Of Jedi and Men
Chapter Six: Visitor

I don't understand this place or the people within it, but I'm stuck here. A few hours into our mission to Kuat our ship was shot into some sort… wormhole. Our pilot was killed and our ship in pieces. We were rescued by two people and their ship. There's Azula Mulva, some sort of tailless Twi'lek and then… A human of come sort, Alexi Kyle. He's highly interested in me, thinking I am some sort of descendant of a man that seemed to have saved nearby galaxies from a war. Kyle thought I would be like this man – John Crichton – so I could help with a recent and ongoing war. I was given direct instructions from the Jedi council and I will fulfill my mission. Please, I am not dead, I need help, a ship of some sort and a way back home. My name is Jedi Padawan Axlyn Crichton, I am stranded in an unknown space with my fellow Padawan Kohl Oryn. I'll be waiting...

"Ms. Crichton?" Azula leaned in the door with a sigh as violet eyes looked at Axlyn. She was laced around her Padawan, holding the sleeping child like a stuffed toy as she quietly snored. "Ms. Crichton, I need you to wake up." Another snore and a quiet sniff. Finally the younger boy muttered something, rubbing his face and turning over, burring his head in Axlyn's chest.

"Ms. Axlyn!"

With a light shove Axlyn awoke with a jump, her Jedi robes she used as blankets suddenly swung and flew off the bed. "By the Goddess!" Azula exclaimed before a pillow slapped the back of her head. "You're terrible to wake up!"

Kohl growled something and with sleepy eyes looked up at his master. "What do you want?" sighed Axlyn, wiping her own tired face as she stood up from the bed.

"I'll need you both to wake up," said Azula, walking back to the door, "A friend of ours will be here within the orn and you should be there."

"A friend?"

"Friend. Now, please get dressed." Azula grabbed a bag by the doorway and slid it across the floor. "I checked the wreckage of your ship, I assume these are your clothes?"

Axlyn unfastened the bag and looked inside. "Surprised you could tell the uniforms apart." She pulled out the clothed, setting them between her and Kohl. "But thank you nonetheless. We'll be out in a moment."

But Azula didn't move. "I'm sorry but-"

Axlyn growled a curse beneath her breath, "Really? You have to watch us dress now too? Are we your prisoners?"

"Of course not."

Axlyn let out a heavy breath, refusing to let her anger get the best of her. "Kohl, get dressed."

"Well look who's finally awake. The Jedi." Kyle scoffed, smiling at the others as they joined the room. Axlyn fastened the belt tighter around her waist as she guided her Padawan – still tired as ever.

"Now, now, you can show off your sasslater, Alexi." Growled Azula, "Now, you two should arm yourself – in case it's a trap."

"…A trap?" Kohl muttered, "You said a friend."

"The Scarrans could have pulled a trap on us, although our friend is extremely reliable. Now, Ms. Axlyn, I recommend you using that glowing sword of yours-"

"Your magic dren would be smart too." Said Kyle with a laugh.

Axlyn grit her teeth, taking the lightsaber from her waist, "The Force, not magic. Kohl, since you have no weapon yet, defend yourself."

With a static sound a loud voice echoed through the room. "A ship is wishing to board." Said Pilot.

"Good, let her on."

Moments later a soft churning crawled into the belly of the ship, finding its way towards the group. Before Axlyn could ask what the noise could possibly be it had stopped. There was a long pause, leaving everyone in silence. Finally the door shifted and their quest was revealed.

Tall and slim, long blonde hair and gentle blue eyes, serene face and a gown of ivory and gold. She made a grand princess in every way. Kyle was the first to sheath his pulse pistol and with a grin on his face he opened his arms to hug the woman.

"Well, well, Your Highness, aren't you a sight for sore eyes."

She rolled her eyes, moving past him and hugged Azula instead. "And in your case they are very, very sore eyes." Another bright smile as she looked to the Jedi. "My, you look more like him than even I do. Are you a soldier? You have the stance, could you introduce you are your… brother? To me?"

Axlyn straightened, quickly going through her memorized speech. "My name is Jedi Padawan Axlyn Crichton and this is my fellow Padawan Kohl Oryn, we are students of the Jedi Academy of Coruscant."

"Well, I'm surprised you're not out of breath from sawing that all at once," the woman chuckled, "Since you're so formal, I suppose I'll have to return the favor. My name is Princess Katrana Jaina Crichton of the Breakaway Colonies, first born of Queen Katralla and Commander John Crichton. It is a great pleasure to meet you."