After thawing Makarov out, they were able to get their friends back pretty quickly. The group had went back to the laboratory and computer room they had found before. No one was quite sure what happened, but Makarov did some stuff and poof, the magic came back. Well actually, that's not completely true. Cyborg just had no idea how Makarov did it so he wasn't going to be able to explain. He had a feeling that it had to do with magic. Cyborg was more of a techy guy than a magic guy, maybe he could ask Raven about this later.

But the main part was, everyone was able to get their magic and memories back.

"This is so great!" Lucy exclaimed happily as she looked over all of her unconscious friends laying in beds in the school's infirmary. The fact that they were unconscious was obviously not so great, but she was happy that were all okay now. Even Erza was alright once she got some medical treatment. All the stress and concern Lucy had been holding was able to completely wash away. However, she still had to deal with a few flirting boys.

"'re looking fine today~" Beast Boy said as he popped up beside Lucy, throwing his arm around her shoulder even though she was taller than him. Lucy just let out a short sigh but didn't argue it this time since he did help out with saving her friends.

"Pfft leave her alone." The new guy, Speedy, said as he popped up beside Beast Boy and thwacking him in the back of the head.

"Ow...come on dude.." Beast Boy whined and let Lucy go, rubbing the back of his head as he did.

Speedy only snorted at him, "You're too young for her, I'm sure she'd much rather have-"

"Someone that isn't a shrimp?" A voice perked up, appearing behind Speedy and showing how much taller he was than him and how much more muscular. The person that appeared, was no other than Natsu. Speedy sweatdropped as he looked back to see Natsu just standing there and immediately took a step forward.

"Well, I'm not that short.." Speedy mumbled, but he wasn't as brave as he seemed before, but still trying.

"You're short to me." Natsu said with a little smirk, "And I EAT fire. You wanna go there?"

"...That had nothing to do with what we were talking about." Speedy mumbled, looking up at the pinkette.

"Sure it does. Now scat, I wanna talk to Lucy." Natsu said as he looked at the boy. Speedy frowned a bit, thinking about it before deciding to just leave since that seemed like the safer option..

Natsu grinned as Speedy walked away then through his arm around Lucy's shoulders, acting friendly with her as he kept grinning. Maybe it was because he won a fight with a bad guy, maybe it was because he won a fight with Speedy, or perhaps it was even because he got his friends. Either way, Lucy liked his grin.

"So what did you want to talk to me about?" Lucy asked, glancing over at him.

"Oh nothing," Natsu said with a shrug, "You just looked a bit annoyed so I shooed them away."

"Oh...well thanks.."

"So you say you're from another world?" Aqualad asked as he talked to Makarov, having gotten curious about where they come from. The answer he got was surprising but not as weird as others could've been.

"That is correct." Makarov nodded.

"And everyone has magic?"

Makarov nodded again.

"That's pretty cool." Aqualad exclaimed with a small smile, "We have magic in Atlantis too but your magic seems way different! How did you even get your friends' back? I didn't understand that."

"Well it's a bit complicated, are you sure you wanna know?" Makarov asked him and placed a hand on his own chin as he tried to think up a way he could explain it for someone who doesn't know Fairy Tail magic, or well their magic in general.

"I do." Aqualad said proudly.

Makarov nodded again before explaining, "Well after I figured out what the systems were, it was pretty easy. All I had to do was release the magic that Brother Blood was keeping contained. Sure that may have contained a risky thing if not all of our members had their Fairy Tail insigma, but we do. The insigma was basically like a flare for the magic roaming around in the air, showing them were to go to find the owners again. Normally magic would go off on its own if it could, but the bond Fairy Tail holds is with its magic as well so it didn't want to leave."


"Yeah. Bond." Makarov nodded with a serious face, though he was smiling on the inside. The bond Fairy Tail was able to create between each other and anyone they met always made Makarov happy and proud to be apart of such a fantastic guild. It was really like a family, you loved them all even if you didn't like them. The ghostly grin slowly grew as he thought about how true that quote was, especially with Natsu and Gray.

"That sounds..nice actually." Aqualad stated, cutting Makarov's thoughts off, "A little cheesy but nice. Us heroes have bonds with each other as well, I certainly hope the Titans East bond is as strong as your guys'."

"It probably is if you believe it is, because the bond depends on the person." Makarov said softly to the young man, making him smile.

"Yeah, you're right." Aqualad nodded in agreement, "I do believe we have a strong bond."

"That's nice to hear." Makarov gave him a small smile before looking back over at Raven who was mediating, trying to find a way to make a portal for them to get back home. She seemed to be struggling to find a portal, but it was hard to tell because her expression was almost emotionless. You would only be able to tell how she was doing by whether or not her fingers were clenched angrily.

And they were then, but they slowly started to unclench as Makarov watched.

And then she smiled.

"I've got it." Raven suddenly said as her eyes opened, they were completely black but that only meant that she was in the middle of a spell, "But you must bring me to your friends quickly, I can only hold it up for so long."

Natsu was the first to act, quickly picking up Raven with her legs still folded and running towards the infirmary where most of his friends were, resting or healing. The other Fairy Tail members followed behind him, as did the superheroes but they stayed out of the room, watching through the door opening as the conscious group got ready to be teleported.

They were fairly quiet before Natsu finally spoke up, "See yeah later guys, and thanks for the help."

"Yeah thanks! It was appreciated!" Lucy added on with a grin as the Exceeds nodded in agreement.

"Bye friends!" Starfire to them and waved, soon followed by the superheros then by the conscious Fairies waving back at them. Then the cloud of darnkess faded over the large group of Fairies, the darkness fading away only after a few seconds and the whole group was gone then, back at home where they belonged. They had left just as soon as they came and though it was a bit sad since they were a very friendly bunch but the heroes were happy that they could help them get home. Even if they would miss them.

As the silence stayed within the group, Cyborg going to make sure Raven was okay, Robin was actually the first to speak before them all, "Batman is never going to believe this."

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