Chapter 1

Doing a Favor

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WARNING: This fan fiction contains frequent use of strong adult language and explicit sexual content. This is a lemon! Read at your discretion.

Author's Note: Well... I was bored, and I asked myself what challenge have I not tackled yet. This is what I decided to write. I am new to this genre (both in the romance and lemon fields) so I suspect it to not be in the same quality as other lemon writers. That said, if this story happens to not be to your taste of is not good in general, please be a little light on a judgement, as it was a risky (and fun) attempt to make.

The center of Happy Tree Town, at the base of the largest tree ever seen by mortal eyes, was crowded with thousands of Tree Friends. Everyone there was conversing happily with one another, wearing silly colorful party hats, and dancing around merrily without a care in the world. Lights lit up the towers and streets, with large sums of people paraded the streets with joy. Music played loudly, and certain Tree Friends could be seen setting up stages for the preparation of launching the fireworks.

A large clock was attached high on the thick and tall tree, tracking time by the second. People watched in anticipation as the clock was close to bringing both hands at the number '12.' Everyone was excited to hear the clock send out a loud alarm the second those hands met, and the need to launch off fireworks to celebrate would be necessary for the moment.

All of this work and joy was always a common sight the day before the transition of the New Year. With the incoming moment of changing calendars to the next year up and the creation of resolutions, it was an exciting moment to all come together and share such an astounding event. Everyone in Happy Tree Town was going to be there to celebrate.

Though with the exception of two lone figures on the opposite ends of the town, both who decided it was better off staying home to celebrate than to go outside. But with these two, celebration of this day was something that did not come into play. Instead, it was a day that only sent the two into another moment of depression.

One such figure stayed inside a house shaped as a military barrack made out of a tree trunk. Inside this long but thin house was a tall green bear, wearing a pair of BDU pants and a white short-sleeved t-shirt tucked inside. His hair was kept short, keeping the style from the years in service, even if it was only for a short time.

The bear just so happened to be Flippy, the town maniac as he was referred to by the common Tree Friend. Flippy decided to take a different approach to this wonderful day of joy and bliss. Instead of going out to enjoy the sights, he decided to drown his sorrows in whisky, with the strongest bottle he had in stock. He sat on a wooden stool by the kitchen counter, slowly pouring a shot and drinking in random intervals.

Flippy kept his face looking down to view his hanging legs, too depressed to look up. He dreaded this day every year it occurred. He could not show up to the celebration in fear of the fireworks setting off Evil, and going in a mad frenzy of murder, ruining everyone's beautiful night. Flippy knew he was not wanted there either; who would want a murderer to show up at their party?

He took another shot and sighed in depressed thought. All this day meant to him was that it signified another year of being alone once more. Everyone was too scared to stay around him, with the only times ever getting close was because they were forced to do so. No one ever decided to call Flippy a friend. They never saw the good him, the Flippy who cared for others and only wanted to be their friend. Instead, they saw only a maniac, a mad man, a killer, and had to stay away as far as possible.

Flippy felt like he had no one to care for in this world, that he was not wanted… that it would be best that he never lived at all. He never felt like he had a purpose, as, without someone that actually meant something to him who would feel the same way back, he had no true meaning of living. His world was a lonely one, and he had no ability to help it.

There was, however, one Tree Friend that was different from the rest. One Tree Friend who, unlike all the others, actually seemed to care for Flippy. And it was this one Tree Friend that Flippy himself adored greatly, as she happened to be the only person that mattered to him.

That one Tree Friend happened to be Flaky, the young red porcupine with long quills that ran down her backside, though they contained a large sum of white flakes, something that easily gave reason to her name. She lived directly on the other side of town from his house, which was probably for the best since it meant she was safer from his rampage if it ever occurred.

There was something special about her that Flippy could not make out. Unlike the other Tree Friends, who saw Flippy as a maniac, Flaky never once saw him that way, at least his Good self. She was always fine and caring when Evil wasn't around, and was the only person Flippy could walk up to without fearing of her running off from him.

Flaky was skittish, yes, but she was also possibly the one Tree Friend with the kindest heart around. She was friendly, respectful, funny, and the best person Flippy ever had time to be around with. Flaky was, perhaps, Flippy's only true friend in the town, and he couldn't ask for anyone else but her.

It was this reason why Flippy adored her company so much. Whenever he got a chance to be with her, or whenever she wanted to do something with him, he thought that day was the greatest day to ever live. She gave him a purpose, a reason to live. And he never felt alone when he was with her. Sometimes he wished he could just say something of how much she meant to him, how beautiful and astounding she was, and how much he actually loved her for the beautiful person she was.

But Flippy always questioned that thought. How could Flaky ever fall for a guy like him? He was crazy, a murderer, and a loner. He was… different, and how could she love him back because of it? She probably only stayed being his friend because she felt sympathetic, feeling sorry because he had no one else. All the nice things were probably only done to be a good friend, nothing more, and only done because she felt sad for him. That could be the only reason.

Flippy took one more shot of whisky before closing up the bottle, knowing he reached his limit by now. He hoped the alcoholic beverage would soothe his sadness, though it only made it worse. He planted his face on the counter, laying his head against his arms, and decided just to sleep for the remaining time.

His plan to rest, however, would be taken away from the worst and most dreadful sound he ever heard. Something that only made him hate the day even more.

"Hey, Flippy, what's gotten you so down, man?"

Flippy opened his eyes and looked behind him to see Evil standing with a devilish grin, making a small chuckle as Flippy made eye-contact with his emerald retinas.

"Come on, Flippy, talk to me. You know I won't shut up until you say something."

Flippy shook his head and turned around to face the counter once more. "Go away, Evil. I'm having a rough day as it is."

"Ah, Flippy, what seems to be the problem now?"

Flippy instantly turned around, anger being the only expression he could show. "You! You're the fucking problem, that's what."

Evil made a sarcastic shocked face and raised his hands in front of him. "Oh dear, really? How could I possibly be the problem?"

"You know damn well how you're the problem. I should not have to explain to you why everything the way they are right now is because of you."

"Well… it's actually your fault, since, you know, you're the one with the body, so you're the one actually doing shit, so don't blame me."

"Oh don't use that shit as a comeback, you asshole! You know perfectly well I would never do half the shit you do in five minutes every time you decide to come out. You're an entirely different person who I am forced to share the same body with. I'm not you, so don't ever bring that shit up again."

Flippy turned around again, looking directly at the wall with agitation. Evil shook his head as he made a silent laugh, and walked up next to Flippy. "Well, fine then, you keep that thought. But seriously, man, why the hell are you not outside doing something?"

Flippy turned his head to the right to see Evil making a tiny grin as he leaned against the same counter. "Because if I go out there, you will hurt people on a perfectly good holiday, ruining everything again."

Evil clapped his hands together. "Yeah, and it would be fucking awesome as well. I mean, all those people in a single area, that's a massive kill streak waiting to happen, and you know I can deliver!"

"Yeah, and it's that reason why I am staying here, so none of that shit will occur. It's for everyone's safety that I stay away… like always."

Flippy looked down at his dangling legs once more, shedding a small tear after thinking deeply on his last sentence. Evil shook his head as he snorted. "Okay then, that's reasonable. But come on, sitting on your ass all day drinking, that's no way to celebrate this day. Come on, go outside man, and see the beautiful lights and shit."

Flippy continued to look down, not thinking of speaking directly to Evil. "Yeah, and once those fireworks go off, boom, you come out to ruin my life again. No, I think I'd rather stay here."

"But I'm bored, man! Forced to sit here with you and watching you be all depressed and shit is just boring."

"Perhaps this shit would not happen if you were never around, you know, not fucking things up for me all the time."

"Yeah, but that's another dream. Here, you're stuck with me and I'm stuck with you, so we have to come to an agreement on certain occasions once in a while."

Flippy decided to look up and speak directly to Evil once more. "Okay, make an agreement with me. If I think about going out there, will you stay away from me and not go on a killing rampage to ruin my life once more?"

Evil looked up, tapping his chin as he thought on the question. "Well… I'll think about it if we go out."

Flippy sighed, knowing well that's the answer he was going to receive. "You know, I hear it's supposed to rain shortly after the fireworks go off. I don't want to get wet or shit today."

Evil looked back angered and confused. "You don't want to get wet? What excuse is that? You fought in the fucking jungle, it rained every day and you slept in it! Don't give me that as an excuse. Just bring a coat and go out."

Flippy sat for a few seconds, trying to come up with any other particular reason to avoid going out, which proved futile. "Fine… I'll grab my coat and we can go out and, well, watch fireworks and shit." He jumped off his stool and turned around to face Evil, pointing his right index finger at him. "But I'm going to do this by that old park bench far away from the town, just to make it safe for everyone. Clear?"

Evil made his devilish smile as he jumped up and down in excitement. "Oh yeah, we are so clear on this shit. Come on, let's go see shit blow up!"

Flippy shook his head and looked up to see Evil had finally disappeared from his vision. He let out a heavy depressed sigh, and reached for his thick military BDU jacket and a pair of brown combat boots. After carefully dawning the thick jacket and tying up the laces of his boots, he proceeded to go outside his door and headed for his destination.

As Flippy exited his home to meet at the old park bench out of town, there was another sad and lonely figure on the other side of town. Completely on the opposite side of Flippy's house was a small-to-medium sized house, constructed carefully and dawning the color of red. It was beautifully decorated, both outside and in with nice-quality furniture neatly arranged and such.

Laying down on a soft white sofa in the middle of the living room was a depressed red porcupine with a long set of quills acting as her hair that ran down from the top of her head and down her entire backside. She was dawning a well-tailored red dress that covered all the way down to her legs. It was something she normally never wore, but it was a special holiday, so it was appropriate to dress for the occasion.

But this young female, who went by the name of Flaky, always pondered the fact of why she even bothered to do it. This day had no special meaning to her. Instead, it was just a day that proven the fact she will always be alone.

Flaky planted her face against a soft pillow on the sofa, crying away her depressed thoughts. Her shyness and paranoia always got the better of her in this town. No matter how hard she'd try, she would always run away at the slightest sense of danger, or even something that you would naturally never be afraid of such as a tiny chicken. She couldn't help it she was scared most of the time; in fact, it was curious why she was the only one scared when they all lived in a town of death.

But what really hurt her was indeed the shyness that consumed her emotions. It was always difficult for her to communicate with others. Flaky wasn't like the other women of Happy Tree Town. She wasn't the most beautiful, or the most outgoing, or was into the 'girly' things that the other women always followed like fancy clothing, and was more into other things such as taking part in sports. It was this different personality that made her feel like an outcast because she was really the only female Tree Friend with such traits.

It was this mix of fear and shyness that made her life awful. She never really had many friends, and those who she could call a friend were barely around with her, or always got her in trouble (especially Cuddles). And what possibly made her feel more alone in the world was the fact she never had a boy who actually liked her. All the women in Happy Tree Town has a boyfriend, with Petunia being with Handy and Giggles being with Cuddles. Even Lammy was known to be with someone, though it was uncertain who. Thus, the only woman that remained was Flaky, and no man actually seemed to care for her.

But, there was one Tree Friend that was different from the rest. One very unlikely Tree Friend who seemed to really care about her, someone who would call her a good friend. And it was this Tree Friend whom Flaky always enjoyed being with, even if he had his own share of problems.

That Tree Friend happened to be Flippy, the green army bear that was known across the town as a total murdering psychopath. He lived on the opposite end of town from her own house, an extreme distance apart from the steps of her house to his own.

There was something about him that Flaky could not make out. Instead of seeing her as this shy girl who wasn't pretty and more of a tomboy than anything else, Flippy saw her as a ravishing woman who he always respected and cared for. He never once looked at her differently, and was always calm enough to walk up to her without hesitation.

Flippy could be scary, yes, and she will admit that she can be scared of him from time to time, especially when Evil showed up. But whenever she had the chance to meet Good Flippy, it was this entirely different person she enjoyed being with. He was caring, respectful, and was always willing to go out and do something with her, whatever her heart desired. Flippy was, perhaps, her one and only true friend… and the only friend she had who was a boy.

It was for these reasons why she always enjoyed being with him, the reason why she loved being around him. Flippy made her feel special, that she was wanted, that she was loved for the person she was, and not judged on other qualities. Every day spent with his good self was possibly the best day she could ever have. She was never scared of him because, with him, she felt like she had a purpose for living. Some days, she just wanted to say how much Flippy meant to her life, how strong her feelings was for him because of what he meant to her.

But she always questioned that thought. How could Flippy ever fall for a girl like her? She wasn't the prettiest woman in town, she wasn't into girly things, and she was scared and shy. She was just… different, and how could Flippy love her for that? He probably only stayed her friend because he knew she was lonely, that she was just a scared little girl who needed someone to watch over her. Flippy most likely only did the things out of being just a friend and for sympathy for her, nothing more. That could be the only reason.

After crying for multiple minutes in her soft pillow, she gave up on shedding tears as a way to remove the dreadful and depressing thoughts. She sat up straight and rubbed her eyes of the remaining tears that have yet to fall out. Looking up to catch the view of the town from her living room window, she came up with a new idea to hopefully remove the terrible thoughts.

"M-Maybe… if I… g-go outside and w-watch the fireworks, I… might f-feel a little better… maybe."

Flaky looked down sadly at her small red feet, and let out a depressing sigh. She had nothing else better to do, so she might as well go outside. Waiting about a minute more after staying in deep thought, she got up and placed on a pair fancy black dress shoes, still wanting to look good for the holiday.

"I k-know this one old park b-bench out of town… maybe if I s-sit there, I might feel better." She nodded her head slowly at the idea, and proceeded to exit her home and head for the old park bench that rested on the outer edges of Happy Tree Town.

After a couple of minutes walking from his house to the old park bench, Flippy finally reached the bottom of the east side of the hill, were at the very top was one lone bench that was rarely used by anyone except for those who walked alone, perfect for him. He made his slow climb upward, staring down at his feet with his hands in his coat pockets.

The same amount of time it took on her part, Flaky made it to the base of the hill on the west side. Already knowing the bench will be waiting for her at the top, Flaky made her approach up the hill with small steps, keeping her head down to watch her feet and both her hands grasping each other while being laid in front of her.

The two lonely Tree Friends both made it up the hill in equal time, both perfectly in sight of each other. However, both decided to leave their heads down as they walked over to their sides of the dusty wooden park bench. They both stood by the bench, still unaware of each other's presence.

They sat down simultaneously and kept their heads down, still staying in depressed lonely thought even after the long walk. They both sighed heavily as they shook their heads.

"Happy New Year…"

Flippy and Flaky both perked up their ears. Flippy said that line, but it sounded as if another person said it at the same time. Flaky had a similar feeling, wondering if anyone else was around. Flippy turned his head right to face east and Flaky turned her head left to face west. No one appeared to be in near proximity.

Confusion lied on both their faces, and the two shrugged their shoulders, believing they must be hearing things. Trying to sit down comfortably, Flippy laid his left hand down the center of the bench as he leaned back against the wooden frame.

Flaky decided to get comfortable as well, and placed her right hand on the center of the bench as she relaxed her body against the wooden frame.

But something felt odd. Flaky was feeling something warm and tough to the touch on her right hand. Flippy was confused as well, as something that was soft and smooth was touching the top of his left hand.

The two looked over and trailed down their arms to see an unusual sight. Flippy's hands were covered by someone who had red hands, and Flaky was placing her hand over someone who had green hands. What kind of person could possibly have that color for hands?

To find out who it was, the two look up slowly to catch a surprising sight that made the two jump back in utter shock.



The two almost felled off their sides of the bench, not suspecting to see another person happening to sit right next to them… especially seeing each other. Flippy moved to the far right as his heart pounded at her surprise appearance, and Flaky moved to the far left, noticeably blushing at the sight of Flippy.

Flaky started to brush her quills down as she stuttered to speak. "W-what a-are you d-doing h-here?"

Flippy calmed himself down after being asked the question. He chuckled softly as he scratched the back of his head with his right hand. "O-oh, you know… just, um, waiting to watch the fireworks… yeah." Flippy realized he was having trouble to find words as he spoke to her, still a little embarrassed from her appearance. "U-um… what… w-what about you?"

Flaky continued to blush as she brought her hands to her lap. "A-about… the same, r-really."

"That's nice…"

The two stared at each other shortly before looking off in opposite directions, both their faces red as the situation only got awkward by the second.

Flippy was attempting to find some way to start a conversation, any topic they could discuss to pass the time. He looked over to face Flaky, who was still looking away in embarrassment. "So… w-what made you c-come here to watch the fireworks?" Flippy felt terrible after asking the question, hearing his own speech slightly slurred after realizing the amount of strong liquor he had before leaving his house.

Flaky turned her head slowly to face Flippy, who was sitting with curiosity on his face as he sat up straight. She didn't know how to respond, not wanting to say it was because she was in a depressed mood. So she came up with the best lie she could muster. "I-I just t-thought that it… m-might be b-best to w-watch the f-fireworks from here… t-that's all…" Her stuttering made it quite obvious that her response was not the case.

Her face turned into confusion as she examine Flippy's face. Something seem off about him currently. "Have… h-have you been… drinking?"

Flippy's face turned red as he rubbed the back of his head. He was afraid that his drunkenness would be evident, and apparently it was so. "Well… a little, yes." A little was an understatement.

Flaky was a little shocked. Flippy never drank before, as least she never saw him do it. "W-why? You n-never were the person to drink."

She was indeed correct; Flippy never was the drinking type. But he did not want to say it was all done to bury his sorrows. So a lie was called to order. "This time, I guess I decided to do for, um… to celebrate. Yeah, that's the reason." It wasn't the reason.

Flaky was skeptical of his answer, as it purely did not make any sense. They made a short stare at each other, still trying to find words to continue a conversation that only gotten worse with every sentence.

Flippy sat as still as he could, looking at Flaky's face curiously. He examined her eyes briefly, and something seemed off, as if they were shrouded with sadness. Despite knowing it was probably rude to ask, he decided he must know why. "Flaky… is there something… that has gotten you upset?"

Flaky's eyes widen at the question, and faced downward in his direction. "W-what do you mean? I'm n-not upset about anything." It was a lie she knew that Flippy would not believe. She didn't think her depression would be so visible in her eyes, though she did plant herself in a pillow and cried for what seemed to be an hour.

Flippy moved in a little closer, knowing even more that there was something wrong. "Flaky, you can tell me what's wrong. You know I am here to help you if there is a problem."

Flaky looked up to see Flippy had moved in closer to her, and was dawning a warm smile that pierced her emotions. This was a problem she knew he could not fix, but his kind remark and smile told her she might as well say it. "W-well… it's just… just…"

"Flaky," Flippy moved over ever so slowly as he kept his eyes on her, "you can tell me. Just say what it is and I can help you."

Flaky's eyes moved downward as she kept her head up straight. "It's just that I… I-I don't like this d-day. I n-never did."

Flippy was a little confused and shocked, not thinking Flaky would not enjoy a holiday such as this. "Why not? It's a day to celebrate and have fun with friends."

"B-but that's the r-reason why I d-don't like it. I h-have no friends…"

Flippy's eyes widen at her statement. "No friends? But you have plenty of friends, don't you?"

"W-well, a little, but…" She sighed as she looked away from Flippy. "I d-don't have a friend to s-share it with… a person who l-loves me."

Flippy shook his head, not believing what he was hearing. "What do you mean? Like a guy that doesn't like you? Well that can't be possible; there should be tons of guys that must fall for you."

Flaky blushed slightly inside but still could not accept the kind response. "B-but how? I'm a-always scared, I'm always s-shy… and I'm not pretty."

"How could you say that? You're beautiful." Flippy gasped in his mind after realizing what he just said, not even thinking of what words to say.

Flaky's eyes opened widely as a sudden rush of joy went through her. Does he actually think I am beautiful? No… it was probably just a way to make her feel less sad. "You… y-you must be just saying that to make m-me feel better…"

Flippy shook his head. "No, I really do think you're beautiful… the most beautiful out of everyone here."

Flaky looked to face Flippy, who was getting closer by every other response. "B-but how? I'm not much of a g-girl, and my h-hair isn't nice either."

Flippy made a small grin. "You see, you're wrong there. Your outer beauty is not what I like about you, which I indeed find your appearance beautiful, it's the person inside that I enjoy seeing." Flippy's face turned red after knowing he just admitted he liked her. He felt more embarrassed every time he spoke, with each time he was closer to just admitting his real feelings.

Flaky's own face turned red from his compliment. Did he just say he liked me? He actually does like me? No… probably just as a friend. But… she was curious why he said it. "W-what do you mean?"

"Well… everything about you screams beautiful to me. You're kind, respectful, funny, playful, adorable, everything. You're different… no, better from the others. It's this unique personality of yours that separates from the other women, and I adore it. You're… special… especially to me."

Flaky was taking in every word of Flippy's with shock and joy. He really did mean all of that? Was I that special to him? She tried to speak, but was starting to have a hard time to find any words to respond back with.

Flippy saw the redness of her face turning into a bright color, and moved in even closer. "Flaky… you mean a lot to me, you know that, right? You really do."

Flaky only stared into Flippy's dark-green eyes as he got ever so closer to her. "How… how much do I actually mean to you." She noticed she actually didn't stutter that time. It was a little shocking that she was no longer having trouble to speak.

"It's indescribable. You're the only person who has ever been kind to me. You've always respected my good self even after times of trouble. You're always there for me. You're… you're the only true friend I really have in this town… in this whole world, and I couldn't ask for anyone else to be that."

Flaky smiled briefly, never realizing she was of that great importance to him. But then she heard the word 'friend,' which is what she feared the most. She dropped her smile and looked away. "Oh… so… like a good friend, right? Just… just a friend."

Flippy was saddened by her response. She meant so much to him. So much that the word 'friend' was too weak to be even used. It was something much greater and he just had to find some way to say it. "No… not just a friend."

Flaky returned to face Flippy once more, her face in shock and her mind filled with a rushing array of emotions. Is… is he saying-

"Flaky… I… I don't know how to say it. I really can't describe it to you. So… I am just going to show you, and I hope after it's over… you still feel the same way."

As Flippy began to get as close to Flaky as he could, the center of the town was counting down the remaining seconds of the clock, just a few seconds away to the beginning of the new year.


Flippy took both his hands, which were trembling softly in fear and anxiety, and placed them to both of Flaky's soft and warm cheeks.


Flippy held her gently for a brief moment, looking into her delicate yet beautiful red eyes with joy and admiration.


Flippy slowly began to bring his face towards Flaky, which, at first scared to do so, began to bring her face to his.


The two both started to slowly tilt their heads to the right, and brought their eyes to a close, just barely a centimeter of empty space between them.


With one brief pause, and a silent wish of hope, the two brought their lips together, and locked in a passionate kiss.


The Tree Friends in the center of town cheered with glee, frantically running around in celebration as they launched the fireworks to create an astounding moment with excitement and beauty.

As the fireworks went off in the far distance, lighting up all of Happy Tree Town with a spectacular of lights, Flippy and Flaky sat down by the wooden bench to share the beautiful first kiss, sitting silently away from the crowds as the fireworks went off.

For Flaky, it was the greatest, most beautiful, and most romantic moment of her life, and couldn't wish for a better person to share it with.

For Flippy, however, it was a moment of terror. He was alone with Flaky in a romantic setting… and explosive rockets were going off in the distance. His mind went into a state of fear and horror, getting the feeling that Evil was bound to come out any moment. He was praying to himself silently to not let this moment be ruined for him.

"Oh please, please, please don't ruin this. Not now, not here, not with her this moment. Please!"

Flippy could sense Evil's presence, knowing well that he was standing over both of them. Evil stood still with his devilish grin, and was making a near silent evil laugh as he leaned in, ready to take command of Flippy's body and to destroy his life once more.

But, at the last second before being able to control Flippy, he looked over at Flaky, who was happily accepting Flippy's kiss, not scared at all of Evil ever coming out with the fireworks going off in the distance. Evil slowly dropped his grin, and stood up straight, placing his hands back into the pockets of his coat.

"You know what… I think I will let this one slide for now."

Flippy could not believe the words that just emitted from Evil's mouth. He was going to avoid entering him? He was just going to leave, just like that?

Evil shook his head and pointed his right index finger at Flippy. "I'm doing you a favor here, Flippy. You owe me big when you're done." With his final word, he walked off, disappearing from the view of Flippy.

Flippy and Flaky would soon break their first kiss, even though they wished it would never end. Flippy gave possibly the widest smile to Flaky, his heart and mind filled with so much joy he could not even describe the feeling.

He left the palm of his left hand on Flaky's cheek as he rubbed it gently. "I love you, Flaky." He wrapped his left arm around her back and over her shoulder, and brought her to his side.

Flaky cuddled next to Flippy and rested her head next to him. "I love you too, Flippy."

And with that said, the two sat on the park bench, enjoying the beautiful sight of the fireworks going off in the distance. It was a great start to a new year.

After sitting down together by the park bench for short time, holding each other tightly as they watched the fireworks go off in the distance, the two decided it was time to go home. Being the kind gentlemen he was, Flippy decided to walk Flaky safely back home, and to just be with her a little while longer to enjoy this day even more.

Having his left arm still wrapped around her back and over her shoulders, the two conversed now and then to keep the walk interesting, some conversations a little awkward while others made the two laugh. Whatever topic came up, they were just glad to be with each other on this day.

Flaky then went to a sudden stop, confusing Flippy instantly. "Flaky, what's wrong?"

Flaky looked around shortly, and then brought out her right palm in front of her. After a few brief seconds, a rain drop felled down onto her hands, which was quickly followed by a second and a third one.

Flippy felt a few drops as well, and remembered exactly what was bound to happen. "Shit, that's right! I forgot it was supposed to rain tonight." Flippy held Flaky tightly and walked at a brisk pace. "We got to get you home now."

As the two increased their pace in walking, the rain started going from a simple few raindrops to a small drizzle of rain, with every second proving it was going to become a heavy downpour any second.

Flippy took off his thick jacket and placed it over Flaky's head and shoulders. "Here, put this on, it'll keep you dry." Flaky gladly accepted the offer as she bundled herself underneath the jacket, preventing as much rain as possible to hit her body and perfectly good dress. Flippy brought her close to him, and used as much of his body to protect her.

After just a few minutes of running, Flippy successfully brought Flaky to her red home, just in time before the downpour. They stood underneath the covered area of the front entrance as Flaky grabbed the spare key from under the mat near the door. Quickly unlocking it, she entered the house to dry off.

She then turned around to see Flippy, who gave a tiny grin and waved his right hand. "So… I'll see you tomorrow then?"

Flaky was confused by his question. "Wait… you're not going now, are you?"

Flippy shrugged his shoulders. "Well, I have to get back home."

"But your house is on the other side of town and it's raining. You shouldn't go out."

Flippy chuckled at her caring remark. "I fought in the jungles, Flaky. This is nothing. Don't worry, I'll be fine and-"

Flaky raised her right hand outward. "N-no, don't go now! Please… just stay for a bit… until the rain at least stops."

Please? Flippy looked down, thinking of Flaky's offer. Knowing Flaky and how the day just went for them so far, it was probably the best idea to listen. "Well… if you insist."

Flippy looked up to see Flaky smile as she opened the door wide enough for him to enter. Flippy smiled with a nod as he wiped his boots on the mat before entering the dry and warm house; much better than staying out in the rain.

Flaky placed Flippy's jacket on the coat hanger as she proceeded to remove her shoes. Flippy followed suit as he untied his heavy boots and placed them in the corner, away from the entrance of the door.

After carefully placing his boots down neatly, he turned around to face the living room of Flaky's house. As he expected, it was indeed well-furnished with proper placing of all furnishing. Everything was clean, organized, and nothing dangerous about to fall over and kill someone. Perfect.

Flaky turned around to see Flippy admiring the interior of the house, stuck trying to think up his next move to do something while he was there. "You can take a seat on the sofa if you want, Flippy." Flippy looked over to see Flaky gesturing him to take a seat on the white sofa. He nodded his head with a smile and was happy to oblige.

Taking a comfortable seat on the soft white sofa, he leaned back and relaxed his body to soak in the warmth of the house. His ears perked up once Flaky entered the kitchen. "Do… do you want anything to eat or drink while we wait for the storm to past?"

Flippy sat up straight, not knowing how to respond to her question. He never expected to enter her house today, nor have a plan if such an occasion ever arose. Flippy ran multiple scenarios in his brain, anything that he can do with her to keep the day from going boring.

His only plan seemed cliché but was the best he could think of. "Well… if there is a specific movie you would like to watch, we could make some popcorn and watch together, if you like, of course!"

As Flaky stood in the kitchen, she smiled and blushed a little at his plan. A small storm outside, just her and Flippy, sitting down together to watch just some cheesy movie to past the time. She liked it. "Um, sure. I'll see if I have any." Flaky opened the pantry and searched for the bag of popcorn. "While I do this, can you pick out the movie?"

Flippy made a tiny chuckle as he got up to search the shelves near the TV. "Sure, Flakes, I can do that." Observing the shelves, he noticed that the majority of films consisted of the usual romance films, normally a genre he would never pick. "Is there a specific one you would like to watch?"

Flaky found the bag of popcorn the same time Flippy asked the question. She felt a little embarrassed after realizing most of her films revolved around romance, which probably all contained the same plotline. "Oh, um, just any." She made a nervous laugh as she began to grab a bowel and started to heat up the popcorn.

Flippy found one movie with a title that seemed somewhat appealing (though still knowing it will be sickening-sweet), and placed the disc within the correct player. After a short time heating up the popcorn, Flaky came back with a hot bowel of the popped kernels and sat down next to Flippy, and started playing the film.

They sat together for some time, Flippy keeping his left arm around Flaky to have her cuddle next to him. Flaky hugged him with her right arm as she moved her body to lay against his, resting her head on his shoulder. As she sat next to him, Flippy waved his hands carefully through her quills, which made her close her eyes and sigh with relief as his tough hands flow through her.

Flippy was enjoying her company just as much as she did with him. What seemed to be another day of loneliness for the two became a blissful night of coming together and being connected more than ever before. It was only getting better.

Flippy then started to feel a little embarrassed as his face turned red from watching the film. He forgot about the rating of the movie he saw on the box, and noticed the love scene to be a little more detailed than other films.

He crossed his legs together, hiding the small tent that was starting to arise in his pants. Flaky looked over to see him move his legs in an odd position, and giggled silently at looking at his cheeks turning red at the sight of the film.

Enjoying the sight of bear's awkward embarrassment, Flaky moved her body closer to Flippy, getting a closer and tighter feeling of his body, which she could sense it was getting warmer.

The feeling of Flaky's body pressing against his only made Flippy become more embarrassed, his battle-tactic mind unable to make a decision for his next move. Thinking of starting a conversation to distract him from the film, he decided to go with that plan. "S-so, Flaky. D-do you have any, um, r-resolutions since, you know, it's the New Year?"

Flaky was a little disappointed of Flippy not making a different move, but went along with it. "Well, being less shy and scared would be a good one," she turned to face Flippy with a warm tiny smile, "and it seems to be going quite well." Flippy faced her with a smile of his own. Flaky tilted her head as she asked a question. "What about you?"

Flippy held Flaky tightly and brought her closer to him. "Oh, I think I already met my resolution this year." He chuckled lightly as the two returned to face the film, still amazingly in the same scene.

Flaky held him tightly as she viewed the scene with him. "You know… I don't think this year could start off any better than this."

Something about that sentence made Flippy feel different. He could not tell if the whisky from tonight was still in his brain or if Evil is suddenly controlling him, but something told him through his animal instincts that he could well indeed make the night go better.

A tiny smirk was made on his face as he looked over to see Flaky's head resting on his left shoulder. "I know one way we could make this night more memorable than it is now."

Flaky was a little confused yet intrigued by Flippy's comment. She looked to her right to see Flippy's face directly in front of hers. Completely unprepared for the move, Flippy leaned forward to steal a firm passionate kiss. He held her tightly, bringing her body closer to him to plant his kiss firmly on her lips.

Flaky closed her eyes as she happily accepted the surprise kiss, and wrapped her arms above his shoulders to bring herself as close as possible to him. As she wrapped her arms around him, Flippy wrapped his arms around her torso, and brought her body to lay down onto the sofa, going down at an angle to keep her sharp quills from shredding the sheets.

As Flaky laid on the bottom and Flippy hovered above her, the two picked up their pace between each kiss, and caressed each other's bodies slowly. They could both feel their bodies rising in temperature, and the blood in their hearts pumping at a faster rate as they laid together planting only a fast set of passionate kisses.

Flippy's mind, however, started to move southward and wanted to explore more of Flaky than just through simple kisses. Being stuck in an erotic high as they laid together, Flippy was unaware of his right hand slithering his way from under Flaky's back to the front of her chest. As they locked their lips together, Flippy creeped towards her left cup, fitting perfectly in his hands as he made a soft grasp.

The sudden touch of his hand on a sensitive area was shocking yet arousing to Flaky, and sighed with pleasure in the middle of their kiss as he moved his hand to caress her other breast. She could feel his thumb rubbing around in circles above her small bud, making it become erect and visible through her dress.

Becoming ever more curious during their increasingly intimate moment, Flippy brought his right hand from her chest down the entirety of her dress. His hand now at the bottom of her dress, he slowly pushed it upward until he could feel the soft and warm panties that covered her nether regions.

Flaky trembled slightly the moment she felt Flippy tap the outside of her lingerie, feeling his tough fingers almost making contact with her sacred flower, which only increased the temperature between her legs.

Noticing the rising heat, Flippy's curiosity peaked, and he began to bring his right hand to the above edges of her underwear, and flicked it a few times until his hand could snake inside. He slowly brought his hand downward between her thighs until,


The sound of Flaky making a loud aroused moan made Flippy's eyes open widely, and he brought his hand away from her nether regions. His mind returned to consciousness and was sent back to reality. He moved away from Flaky, realizing what he was about to do… and was starting to regret it.

Flaky, who was breathing heavily at how fast the intimate act was going, was shocked and confused at the sudden stop. She opened her eyes as she sat herself back up, looking at Flippy who faced away in embarrassment.

"Flippy… what's wrong?"

Flippy shook his head as he sighed depressingly. "I'm… I'm sorry, Flaky. I didn't mean to move onto you so fast… I shouldn't even be here."

Flaky tilted her head slightly as she moved closer to Flippy. "What do you mean?"

Flippy stared at her with a look of worry. "Flaky… I don't want to hurt you. I don't want to get too close to you and… well, kill you. I'm just thinking of your safety, Flaky, and I think it would be best if I-"

Flippy was interrupted as Flaky jumped forward to steal a kiss, instantly making Flippy go silent. Flippy's eyes widen greatly as Flaky backed off while keeping eye contact with him. She brought her left hand to his cheek and giggled softly. "You're cute when you care too much."

Before Flippy could say anything else, Flaky jumped forward once more to push him down the sofa, putting him on the bottom and Flaky to lay on top. Flaky brought her lips to meet his, and brought her arms to caress around his back and sides.

Seeing how she was being persistent and that she seemed far from scared, Flippy smiled widely in his mind and brought his arms to wrap around her back, pulling her forward onto his body. With her lips locked with his, and her body tightly pressed to his own, he slowly caressed up and down Flaky's backside, enjoying the slender and soft frame as his hands waved across her.

As their passionate set of kisses began to pick up into short intervals, Flippy brought his hands to her hair-like quills, and carefully brushed them while tugging them gently. The feeling of her quills being pulled was arousing, causing her body to shake as the pleasant sensation was sent out through the nerves of her body. Even if it was dirty, Flippy actually enjoyed the look of her hair, especially now he has a chance to play with it.

While the two were enjoying this intimate moment equally, and the sound of the film making the moment fitting, they couldn't deny the fact their clothes have become only a hindrance of what they were both craving for. To help begin the start for future exploration, Flippy brought his hands away from Flaky to quickly remove his white t-shirt, having assistance from Flaky to toss it aside.

With his chest open for the taking, Flaky brought herself down and placed her hands on the tough muscles that lied there. The rough green fur and tight skin gave her pleasing thoughts of what the rest of his body could feel like. Flippy watched with a grin as Flaky gave his chest a few small kisses as she proceeded to meet his lips once more.

Now that Flaky was given a chance to know Flippy a little closer, he felt it was his turn to know her better. As they stayed in the constant set of kisses, their breaths becoming heavier between each one, Flippy brought his hands up to the thin straps on her dress, and pecked at them to get Flaky's attention.

Flaky blushed as the eager bear was desperately trying to remove the obstruction. She broke away from the kiss to sit up straight above him, and gave him the pleasure to slowly slide the dress down her to her hips, leaving only her bra as a piece of clothing covering her chest. Flippy smiled devilishly as he placed both his hands on her cups, both which fitted perfectly well in his strong hands.

Despite now taking off one piece of clothing, Flippy was still unsatisfied and craved more for her. He brought his hands away from her breast after rubbing them gently for a short time, and slid them behind her back to the small lock that held her bra tight. He raised his right eyebrow up as she giggled at his eagerness to undress her, and decided to help him swiftly remove it without trouble.

With hook detached, Flaky relaxed her arms and let the obstruction slide off, revealing her two perfect cups to be seen by the hungry eyes of Flippy. He stared in awe before making a short grin as he leaned up to grab a firm kiss from her, wrapping his arms tightly to feel her now naked torso to meld with his. Flaky wrapped her arms over his shoulders as she caressed his exposed back, gripping tightly at the muscles that laid there.

Flippy held Flaky carefully as he brought her down on the other end of the sofa, making him once again the one on top and her on the bottom. After staying locked in a short amount of fast kisses, Flippy wanted to get a nice taste of the erected buds on Flaky. He made a slow trail of kisses down from her lips to the center of her chest, and went for her right cup to suckle on.

He kissed softly as he gave both of her cups equal attention, using his lips and tongue to arouse them. Flaky closed her eyes and moan with increasing pleasure, her two sensitive areas being given special attention was giving her a blissful feeling of arousal, and was wanting more.

Having enough fun with her chest, Flippy went back to something that meant more and began another set of firm kisses on Flaky's tender lips. They gripped on each other tighter, wanting to feel both their exposed skin and fur to mix together, sharing the increasing warmth between them.

Flippy could feel the warmth of his nether regions rising, the small tent becoming bigger the longer the intimate act lasted. His animal instincts made him slowly bring down his right hand to reach her smooth and delicate right leg, rubbing it gently with his tough palm. As he left his hand caressing her leg, and made small and slow thrusts between Flaky's thighs, his secluded member hitting her sacred area.

With every thrust she felt, Flaky could feel Flippy's manhood gently tapping her sacred flower, each touch making her moan louder. Her own womanhood began to pick up in temperature, and was having erotic thoughts of filling up her tight entrance with his member, craving for the close feeling she was silently begging for.

After performing a few thrusts, Flippy realized they were going nowhere if they stayed on the small sofa. He broke the set of kisses and looked at her beautiful red eyes with admiration. He noticed both their warm breaths were coming out at an increased rate, the warm temperature getting ever so hotter as they laid their bodies against each other, and their heartrates beating faster by the second. And they only just begun.

Flaky opened her eyes half-way to see Flippy placing his right hand to her cheek, trying to speak through his heavy breaths. "You… you want to… finish this… somewhere more… suitable?"

Flaky made a tiny smile, knowing exactly what his plan was. Nodding her head without saying a word, Flippy got up quickly and reached over to carry Flaky romantically, his arms being laid underneath her legs and back. Flaky giggled softly as she was carefully carried to her room, giving Flippy a soft kiss on his lips as they proceeded to her bedroom.

Making it to her room quickly to not waste any time as the moment was already starting to heat up, Flippy brought Flaky to the frontend of the bed, placing her gently on the edge so her feet hanged over and her rear sitting comfortable on the mattress. "There you go, my darling, a throne fit for a queen!" Flippy held Flaky's hand gently as she smiled widely.

Flippy leaned down to give Flaky one long firm kiss, this time surprising her with the use of his tongue. Catching her off guard, she returned with her own tongue, the two sharing a messy yet arousing kiss as their saliva mixed together.

Flippy broke the dirty kiss and looked at Flaky with a smile. Flaky smiled back while feeling anxious, readying herself for the one moment she has been thinking of since the beginning of their ever increasing intimacy. Flippy, however, had different plans for her. He wanted this year to start off big and special, and did not want it to end off so fast. To make it last, he decided to go for a much longer approach.

His eyes trailed down from her face to her closed legs, her dress still stuck to her hips and her remaining piece of lingerie still attached. Flippy's dirty mind continued to overcome him; her lips and chest felt good to his own lips, but what did she actually taste like? The erotic act stayed in his mind, only making him wanting to become more adventurous to explore unknown territory. He faced up to Flaky with a dirty look. "Why don't I give this ravishing woman a proper favor, hmm?"

Flaky watched Flippy slowly bringing himself to his knees, staring in envy at her legs as he caressed them. Flaky was a little confused, wondering where Flippy was taking this moment. She gasped silently as she saw Flippy look up to her with a suggestive look, his eyes moving between the view of her thighs and her own shocked eyes.

She was just petrified. Flippy was a fighter and was willing to go anywhere, but here, this felt so different and weird… and arousing. Flaky blushed as she made a shy grin, and nodded her head quickly to give Flippy permission.

Flippy's excitement broke its limit, and he gave a wink of his right eye to her, making her blush even more. Caressing her thighs for a short time, Flaky relaxed the tension that kept her legs together to let Flippy slowly spread them apart, giving a clear view of her nether regions, perfectly covered by her underwear.

Flaky looked away in embarrassment, still blushing as she had no idea what to do except let Flippy do his work. Flippy looked up to see Flaky making a small grin as she looked away. He shook his head with a chuckle and crawled up slowly to her to cup her chin and bring her face to see his. He gave her a small kiss, silently asking her to keep her eyes on him. Flippy wanted both of them to see the entirety of this intimate act from beginning to end.

Flippy crawled back down to her now spread legs to move his head slowly towards Flaky's sacred area. To tease her, Flippy planted a trail of slow and firm kisses from her right leg and up to her thigh, getting closer to the one spot he was dying to meet. Flaky trembled with anticipation, watching Flippy get closer to her nether regions. She breathed heavily as his face came in near contact with her panties, and started making a tight grip on the bed sheets to prepare for her flower to be given some special attention.

Flippy slowly rubbed his hands around Flaky's thighs as he leaned in to plant a soft kiss on the obstruction. He could sense a unique warm aroma emitting from her, already knowing it was perfectly wet and open for the taking. Wanting to satisfy his need, he brought his hands to the edges of the panty lines and tugged at them gently before pulling them off. To assist him, Flaky lifted her legs gently while holding back her dress to let the final piece of lingerie be removed.

The moment her last piece of underwear was dropped to the floor, Flaky's face began to turn redder than the fur on her body. Flippy's eyes stared with envy as he finally was able to see her flower up front, making him dawn a dirty smile as he licked his lips. He brought his face up to her nether regions once more and stopped just before his lips met her womanhood.

Flaky trembled more violently, the wait practically killing her as she felt his warm breath hit against her flower. She bit her lower lip as she felt his lips slowly kiss the outer edges of her womanhood, teasing her constantly for that one moment.

Tired of waiting, Flippy believed it was finally the time to act. With one last lick of his lips, he brought his face to meet with her wet flower, and slowly gave it a teasing lick in the center. The instant his wet tongue met her caused Flaky to close her eyes and lean her head back, the arousing feeling running through her nerves stronger than she thought.

After the short tease, Flippy brought himself closer, and began to use his tongue to both lick and penetrate her womanhood. The sudden pickup in pace made Flaky moan louder with every feeling of his tongue touching her wet walls, and felled back onto the bed as ecstasy flew through her.

Every second he moved his tongue within her womanhood, the faster her breaths picked up in pace, and the tighter her walls became. Her mind became dizzy as the erotic high was getting to her, and was almost falling to a state of unconsciousness as her moans became louder. Flaky was feeling so much tension building up within her, and she could feel it just crying to be brought out.

As Flippy slowly picked up pace, he could feel Flaky's legs trembling faster, and noticed her chest going up and down faster as her moans became louder with every lick. Knowing what was bound to come, he wrapped his arms around her upper thighs to tightly grip them together.

Flaky could feel her womanhood begging to release the stored energy that was being created inside her. With her left hand gripping tightly to the bed sheets, almost tearing them apart, she brought her right hand out to lay against the back of Flippy's head, and pushed him into her harder as she clawed the back of his skin.

After just a few more seconds of the moment, and Flippy hitting that one sensitive spot inside of her, she could no longer hold back the tension. She bit her bottom lip, her hands grasping tightly to whatever they could hold onto, and her body trembled and shook to great lengths. It only took a one more feeling of his tongue to reach that blissful high.

"F-Flippy, I-I'm… I-I'm g-going- AH!"

Flaky arched her body back, letting out the loudest aroused moan yet as her first climax was finally reached. The sudden release of stored tension made her fall back in a state of bliss. Her mind was practically shut off due to the heavy dizziness and erotic high her body was sent into. As she laid her body on the bed, she looked upward and opened her eyes as far as she could to see through her blurred vision that Flippy was still leaving his lips on her flower, sucking up all the sweet juices that came out of her.

The taste was… different, the only thing Flippy could think of. And yet it was something that felt amazing to be laying on his lips. Making her flower nice and clean, he crawled up her body to see Flaky's beautiful face, noticing the heavy breaths after reaching her first orgasmic event.

He smiled devilishly as he licked his mouth slightly, still leaving a few drops on his mouth. "Hmm… you taste sweet, just as I thought." He moved up her body slowly, and brought his arms to wrap behind her back and had her sit up straight, still shaking from the astounding climax. He leaned his lips forward slowly to hers. "Here, try a taste."

Before Flaky could question his demand, Flippy brought his lips to lock with hers, sharing the unique juices that were still attached to his lips. Flaky was slightly confused yet aroused from the action, not knowing what to say. Tasting her own body felt weird as she was shocked by the flavor, and yet it felt amazing from sharing the taste with him.

Flaky broke the kiss and had her eyes trail down from his face to the large tent in his pants. She could only imagine what laid underneath those thick pants… and wanted every part of it.

Flippy blushed slightly as he followed her eyesight to meet his own throbbing member, waiting to come out. He knew it was about time to take this moment to the next level of intimacy, and it was obvious that she was craving for it for some time.

As he stood up and reached for the belt for his pants, Flaky grabbed his hands and looked at him with a nervous smile, trying to speak through her heavy breaths. "You… you did enough… work already. Let me… do my share."

Flippy tried to reply back but was silenced by Flaky's swift movements of her hand reaching his belt, quickly sliding it out and dropping it aside. Bringing his hands to the tips of his pants, Flippy dropped his pants with the aid of Flaky, leaving him only in his boxers.

The throbbing bulge was clearly visible, Flippy making a small chuckle as Flaky brought him closer to get a detailed examination of his hidden member. Being too eager to wait, Flaky went for the top of the boxers, and brought them down to his legs, his member popping out as she did so.

Flaky's eyes widen greatly at the sight of his manhood, the size catching her attention extensively. Her thoughts were filled with dirty and erotic thoughts of his member, only imagining what pleasure it could bring her.

Seeing Flippy's face turn slightly red with feeling of embarrassment, Flaky got up to her feet and stood tall, letting the dress that was stuck to her hips to slide on the floor. She smiled widely as she wrapped her arms over his shoulders and gave another firm passionate kiss, the two once again utilizing their tongues to create a messy kiss that aroused them both.

Then a little plan Flaky wanted to try on Flippy came into play. She broke the kiss from his lips and slowly made a trail of soft kisses down his torso, getting closer to his manhood that continued to throb as Flippy's excitement reached beyond its peak.

Flippy became a little shocked and confused as he watched Flaky drop to her knees in front of him as he stood, noticing her staring at his member with envy. His heart pounded faster as the erotic thought came into his head. "Um, Flaky… w-what are you doing?"

Flaky smiled as she brought her hands around his lower area, caressing them as she giggled "Well… you did a big favor for me. How about I do a favor for you, hmm?" She looked up to see Flippy staring in shock, and laughed silently as his face turned red.

Flippy swallowed his throat, not thinking a shy girl like Flaky to jump to that level of intimacy. "S-sure, g-go right ahead."

Flaky gave a tiny smirk as she looked at Flippy, and turned her face to his warm and tight member. Flippy's legs began to shake as he watched Flaky bring her face below his manhood, and gave a slow and wet lick from the base of his manhood to the tip. Flippy breathed heavily and placed his hands on Flaky shoulders, gripping firmly as she swerved her tongue around the tip of his throbbing member.

Flippy stared for a brief second in anticipation, then moaned lightly as Flaky finally brought her mouth to the tip of his manhood, placing it inside the wet walls of her mouth and tongue, and used her right hand to cover the bottom portion. She started off slowly, bringing the member into her mouth gently until she reached a decent point, then back until she felt the tip. Finding a good distance between the spots, she increased her pace and proceeded with the act.

Flippy closed his eyes and moaned with pleasure constantly as Flaky performed the erotic act onto his member. He could feel her tongue rubbing around his member, the wet saliva only sending a strong sense of pleasure through his nerves. His legs shook violently as Flaky sped up her momentum, almost losing his footing and falling over with the erotic high filling his mind.

Flaky left her eyes closed during the act and listen carefully to the moans of Flippy. She never thought of ever doing such an act, and worried she could mess up. But by his constant quivering and grunts, she must be doing something right. In fact, it was kind of enjoyable to please him in such a way, being the one in control.

Flippy gritted his teeth as he brought his hands to the back of Flaky's head and hair-like quills, pushing her onto his member harder and faster, enjoying every repeated motion of her mouth. He gripped tightly on her quills, almost bending them to the point he could scratch himself. His moans got louder as he shook his body, the sucking sound emitting from Flaky only making him more aroused.

He was disappointed as he realized his climax was almost upon him. Flippy wanted to reach that state of ecstasy right now, but knew well this was not the way to end it. He still had one more thing in store for her.

Snapping back into reality, Flippy looked down and tapped on Flaky's shoulders, signaling her to stop. Flaky brought his manhood away from her mouth, and looked up confused. "Is there something wrong?"

Flippy smiled as he brought his left hand to her cheek. "N-no, that was great. I just think it might be best that you lay down for me."

Flaky instantly took the hint and smiled nervously, and was brought back to her feet with assistance from Flippy. Standing with a little shake of anxiety, Flaky gave a shorter passionate kiss to Flippy before he hoisted her up by her sides and brought her to the far end of the bed, laying her gently on her back.

She smiled nervously as she watched Flippy crawl over her, his body now hovering directly over her own. They were both breathing heavily, their bodies nearly burning with heat, and their heartrate beating at unimaginable rates. Flaky brought her shaking right hand to his rough face, and smiled with anxiety as she waited for that one moment they both worked towards for.

The two nodded their heads quickly, silently acknowledging that they were prepared to finish with a bang. Flippy faced downward to view his wet member, and adjusted his body to find her entrance. To assist him, Flaky shook her body around until she found a comfortable position, and brought her hand to her nether regions to guide Flippy.

With a short time of preparing their position, Flippy had the tip of his manhood hovering over Flaky's wet open flower, prepared for his member to enter. The two were both excited and scared. None of them knew what feeling they would get the moment they made connection, and worried if they were prepared to do this. But they made it this far, so they may as well finish it.

With a few deep breaths of preparation, Flippy brought the tip of his member to her entrance, the sudden touch instantly making Flaky moan loudly. Her body shook as the anticipation inside her rose, anxious and scared for his member to finally be inside her.

A few more taps to her entrance, and Flippy brought the rest of his manhood downward, slowly entering the extremely tight entrance of Flaky's womanhood. Erotic pain was sent through the two, the tightness of Flaky's walls around his member being unimaginable, but felt amazing afterwards. Flippy gritted his teeth with strong force, letting out a loud sigh of relief after making a complete entry.

For Flaky, once Flippy was able to bring the one part she craved for to be inside her, she screamed loudly, arching her head back as the initial feeling of his member was something her mind could not describe except for it feeling astounding.

Flippy opened his eyes with worry as he heard Flaky moaned with pain. "F-Flaky, you okay?"

Flaky's body trembled greatly, and could not open her eyes, but she nodded her head quickly. "Y-yes, just… j-just go slow… f-for now…"

Flippy nodded his head shortly as he breathed heavily, and looked down to see his entire member inside her. With one deep breath, he slowly brought his member to the far end of her entrance, and thrust forward gently until his skin pounded softly with hers. Flaky let out another loud moan the moment his member reached the end, feeling her one spot being touch just enough to give her that pleasure she was begging for.

Flippy performed another thrust, still at a slow pace, and continued another afterwards. After finding a good pattern, he looked forward to face Flaky, and leaned his body downward for his tough body to mix with her slender frame. As he thrust into her womanhood at a steady pace, and their matted fur rubbing together, he crawled up to her lips to steal a kiss during one of her orgasmic moans.

Flippy could not describe the tight connection he had being inside her, nor could Flaky describe the entire moment except for it being astounding. Judging by the pain and loud moans the two continued to make, it was quite clear this was both their first time, and they couldn't ask for a better person to spend it with.

Multiple minutes passed, with every second Flippy slowly changing the pace of his thrusts. The sound of their skin pounding together aroused his thoughts, bringing him closer to his climax that would send him into that blissful state of nirvana.

They caressed each other's bodies tightly, both clawing into their skin as the moment came closer to the end. Their breaths continued to pick up pace, and their moans of pleasure rising in volume. Flaky could feel her walls tightening, getting close to achieve her second climax.

Knowing he was coming to his moment to release a burst of energy, Flaky tried her best to speak through her moans. "F-Flippy… h-harder, p-please."

Flippy knew what she wanted, and he was ready to deliver. "A-anything for y-you." Following her instructions, he picked up his pace with his thrusts, his member entering her deeper and faster. The change in pace made his body tremble, his climax ready to be reached any second.

He brought his face down to her shoulders and near a soft area of her neck, giving it a firm kiss on a sensitive spot. Flaky moaned with the kiss on her neck along with his manhood quickly pounding against her, hitting that one spot that brought her closer and closer to total bliss.

Flippy could not hold it in any longer. It was now or never. A few more thrusts is all he would need to reach that erotic high. "F-Flaky, I-"

Flaky quickly stole a kiss and gripped onto his back tightly, bringing his body to her as close as she could. "F-f-fill me, F-Flippy, n- Ah!"

Flaky arched her entire body back, her walls completely enclosing Flippy's manhood as she reached her second climax. Her tight walls around his member, and just a few more thrusts, was all it took for Flippy to reach his own climax. His faced was planted on Flaky's shoulder, gritted his teeth and moaning loudly as the stored energy inside him finally came out, filling Flaky with his own set of orgasmic juices.

The two clawed at each other tightly, the finale of their intimacy bringing a strong sense of connection and erotic high that almost sent them to an unconscious state. They slowly let go the tight grip on each other, and both breathed heavily and at a fast pace as it was finally over.

Their bodies shook after they both reached their climaxes, and Flippy brought his face to hover over Flaky's. The two could barely open their eyes after the intense work the two went through, but they both looked into each other's eyes with a strong feeling of admiration and connection for one another.

Flippy felled over to the left and let his flaccid member slide out of her entrance, and cuddled next to her as he brought his arm around her to bring her close to his body. The two laughed softly as Flaky hugged Flippy's body with the remaining strength she had.

Flaky rested her head on his body as she spoke softly. "W-was I g-good, F-Flippy?"

Flippy chuckled through his breaths. "G-good is… a u-understatement. You… y-you were perfect."

Flaky smiled and snuggled her head on his soft but matted fur. "Happy New Year, Flippy."

Flippy brushed Flaky's bent quills to a flat state, and closed his eyes as he sighed. "Happy New Year, Flaky."

The two both let their eyes come to a close, and cuddled together as they rested on the soft bed. Flippy smiled widely as he said to himself happily in his mind.

"Best New Year's ever…"

With only a few brief moment of closing their eyes, the two lone figures, who believed each other would never find someone to be with, held each other tightly and slept.


At least, before he showed up.

Flippy, though being skeptical at first, had this weird feeling that someone was nearby. His facial expression was confusion, and he slowly opened his eyes to see Evil standing directly outside the edge of the bed, looking at him with his devilish smile.

Evil placed his hands in his BDU coat pocket and nodded his head. "How's it going, Flippy?"

Flippy's eyes opened widely and shook his head swiftly. "EVIL! What the fuck are you doing here?! Can't you give us a little privacy here?"

Evil chuckled as he shook his head. "Why? You both seem to be done. Besides, I'm you, so no need to be embarrassed of yourself, right?"

Flippy's face turned from confusion to agitation. "Man, just get the hell out of here! I'll deal with you tomorrow."

Evil made a tiny grin as he stared at Flippy "Oh no, Flippy, were going to discuss this now."

Flippy only stared at Evil with anger, then sighed as he knew there was no way out of it. "Fine, what the hell do you want?"

Evil walked over to the bedroom window, and leaned his body against it while keeping his eyes on Flippy. "So… when are you going to return the favor? Soon, I hope."

"Favor? Why the fuck do I owe you a favor?!"

Evil's smile dropped and turned into aggression. "Really?! You question why?! Look what I did for you, Man! Look to your left, what do you see?"

Flippy followed Evil's instructions and looked back. "I see Flaky. What about her?"

"You know, I did not have to let you go today, Flippy. I could have controlled your body right then and there and killed her instantly. I could have fucked up your life once more and ruin everything just for the hell of it. But no, this time, I let it slide, and look what it got you: a beautiful hot babe that you were able to sleep with the first night. I gave you something BIG man."

Flippy hated Evil's speech. It was completely done for the wrong reasons, but he couldn't deny he was right. Evil could have ruined everything, but decided not to, and because of it, Flippy's life just became a lot better. "Okay, so what? You want me to say thanks or shit?"

"A 'thank you' might be nice to have, but that's not what I want, Flippy. I did you a favor, now you must do something for me."

"Well, what the hell do you want from me?"

Evil's jaw dropped as he flung his arms in the air. "Are you really that dense, Flippy?! Do I have to paint a picture for you, because I will since I am actually good with painting, especially with blood since it happens to be my favorite color, so-"

"EVIL! Just tell me what you want."

"Flippy, looked to your left once more. Looked what I gave you. Do you see it?!"

Flippy was getting more confused from Evil's demand. "What about Flaky?! What do you want that involves her?"

Evil crossed his arms and made an evil grin, nodding his head as he brought his eyes between Flaky and Flippy. He raised both his eyebrows in a suggestive manner, which finally gave Flippy the hint.

"NO. FUCKING. WAY! I won't let you place a hand on her, you asshole!"

Evil shook his head as he looked down. "Flippy, let me tell you something. You know why I let you have Flaky, why I decided not to kill her today? Is because I wanted her too. I always wanted her. I mean, look at the hot body of hers, that sexy dirty hair and shit. That all turns me on and I wanted that. Sadly, you have original control of the body, so I never had the ability to interact with her directly and was forced to watch you stand by and let that girl just go about her day, never once making a move until today. And now you have her in your hands, I finally have a chance to spend some quality time with her, and since I handed her to you, you owe me back. And what you owe me is her."

Flippy was only enraged by Evil's last sentence. "No, Evil. You may have given something special for once, but I still won't let you have her."

Evil stared at Flippy with anger, and walked straight to his face, squinting his eyes as his emerald retinas meet Flippy's dark-green ones. "I don't think you have much of a choice, Flippy. There will be a day when you will be with her, and all it takes is the shattering of glass for me to come out and play. You will return the favor, Flippy, whether you like it or not." Evil turned his face over to see a sleeping Flaky, and chuckled softly. "I know she will like a favor from me, more than you could ever deliver."

Flippy pushed Evil away from him and only stared back with pure rage. "Just leave, Evil. We can settle this another time."

Evil placed his hands back into his coat pockets and shrugged his shoulders. "Very well, Flippy. You have fun now. But you will return the favor. I will be coming back, and when I do, it is just going to be me and her." Evil laughed loudly before walking out of the room, disappearing into a blank plane of existence.

Flippy shook his head and laid his back down softly on the bed. He snorted and closed his eyes.

"Yeah, it will be a snow's day in Hell before I ever return the favor."

Author's Note: Well, there you have it! The first shot and my first written lemon ever. Tell me what you think if you enjoyed it and if it was a good for a first try, and thank you all for giving it a read!