Chapter 2

Returning the Favor

Author's Note: Here it is, the second shot featuring our favorite evil green bear, Evil (or Fliqpy or whatever we call him, though I'm not sure how people could pronounce Fliqpy, so Evil sounds easier). Since there were some people who wanted it (and because I hate leaving stories incomplete) I decided to give it to you all for your enjoyment.

So there you go. Enjoy the read!

(Oh, also, another 13K words! Now that's a long chapter!)

"Shhh, everyone, she's here; hide!"

Lammy covered the blinds to the window swiftly as she turned around to give all the Tree Friends gathered in the living room the heads up of the incoming person. Everyone giggled and laughed softly as they tried their best to find a secluded area to hide from the person's point of view. From hiding behind walls, couches, or just in the dark corners of the house, everyone was happily finding a secret spot.

One Tree Friend who seemed the most eager to hide was Flippy, wearing his signature army BDU setup along with his beret. Using his tactical mind of finding a secure location, he made the empty spot behind the couch as his hideout. He smiled with joy as he ran and hid behind the brown couch, leaning against it carefully to hide as much of his body as possible.

Everyone held their breaths, and kept all their body parts completely hidden behind a piece of furniture. Whoever was about to enter that door, they were bound to receive quite of surprise.

Which was exactly what Flippy intended to cause. It just so happens that today is a certain red porcupine's birthday, and Flippy was the one to conjure up a plan to give her one of the best celebrations she ever had. Yes, he was truly eager and anxious to give this girl a cheerful surprise and a joyful evening.

This happiness and joy was something common for him after that beautiful night on New Year's. Since that day, the lives of Flippy and Flaky have changed significantly for the better. Flaky herself was beginning to feel less scared of the world after being so close with Flippy. Sure there are moments, but she stands up for herself much more than before, and has proven to be a little more sociable with everyone. She was no longer living the life in a little shell, and was now coming out, and with a smile on her face.

As for Flippy, it could not get any better. Ever since that night, Evil has rarely come out into play. There were still times Flippy could not control himself, and would still cause the murders of dozen of innocent Tree Friends. But recently, he was able to take better command of it. What could be better is that, with some convincing words from Flaky, people seem to be a little friendlier with Flippy. People are not as scared to talk to him in person, with some willing to come up and do something in general. It was how he was able to even gather up a good number of Tree Friends to meet at his own home to hold Flaky's birthday celebration. For once in his life, he did not feel alone.

It seems that, with that one favor from Evil of not interfering with his life for once, both Flippy's and Flaky's lives have changed from the lifestyle of lonely hermits on opposite sides of town to an outgoing couple that no longer feels like outcasts. They were living the dream.

But… Flippy could not forget those words Evil said to him that one night, about him having to return the favor. It was clear that Evil wanted to get close to Flaky, and Flippy is just a scapegoat to get to her, but what did he really want to do to her? It seemed he had no intention to hurt her, so was it something more… intimate? If that were the case, Flaky would never accept it, and knowing Evil, he may well do something that only the most sick of monsters would ever do to an innocent person declining such an offer. Will Evil go as far as turning into… that to get what he wants?

Flippy shook the thought. There have been plenty of nights he had been with Flaky with a clear opportunity for Evil to show up, but has failed to do so once. Flippy was determined to protect Flaky from whatever Evil planned to do, and was prepared to go with any method to stop him, even the cost of his own life for a day just to keep him at bay.

But now was not the time to worry about him. What was the time to worry about was giving the biggest and most unsuspected surprise she has encountered. With that thought in mind, and brought his entire body to the side of the couch and took a few deep breaths for preparation.

He felt a little tap on his shoulder, and turned around with curiosity to see Cuddles with an expression of worry. "What is it, Cuddles?"

Cuddles hugged the side of the couch with his body as he scratched the back of his head. "Well, um, when Flaky comes in and we all go out to surprise her, she won't, like, die of shock, will she? Because, you know how skittish she can be when stuff like this happens."

Flippy smiled as he shook his head. "I think Flaky has gotten over that skittish attitude and lifestyle. She's a strong woman; she can take care of herself."

"Well… what about you?"

Flippy dropped his smile at Cuddles' concerning question. "What about me?"

"You're not going to… like-"

"No, Cuddles, I'm fine. Don't worry, I'm prepared and content with this situation. Besides, if I happen to… well, change, than you and everyone else knows where the emergency water buckets are kept. Keep those at the ready, and if things go south for me, use it, and I'll have everyone leave when I calm down. We went over this plenty of times, Cuddles; I think we got this."

"Okay, man, just making sure."

Petunia leaned over from the side of one of the tables, a hint of agitation on her face. She spoke softly while still angered by the sound of speech. "You two, be quiet! She's almost here."

Flippy and Cuddles nodded their heads, and held their breaths once more to wait for Flaky's appearance. They counted silently to themselves, waiting for that sound of the doorknob twisting slowly to reveal her shape.

That sound would come sooner than expected as all the hidden Tree Friends saw the door slide open, a soft creaking sound heard as the door moved. A silhouette of a porcupine wearing a magnificent dress was the only thing visible, no color shown as the sun in the background created a dark shadow of the slender body.

Flaky looked back and forth from her spot outside Flippy's house, looking somewhat scared as she could only see pitch black darkness in the room. Her body shook a little as she spoke softly. "F-Flippy, you-"

Flaky's eyes widen greatly and jumped with a shriek as the lights suddenly came on, along with the appearance of a dozen or so Tree Friends popping out of various pieces of furniture in the house, all of them smiling with glee as they yelled,


All the Tree Friends who came out of their secret hiding positions were all cheering and clapping their hands, letting out a combined burst of merry and joy throughout the room. As for Flaky, the second her small ears heard that one phrase containing her name, her expression changed from fear to an array of emotions, filled with happiness and delight. All of her friends were there to celebrate such a special occasion that, with their appearance, made it even more so.

And what made bring a tear to her eye as she smiled widely was the sight of Flippy, who, amongst the many other Tree Friends dawning their own faces of joy, seemed to be the most emotional. He walked up to her slowly, still clapping his hands along with everyone else.

Flaky watched Flippy move towards her direction until he was just a step away from his body touching hers. Flippy gave a warm smile as he nodded his head, his dark-green eyes staring into the shining glint of Flaky's own red eyes. She looked at him briefly and then at the many Tree Friends behind him, who have now begun to bring the clapping to a halt.

Flaky smiled as she stood confused with joy. "D-did you… did you do all of this… f-for me?!"

Flippy chuckled as he brought up both his hands out in front of him at a surrender position. He spoke with a sarcastic tone. "What, me? Nonsense. I'm just the town maniac; there's no way I could possibly create such a majestic moment for a beautiful and astounding woman such as yourself."

A few Tree Friends made a silent laugh as Flaky stood shaking her head with a smile. Flippy brought his hands to meet her shoulders and leaned in closely to her. "Happy Birthday, Flakes." To surprise her with his own gift, Flippy gave Flaky a slow and passionate kiss, despite being in public.

Flaky closed her eyes and accepted his wondrous gift, even though she could hear the perverted whistles and cries. She was enjoying the moment too much to care what others could think about them.

Giggles came out a little frustrated as she rolled her eyes. She walked up to the kissing couple and gave a small smirk. "Okay, okay, save the special present for her later, Flippy. We still have everyone else's gifts and a big party to work with, you know."

Flippy and Flaky broke their kiss as their faces turned red with embarrassment. It was no secret anymore that the two had gotten VERY close over the many months, but it did not matter to them.

As all the Tree Friends prepared for the progression of the party, Flippy looked over to see an embarrassed Flaky. He chuckled, getting her attention as she tilted her head with a smile. "Thank you, Flippy. This is amazing!"

Flippy wrapped his left arm around her and held her tight to his side. "Oh, don't mention it, Flakes." He walked forward, carrying Flaky by his side. "Now come one, it's your special day! Time to have some fun!" Flaky leaned her body against Flippy as the two proceeded to enjoy the party.

A couple of hours have passed since the celebration had stared, and nightfall had begun to blanket the town. Despite the darkness that has started to consume the streets, everyone was still in the heat of the moment with the party, all acting as if there was no trouble to worry about.

A multitude of events had taken place, including a couple of toasts to Flaky and the group, sharing the cake with everyone, and opening the gifts from everyone (though some were saved for opening later in private, especially the gifts that came from the women guests). Now it was just conversing and having a fun time together.

Flippy decided to let Flaky enjoy her special day alone for a bit, leaving her with Lammy, Giggles and Petunia for whatever type of topics they were willing to discuss (nothing that Flippy would be concerned about… even though it may have some involvement with him and Flaky). He went for the brown couch he hid behind and sat down with a thud, getting a little tired after the many hours of preparation and the late hours kicking in.

He leaned back and let out a loud yawn, doing his best to stay awake until the end. Flippy observed around him to watch how everyone was having a tremendous time. They were not scared of being inside Flippy's home, they weren't afraid to talk to him, Flaky was being sociable and outgoing; everything was just complete perfection.

Flippy brought his eyes to a close, relaxing his entire body after seeing a good day not be ruined.

At least, of course, before he showed up once more uninvited.

"Hey, Flippy, man, how you doing?"

Flippy didn't even bother to open his eyes, nor decide to look in the direction that deep-toned voice was emitting from. "What do you want now, Evil?"

Evil sat next to Flippy, dawning his usual devilish grin, his emerald retinas reflecting off light, and the same usual attire of Flippy's, including the BDU cam setup and the beret. "Oh, you know, I thought we just discuss a small business deal, that's all."

"Go ahead and say it so I can respond with 'Fuck off'."

Evil shook his head with a silent laugh. "Oh, you can't back away from this deal. You already signed yourself in months back, so no backing out now!"

Flippy finally opened his eyes and looked over to face Evil, currently infuriated by Evil's presence. "Just say what you want to say, Evil. I got better things I can do than sit and listen to your bullshit."

Evil leaned back on the sofa, letting out a short breath. "So… when are you going to return the favor, man? I asked you politely multiple times, and yet you failed to deliver. It's just a simple little favor that, honestly, you really do owe me."

Flippy sat up straight, getting more angered by Evil's words with every second he spoke. "Evil, I told you before, I am never going to let you touch her. You may have helped me get closer to her, but I sure as Hell won't let you get to her."

"But why? I have just an equal right to be with her just like you, you know. I'm practically just another you inside your body, thus, she is rightfully mine as much as she is to you."

"No, you're not me. You're a twisted fuck who I am forced to share my life with, and you don't own her a single bit of her. Besides, once she sees you, she'll just run off leave. There's no way she'll want to stay with you."

"Well… maybe if I show myself a little more to her, she may come around with a charming and devilish guy like me."

Flippy moved closer to evil, squinting his eyes as he brought his right index finger to his face. "Listen, Evil. I love her. I love her so much that I would sacrifice my life to protect her. And if it means I have to kill myself so you won't hurt her, than I swear to God I will."

Evil dropped his smile and looked back confused. "Hurt her? Who said I was going to hurt the beautiful lady? I mean, I might want to be a little rough and dirty, which she'll just have to get used to it, but she'll learn accept it."

Flippy brought both his hands to Evil and gripped him tightly by the collar of his BDU jacket, breathing heavily with rage. "You're a fucking monster, Evil. If you even plan to touch her the wrong way, make her feel uncomfortable and assault her, using her against her will, I will fucking kill you!"

Evil laughed softly. "Oh, Flippy, Flippy, Flippy. I believe I told you that you don't really have a choice or say in all of this. All it takes is the shattering of glass…" Evil brought his eyes over behind Flippy, observing a single Tree Friend holding a solid plate holding a slice of cake.

Flippy noticed his trailing eye and looked behind him to see the Tree Friend blindly walking around eating the cake, not noticing where he was going. He stared in horror as the Tree Friend accidentally bumped his body into another, dropping his plate to the floor.

Time felt like it had slowed down, Flippy watching the plate fall from the sky and headed for the solid floor. He closed his eyes tightly as he heard the loud crash of the plate breaking into pieces, shattering sharp pieces of glass across the floor.

Flippy's body started to shake, his breaths picking up in momentum, and fear ran through his mind. He opened his eyes slowly and turned around to see Evil returning an evil chuckle as he sat up straight. "And I can come out and play!"

Evil broke from Flippy's grip and stood straight up onto his feet swiftly. He then leaned down and brought both his hands to each of Flippy's shoulders, grasping them tightly. "Time to return the favor, Flippy!"


Flippy tried his absolute best to break from Evil's hold, but it was futile. Evil warped himself Flippy's body, and started a massive struggle inside of him as he started to take command of Flippy's body. With a few seconds of fighting against his mind, Flippy was thrown out of his own body, falling straight to the floor as just a figment of Evil's imagination.

Flippy entered a state of panic and looked behind him as he got back to his feet. Evil sat in the struggling position, still adjusting himself as he took command of the body. After a few brief second of staring in terror, Flippy saw Evil take full control of the body, completely morphed into his signature form.

Evil's emerald eyes began to shin, his teeth sharpen to the point of chewing the life flesh of man, and his breaths turning deeper. He gave a wink and a nod to Flippy as he stood up with a grin. "Well… if you excuse me, Flippy, I got a little present that I want to give to Flaky."

Flippy grabbed onto the right arm of Evil, pulling him back as much as he could as he screamed with horror. He gritted his teeth, using whatever strength he had. But it was useless. Now that Evil controlled the body, he was nothing more than an illusion. There was nothing he could do now to protect Flaky.

Flaky was standing with the other girls, discussing over a variety of topics not necessary to give an explanation about. She was having a great time, having the courage to stand up for once in her life, and actually making friends and being outgoing. She could not explain the joy and fun she was having today, and it was all thanks to Flippy for setting it up for her.

After talking for so long, her mouth began to become a little parched, and believed it would be a good idea to take care of the situation. She smiled as she waved to the other female Tree Friends. "I'll be right back. Just going to get myself a drink." The others nodded as they returned back to their conversations.

Flaky slowly entered the kitchen, taking her time since there was no need to rush. It was her special day, no reason for concern or work. She grabbed a glass bottle and brought it over to the fridge, planning to fill it with plenty of refreshing water to clear her throat.

"What are you doing, baby doll?"

Flaky's ears perked up, hearing that deep voice coming close to her. It sounded like Flippy's except it was more… darker. And when did he ever decide to use pet names like that to address her? She shrugged it off and kept her smile. "Oh, just grabbing myself a glass of water."

"Oh, why don't I give you a hand with that?"

Flaky went into a state of panic that time, hearing that dark and deep voice a second time. It was coming closer to her, perhaps almost standing right next to her. She started to tremble a little as she kept the sound of the voice in her head. That wasn't Flippy's voice…

She turned her body around slowly, hyperventilating as a terrible thought played through her head, and silently prayed to herself that it wasn't true. But when she turned to see where that dark voice was emitting from, she could only drop her jaw slightly and let the glass container from her trembling hand fall to the floor, shattering it to pieces.

On the other end of the kitchen, blocking her only way out, was Flippy, standing with his hands by his side, his head slightly lowered as he kept his emerald eyes on her scared red eyes. She started to hyperventilate, and walk backwards slowly.

Flippy tilted his head, still holding an evil grin as he looked at the floor. "Oh, what a clumsy girl you are, Flaky." He looked up and dropped his smile. "What's wrong? Don't you recognize me?"

Flaky did indeed recognize who it was, but she knew well it was not Flippy. She knew who it was, and who that person was is someone she feared greatly, a person she wished would never show its face all these months she has been with Flippy. Flaky could point out everything wrong with the situation, and it proved to only frighten her more.

Those aren't Flippy's eyes.

Those aren't Flippy's teeth.

That wasn't Flippy's voice.

This wasn't Flippy

Her eyes wondered across the room, her mind in a frantic frenzy as she tried to come up with some plan to do… anything. What stood in her way was a kitchen counter in the middle of the room, and Evil blocking the only exit. She looked back and forth between the sides of the table, thinking which way to run.

Evil watched her trying to make a plan to escape, and walked forward slowly "What do you think you're doing, Flaky? You're not trying to run from the guy you love, are you?"

She wasn't running from a guy she loves. She was running from a guy she feared the most. Making a decision, she tried to run through the left side. But Evil was prepared beforehand, and block her way through by that side of the counter. He smiled as he made a soft chuckle, watching her try to go the right side and successfully blocking that path as well.

Evil shook his head as he stared at Flaky. "Tsk, tsk, tsk Flaky. Don't run from me now. I'm not going to bite." Evil said this as he made a tiny bite with his mouth, walking slowly to her as she cornered her at the end of the kitchen.

Flaky found herself as the edge of the kitchen counter, starting to breathe at a rate to where she could pass out on the floor dead. She looked around her quickly, trying to find something to help her. The only thing she could find was a sharp steak knife, the only weapon available in her vicinity.

Evil smiled as Flaky noticed the knife, knowing exactly well what she was planning to do. He continued to walk forward without any fear, and watched how Flaky grabbed the knife quickly, aiming it out in front of her to stop Evil. "Flaky… what are you doing? It's just me."

"STAY AWAY… please…" Flaky's hand was trembling as she held the knife, starting to cry in fear as Evil stared at her. She held in her breath, and slung the knife in Evil's direction, praying that it would hit him.

Sadly, her attack would be intercepted by Evil's hand, who grabbed the knife without even looking at her arm. He brought his other freed hand and pulled the knife from her, dropping it to the floor and kicking it off away from them, sliding across the tile floor to the other end of the room.

Evil stood directly in front of Flaky, and made a deep and dark chuckle as she continued to whimper with fear. She started to think of any other plan of action to save her own life, and could only think of one.

Cry. Cry for help.


Flaky was silenced as Evil brought his right hand to her mouth, covering it to prevent any words to be audible. Evil's smile dropped briefly as he leaned in next to her ear to whisper softly "Don't. Say. A. Word." He backed away just enough to where his face was directly in front of hers.

Flaky tried to scream through his thick and touch hands, but her words were only muffled and was proven futile to even attempting to speak. She closed her eyes as she started to cry, tears running down as she trembled with fear. Why here? Why now? Why me?! She repeated these questions as Evil left his hand over her, staring at her as tears ran down her delicate face.

Evil shook his head and closed his own eyes "Flaky, don't cry sweetie." Flaky opened her eyes half-way, letting out a collection of tears that were build up behind the walls of her eye-lids. She wished she left them closed as Evil leaned in with his tongue sticking out, and licked away the tears with his wet tongue. The feeling scared her, making her scream more into his mouth, which was beginning to make her fall unconscious.

Evil backed away from her and spoke softly. "Why are you so scared all of a sudden, Flaky? All I want to do is give you my gift to you."

Flaky brought her eyes opened once more, and started to calm down her breathing as she continued to tremble. Gift? What gift? She then noticed Evil's unused hand was moving towards her face, and was placed right next to her cheek. He rubbed it gently, rolling his thumb around as he lowered his head. "Now… I'm going to let my hand go from your mouth. And when I do, you will stay perfectly silent for me. You understand?"

Flaky nodded her head quickly, her eyes opening widely. Evil waited briefly for a bit, and slid his hand from her mouth, placing it to her other cheek. Flaky refused to speak as she was instructed. She did not know what to do now; she was now in the hands of Evil, cornered in the kitchen with no one to save her. She did not know what this gift was going to be, which only scared her more.

As she continued to tremble, she tried to speak in a soft voice with all the strength she could muster. "W-w-what a-are y-you going t-to d-do t-t-to m-me?!"

Evil smiled as he trailed his right hand down the side of her body. "Why, I'm going to give you the best birthday present you could ever want, sweet cheeks." As he said the last two words, his right hand met her rear cheeks, and gave a tight squeeze as he chuckled.

Flaky jumped when his tough hands touch the back of her hips. She naturally would be aroused and pleased if Flippy did it, but with Evil, it only made her more scared. She did not like it this time, and she was dreading every moment she was held by him.

Her eyes opened widely and was sent into total shock as Evil forcefully brought his lips towards hers and gave a rough but short kiss, surprising her with his tongue as he rubbed his right hand on her rear and his left to caress her back.

She could not make out the situation. She just could not tell what was going on. All she knew was that she did not want this, especially from him, and hated every moment he left his hands on her. With that motif in her head, Flaky brought her hands in front of her and started pushing and kicking Evil away from her, trying to free herself from the intimate act she refused to have.

Evil stood angered by her fighting and brought his right hand to her cheek to grasp tightly. "What do you think you're doing?! All I want to-"

"LET GO of me, please! Don't h-hurt me, please!"

Evil's eyes widen as his ears picked up sounds from the other room. He was too vulnerable here with her fighting and yelling. He had to take this moment somewhere more secluded and quiet. And Evil knew exactly where to take her.

"Look here and listen to me. We are going to walk through the crowd out there and you are not going to make a single sound, you hear. You stay quiet and nothing will happen, understand?"

Flaky stared with horror with Evil's demands. Is he going to take me somewhere alone to… to…? The thought was too horrible to even think of, but she had no choice but to follow with Evil's plan, thus, she nodded.

Evil looked at her expressionlessly and wrapped his left arm around her, and escorted her out silently from the kitchen to the living room where everyone was enjoying their time. The two walked through the crowds, no one suspecting anything dangerous happening.

The three girls who were having their conversations noticed Flaky walking with Flippy, who was heading towards his bedroom. Lammy leaned in towards Giggles with confusion. "Where's he taking her?"

Giggle's rolled her eyes as she watched the two enter the bedroom. "I think Flippy is giving his gift to her a little earlier than he should."

Petunia sighed as Giggles said the response. "I wished Handy did that for my last birthday."

The three resumed their conversations after seeing Flippy's bedroom door closed.

With the door closed, Evil locked the door silently, and turned around to see Flaky cowering in the corner of the room, crying softly as she stared at Evil. Evil sighed as he stared at her. "Flaky, what's gotten you so shaken up?"

Flaky shook her head as tears ran down her face. "E-E-Evil, p-please, d-don't hurt m-me. N-N-Not today…"

Evil shook his head. "Hurt you? Who said I was going to hurt you. Why would I ever hurt you?"

Flaky stopped her crying but still shivered in horror. "A-A-Aren't you g-going to… g-going to…"

Evil's mouth dropped from the thought, not believing what she was thinking. "WHAT?! You really think I was going to… son of a bitch, that little fucker never told you anything, did he?!"

Flaky sat confused in the corner, still confused what he was talking about. "W-What do y-you mean?"

"That little asshole didn't tell you about me? He didn't tell you what I wanted to do for you, how I felt about you, anything?!"

What he felt about me? "I-I don't understand."

Evil sighed as he placed his hands by his sides. "Flaky, I may be a murdering bastard that enjoys killing, but I was not intending in any way to make you feel uncomfortable or assault you. All I was trying to do was please you… at least in my way."

Please me?! All of that was just to… please me? "W-why?"

Evil shook his head. "Isn't it obvious? Flaky, baby, I love you just as much as that asshole of a person. Hell, I knew I loved you the minute that guy laid his eyes on you, and I'd be willing to admit it before he did."

Flaky's shivering simmered down, but still sat in the corner of the room. She stayed quiet, not knowing how to respond. Evil walked forward slowly, his hands still at his sides. "Flaky, that night at the New Year's celebration, when you sat with Flippy and you both kissed, I could have come out and kill us both, something I might have enjoyed doing."

Flaky looked up to stare at Evil's face. "So why d-didn't you?"

"Because, with him being able to get close to you, I felt like I was getting close to you. You were not scared of him, so I felt like you were not scared of me anymore. So… by not interfering with any of that, you two were able to love each other, and since I was with Flippy, I was able to love you too whenever I got the chance to come out."

Evil dropped down to her level, no expression to be seen on his face. "Flaky, I find you irresistible, and I always hated whenever you got caught in the crossfire of my murder sprees. The fact is that, since I rarely get to show myself in public, I am forced to live alone in this body, never able to be with someone. He felt alone, but I sure as Hell felt it even more, living in a body 24/7 with only a few minutes now and then to come out. Kind of a reason my rage is so significant being trapped inside for so long."

He moved a little closer to Flaky, keeping his eyes on her. "So when he ever got a chance to be with you, the one person who seemed to never run away, even if I wasn't out, I felt like I was there with you. You didn't make us feel alone, that you were not scared of us, and to be honest, it is really hard to find a person to not be a hundred percent scared of us all the time."

Evil got even closer to her, and stopped just a few feet away from her face. "Flaky… I love you because you don't make me feel alone. I don't even have to be out of Flippy's body to not feel alone. You make me feel… okay existing despite my, well, problems that I just can't control. I love you because you're not just beautiful, but because I am no longer trapped in the dark void of his body. I thought he would tell you that, but I guess he must really think of me as that much of a monster."

Flaky could not believe what just came out of Evil's mouth. He… loved her? He actually loved her just like Flippy? Was love an emotion even he was capable of having? She had no idea how to make out this entire situation. He wasn't going to hurt her, he never was planning to hurt her.

As for Flippy, who stood in the opposite corner of the room observing the situation, he had trouble trying to piece it together as well. He believed Evil was doing it for his own sick desires, to be the monster he believed Evil was. Instead, it was this entirely different attitude, doing it because it actually did love her. Flippy shook his head, having trouble to either believe Evil of see it has some ruse to get to her. Whatever the case, it was certainly news to him, as it was to her.

Evil closed his eyes, and took a long deep breath before speaking up. "Flaky… I'm sorry if I scared you the way I did. As you could probably tell, I don't get to be around an exquisite woman like yourself very much, so trying to be romantic isn't my cup of tea. But… I can understand if this entire situation is just too much for you, and, if it's what you want, I can just leave now and bring back solider boy, and never attempt this on you again."

Flaky looked down, no longer crying or shaking, and her breaths returning back to a normal pace. She still could not answer his question. Evil was a murdering monster, and yet he loved her dearly, and was in no way trying to scare her, just trying to please her… despite it being a poor design choice for the moment.

Before she could speak, Evil spoke one more time. "Just answer me this. Even if I exist, and that I will most likely never leave Flippy's body, and will continue my way of life whenever I come out, I just would like to know: will you stay with us, at least with Flippy's body? Despite my existence, will you stay with us, and not be scared of me being around?"

Flaky stared at Evil's eyes, and saw something that she thought would be impossible: sadness. He was, for all intents and purposes, feeling emotional. This wasn't a lie or a trick, it was indeed a serious question. It was a question Flaky had a hard time trying to answer to. She loved Flippy. So did that mean she loved Evil as well? If not, could she accept him being in existence, even with the way he acts? If Evil did mean that he loved her, then what could she say?

She thought about it for a short time, worrying Evil with the long blank stare of hers before giving an answer. "Yes."

Evil stared at Flaky for a moment, not dawning a smile or anything despite her answer. Then he stood up tall and reached out his right hand to her. Reluctant as first, Flaky brought out her left hand and was brought up to her feet. Evil nodded his head slowly. "Thank you." He performed an about face and proceeded to the door. "I'll bring back Flippy and you two can finish the rest of the day from here. Just make sure to take care of the guy, and be careful with any other glass objects. Next time might not be as pretty."

Flaky watched Evil make his slow exit, just about to unlock and open the door. But before his hand could touch the lock, Flaky walked out quickly to his direction and raised at her left hand. "E-Evil, wait a minute… please."

Evil stopped and turned his head around confused as he stared at Flaky momentarily. Flaky's face turned a little red as she made a tiny smile, and brought both her hands to grasp together and lay over her waist. "Y-you… you still haven't showed me my present yet."

Evil stared in shock at Flaky for a short few seconds before dawning a suggestive smile as he squinted his eyes. "You sure you still want it? It's a big one, and I don't know you can manage it just on your own."

Flaky walked over with small steps to Evil's direction, keeping her head down as she kept the tiny smile. "Well… will you help me with my gift then?"

Evil winked his right eye as he moved forward to her. "Anything for the birthday girl." He turned his face slightly over to view the opposite corner of the room, seeing Flippy just standing with both shock and anger. Evil gave a silent stare, speaking to him without saying a word. Watch and learn, boy. I'm going to show you how to have some real fun. Flippy snorted with rage, and walked off to disappear in the void.

Flaky and Evil met at the center of the room, neither one taking their eyes off each other. Flaky stood slightly scared, still knowing this was Evil she was messing with, and did not know if he had intentions to harm her in any way. Evil, however, did not plan to do anything to harm the woman he loves, only to find ways to please her with great respect.

Flaky's face turned redder as she observed Evil's body from head to toe. He seemed to be… taller. By how much, she could not make out, but there just seemed to be something different that she could not point out… though it only gave her thoughts she was enjoying to have.

She brought her delicate hands to his shoulders, gripping tightly to make an attempt to feel the muscles that laid there, though was disappointed with the thick BDU coat he currently wore. Flaky rubbed her hands in a circular motion on his shoulders and spoke softly. "So, where's my present?"

Evil kept his dirty smile intact as he chuckled lightly. "It's right here. Let me just start unwrapping it for you." He brought his hands out in front of him and unbuttoned the jacket from the top, prying off the first one slowly. Flaky, being a little eager to see her gift, took the job of prying off the remaining buttons until the jacket was completely loose. Evil relaxed his arms to give Flaky the dying pleasure to remove it, dropping it to the floor and leaving only the white shirt tucked into Evil's BDU pants.

Evil shrugged his shoulders with a smile, and grabbed the bottom of his tucked in shirt. "Now we just remove the remaining pieces of cloth and…" He took off the shirt quickly without any fault, holding it on his right hand and tossing it aside. What now remained was the open and tight green chest of Evil, his fur rough and thin to show his tough torso. He brought his hands outward and gave a warm smile. "Here it is, the first portion of your gift. You like?"

Flaky stared in awe at his now exposed chest. Something seemed… different. This was supposed to be Flippy's body, but it had the appearance of being… tougher. Her eyes remained at a widen state as she brought her hands to feel the tight muscles and rough fur across his body. His muscle's felt good against her soft hands, and explored his torso with ever increasing excitement. "I… think I might like this."

Evil gave a soft snort as he smiled at her remark. He then relaxed himself to feel Flaky's hands crawl around him, her warm and soft hands giving a pleasurable feeling when touched on his tough skin. Evil brought his hands out in front of him to wrap over Flaky's shoulders and behind her back, gripping gently to bring her closer to him. "How about we try it out together, just to see if you really do love it, hmm?"

Flaky did not have to respond with words to answer his question. Without questioning the thought that this was Evil, she brought her lips up to meet his, and gave a tight passionate kiss. Evil, only slightly shocked by the fast maneuver, smiled widely in his mind as he grasped her tighter, bringing her body to rub against his. Flaky tighten her grip onto him at the same time, wanting to feel the tight muscles across his backside.

The two brought their eyes to a close and picked up their pace with their kisses, getting faster and firmer with each one. They caressed each other's bodies slowly, exploring each other with excitement and arousal. Flaky's delicate hands moving across Evil's skin made him purr with delight, her soft palms giving a soothing sensation the tight muscles and nerves on his body. With Evil's more strong and firm hands massaging and caressing her shoulders and sides, Flaky sighed between each kiss as his hands moved across her, enjoying the tight grips he made onto her.

As they held each other tightly, their bodies practically melded together, the warmth between them began to rise, along with their breaths picking up pace and their hearts pumping blood faster. With such a close distance between them, Flaky could feel the rising tent from Evil's tight BDU pants, which was gently throbbing at her lower area. She thought only erotic dreams of what his member could be like, even though it was still Flippy's body.

For Evil, the feeling of his member rising was noticeable, and was starting to crave the thought of going straight for her entrance now. But, even with his fast acting mind, he was forced to take the slower approach. Though it did not mean he wasn't going to enjoy it either way.

As their kisses got faster and messier, now using their tongues to combine the saliva within their mouths for a truly messy but arousing kiss, Evil could not just sense his own heat rising in his nether regions, but Flaky's as well. His mind smiled devilishly, forming up a plan to surprise the gentle woman he was enjoying so much of.

Leaving his left hand to hold her tightly to his body, he slithered his right hand down the curvy side of Flaky, going at a snail's pace to give a pleasuring tease to her. His hand reached the bottom of her dress, and he snaked his way upward underneath it. Flaky jumped a little the moment she felt Evil's strong hand touch her abdomen, feeling his hand rubbing her lower chest in a circular motion. She moaned softly between a brief kiss, getting more aroused as his hand got closer to her sacred area.

With his hands just above her panty lines, he gave a slight tap on the outside of the obstruction, making her jump even more as he touched the sensitive area. Evil could already tell it was opening up and wet with her emitting fluids, making him even hungrier just to dive in. But he told his dark mind to resist the temptation, and to always take it slow.

Now ready to give her a surprise jump of pleasure, Evil slid from the top of her underwear with four of his tough fingers, his thumb laying just outside the area. He could feel his fingers reaching her flower as he could feel the rising heat, until he finally hit the one spot his mind was set on.


The second his fingers hit her wet flower, Flaky broke from a kiss and let out a loud moan of pleasure, ecstasy flowing through her body just from a simple touch. Evil smiled as she arched her head back from his sudden touch to her womanhood. "I can see someone is already excited to play with their present." He chuckled as he readied his entered hand. "Well, let's get you a little more roused up."

Flaky made a tiny smile at his dirty remark before she reverted back to her sighs and moans of pleasure when Evil's hands began to caress her delicate and wet flower. Evil moved slowly with his hand, rubbing back and forth as well in circular motions to open up her entrance. Her constant moans gave an easy access to steal a kiss, silencing her with the use of his tongue, which only made her more aroused to have.

He picked up his momentum, rubbing faster which proved only to make Flaky tremble with pleasure, starting to lose her balance as she felt the erotic high in her mind. To please her more, Evil brought his hands to her quills, tugging them gently as areas she enjoyed being pulled. He stole another kiss during one of her moans, and was enjoying seeing her be pleased by the picked up pace in intimacy.

Evil leaned in closer as he as Flaky tried to speak softly. "What is it that you want?"

"P-p-please d-don't… s-stop"

Evil shook his head as he slowed down his movement in her nether regions. "Now why would I stop when I could do something better?"

Flaky opened her eyes and saw through her dizzy vision to see Evil bring his hand from her womanhood. He looked at his fingers, slightly wet from her small amount of emitted fluids, and licked his fingers one by one. "You know, getting you roused up for your gift is getting my quite hungry." Flaky looked confused as she tried to regain the strength in her legs from the erotic high, but was prevented to do so as Evil sat her down on the bed behind them.

Her eyes started to widen, getting back into her normal state as she observed Evil drop to his knees before her, staring only at her legs with envy. He brought his hands up to her thighs, and caressed them gently as he made a dirty smile.

Flaky smiled shyly as she observed his trailing motion from her thighs down to her legs, rubbing the slender frame with pleasure. He then looked between the tight gap between her legs, getting only a faded glimpse of her lingerie as her dress and legs kept it covered.

Evil brought his emerald eyes up to hers and raised his right eyebrow. "That delicate flower of yours isn't getting enough sunlight to bloom" He crawled up Flaky's body, sliding his hands up to her thighs and bringing his face to her lips. "Why don't I give it some special attention now?"

Flaky's face turned red once more, aroused by Evil's dirty action, even though she highly expected him to do so. She looked away shyly for a bit, somehow a little embarrass despite this being Flippy in a different form, then came back with a brief firm kiss to his lips, giving a clear answer to Evil.

Evil smiled widely out her as he licked his lips, his mind filled with erotic thoughts of what he was craving to do. He brought his body back down to her knees, and caressed her legs gently one more time. He looked up with a serious expression. "Spread them."

Not questioning his demand, Flaky did the honor of spreading her legs open, giving Evil a clear view of her covered womanhood. Flaky blushed a little as Evil stared anxiously, eager to remove the obstruction to get to his intended goal. With a slow shake of his head and a dirty grin on his face, he slowly brought himself forward to her nether regions. To assist him, Flaky grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it upward, giving him clear visibility and room to access her entrance.

Evil sat directly in front of her covered regions, looking through the wet aroused stain of her panty as he sniffed in the heat and aroma emitting from Flaky, making him even hungrier. Too eager to sit and mess around, he tugged at the straps of the panty to get a good grip, and slowly made his attempt to remove it. Flaky was kind to assist Evil by raising her legs to allow the obstruction to slide clean off, and held it gently in his hands. Aroused by the scent, he brought her lingerie to his nose to have a quick sniff, making Flaky's face turn red and giggle at Evil's dirty curiosity.

He would soon toss the underwear aside to bring his eyes on his goal: the open wet flower of Flaky's. He smiled devilishly as his eyes kept focus on her womanhood, perfectly open for his taking. He slowly crawled towards her lower area, bringing his face closer to her flower every other second.

Flaky trembled with anticipation of Evil to make his dive, and moaned softly as she could feel his warm breath blowing against her. She took a few deep breaths as she saw Evil's face practically only a centimeter away from her, and bit her lip for the incoming blast of ecstasy the moment he reached her.

Evil licked his lips one more time and teased Flaky by starting on the outside of the lips of her womanhood, giving it a soft lick and using his warm breath to make her body tremble. Seeing her now completely open and wet, and knowing she is prepared for him, and brought his arms under her thighs to grip tightly, and lunged forward with his lips to meet her flower.

Flaky gave a loud moan and bit her lip the moment she felt Evil's tongue entering the walls of her womanhood. His rough tongue moved quickly, a little faster than how Flippy made his move, yet it felt just as amazing. She tried to sit up for as long as she could, gripping the edges of the bed with enough force to cause scratches to the wood, but lost all her strength due to the erotic high in her mind, falling back onto the bed as she helplessly moaned with her motion of his tongue.

Evil was enjoying the sound of her aroused moans picking up in pace and volume, and the feeling of her body trembling more violently meant he was heading down the right path. To make it more fun for him, he tighten his grip onto Flaky's thighs, bringing them closer to each other. He could sense her walls tensing up with stored energy the deeper his tongue reached, and purred softly to vibrate her flower, causing her to shake more.

Flaky was in a complete daze, her mind unable to make any decisions except be in the hands of Evil and his work. Her eyes were kept shut as she had no strength to open them. Flaky could not tell if the high was getting to her, but her mind was telling her that Evil was somewhat… better at this. It didn't matter if it was or not, all she wanted was to reach that state of bliss, and she herself could tell she was going to reach it soon.

As Evil sped up his pace, he could feel Flaky placing her hands behind his head, giving him the hint to go as deep and as fast as he could, which he was happy to oblige. He brought his face in deeper, his tongue now hitting the most sensitive area inside her, making her arch her body upward briefly as it gave a strong shock of pleasure though her. It was just enough to help her reach heavenly bliss.

Flaky gripped the bed tightly with her left hand on the sheets, and kept her right hand behind Evil's head. She bit her bottom lip hard, her moans reaching louder volumes, and her walls getting tighter and tighter as she felt his tongue move inside her. Flaky would soon reach a point that the tension was too much, and was ready to release all of the built-up energy.

"E-E-Evil, I-I'm g-going t-t-to- AH!"

Flaky arched her entire body back, letting out a loud moan of bliss as she clawed the back of Evil's head, bringing his face forward as all the built-up energy that was stored in her came out. Her body dropped on the bed hard after her climax finally finished, and her mind was sent into total state of nirvana as the large amount of strength she used was spent.

She breathed at a heavy and fast pace, and slowly opened her eyes to look through her near blinded vision to see Evil still busy cleaning up the succulent juices that came from her. She giggled silently as she stared at Evil, now bringing himself up after cleaning up the wet mess from her flower.

Evil licked his lips as he made a suggestive bite. "Hmm, now that right there was delicious." He crawled up her body to meet her face, still lying down on the bed as Flaky was too weak to bother getting up. Evil brought his face all the way down to meet Flaky's lips, giving a dirty kiss to share the juices he saved. Flaky was starting to enjoy the taste, still thinking it was weird but still aroused her overall.

Evil brought his face back up and gave his dirty smile to her. Both their breaths were going at a heavy pace, and yet Flaky has only been playing with half of her gift, and was starting to want that other half. As Evil kept his eyes on her, Flaky trailed her eyes downward to see the large tent in his pants, which Flaky dawned a dirty smile as she was silently begging for her other gift.

Laying briefly for a bit to think, she thought of a way to start getting the second half. "E-Evil?" Evil brought himself closer to her soft voice, perking his ears up to listen. "I-I'm… a little hungry as well."

Evil's mouth dropped at Flaky's dirty silent demand, and could only make his face turn red as he nodded slowly. "Well, sweetheart, it just so happens that I have a warm piece of meat just in store for you. Let me-"

Evil was silenced as Flaky suddenly mustered a burst of energy, grabbing onto Evil, and pulling him down to the side of the bed next to her. Evil shook his head at the sudden action as he watched Flaky stand up to her two feet and stood in front of him in a suggestive stance, her right hand laying against her hip.

Evil grinned at Flaky's fast actions to switch places and shook his head as he chuckled. Evil moved his body up to the frontend of the bed until his feet hanged off the side. He sat up straight, leaning his body back as he kept his arms and hands behind him on the bed. As he sat on the bed, he watched with envy as Flaky slowly brought her dress to slide off, revealing only her bra as the piece of remaining clothing.

Making Evil disappointed to not receive the pleasure of taking it off, Flaky proceeded anyway to remove her bra, easily removing the obstruction to give Evil a clear view of her two perfect cups that would fit perfectly in his tough hands. To satisfy his craving somewhat, Evil was suddenly planted with Flaky's bra, landing on his face, which he quickly grabbed eagerly.

As he took a whiff of her bra, he was too distracted to know that Flaky had begun to unbuckle his belt and slide it out in a matter of seconds. He dropped the bra and watched Flaky tug at the sides of his thick pants, silently gesturing Evil to help remove it. Willing to do anything for her, he lifted his legs to help remove the obstruction, leaving him only in his boxers.

Flaky turned around to actually see Evil blush at the sight of the large tent in his boxers. Flaky's mind was filled with curious and erotic thoughts, knowing exactly what lied beneath and what she wanted to do with it. Tired of just staying in thought, she brought her hands to his boxers and swiftly removed them, dropping them down just below his knees.

What she was met with made her stare in shock. Something did not seem right here. Was Evil, who lived in the same body as Flippy… bigger?! She moved her eyes up and down his throbbing member, locked in daze as she kept the thought.

Evil laughed silently, knowing exactly what she was thinking, and only wished that Flippy was there to see how she was reacting around him. He brought his right hand to her cheek, grabbing her attention and breaking her away from the trance. "Look, baby, you-"

Flaky silenced Evil once more by directly going for his two hanging members below his manhood, and gave a smooth and wet lick from the base and up the entirety of his throbbing member. Evil made a moan of pleasure, feeling her wet tongue rub against him. He closed his eyes briefly and trembles as she licked the tip of his manhood, getting it completely wet with her saliva.

He opened his eyes for a second, which gave him enough time to see Flaky bring her entire mouth to wrap around his member, and brought herself down him slowly, letting the walls of her mouth and her tongue to rub and pleasure his member. Evil let out a loud moan of pleasure, his legs trembling as he brought his eyes to a close, and could feel the wet walls of her mouth sliding up and down him.

Flaky did not hesitate as she did before. Knowing exactly what to do, she already kept her right hand at the base to cover remaining space, and used her usual rhythm for the act. It was starting to become easier and more pleasurable on her part, pleasing Evil in such a way. She knew her rhythm was doing the trick as she heard Evil's moan come out in faster intervals, and his legs trembling more violently.

Evil was surprised to see Flaky so good at this, though she did have experience with Flippy many times beforehand. Despite that, Evil was enjoying every motion of her mouth going up and down his member, and only wanted more of it to be covered. His dirty thought kicking in, he brought his right hand out to the back of her head and pushed down slightly, making her go deeper down his member.

Bringing more of his member into her mouth proved slightly difficult for Flaky, as she was reaching a point she could not continue. Thankfully, Evil knew not to push her completely and stopped before it was too much. As she tried out the new distance, Evil moaned even louder, feeling more of her member being given special treatment.

Perhaps too much treatment at that as Evil could sense his own climax beginning to build up. He was angered at himself knowing it was coming out so soon, and was forced to stop earlier than intended. Knowing now was the time to change, Evil snapped back into reality and brought Flaky's head away from his manhood. He took a few deep breaths, still breaking off the erotic bliss he was stuck in.

"Okay, baby girl, that's enough of that." Evil stood up with his throbbing member still erect, and gestured his hand to the bed. "Now, lie down for me, princess."

Flaky was brought to her feet with the assistance of Evil, and was beginning to move towards the bed. But before she moved even a step in that direction, a dirty and dangerous thought went into her head. It was perhaps just an act wishing for suicide, but she built this unknown courage to do it.

She stood up straight, stared straight into Evil's handsome emerald eyes, and spoke with a strict tone. "No…"

Evil's dirty smile dropped to confusion, with a hint of anger in his voice. "What? What did you say to me?!"

Flaky smiled, somewhat enjoying hearing Evil's angry attitude for this moment. "No, I won't lie down." To the complete shock for Evil, and something even Flaky could not believe she would ever do, Flaky pushed Evil back down onto the bed, causing him to look at her dumbfounded and in rage. "You lie down."

Evil brought out his signature dark grin, and his state of mind was infuriated. "Are you seriously telling me what to fucking-"

Flaky bent over and covered his lips with her right index finger. She shook her head as she made a dirty grin. "That's an order, solider. You're not going to win this battle with me."

Evil could not believe what he was seeing. Flaky, a shy and delicate little girl, was dominating the most feared monster in all of Happy Tree Town. And yet, all Evil could do was chuckle silently at the sight. Too much in the moment to fight it, Evil nodded his head with a grin and gave a small salute. "Well… ma'am yes ma'am!"

Evil, while initially displeased by Flaky's commanding attitude, happily follow her orders and crawled his body backwards until he reached the far end of the bed. He sat with his legs straight out, his wet member still throbbing as he watched Flaky slowly climb onto the bed on all fours and make her way up to him.

Flaky hovered her body over Evil, the two looked at each other with their own dirty grins, both surprisingly enjoying this moment greatly. Especially for Flaky, she was enjoying this sudden control and power over Evil, sensing this strength she did not know she had. As for Evil, despite being the one whom loves being in control, this independent Flaky was doing just fine.

The warm temperature between their bodies was burning up, the arousing adrenaline in them fueling them up to finish this moment. Evil brought his right hand behind Flaky's head to gently bring her down to his lips, this time giving only a slow passionate one. He brushed the back of her matted quills and tugged them gently, some of her flakes falling out. Evil chuckled at the sight. "You're such a dirty girl, and I love that about you!"

Flaky smiled as she shook her head. She was not done yet, and if they were going to finish this now, she was going to be the one in control. After sharing one more brief kiss, she dropped down and sat on her knees, sitting straight up to give Evil a tall view of her body from her nether regions sitting on his upper waist and to her beautiful red face.

Enjoying the view of her body he was craving so much of, he brought his hands out to her hips, gripping them tightly while gently caressing them. Loving his tough hands on her exposed body, she grabbed onto his hands and dragged them across her body, slowly bringing them to certain parts of her body that were sensitive to the touch, giving a clear idea where to aim for.

Evil did not have to be guided to bring his hands to meet her cups on her chest, which he stared in awe as his hands got the pleasure to feel them. Flaky closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure as Evil played with them carefully, making a firm grip onto them as he rubbed the small buds with his thumbs to become erect, which made him only want to have a taste

Both now tired of the constant caressing, they believed it was now time for the fun part of the second half of Flaky's gift. To start the fun, Flaky looked behind her to see Evil's manhood, which was begging just to enter her, something she was wanting to have for some time. She crawled on her knees to hover herself over his throbbing member, setting up the best angle to relax and bring her entrance to meet him.

Evil noticed Flaky's struggle and gave a helping hand by bringing his right hand to hold his moving member straight, giving Flaky the easy opportunity to bring herself down. She did not expect what to face this time around. She never tried this move before, and with Evil possibly being bigger, which she still could not explain how, it was impossible to know if this was going to feel good or be just as painful as before.

But it didn't matter what it was going to be as she was going to find out soon enough. The two taking a deep breath simultaneously, Flaky slowly brought her entrance down to meet his member, and carefully allowed it to enter the tight walls of her womanhood.

Evil gritted his teeth as his member slowly drove into her. "D-Damn, Flakes! Y-You're a tight one, aren't y-you?!" He moaned loudly as his member reached in deeper until he could feel Flaky's rear skin meet his trembling thighs.

Flaky couldn't help but moan with pleasure the moment his manhood touched the outside of her entrance, a sting of ecstasy and bliss flowing through her nerves. As his member got inside her and pushing through her walls, she arched her head back and closed her eyes as the pain was both unimaginable and pure bliss.

After accepting his entire member within her, she barely kept her eyes open to look beneath her. She slowly moved her hips in a circular motion, making sure she had a good and stable position on him. Her slowly wavy movements over his member made Evil cringe and sigh with pleasure, his big cadet getting the tight pleasure of being inside her.

Knowing she was perfectly stable, she looked down to meet Evil, surprised to see such a powerful monster to feel pain. He noticed her smile and felt embarrassed as his status of a cold-blooded killer who feels nothing, but he couldn't care too much about it; he was enjoying it.

The two stared at each other briefly before giving a silent nod, giving the signal it was time to act. To start off slow, Flaky brought her body down to meet his tough chest, and slowly caressed his sides as she gave a soft kiss. Evil sighed and moaned as Flaky moved up his body, leaving a slow trail a kisses up to his lips while her womanhood moved up his member.

They planted a firm and messy kiss one more time, and now felt it was ready to begin. Flaky brought herself to sit straight up back on her knees, balancing herself over Evil's manhood. To keep her steady, Evil brought his hands out to hold her hips tightly, giving her a stable position to move.

With one more deep breath, Flaky begun her work and brought herself, sliding her womanhood upward across his member. The two moan together at the tight pleasure that was sent to both of them. Evil's member moving within her tight walls was painful but pure bliss, while his member inside her only made Flaky beg for more of it.

After going up a short distance, Flaky brought herself down to lightly pound against Evil, their skin hitting each other softly. She proceeded a second time, then a third, to the point she now discovered the correct distance and a perfect rhythm to carry out.

With each pounding of their skin hitting each other, and every cycle of her womanhood going up and down his member, Evil gritted his teeth tighter and moaned louder, the pleasuring feeling perhaps too much but something he only enjoyed having more of. Flaky was pleased with this control over Evil, being the one to move and carry out the intimate act. His member inside her was total bliss, feeling him go deep inside her and touch that one spot that gave her a stimulation of nirvana through her.

After a short time of doing all the work, Flaky was beginning to feel dizzy and weak, the erotic high getting to her mind that was starting to make her unstable sitting up straight. After one more pound against her, she moan loudly and fell down to her hands, her face and chest hanging over Evil.

Seeing she was tired to carry the rest out, Evil politely took the remaining work, now starting to thrust at a brisk pace at her womanhood. Every thrust got deeper, every second passing caused him to move ever so faster. The moment was heating up and they could tell by the combined warmth of their matted fur and heartbeats pumping at fast levels.

Evil could barely see through the erotic high of Flaky's cups moving along with her, perfect in reach of his mouth. To surprise her during the act, Evil brought Flaky closer with his right hand behind her back to bring her chest up to him, giving the erected buds a wet suckle. Flaky moaned loudly with the mixture of his member thrusting into her and her nipples receiving special attention at the same time. She bit her bottom lip, feeling her second climax slowly building up.

Evil could tell that his own member was starting to tense up, his own climax starting to come out. As he thrust his member into her, Flaky attempted to speak between each break interval of his work. "E-E-Evil… f-faster, p-p-please?!"

Evil used his remaining strength to give a small grin. "Y-y-you d-don't h-have t-t-to t-tell me t-twice, b-baby!" That said, he picked up the pace of his thrust, his member practically reach the end of her womanhood and repeatedly hitting that special spot that was making her reach her climax faster.

It didn't take long after his change of pace thrusting that Evil could feel the tension inside of him ready to burst. His climax was ready to happen, and he could tell by Flaky's tightening wall around his member she was ready for hers as well. He gritted his teeth, breathing faster as his final thrusts were upon him.

Flaky couldn't bear holding back the stored energy that was in her. She was ready to let this intimate moment come to an end. She moaned loudly as her wall tighten around his member, and she brought her face to lay against his, her incoming climax and erotic high too much for her. "E-E-Evil, f-fill m-m-me- AH!"

Flaky screamed loudly as she finally let go of the stored tension and reached her second climax, the blissful feeling of releasing all the stored energy sending her into nirvana as her mind went blank from the erotic high.

With her loud pleasuring scream and her walls pressing against his member, it took Evil one more thrust to reach his own climax, making his arch his body back as he and let out a deep moan. The two held a tight positon as their climaxed met together, the sudden release of energy sending the two into a dizzy state of erotic bliss.

After a few seconds of digging into each other's skin, Flaky finally dropped completely onto Evil's body, her entire body too weak to even attempting to move. The breathed heavily as sweat ran down their bodies for the hard work the two just overcame. But it was worth it.

Flaky slid off to the left of Evil and laid against him, holding him tightly as she caressed his body. She brought her eyes to a close, begging to just finish the day with a long and quiet sleep.

Evil took a long deep breath as he smiled widely. He looked over to see an almost sleeping Flaky, and chuckled at the sight. "S-So, princess, you enjoyed your gift."

Flaky snuggled against Evil tightly, smiling as she gave a slow nod. She spoke softly as she lacked the energy to speak up. "Yes… yes I did…"

"Better than what that wimp could ever give you?"

Flaky did not respond with words, though she did keep the same smile on her face. Evil made a dark grin, knowing exactly how she would answer it.

They laid briefly for about a minute, completely silent as they cuddled next to each other on the bed. Evil took one more heavy breath and brought himself up, waking up Flaky. "You know, it would be fun to end the day in this comfy bed here, sweet cheeks, but I do believe we still have people in the house."

Flaky's eyes opened widely as she jumped out of the bed quickly, realizing it was her birthday celebration today. "Oh shit, that's right. Um…" She looked around, gathering up her clothes that were scatted across the room. She felt her body still soaking from the combined sweat, and her fur all matted from the intimate act. "D-Do you have a towel or something."

Evil smiled and gestured to the closet, where Flaky went instantly to pull out a dry towel to brush down her fur and remove the sweat. It wasn't truly effective, but she looked better than before. She quickly dawned back her lingerie and dress, brushing it off to straighten it out, along with her bent quills.

Evil sighed happily, still happy in the moment of what the two just did together. Flaky turned around to see Flippy still sitting down on the bed, looking as if he were in deep thought. "Aren't you going to get dressed and come out?"

Evil looked at her with a grin and a slow nod. "I will, baby doll. Just… let me bring back Flippy now for you. You two can carry out the rest of the day from here." Flaky nodded her head with a warm smile and proceeded to leave the room. "Oh, and Flaky," She turned around, staring back confused. Evil kept his smile and nodded his head once more. "Thank you. And happy birthday, girl."

Flaky smiled, and left the room to leave Evil alone in Flippy's room.

As Evil sat up straight on the bed, his face suddenly changed to a cocky look as he could sense someone was still inside the room. He turned around, and was not surprised to see an angered Flippy standing with his arms crossed. "Hey, Flippy! You enjoy the show?"

Flippy snorted with anger and came over to sit next to Evil. He stared at him with pure hatred in his eyes, then looked away towards the ground. He brought his arms to lay over his knees, and spoke with sadness in his voice. "You happy Evil… taking another great thing in life away from me."

Evil was confused by Flippy's question. "Take her? What do you mean take her?"

"I saw you ask her the question, that your 'gift' was better. I saw that smile of hers… she wants you then she does me, I could tell. And that's what you want, to have her wasn't it?'

Evil was shocked by Flippy's words. "What, that?! Man, I'm not doing this to take her away, I just wanted to spend some time with the girl. Wait… are you jealous because I'm better at you in bed, isn't it?"

Flippy refused to respond, which made Evil laugh briefly before going silent. "Man, that's a stupid thing to fight over. Flaky is all over you man, that girl loves the shit out of you. Hell, why do you think she stayed all these months with you? It was you she really loves, not this handsome guy right here."

Flippy still could not respond, and let out a depressing sigh. Evil did not laugh a second time. "Flippy, man, I love this girl as much as you do. We both think this girl is the world to us. She makes both of us not feel lonely in the world, that we are wanted. But what I know is she wants you more man. She may respect this guy, but it's you she falls over for."

Flippy turned his face over to Evil, staring expressionlessly. Evil stared back briefly before turning his head. "Besides… I don't think she's truly my type anyway. Too bossy."

Flippy's face dropped from depression to shock as Evil came back with a smile. "You know what, Flippy? I think I'll let you keep this one." He patted Flippy on the back as he kept his smile. "She's a good woman, Flippy. Don't fuck it up man. You earned her."

Flippy could not believe Evil. He was just handing Flaky over to him, just like that. She was all his, and Evil no longer intended to come back for her. Flaky was all Flippy's. Flippy felt sick for thinking what he was about to say, but decided to speak anyway. "Thanks, Evil… for not fucking up my life for once."

Evil stood up with his arms reached out, talking proudly. "Hey man, it's like this. I'm you, you're me. We're like brothers who have a terrible tendency to screw each other's lives up. But we have to come to terms once in a while, and you know what, this is something I'm glad I could give you." He picked up Flippy forcefully and gave a short nod. "Now, I'm still Evil. I'm still going to come out and be a total dick and kill everyone. But if you're ever around Flaky again and you need help being a real ladies man, you know who the look for." Evil gave a short wink as Flippy rolled his eyes.

With his last words, Evil brought Flippy towards him, warping him back into his original body. After a few seconds of trading spots, Flippy found himself back into his real body, now back in control. He walked towards the mirror in the room, and noticed that the emerald retinas and sharp teeth were absent. He was back.

Flippy quickly gathered up his clothes and cleaned himself back down to a regular state, looking as if nothing happened. Now wearing his attire correctly, he exited his bedroom to meet up with Flaky, still enjoying the party with enthusiasm.

As for Evil, he stood outside Flaky's home, and stared back with actual emotion. He let out a heavy sigh, and turned his body around as he kept his head on the house.

"Well… if you can't make yourself happy, at least you can make others happy."

Evil looked forward down the dark road, walked a few feet ahead of him, and disappeared into the void.

Author's Note: There you go everyone, a complete two-shot and my first attempt ever at a lemon. To be honest, despite whatever quality this is, it was actually fun to write. It was a unique challenge that I now overcome and perhaps something I may give a try in the future (depending if my first try was indeed good enough).

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the read as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please leave a review if you thought it met your taste, and thank you all for reading!