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Chapter 27

Kids are Trouble


"Nephew?" I asked, confused and looked at my Maker. He raised an eyebrow and we both turned our attention to Sookie.

"Hadley has a son", she said impatiently. "And now she wonders that maybe if I am out of reach... her son may be telepathic and…" Sookie took a deep breath. "…and he can be her bargaining chip with the Queen."

For a moment I was sure that I had mis-heard something or maybe Sookie had been mistaken. A closer inspection of Sookie's emotions told me that our telepath was sure of her cousin's plan and we were both equally disgusted.

"How old is the boy?" my Maker asked and a subtle shift in his emotions made me straighten my back. I observed him carefully, but all I could see was a calm and stoic demeanor. On the inside though, Godric was raging, slowly tumbling into blood lust.

"She saw him last when he was a newborn… Four years ago maybe? Hard to say."

I kept my gaze fixed on my Maker and Sookie seemed to grasp the fact that something was wrong. She looked at Godric with a furrowed brows and then turned her puzzled gaze on me. I gently shook my head, trying to send some calm to my Master. When he blocked me and fixed me with a cold stare, I backed off.

My Master had done plenty of horrible things during his long life. Although, hurting a child, or sending a child into slavery was never one of them. Being familiar with my Maker's past and all of the acts that his own Maker had forced upon him, I knew one thing — Hadley will be facing a very furious vampire very soon.

"Eric," my Maker turned to me with his typically serene expression. "Please, escort Sookie home. She is clearly shaken."

I was torn between my need to obey him and my worry about what he was going to do to Sookie's cousin. Was she a shitty relative? Yes. Did Sookie wish her dead on the spot? Right now, yes. But I knew very well that when all the furor subsides, Sookie will see her actions in a more charitable light.

"Of course, Master, but maybe you should come…"

"Eric." That one word spoken in an emotionless tone made me shut up — this was how much power that my Maker held over me. I outstretched my hand silently to our telepath, but she ignored it, watching Godric.

"You're coming too, right?" she asked and my Maker smiled at her. He was planning to fool her and even I could see that this was not going to work.

"Later. I have to take care of…" He paused for a moment. "all of this mess."

"I think the mess has been taken care of." Sookie folded her arms and didn't move an inch. Godric sighed in a very human manner.

"Sookie, please don't make it…"

"Hard? Difficult? Complicated?" Our little telepath raised her eyebrows at both of us. "Well, I am all of those things and you knew exactly what you were signing up for, buddy!"

"Buddy?" Godric and I both asked and Sookie only added more power to her glare.

"Are you going to kill her?"

"No, I…"

"Are you going to torture her?"

"No…" This time his tone was just a tad bit less convincing. "I am planning to glamour her into believing that she has no son and maybe add something… extra into the glamour.

"What extra something?" Sookie blinked, seeing a soft smirk form on Godric's lips.

"I'd rather keep that to myself. Now," He outstretched his hand and this time Sookie accepted it. "Go and wait for me at home. When I come back, we'll need to plan. If the boy is like you, we should probably keep him close." My Maker directed Sookie to me and walked back to the car where Thalia had stashed Hadley.

Sookie's grip on my hand was vice-like while we watched Godric disappear into the distance.

"He's not gonna kill her, right?" she asked quietly.

"He promised you, so he won't. We should just wait for him."

We walked slowly back to my Corvette and I helped Sookie in. "You know what I think?"

"You're the one who is a telepath, so I can only guess, Lover."

Sookie rolled her eyes when I vamped around the car and sat behind the wheel. "I think that we have all had enough stress for one night."

I glanced at her starting the car and raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"That we should all relax a bit. All... Godric included." Sookie waggled her eyebrows playfully and I chuckled softly.

"Oh Lover, I'm sure Godric will be thrilled!"


Was Hadley Hale completely clueless? Or maybe she's just plain cruel? How could she be willing to hand her own child over to Sophie? I'm sure that she has experienced what a horrible place that court is. And for a child?

I was too old, too deviled by my blue balls to be lenient tonight.

"Wake up!" I said coldly and poured water — as cold as my tone — over Hadley. She woke up with a scream, looking around wildly.

I drove her to Fangtasia and installed her as a guest of honor in Eric's basement. I was not going to kill her, in all honesty, I was not even going to torture her. I just wanted her to feel as terrified as her son would have been while living as a slave.

"What…" Realization appeared on the girl's face quickly followed by fear and… anger? "You can't do this! I am the Queen's favorite. She will have your head for this!"

"Hadley," I said quietly, leaning on the table in the middle of the room. I had attached her to the chain hanging from the ceiling, making sure to leave her a bit uncomfortable. "Sophie Anne LeClerq cares only about herself and I can assure you that she will never value your own well being above hers. The fact is that you attacked my companion, on my child's territory and showed me disrespect. In the past, I have killed people for far less."

The girl's eyes widened when she realized who she was dealing with. Or at least whom she thought she's dealing with — a total psychopath.

"Now, Sookie informed me that you had something in mind. Something related to your son."

"I don't have a son…" Hadley denied weakly.

"Please, just skip the part where you're wasting my time lying and trying to stall. I really hate it when people do that." The girl screamed softly when I vamped right in front of her. "Did you or did you not plan to give your child to Sophie Anne? Did you plan to help to orchestrate Sookie's abduction as well?"

"I didn't…"

I reached for her throat and squeezed it painfully. "Really. I can't stand it."

I loosened my grip when I heard the door to the basement open and Eric's child descend the stairs. I had mixed feelings about Pamela. I couldn't deny that she was fiercely loyal to my son, but she was far from being the progeny I would have picked for Eric. More than once she has proved herself to be a liability - like on the day when my child had to sacrifice his lover to bargain for Pam's life. He took it as I taught him — as a stand up man, putting a brave mask on and carrying on with his life. I knew though that the events in France had left a scar on his soul — there will always be a little guilt that he'll carry in his heart. I knew the guilt was on Eric's side in more than one matter, but still... Pam should have been able to handle a few Yakuza hit men.

Those few times when I met her she always had some snarky remark to make about Sookie, or as she called her, 'that telepath'. I knew that Pam was afraid that Eric would favor his new companion above her - it's a fear that most children had to face at some point. The disdain I felt from her and what was directed at me... Well, this was surprising.

"What is it?" I asked, watching Pam stop on the last step and brace a hand on her hip.

"The Queen is calling. She demands to speak with Eric."

She had picked the wrong day.

I ran upstairs and yanked the phone from the desk. I was so furious that Pam, who was right behind me, backed up a little and watched me cautiously.

"Your Majesty," I greeted her in a clipped tone, trying my very best not to snarl at her.

There was short pause on the other end when Sophie Anne realized that she was not speaking with Eric.

"I demand to speak with my sheriff. Hand the phone to him!"

"My child is not here. He had to tend to our companion, who was - would you believe it? - attacked earlier."

There was another pause, this one significantly longer. "Godric?"

"The one and only, Your Majesty."

"What a pleasure it is to speak with a legend," she giggled. She actually giggled. Who made her Queen?

"Your Majesty is too kind. I hope that you will find my assistance to be enough. Please, don't be too hard on Eric."

"Yes... Well, I'm calling because my pet went to Area 5 earlier today to meet her family. A silly human custom, but she pleases me, so I decided to let her go. Right now I am receiving waves and waves of fear from her. I want Eric to check it out."

I turned to Pam who had a small smirk on her lips. I vowed silently that I wouldn't allow anything to happen to Eric and let my fury carry me on to saying:

"That's because your pet is currently hanging in our dungeon."

"I beg your pardon?" Sophie hissed.

"I captured her and she is hanging in our dun..."

"I heard you!" Queen yelled and I heard something crash on the other side. The crash was accompanied by someone's pained moan. Did she just throw something at someone? And this unstable person was might have a child in her hands? Over my finally dead body! "How dare you to kidnap my pet? This disrespect will be punished!"

I rolled my eyes. "What is it that people say in such situations? Oh yes. Be careful to not blow a gasket?"

"What?" My disrespect had clearly taken her by surprise.

"Eric has to bow to you because he swore fealty to your childish and incompetent rule, but I am not going to. You sent your lame-brained slave to kidnap my companion. That was just plain stupid and if there is anything I hate more than lies - it's stupidity. Did you actually believe that we would leave Sookie without protection? Did you forget about her special ability?"

Sophie was quiet and I carried on with my frustration. "Bear in mind, that one, just one short command can take Eric away from you and we both know that without my child, you're going to be vulnerable to a takeover. He's been loyal to you for decades and you, instead of giving him enough credit to take care of a potentially gifted human living in your queendom, you send a fool like William Compton to take her?"

"Well..." Sophie sighed dramatically. "I was caught red handed!" Her tone was light, but I knew enough of Sophie to be sure that all Hell was going to break loose the second that we disconnected. "You are well known and respected; ancient in your own rights, but keep in mind yourself, Godric - you are only a guest on my lands and I can banish you at any moment!"

Was she even listening to me? "Very well. Eric, myself and our companion will be out of your hair in a few more days..."

"Wait!" I smiled, hearing panic in her tone. "Don't be in such a rush, okay? I am aware that... My wicked ways have angered you, but you have no right to take Eric with you!"

"I made him - I can do with him as I please," I reminded her quietly. "I really could have played along and pretended to be unaware of your scheme, but Sophie..." I used my best patronizing tone with her. "... we are both far too intelligent to waste our time."


I waited, slightly tensed to hear her answer. "All right! Yes, I wanted to snatch the girl when this idiot, Bill, failed me. She's just a human for fuck's sake! What is this 'special ability' inside of her that makes her so damned precious? Does her pussy spark? Inquiring minds want to know."

I want to know too... I thought bitterly, taking a small breath to avoid snapping at the Queen. "Sookie is more. Furthermore, if she is just a mere human, where is your interest coming from, Your Majesty?"

I raised my eyebrows upon hearing another crash on Sophie's end. "Curiosity." Her tone was sickly sweet while someone was probably bleeding right next to her. "But it's irrelevant now. She's yours and I'll keep my distance. You are welcome to stay in Shreveport, Godric, but I have to insist that you swear fealty to me. You owe me this for all of these... reprimands. I will be lenient because I have heard about your mental problems."

"Your Majesty is too kind. I admit that I crossed the line, but I really feel... a little off balance. That and I'm abnormally attached to my Sookie," I told her as sweetly as I could muster while running in my head were several scenarios of ending her long life for good and all in my free time.

"Of course, of course. Good feed and fuck is hard to find. While we're on this topic, I have to insist that you release my Hadley. I will deal with her punishment personally."

I almost pitied Sookie's cousin. Almost.

"Very well, Your Majesty."

"Yes, yes. Go and have fun with your companion while you..." She paused. "still have time until sunrise."

"Thank you, Your Majesty. Have a nice night."


She hung up and I threw the phone at the wall. Pam jumped, looking at me fearfully.

"Why did you do that? Why did you have to mock and offend her? Eric can be in trouble because of your..." I stopped her before she had finished - with a hard grip on her throat.

"Don't admonish me, child," I hissed at her. "Eric is very lenient with you, far too lenient. While I'm feeling truthful, I will share something with you - I don't like you. I know you don't like me; this unhealthy jealousy is eating you up. I know that you don't like Sookie either and while we have this alone moment, let me put something straight. I am ready to fly to New Orleans and rip Sophie's head off her shoulders because she is a threat to Sookie. Do you think I'll spare you?"

Pam's eyes were almost round with fear. "I would never harm Sookie..." she whispered and through the small bond we shared, I could sense her deceit.

"Fine." I dropped her and walked down to the basement. I didn't regret putting Sophie Anne in her place. I didn't lie when I said I'm willing to end her- for good. In fact, I started to doubt if leaving her on the throne was a wise idea. I had to discuss it with Roman...

"Hadley, I'm back!" I informed her cheerfully and the poor girl tried to move further away from me. "I have good news and bad news. Which one do you prefer to hear first?"

She was eyeing me cautiously for a moment. "Good," she finally decided.

"I am not going to torture you." Hadley sighed with relief and smiled at me.

"I knew that my Queen would not allow you to harm me!"

"Of course... She's going to hurt you herself. And that's the bad news... I don't doubt that her punishment will be far worse than anything that I could come up with. You know what's really sad? If you were loyal to your family, to Sookie rather than to this spoiled brat of a queen, I would be keeping you under my protection. I would actually help you out. Hadley..." I leaned closer to her, watching her carefully. "I am going to take your son. I am going to make sure that he'll be safe and I'll do everything in my power to make you and your so called Queen as miserable as possible. Enjoy your remaining time in her palace- because it won't last long." I stood up straight and smiled, pulling her under my glamour. "What's your son's name? Where can I find him?"

"Hunter. I named him Hunter before I left him," the girl answered in an emotionless voice.

"Where did you leave him?"

"With his Dad."

"What's his Dad's name?"

"Remy Savoy."

"Where does he live?"

"In Monroe."

"Very good. And now..." I took an unnecessary breath and continued. "You don't have a son. You have never had a son. You will never speak of him; you will not even think about him. For the rest of your life, you're going to dream about him though. In your dreams, you're going to see your boy doing the same acts that Sophie Anne forced upon you."

Hadley's blank faced morphed into one of revulsion. "No... I don't wanna. He's just a boy!"

I shrugged. "I'm slightly relieved that you found it disgusting actually. Maybe there's a chance for you yet."

"I just can't force myself to leave her side. I hate her sometimes, but I love her more... I know that Hunter will suffer, but I just want- no, I need- to please her!" Hadley was crying softly now and I knew her situation very well. It's what I shared with my Maker while I was still human. His blood inside of me left me feeling things that were so very confusing. When I was alone, I hated him with my whole being. While he was around me though... His blood made me follow him despite my disgust. It was sad, but Hadley was close to becoming Sophie's Renfield.

"You will be sent to her later. Someone will pick you up. Good bye, Hadley." I nodded shortly to her and left, heading back to our home.

Our home. It sounded good. It had been a good idea to delay the renovations of Sookie's house as long as possible. Maybe she would never want to move back to Bon Temps?

I expected to run a shower and speak about Hadley and Hunter with Sookie and Eric. I was all prepared for a serious conversation, but when I landed and walked inside our place, it became clear to me that my child and companion had something else in mind.

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