"Lushiiiiii! We need to go on a job!" Natsu yelled sitting down beside Lucy on the bar. The blonde mage sighed and rubbed her lower back.

"Natsu...we just went..on a mission and it hurt..a lot." Lucy mumbled remembering the dreadful mission. Who would've thought collecting lost puppies would be so hard? Well...she supposed she should've known better if it was Natsu and Happy.

Natsu and Happy always make things complicated..

"Well this one is an easy one, it's just decoding some spell." Natsu shrugged and placed the sheet in front of Lucy. Lucy might've actually done it if she didn't remember what happened last time.

"No way Natsu! No way! You know what happened last time you were an idiot." Lucy said crossing her arms into an X position across her chest.

"But Lushiii." A new voice said as the voice came and sat in front of her. Well the 'new' voice wasn't exactly new. It was very familiar, too familiar actually.

"No Happy." Lucy said shaking her head. She looked at the paper again, it looked shady. VERY shady. Just like the last one. She shuddered at the thought of being in Gray's body..

Yes..she's very happy she's a girl.

"Well it's not like it would be hard..I mean look at it." Natsu complained and pointed to piece of paper.


"But it's only uh..Akni.." Natsu started.

"Natsu don't!"

"Nih Ga ki."

And then..a giant portal appeared, sucking the trio in.

"Well...that just happened." Mira mumbled looking at the spot where the three were. Then she looked around to see the guild empty "Wait, where'd the rest of the guild go?"


"Raven! Cyborg's cheating!" a small little green guy yelled to his pale friend while playing video games in front of a flat screen TV with his robotic friend. Yes..he has a lot of strange friends. Including himself.

"And what am I supposed to do about that?" Raven asked not even lifting her head from the book she was reading. She wasn't sitting on the couch like a normal person though, no she was floating in the air with her legs crossed.

To be fair she isn't a normal person.

She's half demon.

"I don't know, do some moojoo magic on him!" Beastboy said in an annoyed tone that was directed at his friend Cyborg while Raven just rolled her eyes and continued ignoring him.

"Just because I'm doing better then you doesn't mean I'm cheating." Cyborg said smugly as he stuck his tongue out of his little green friend.


"Does not!"


"Are you two fighting again?" Robin asked as he walked into the main room with Starfire by his side.

"No, Beastboy's just being a baby." Cyborg said and continued playing his game.

"But Cyborg's cheating!" Beastboy complained just like a little baby would.

"How is he the cheating?" Starfire asked flying over to them while Robin went to grab a soda from the fridge.

"He's..well...he's uh.." Beastboy started to ponder the reason how Cyborg was cheating.

"See you've got nothing on me."

"..I'm done this game is stupid!" Beastboy pouted and threw his game controller on the ground in frustration then crossed his arms.

"BABY." Cyborg sang tauntingly.

"I'm not a baby!"

"Are too!"

"Are not!"

"Are too!"

"Are not!"

"Are too!"

"Are not!"

"WILL YOU BOTH SHUT UP?" Raven screamed at the two, the tick mark forming on her head. Both Cyborg and Beastboy cowered in fear for a minute before realizing it was just Raven using her demon voice.

"Buzz kill.." Beastboy muttered with Cyborg agreeing. Raven rolled her eyes again, not caring about the two's antics. Beastboy-still grumbling- picked up his game controller and pressed a button, planning to play again, when there was a bright light shining in front of them.

"Beastboy what did you do?" Robin asked as the five teens blocked their eyes from the light.

"I didn't do nuthin!" Beastboy complained.

"Meaning you did something because you used double negative." Raven corrected, and if Beastboy wasn't blocking his eyes at the moment, he would've rolled them.

"Damn it Natsu..I told you not to read off the sheet!" a voice yelled when the light cleared up, no one recognized the voice.

"Geez Lucy you should've stopped me that hurt!" another voice complained. The five teens looked at where the light came from and saw two people. There was one blonde haired girl with a tight blue sleeveless crop top along with a blue skirt and keys by her side. The other one was a spiky pink haired man with an open vest showing off his chest along with beige baggy pants and a scarf around his neck. There was also a blue cat with a bag.

"Titans." Robin said, he didn't need to say the rest because the other titans were already in a fighting position. Suddenly, as if they didn't see them before, the blonde haired one looked up at the five.

"Who-who are you?" she asked a bit shaken up as she reached for one of the keys on her key chain.

"We are the Teen Titans, who are you?" Starfire asked, green power bubbles around her hands.

"I'm Lucy..and this is Natsu." The blonde haired one pointed to the pink haired one.

"And I'm Happy!" the cat shouted.

"IT TALKS? AND IT'S BLUE?" Beastboy shouted jumping backwards a bit. He ended up getting hit over the head by Raven.

"You're green and you can turn into animals idiot." she mumbled rolling her eyes. Beastboy rubbed the back of his head while cursing Raven.

"Why are you here?" Robin asked ignoring the two who were bickering.

"The portal must've teleported us here or something because this idiot." Lucy pointed to Natsu, the pink haired one "Likes to read off every stupid request sheet."

"It was good pay!"

"Was is the right word! We aren't doing it!" Lucy yelled at him then looked over at the Titans "I don't suppose you can tell us how to get back to Magnolia? Well, I'm guessing we aren't at Magnolia anymore. Ugh we're probably not even in Fiore."

"..Magnolia?" Starfire looked over at Robin "What is this 'Magnolia?"

"No idea Star, but I can tell you one thing, you aren't there." Robin looked over at the three people who just transported here "This is Jump City."

Yayy my first crossover :D :D :D :D. I love superheroes :D

I miss the old Teen Titans though :(

Oh well..the new one is OKAY for laughs I suppose...

But I miss the action :(

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