truck shielding his eyes until they got adjusted to being in the bright sunlight. "So this is Hoenn's LittleRoot is it?"

Location: Littleroot Town, Hoenn Region

"Yes dear," said his mother. Hannah Daemon was a nice woman, with blonde hair in a ponytail. She stood at about equal height to Atticus and had soft brown eyes. "Why don't you come with me and you can see your new room? We can let the movers get to work that way."

"Sure, why not." As his mother turned and led him towards that house he looked around at the small town that was his new home. A small town out in the woods and a Pokemon lab, I guess this place isn't too different from New Bark Town after all. Atticus followed his mother into the house and went up a small flight of stairs after his mom told him that was where his room was. Again, just like New Bark Town. Did Mom and Dad specifically choose this house so that it would remind me of home? I mean it's working, so I don't know how to feel about that. The room was plain, it had a window and his bed. His desk and computer were already set up, as well as a television, so that was nice. After taking in what little stuff in his room was unpacked, Atticus set to unpacking the boxes that had been brought up by the Machokes that worked for the moving company. He unpacked for a few minutes, and by 'unpacking' he just took stuff out of the boxes and placed it roughly where he wanted it to go once he got fully situated.

"Let's see… I'll setup my gaming stuff later… I'm not in the mood to organize the books on the shelf just yet… same deal with my clothes… I'm actually pretty tired right now, maybe I shoul-"

"Atticus! Come quick! Your father's on TV!" His thoughts being interrupted by his mother's shouting, Atticus walked down the stairs and went to the TV in the living room. He made it to the TV pretty quickly, but he was only fast enough to hear the ending of a news story.

"This story was brought to you in front of the Petalburg Gym." came the sound of a cheery-sounding news reporter before it switched to a commercial break. Atticus turned to look at his mother to see a disappointed look on her face.

"I decided to turn on the TV to see if there was something to watch and I thought Norman was coming on, but it seems we just missed him" His mother looked down before looking back at him, "Anyway, sorry for interrupting you while you were unpacking, do you need any help?" Only for her son to wave her off.

"No thanks, I'm good. But, uh, I might take a nap soon. I'm pretty tired after riding on the truck." Atticus scratched the back of his head as he trailed off, and his mother nodded at this.

"Yes, that might be a good idea. Oh! Also, you might want to visit Prof. Birch's house later. I talked to his wife earlier and she said he mentioned something about giving you a Pokemon." Atticus nodded at this.

"Sounds about right, Birch called me back when I was still riding on the truck. The topic did come up…"

"Mrs. Birch also said that they have a daughter about your age, she might be nice to be friends with." Another nod.

"I'll keep that in mind then, later Mom."

-(Line break)-

One and a half hours of unpacking, and a thirty minute nap later, Atticus stretches his arms as he walked down the stairs. Having changed fresh clothes, he now wore a pair of red running shoes, jeans, and a Darth Vader hoodie that was unzipped to reveal a Flogging Molly tee. He made a quick Peanut Butter and Mustard sandwich ("What? Don't judge me."), and decided to visit the home of Professor Burch. After getting the address from his mother, and a two minute walk, Atticus found himself knocking on the door of the Birch Residence. The door opened to reveal a kind-looking woman with brown hair and wearing plain-looking clothes.

"Oh, you must be the new neighbor! The Daemon's kid, right?" asked the woman that Atticus could only assume was Mrs. Birch. He nodded in confirmation.

"That's me." Offering a hand, which she shook, "I'm Atticus."

"Yes, your father has told my husband and I a lot about you. My husband isn't here right now, but May should still be home. Why don't you go up to her room and say hi? Her room is right up those stairs." She explained, pointing at said stairs. Atticus nodded at this and walked upstairs, saying hi to a young boy who introduced himself as Max, May's younger brother. May's room was pretty honestly looked a lot like his, just with less manga and videogames. There was no one in the room, but he did notice a Pokeball sitting in the middle of the floor. He bent over to pick it up and put it on the desk or something when he heard someone enter the room.

"Hello? Is someone there?" Hearing the voice, Atticus stood up and turned around, leaving the Pokeball forgotten, "Oh, you must be the kid who just moved in next door? Atticus right? I'm May, it's nice to meet you."

Atticus took a moment before responding, observing the girl that had just introduced herself. She had brown hair that fell to her shoulders and kept mostly tied up a red bandanna with a pokeball design. She wore a red shirt, blue shorts and had white gloves with blue fingers. On her feet she wore red shoes with black socks and had a yellow fanny pack on her waist. After giving her a once-over and noticing that she seemed to be the same age, Atticus smiled and introduced himself to her.

"Atticus Daemon, it's nice to meet you too." At that point the two just kind of stared at each other, not really sure what to do next.

"So, I heard from my dad that you like Pokemon." May offered, trying to get a conversation going, "I'm going to be honest, I've always had this dream of travelling the world and becoming friends with Pokemon." Atticus smiled in response.

"That's a good dream. My dream is to do that too, as well as become one of the best Pokemon Trainers ever."

"That's pretty cool!" admitted May, "Although it is kind of weird…"

"What is?"

"I mean well, we've only just met and we just start talking about dreams you know? Ehehehehehehe…" May chuckled, lightly rubbing the back of her head before her eyes snapped open.

"Oh crap! I promised dad that I'd help him field study Pokemon! Sorry to cut our talk short but I gotta go!" She rushed past Atticus, and picked up the Pokeball from the floor before turning and running down the stairs. Leaving Atticus to call out after her,

"Wait! Your dad said that he was going to give me a Pokemon…" He trailed off staring at the doorway before he sighed and left the Birch residence. As he left through the front door he once again took in the scenery, this time trying to figure out what to do next. Not knowing that there were two figures high in the sky. Watching him. Observing him and his actions.

-(Line break)-

"Is he the one, brother?"

"Quite possibly, Latias."

The Eon Twins were observing Atticus from the sky in their Pokemon forms, ever since Arceus ended the meeting to try and find the first human they took it upon themselves to scour the Hoenn in hopes of aiding in his search. This search led them to see the moving van that had taken Atticus to Littleroot Town. This had then led to them debating whether he was one of the humans from Celebi's vision.

"But he's so young, Latios." Said Latias, she looked to her brother with an uncertain look.

"Greatness has to start somewhere." Latios countered, "Besides, he is the child of one of those 'gym leaders' that the humans tend to hold in high regard. Surely he has inherited some of his father's talent."

Latias remained a bit unconvinced, looking back and forth between the mortal boy and her sibling.

"I still think it's a lot to ask of someone so young. We're asking for his help to save the world after all."

"If he does end up being one of the humans from Celebi's vision, then I'm sure he'll be able to handle it. Now, keep an eye on him for me will you?" Hearing this peaked Latias' interest.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"To report this to Arceus, I think he should know that we may have found one of them." Latios replied, turning to leave as he did.

"Why don't you stay here and watch him and I'll let Arceus know?" Latias inquired.

"Because, I'm faster than you. So I'll be able to find Arceus quicker and let him know. Besides, if you stay you can get closer to him for better observation. You're better at becoming invisible than I am." Satisfied that he made a sufficient argument, Latios turned and flew off at high speeds, resulting in a rather loud sonic boom. Rolling her eyes at her brother's noisy exit, Latias turned back to the human, and sighed as he had obviously noticed the sonic boom.

"I hope you're right brother," she murmured, as she began to fly closer to better observe the boy, "I just want to make sure we aren't asking too much of the poor kid."

-(Line break)-

Atticus had been making his way to the forest on the outskirts of town to take a quick peek at what might be out there, only to nearly jump several feet in the air we he heard what sounded like an explosion.

"WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?!" he shouted after making sure his heart was still beating after that scare. After looking around and not seeing anything, he continued on his way. Though now he was a lot more wary that he may run into a dangerous Pokemon, which would be made worse by the fact that he still had not received a new Pokemon.

"SOMEONE HELP ME!" cried a voice, startling Atticus once more. Without even giving it a second thought, the young boy ran towards the commotion. Upon arriving to the source of the screaming, Atticus was greeted by the sight of a middle aged man in a labcoat fleeing from a rather angry Poochyena. Just as Atticus started to run towards the dark type Pokemon, in hopes of distracting it, the man reached a tree and started to climb it. That was when another voice called out,

"Dialga, if you will." Upon those words being spoken, Atticus' whole world slowed to a crawl before stopping completely. He stumbled forward a few steps and looked around. When he saw that he was the only thing moving, as evidenced by the middle aged man and Poochyena no longer moving, as well as a small flock of Taillow stopped mid-flight, the voice spoke once again.

"Hello there." Turning to the source of the voice, the young trainer was greeted by the sight of none other than Arceus himself in Pokemon form. Understandably surprised, the 14 year old took a few steps back.

"What-what's going on?" he stammered. Atticus' mind was racing, trying to make sense of the situation.

"I have something very important to ask of you." began Arceus, "But first, let me make a quick change to try and make this a little easier for you." There was a small flash of light, and when it died, Arceus stood in his human form.

"What's going on?" Atticus repeated.

"One moment." After saying that, Arceus detached a cloth sack that was attached to his belt. He opened the sack and looked inside, Atticus couldn't see what was in there, but whatever it was was glowing. Nodding as he closed the sack, Arceus looked at the boy.

"To answer a few questions that are no doubt running through your mind: first, you're not crazy, this is really happening. Second, I had Dialga stop time except for the two of us so that I can speak to you. Third, as I said, I have something very important to ask of you, the Hoenn Region is in danger, and I think you are the one who will save it." Atticus was silent when Arceus finished speaking.

"What do you mean the Hoenn Region is in danger?" he asked.

"Celebi received a vision from her future self, part of this vision is that a calamity befalls Hoenn. The vision shows a human silhouette stopping this disaster, and I believe that person is you." Atticus was silent once more. Arceus studied his face as he entered a state of deep thought for a few minutes.

"You can say no if want, no one will blame you."


"You can say no to what I'm asking, I know that I'm asking a lot of you." Atticus was silent again as he processed this before shaking his head.

"No, I'll do it."

"That was quick." Arceus said as he raised an eyebrow, "Are you sure?" Atticus nodded in response.


"Very well," Arceus said as he opened the sack again, this time reaching into it and bringing out four medallions. "As part of what I'm asking you to do, you must choose one of these."

Atticus looked at the four medallions, each was made of some sort of metal. One was clearly made of bronze, and another silver, but one was made of a strange blue colored medal. However, the one that drew him in was the fourth medallion, which was made of a bright red medal and depicted a stylized flame. Making his decision, Atticus reached for the red medallion. As soon as his hand made contact with it, he felt a strong heat in his hand, which quickly spread throughout his whole body. He stared at the medallion in wonder before Arceus spoke again.

"I probably should have told you this before, but now that you have chosen you will be strongly drawn towards Pokemon of certain types. Specifically, you will be drawn towards Pokemon that are Fire, Electric, Dark, and/or Dragon type." There was a slight look of regret in the Poke-god's eyes, "I'm sorry for not warning you." Atticus blinked in response.

"But what if some of the Pokemon I have back home in Johto aren't one of those types? Will I just release them?" he asked nervously.

"No, no." answered Arceus, "Your bond with those Pokemon will not change, but from now on if you catch any Pokemon that don't have at least one of those typings in those Pokeballs you mortals use, you won't be able to connect with them as well as you would have in the past." Atticus took a deep breath.

"Okay, so… what now? How will I know how to stop this disaster from coming?"

"I'm sure you'll figure it out." Arceus replied, he then tilted his head a little, "You're taking all this surprisingly well."

"All I really can do is just roll with it." Atticus said, shrugging. Arceus nodded.

"I suppose you're right." the Poke-god admitted, "Alright then, it's time I took my leave. If I recall, you were about to save that man from being attacked by…" the Poke-god looked past Atticus at the Poochyena, "… From being attacked." Turning to leave, Arceus gave the young trainer one last bit of advice.

"You should probably get ready, Dialga is going to resume time as soon as I leave." With that, Arceus vanished in a flash of light. At the same time Atticus turned back to the situation as time began to flow once more.

"HELP ME!" the middle aged man shouted again before he noticed Atticus, "Hey you there, please help me! There are some Pokeballs with Pokemon in my bag!" He pointed at a bag on the ground that Atticus hadn't noticed before.

"You can use one of the Pokemon in there to fight this thing off, please hurry!" he begged as the Poochyena jumped up and tried to bite him.

Running towards the bag, Atticus opened it up and looked inside. The bag was full of papers of Pokemon research, as well as three Pokeballs. Atticus had a hunch on who this man was, and if he was right, that could only mean one thing regarding the Pokemon in the Pokeballs.

"Oh boy, I wonder which one I should choose." he muttered under his breath, sarcasm evident, "Although I guess I technically don't have a choice." he instinctively reached towards one of the Pokeballs and turned it over, revealing a small fire symbol.

"Why am I not surprised? Oh well, nothing I can do about it now." with his suspicions confirmed he now turned towards the Poochyena, who had noticed him as he ran towards the bag and was getting ready to attack him.

"Alright, come on out!" Atticus shouted as he threw the Pokeball into the air. The Pokeball opened up and released a flash of light, revealing a Torchic. The small Pokemon looked around, surprised at being called upon so suddenly.

"What's going on?" it asked aloud, it's voice identifying it's gender as male.

"That Poochyena right there is attacking that guy, I need you to help me chase it off." Atticus supplied. The Torchic looked at him in surprise.

"Who are- wait! You can understand me?!" Atticus could understand the little guy's surprise. He had always had the ability to understand Pokemon, this ability was very rare and no one could definitively identify it's origin.

"Yes, but that's not important." said Atticus, "That Poochyena was attacking that guy, and it's about to attack us. So get ready." the trainer repeated, pointing at the man in the tree to prove his point. Looking where the boy was pointing, the Torchic's eyes widened.

"Professor!" he shouted before steeling himself and focusing on the approaching Poochyena. "Alright, kid. Let's do this, I hope you know what you're doing." Atticus grinned at the fiery chick's words.

"Don't worry, you can trust me. Just do what I say and this will be easy." The Poochyena had finally reached the Trainer and Pokemon, it growled before charging the Torchic with a Tackle. Atticus narrowed his eyes at the dark-type, easily analyzing the straight-forward assault.

"Alright, here's the deal." he said quickly, "You're going to dodge that attack, but I need you to wait for my mark. You got that?"

"You better know what you're doing." the Torchic replied. The Poochyena had quickly closed in on the other Pokemon, and would soon hit it. Atticus continued to wait, however, until the Poochyena was just a few inches away from the small fire-type.

"NOW!" he cried. The Torchic responded instantly, quickly dodging to the side and letting the Poochyena charge past him like a bull fighter. The Poochyena tries to stop, but stumbles and falls the ground as it tries to change directions too quickly.

"It's wide open!" Atticus shouted, "Attack it while it's disoriented! Don't give it a chance to breath!" In response, the Torchic charged at the Poochyena as it tried to get up. Quickly hopping into the air, the nails on it's talons glow white as it repeatedly scratches the other Pokemon. Crying out in pain as it is scratched multiple times, the Poochyena hit the fire-type Pokemon with a quick shoulder check before backing off. The dark-type Pokemon snarls before charging again. Atticus simply smiled, if the wild Pokemon was just going to use the same attack strategy, he would just counter in the same way.

"Wait for it… wait for it." he said quietly, but still loud enough for the Torchic to hear. "Nnnnnnnow!" The fire-type responds to the young boy's command just as quickly as the first time, dodging aside and letting the Poochyena breeze past him. Without even needing Atticus to prompt him, the smaller Pokemon rushes the dark-type again. After hitting it with a few more Scratch attacks, the Torchic backs off as the Poochyena regains its footing. The Poochyena is breathing fairly heavily right now, but charges at the Torchic nonetheless.

"Third time's the charm." Atticus said as he prepared to go through the motions one last time. "This should be the last time we need to do this, just do this like we've been doing it."

"Gotcha." replied the Torchic ("We need to give you a name." "I'd appreciate that, actually."). The small fire-type was not breathing as hard as the Poochyena, but both Pokemon and Trainer knew that a war of attrition was not the best way to handle this. The Poochyena's charge was slower than the first two times thanks to its exhaustion, but this did nothing to throw off Atticus' timing.

"Dodge, now!" the trainer shouted, and just like the first two times, the Torchic followed the order without hesitation. Only this time, instead of dodging to either side, the fire-type Pokemon jumped over the charging Pokemon, furiously scratching at its back as he went over. With a final cry, the dark-type collapsed in its charge, unconscious. This time, it did not get up. Releasing a breath that he hadn't realized he was holding, Atticus sighed in relief before looking down at the Torchic as it approached him.

"Gotta say, I'm impressed." the fire chick said. "Was that your first battle?"

"No actually, you see-" Atticus started to explain before another voice cut him off.

"Hey kid, thanks for the help back there." Turning towards the voice, Atticus saw that the middle-aged man had climbed down from the tree. Looking at the man, he was of average height with a slightly stocky build. He had messy dark brown hair and a beard. He wore a lab coat over a blue shirt and khaki shorts with sandals. The man was currently rubbing the back of his head in a way that almost seemed… familiar to Atticus.

"Say…" the man started, shaking Atticus from his thoughts, "What's your name?"

"Oh, uh, I'm Atticus." the young trainer answered, now that he thought about it, this guy sounded familiar too.

"Atticus… Oh! You're Norman's kid!" the man realized, which caused Atticus to have a realization of his own.

"Wait, you're Professor Birch! I can't believe I didn't recognize your voice!"

"You're that kid the professor's been talking to on the phone?" the Torchic interjected.

"Okay." said Professor Birch. "I'm really grateful for you saving me, but let's continue this conversation back at my lab before we get attacked again."

"That's… a good idea actually." admitted Atticus. "Let's get going, I guess."

-(Line break)-

Back at the lab in Littleroot, Atticus and Birch had finished discussing giving Atticus a Pokemon.

"Thanks again for helping me there." said Birch.

"It's no problem, really." Atticus replied, waving his hand.

"Regardless, I haven't forgotten about my promise to give you a Pokemon." said the professor. "How about that Torchic you used earlier? You two seem like you would work well together." Atticus paused at the professor's words. He had to admit, the guy was right. He and the Torchic were able to work really well together despite having only known each other for less than a few minutes. Seeing nothing wrong with any of this, the boy nodded.

"Sounds good to me." he said, before turning towards the fire-type Pokemon. "What do you think? Want to join me?" The Torchic shrugged in response.

"I don't see why I shouldn't." Having received confirmation, Atticus nodded again.

"Alright then. Now, to decide what I'm going to call you. Do you have anything in mind?" Atticus was one of those trainers that liked to nickname his Pokemon. In his opinion, it allowed one to get closer to their Pokemon. This line of thought probably stemmed from how he was able to understand Pokemon.

"Just make sure it sounds cool." was the only requirement the fire-type gave. Rubbing his chin in thought, Atticus tried to come up with a good nickname. The Torchic line grew to use their legs a lot, maybe Kicken, a combination of 'kick' and 'chicken'? How about Peri Peri, after a chicken restaurant? No, that one was stupid. Kentucky was out, as was Popeye, for… obvious reasons.

Ah, screw it. Thought the trainer. "How does 'Kicken' sound to you?" The Torchic thought about it for a moment before nodding his head.

"I could live with that." agreed the newly christened Kicken.

"Alright, with that out of the way." began Birch, "I was wondering if you would want a Pokedex as well, Atticus. It would be a big help to my research. As you might remember, I study Pokemon habitats." Atticus answered by shaking his head.

"Nah, the one I have is good. I can send you the data from that one."

"Okay, sure." said Birch. "Now then, you should probably tell your mother what happened.

"Right." Atticus said, nodding. "And after that, I'm going to take on the Gym Challenge!" Birch blinked at that.

"Already? But I thought you just got here?" Atticus grinned excitedly.

"I did, but after what just happened, I'm pumped and ready to go! What do you say, Kicken?" Kicken smiled in response.

"A chance to fight and get stronger? I am so in!"

"That settles it!" Atticus shouted triumphantly as he ran towards the door, his new partner at his heels. "My new adventure begins now!"

"Just remember to tell your mother!" the professor called after them.

"After I do that!"

To be continued…

Author's Note: Okay, so this is a story that I tried to start a long time ago, but kind of forgot about it. So here I am, finally uploading the first actual chapter of it after uploading the teaser three or four years ago. I picked it back up because I got an idea for a sequel story that I want to get to, but it requires me finishing this story. So hopefully I'll get around to it. I should also probably mention, if you're willing to read this then I'm going to assume that you know what the Pokemon that appear in this story look like. That's all I can think of to say on the topic of this story. So as always, if you want more be sure to follow the story and if you have any constructive criticism, be sure to leave a review. See you all next time!

-Finch Daemon