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Chapter 28

I Remember This Taste


I basked in the emotions that my Maker has been broadcasting. It was so rare to see Godric truly surprised and speechless, so much so that I barely contained my laugh of mirth at the sight of his shocked face. His eyes were dancing from me to Sookie and back for a couple of moments.

"We were worried that you were not going to join us," Sookie told him lightly and positioned herself more comfortably on the bed. My eyes moved to her form on their own accord and I growled quietly on seeing the way her body flexed. The contrast between her golden skin and white panty set was almost blinding for vampire eyes, smooth and giving her form a soft, almost mystical glow. It was literally impossible not to look. Sookie laid herself on her stomach, her legs crossed over her ankles and slowly waving in the air. While I had a glorious view of her behind, I'm sure that Godric appreciated the way that her breasts squeezed right in front of his eyes.

"I took care of Hadley. She's unharmed."

I snorted when Godric closed his eyes shut while informing Sookie of her cousin's wellbeing. He was tormented, barely holding himself together, fighting for his self control. It was clear from our blood tie that Sookie's been taking great satisfaction from my Maker's discomfort.

"Okay. I honestly think that she deserves a bitch slap for the way she had ruined our evening. Although…" Sookie continued, sliding gracefully from the bed and taking a few steps towards Godric. "… I hope we can save the day… Or the remaining few hours of the night." The last words were whispered right into his face, Sookie's breath ghosting over his lips.

"Eric, I won't be able to control myself," Godric warned quietly in Old Norse but I only nodded shortly.

"She's ready," I said simply and tilted my head, waiting to see how the thing will play out. I didn't have to wait too long.

Sookie gasped and she and Godric were only a blur before they landed on the bed next to me. The growl emanating from his chest was loud and quite terrifying. Godric moved his head into the crook of Sookie's neck and inhaled her softly, either to calm himself down or only to fuel a pleasure that he's been experiencing. When our little telepath groaned and arched her back, opening herself to Godric's attention, I found myself slightly conflicted. Should I leave? Should I stay? We used to share companions many times across the centuries, but at this moment I almost felt like an intruder.

My Master had to sense my hesitation because he turned to me and ordered shortly. "You will stay."

I probed my bond with Sookie to check how she was doing and I was pleased with what I sensed – she was excited and slightly nervous but not scared. My brave Sookie. Not many people would have stayed so level-headed with a growling ancient vampire on top of them.

"I am a bit nervous." Sookie whispered to Godric and he raised his face from her neck. His fangs were down and his upper lip was trembling a little, showing how hard it was for him not to bite Sookie on the spot.

"Don't be my little sun," he soothed her. "I will not harm you… I understand that you find my behavior animalistic, almost barbaric." Oh great, he's going to apologize. "I apolo…"

Thankfully, Sookie was in my corner and was in no mood to hear Godric's unnecessary self-pitying declarations, because she swung her arms around his neck and pulled him into a sloppy kiss which my Maker answered with fervor.

I decided just to lay down and enjoy the view.


It was heaven. Did I imagine this moment when Sookie accepts me as her lover? Countless times. Did I imagine that she will be so bold and in control? Never. I fully expected her to be shy, frightened maybe. I bet that she would ask Eric to leave us.

Although, I was pleased when my expectation proved to be wrong.

My little telepath moaned softly into my lips, raising her body even higher from the bed, causing her shapely breasts to brush over my chest. Her skin was very warm, almost unbelievably hot in contrast to mine, far cooler because of my undead temperature. My hands moved over her shoulders, chest and stomach wandering and learning her curves. She was amazing – soft, warm and smooth – the way every woman should be. I felt the soft outline of her ribs and once again it amazed me how really fragile is this strong woman. She was lying here underneath me, open and vulnerable, but not afraid in the slightest. She trusted in me, giving her body and life into my hands. It would be ridiculously easy to crush her bones and rip her body open. I could tear through the slim column of her throat and drink her life if I only wished to and she would be unable to stop me. And yet, she trusted me – the beast that has slaughtered hundreds of innocents. She trusted me.

"You trust me," I whispered with a stupid smile that appeared on my face without my noticing it.

Sookie raised her eyebrows at me and smiled her broad genuine smile, giving me a look that told me that she thinks that I'm silly. "Of course I do. You're a good guy…" she said gently, but with total conviction. Something very strange and unfamiliar started to rise up inside my chest and I shook my head at both this and Sookie's words.

"Not really, but I will not fail your faith that you have put into me," I vowed, claiming her lips once more.

I smirked a little when I heard Eric's frustrated growl. Was it a little cruel of me not to allow him into play just yet? Maybe, but I've been forced to listen to him having Sookie every night for the last couple of weeks. He will not die of a blue ball disease. If I haven't, it means that it's not fatal.

My kiss deepened slowly, putting Sookie into submission. She gasped softly when I sat taking her with me and enfolded her legs around my hips. In this position, the evidence of my arousal was nestled right between her tights. The fact that we were separated only by two layers of fabric was slowly driving me mad. I knew, and what was worse, I couldn't stop the fact; I am going to ravish her like a wild beast.

Although my hands were slightly shaking from a barely tamed desire, I was able to maneuver enough to open her bra without stopping our kiss. When the fabric slid from her body, I moved away a little and growled with content when I saw her naked breasts. Sookie swallowed loudly under my gaze and made an unsure gesture to cover her chest from me. I gently cupped her hands and slowly took her arms away, carefully gauging her reaction. Suddenly my bold Sookie turned into an insecure girl, somehow afraid of my assessment.

"You are beautiful, my little. Don't hide from me…" I whispered softly, leaning and putting a dozen small kisses over her neck and cleavage. When my mouth wandered a little lower and captured one nipple into my mouth, Sookie pushed her chest up and waved her fingers through my hair. I growled with content on seeing her passion coming back. Somewhere nearby I heard Eric's strangled groan and I glanced at him. He was frozen into position, indicating that he's ready to pounce on us at any moment. I moved away from Sookie and reached my hand for him, inviting him closer. He was fighting with himself for a moment, watching Sookie intensely and clearly waiting for her sign of approval.

"Come," she whispered and I laughed when my Child moved to her in a blur and captured her mouth with his.

For the next hour my senses were filled by the taste and smell of Sookie and the feeling of her skin to mine. I appreciated that Eric had decided to stay somehow aside, letting me fully enjoy her body. I wanted both of us to fill and claim her, but no matter how much I desired it, I knew Sookie was far from being ready for it. Having in mind all the times when I was tormented by the sounds coming from their bedroom, I braced myself and used my last shreds of control to tease Sookie mercilessly. I marveled in the feeling of her pleasure and impatience when she laid herself open in front of me. She tasted amazing.

"Do you like it, lover?" I heard Eric's soft whisper and I raised my gaze to look up at them. Sookie's eyes were heavy-lidded when she gazed down on me and the second that I captured her gaze, she quickly averted her eyes. "Don't," Eric hissed. "Watch what he's doing to you," he added harshly and I redoubled my efforts, bringing Sookie to her next orgasm. I was amazed by how beautiful my child and my lover were looking together. Our little telepath half-laid on Eric's chest, allowing him to pet her breasts, with one leg hooked over his thigh and her other leaned over my shoulder.

I licked my lips while Sookie kept taking long calming breaths. I wanted to get back between her legs and give her more pleasure but my cock just couldn't take any more waiting. I moved over her, allowing my arousal to push gently at her entrance. She didn't object when I kissed her hard, on the contrary, she whimpered something softly and pushed harder into me.

"Please, I can't anymore!" she pleaded and the beast inside me purred with content. I knew what she needed. I filled her in one hard thrust and instantly started to move in a hard, punishing pace. She felt glorious, better than I had ever imagined.

I pulled her closer to me, taking her from Eric's arms and embraced her hard, gripping her hips probably too forcefully for comfort. Doesn't matter, I'll heal. I'll give her gallons of my blood if she so desires it.

Behind her back, my progeny grunted a curse in his old language and started to pump his manhood in rhythm with our movements. He can wait to have her. Now she's mine.

"You're mine," I told her almost aggressively. "Ours!" Our little telepath nodded, but it wasn't enough for me. For the first time in centuries, I felt like a true vampire – territorial and possessive- demanding total submission. I have despised that side of me for so long that the sudden change in my judgment was shocking. It was Sookie who brought it back, but somehow, my vampire side was different now. It was as violent as my old self, but with Sookie at my side, my cruelty had its goal. "Say it!" I yelled, grabbing her harder and making her whole body shake.

"Yes, I am yours.." she said breathlessly and took a handful of my hair, jerking my head aside. "And you're mine." I nodded my agreement at her possessive statement, one side of me still unsatisfied. I could share her with Eric, but when I realized that Bill Compton had had her as well- what was even worse- he had had her under a false pretense, my beast roared with fury.

I will have to kill him, I realized with surprising calm. I just couldn't allow anyone but us to know how Sookie looks in her throes of passion.

I should be embarrassed at how quick was my journey to the orgasm, but I couldn't care less when I felt that Sookie was reaching there with me. When her body tensed and her head leaned back, I attacked. She screamed softly when my fangs pierced her neck and I took my first real taste of her blood. I was instantly filled with pleasure, warmth and content. Sookie's blood was like a soft warm blanket of happiness that surrounded me and filled me with amazement to the core of my being. But that wasn't all. I knew this taste, there was just a fraction of this taste in her blood and I prayed to any god who may listen that there will be no more. I have tasted a creature like that before, but with blood more potent than Sookie's. I remembered her chained in iron chains and begging for mercy. I remembered the way my heart broke at the sight of her. I also remembered when, after the first sip of her blood, I lost any traces of humanity. I was grateful that I didn't remember all of the things that I had done to her.

My body tensed, waiting for a bloodlust to come and to force me to kill Sookie. I waited for my fangs to bite deeper into her neck and rip her open, but thankfully, this had not happened.

"Godric, honey, what's wrong?" I heard Sookie whisper softly, her voice full of worry. I realized that I had frozen completely, my fangs still in her neck, but I stopped drinking her blood.

"Master?" Eric's voice was almost panicky and his frantic eyes were searching my face for answers. I knew what he felt – he felt how very terrified I was.

Taking an unnecessary breath, I retracted my fangs and slowly licked the two punctured wounds until they stopped bleeding.

"Have I done something wrong?" Sookie asked and I noticed that her eyes were filled with silent tears. It instantly made me feel like a monster.

"No, my love," I told her gently, slightly stunned by the term of endearment that I had used. "I just recognized your blood and it… It brought back memories. I was afraid that I might hurt you." Eric relaxed next to me, but Sookie knitted her eyebrows in a frown.

"Nonsense. You will never harm me," she said with a conviction that made me close my eyes. I felt the sting of tears building up under my eyelids.

"I think you're right." I inhaled her sweet scent with relief. I think she was correct - I would never harm her.

"Godric… what have you tasted?" Eric asked and I noticed that he gave Sookie a puzzled look. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at our little telepathic girl.

Well, not a girl. A fairy.

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