Sunlight shone through the cathedral's stained glass windows, making the halls glow with an ethereal beauty. The whole Vongola Family - Tsuna, his annoying right hand man, that baseball freak, and that rather loud boxer, even that bratty kid, Lambo - was here. All except one person.

Are you sure he isn't here?

Yes I'm sure.

Hibari glanced at the coffin on the altar, which had a photo standing on top of it. It was a photo of Mukuro.

He heard a sob echo around the halls of the cathedral. A little surprised, he turned around to see Chrome. Of course, his surprise waned as he saw the tears fall down the purple haired girl's cheeks. Tsuna, Haru and Kyoko were trying desperately to console her. It was lucky that he taught her to be stronger and use her own powers… otherwise she would've died too.

The voice faded into the background, as Hibari felt a hollowness and regret he rarely felt, and now the world seemed grey and depthless. The man he loved was dead, and is now erased from the face of this planet.

All of a sudden he felt someone put a note in his hand in one swift movement. He unfolded the note.

Bathrooms, now.

"OK," Hibari muttered under his breath "I must be going insane."

He followed the instruction on the note. After all, what's there to lose?

In his normal aloof fashion he got up and headed up to the bathrooms.

Hibari opened the door and went into the empty bathrooms, that is, until he heard the voice.

"I've been expecting you" the voice said.

He turned around to see a complete stranger, staring him in the eyes.

"Who are you?" Hibari growled, "And why are you wasting my time?"

"You may not know me now, but you may have known me before"

He spoke the way Mukuro spoke before he… no… Hibari could not bring himself to think that.

He looked the stranger in the eye, and he swore that he saw Mukuro's mismatched gaze staring back.

"I've always been one for illusions, but what you just saw was the real thing."

Of course! Hibari thought, He must have made an illusion of himself.

Hibari punched Mukuro in the face.

"How dare you do that, and waste my time with this fucking funeral?"

"Well, I think that's awfully -"

Hibari then pressed his lips to Mukuro, who was obviously shocked… at first.

"…nice of you." Mukuro finished, smiling, as Hibari pulled away.

"Now you know I love you, right?"

"You were the reason that I put 'myself' in front of you" Mukuro replied, then changed into the real Mukuro he knew.