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Chapter 1

The light at the End of the Tunnel


I was trying to push freaking Gabe away, but clearly, no matter how much vampire blood you have in your system, a petite woman cannot match an aggressive mountain of muscles. His vile thoughts, plans how to violate me, were loud and clear in my head. I felt tears of fear and frustration building in my eyes and I put more effort into pushing him away. I screamed for help one more time, feeling completely helpless and I almost started to sob with relief, when his weight was taken from me.

I quickly moved to the nearest wall, clenching my ripped dress to my body. I took a few calming breaths and for the first time I looked at my savior.

Above me, with Gabe in an iron hold, was a young looking vampire - Godric, I realized. He wasn't very tall, but I almost felt a power radiating from his form. Godric was wearing clothes that would look ridiculous on someone else, but somehow fitted him perfectly. And the tattoos – that wasn't an art you could see nowadays, clearly every ink mark having its own story. I checked his mind, simply from habit and I almost gasped. His void I have been feeling from vampires was… huge. It was basically pushing on my mind and if I was correct, it was at least twice the size of Eric's presence. How old was he?

If I wasn't petrified I would laugh at the irony of the whole situation – here is a vampire I was sent to save, saving me. My offender was mumbling something incoherent, but the vampire only glared at him, disgust clear in his eyes and broke Gabe's neck using only one hand. My instincts were telling me that this Godric isn't a threat to me but still, I tensed seeing him taking someone's life with such ease.

He had to notice my reaction because he tensed as well and his eyes become really sad and almost ashamed. He took a few steps back, away from me, holding his hands in the air like he surrendered.

"I won't harm you," he promised lowering his gaze. His accent gave me a strange tingle across my spine, I wasn't able to place it, but judging on how old this vampire is, who knows his origins? Godric seemed to be ashamed of his behavior and now was avoiding my eyes. His strangely submissive behavior made me feel completely at ease in his presence. Despite his brutality towards Gabe, Godric seemed to be… harmless. Harmless and sick. I examined him more carefully. White clothes, white skin, even his lips lacked any color. The only contrast was his dark eyes and tattoos. I wished for him to finally look at me because I was dying to see what color his eyes were exactly.

My self-consciousness finally struck me and I clenched my dress more firmly trying to cover as much body as possible. Gabe didn't rape me, but my damn curse gave me very loud and clear pictures of his intentions. I felt myself starting to shake again, the weight of the situation crashing down on me with double the force.

I was almost raped and killed. The flood of tears was back and, despite the fact that I wanted to stay strong, I started to sob quietly. If possible, Godric was trying to make himself even smaller.

Finally, after a very tense minute filled with my crying, I felt a cold hand on my back, rubbing small, light circles, soothing me successfully. My vampire savior was looking at me with big grey eyes, completely at a loss.

"Shh," he whispered and I guess he even tried to smile reassuringly. "He won't hurt you, he is gone." Instead of feeling better I started to cry louder and I threw myself in Godric's arms. He tensed for a moment but quickly composed himself and hugged me back. We stayed that way for a moment until my sobs lessened and Godric slowly moved away from me, just a little, still holding his hands on my arms. He watched my face carefully with a worried expression. "Aren't you scared of me?" he asked, searching my face more closely. That was a stupid question.

"Are you going to hurt me, Godric?" I asked my own question instead of answering his. He frowned.

"No, I am not."

"Then, no. You just saved me from a very big rapist and… you saved my life. You didn't have to, you don't even know me." I shrugged. Clearly my simple statement shocked him. He watched me like I'd suddenly grown a second head.

"You saw me killing that man…" he started.

"The man who was trying to rape and kill me. If I was strong enough, I would have done it myself. I am not the first woman who he assaulted," I interrupted him with a little anger. He glanced at the corpse and I saw he gritted his teeth. Instead of going on with this subject, he changed it.

"Why are you here?" He titled his head at me like a curious puppy. "You clearly know who I am."

This time I smile a little.

"This is gonna sound crazy, but I am here to save you."


This woman was… mesmerizing. I couldn't take my eyes from her when she was crying. It was a very depressing picture and the scent of her tears… I was ashamed because I wanted to dropped on my knees and lick her face.

Now, she was standing in front of me, all brave and proud again. When she exclaimed that she would kill Gabe by herself if she only had enough strength… That statement moved something in me – she was a warrior and I have always had a soft spot for them. I recognize a string of emotions in my belly, so similar to the one I felt the night I met my Eric – fascination. I hadn't experienced that with Nora, and that's the reason I have been wondering for all this time if changing her was a good idea.

"This is gonna sound crazy, but I am here to save you."

For some reason that didn't sound as crazy as she expected. True – I helped her with this disgusting man, but the light that was emitting from her form, deep from her soul, was like a healing balm for my own psyche. A few minutes ago I was completely resigned and indifferent. Her screams of help woke something in me – anger I haven't feel for many years. I felt fiercely protective toward her and when I heard her screams for help, I was instantly on the edge of bloodlust. The brave statement excited me – and not only my mind. I haven't lusted for a female for a quite some time, but her lovely curves, big brown eyes, red lips and heavenly smell, made me wonder how we would fit together. I drank only bottled blood for the last years and only when it was absolutely necessary. Now, I was curious if her taste is as sweet as her scent. She had other vampire blood in her system and I felt a strange urge to erase it completely and make her fragrance mix with my own. There were no fang marks on her neck and I dwell on the fact that maybe she prefers to be bitten lower, in the more intimate places. Thinking of that made me angry again, so I brush that annoying feeling aside. To sum up – the last ten minutes were more emotional than the last ten years for me.

The little woman was watching me with a question in her eyes – did she ask about something and I was so deep in my own thoughts that I hadn't heard her? That would be a first.

"What's your name?" I asked finally. She clearly knows mine. That question made her blush a little.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, how rude of me!" she exclaimed. Looking at the circumstances we were in, I believed that manners should be the last thing to worry about. "I'm Sookie Stackhouse," she added with a soft smile.

"Very unusual name," I stated. She shrugged simply at that.

"My parents had a strange sense of humor…" she mumbled. She took a deep breath. "Eric Northman sent me here. You know, to find you and, if possible, to get you out of here."

That surprised me – since when was my Eric so careless as to let an innocent human woman into such a vipers' nest? How was this girl supposed to help me out?

"No offence, Miss Stackhouse…"

"Call me, Sookie, please," she interrupted me rocking on her heels – I realized she was nervous.

"Sookie, how did you mean to help me?" I asked raising my eyebrows lightly.

She bit down on her lower lip. She looked absolutely innocent and harmless.

"Well… I'm a telepath," she whispered so quietly, that even I, with my superior hearing, was barely able to notice. I was a little worried – is she listening to my thoughts right now? Like sensing my way of thinking she added in a hurry. "But that doesn't work on vampires. That's why it's so peaceful around you."

"You are unique, little one. For the first time in the last two millennia I hear someone calling my kind peaceful."

She shrugged at that with a smile.

"Where you stand depends on where you sit, right?" she asked with a little smirk. I almost smile hearing that - she had a point. Sighing very quietly I sat on the floor in indian style. I asked her with a wave of a hand to do the same. She took a place opposite me, fixing her dress to stay decent. I realized that there are many missing buttons up front. Fucking Gabe. Without thinking I took off my shirt and handed it to her.

"Please, put it on. I wish for you to be as comfortable as possible."

"Thank you…" she murmured, putting my shirt on. She looked surprisingly good in it.

"I can smell Eric on you, but also some other vampire. Do you belong to him?" I've always gone straight to the point. She blushed again clearly uncomfortable. I was about to apologize for that question, which she clearly found personal, when she answered me.

"Yeah, Bill… we are together, sort of…" There was some uncertainty in her voice – very interesting. I waited patiently for the next part. I almost changed the subject when suddenly she added. "There is something not right with him."

I tensed a little. Is the girl being glamored? Some humans are able to say that something unusual is happening around them, mainly seeing that something is 'off' with the vampire that glamored them. If she is being hurt by one of my kind…

"What do you mean?"

She looked me in the eyes suspiciously.

"I don't know if I should tell you about this. Truth be told Godric – I don't know you."

"Fair point, but do you have someone else to discuss your doubts with?" I asked patiently. The reason was simply selfish – I wanted to learn something about her. Seeing her expression I immediately realized that she doesn't. Sookie sighed heavily.

"Some small things… But, because of what I can do, I am pretty good at judging people. For example… I can't pinpoint when I found him attractive. Now, when he isn't around me I remember that the first time I saw him I thought he look pretty old… and I don't like a sideburns." She frowned. "But the second we are in the same room, those doubts are gone. Does it make any sense?" Sookie was biting her lower lip and I almost groaned at this sight. I nodded shortly. I had my suspicious already but I allowed her to tell me some more. "Or… every time I ask him about your vampire stuff, he answers that 'it's nothing you should worry about, Sookie." She said the last part with a hilarious accent. I actually snorted at that. "Yeah… I don't ask about your secrets, you know… just some basics to not act like a fool. The first time I went to Fangtasia I wanted to shake hands with vampires."She rolled her eyes adorably. "I didn't know it's something you don't like, he should have told me, don't you think?"

"Yes, he should have…" I ponder what she told me – something was definitely amiss. "Usually when you are in a relationship with such a lovely human like you…" My new friend blushed beautifully "… you want to keep her safe. As they say, knowledge is power. Because of your naivety you could offend someone one day and get into trouble. How old is this Bill?" Can he be so old as to have the privilege of acting reckless like Russell?

"He was turned during the Civil War."

I assumed that she meant American Civil War. Dear God, that's a baby vamp! Eric could end him with one hand. I would have to use one finger.

"Is there something else that is bothering you?"

There was. I fisted my hands listening to her story – their first meeting, circumstances under which she was fed his blood, how he was the reason for her being in danger from a serial killer, her Gran's death, the fact that he hid his own progeny from her. The last days, the mysterious creature attacking her after stupid Bill Compton allowed her to walk alone in the woods. The fact that he almost killed her by giving her some blood – didn't the idiot know that when poison is involved our blood may be even more harmful? Finally, the fact that he had to feel her distress last night and didn't appear to help. I haven't met this vampire in person, but I already had a very low opinion of him.

I told her about my assumptions of Bill Compton – I described how our blood works, how we can manipulate dreams and some feelings. I was glad when she told me she can't be glamored – that only strengthened my opinion. At first she was sad hearing all these revelations, but I saw in her eyes that she suspected him as well. There were too many coincidences to not see that something is shady. When she realized what trouble Bill Compton might have created for her, how he could manipulate her through blood … Her sadness was replaced by anger pretty fast. I suggested she face him in my nest, where she will be protected. Accusing Compton about this face to face would be too risky.

Finally we changed the subject. Somehow surprised I told her about my moral dilemma, her presence making me completely comfortable and ready to share. I explained to her my suicidal plans and hearing that, she reacted with an untamed anger.

"Kill yourself? Are you insane?!" I raised my eyebrow. No one ever dared to talk to me in such a tone.

"As I said – it's time to make some amends."

"Wow, that's just… silly," she snorted.

"Excuse me?" I think that this time my expression betrayed my shock.

"How are you going to 'make amends' while pushing up daisies?"

"I don't understand…"

"You will be dead. Truly, completely dead. Unless they create some support group in heaven, you are gonna be useless."

She left me speechless for a moment but I collected myself pretty fast.

"Here I'm useless as well." A little childish excuse, I admit. "I caused so much death on my way…"

"When was the last time you murdered someone?" she asked with conviction. I raised an eyebrow and pointed at Gabe. "Oh… well, he doesn't count!" she trailed slightly ashamed that she forgot about a dead body laying on a floor.

"Fifteen, twenty years ago…"

"Then, bravo, you are on the good way to beating your habit!" she said with an endearing smile. I shook my head – that woman was one of a kind. "How about…" she started slowly. "You give yourself some time, hm?" she offered. "I'm sure that there are people that would miss you greatly – I saw members of your nest, they were very worried for your wellbeing. You can't just leave them without a goodbye, Godric. Damn, I would cry like a crazy person for you – you have such a gentle soul. I know what I'm saying, remember – I am good at judging people."

I closed my eyes. The last hour was… refreshing. Sookie gave me something to think about. Am I really acting like a selfish coward? Maybe…

"Sookie, do you believe in God?" I asked suddenly. She watched me calmly.

"Yes, I do."

"How do you think He will punish me for my sins?" I have never been a believer, but the last few years changed that. Thinking about frying in hell's flames sounds like a good punishment for me.

"God doesn't punish, God forgives. If you prove to Him that you really regret for your actions, that is," she said softly. I smelled something salty in the air. I looked back at her and noticed silent tears rolling down her cheeks. I observe her uncomfortably.

"Why are you crying?"

"I'm… I'm scared for you," she whispered.

"But why, little one?"

"I… don't know. I just cannot not care. I would be sad if you died." She started to sob harder and that picture was putting a needle in my dead heart.

"Do you think if I try to… atone, make something good… would God show me some mercy at the very end?" I questioned her with badly hidden hope in my voice. In a matter of hour this human become my moral authority.

"God says 'forgive and you shall be forgiven.' I think that the first thing you should do is to forgive yourself," she told me after a long moment of silence. "I try to help people around me every day… I hope that God will put me a good grade for that on the final exam," she added with a shy smile.

I consider all she has told me. Finally I sigh and hold my hand out to her. She seemed a little surprised but she accepted it.

"Sun just set. Come Sookie, let's go home."

She gifted me with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen and nodded happily. I know what I can do to at least try to erase my sins. I have been sitting idly, being useless for too long. Humans were truly amazing. I smiled gently at my own tiny sunshine. Hopefully, she won't leave me alone and will help me find some absolution.

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