Rias's day off

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Rias opened her eyes in a rather groggy manner when she awoke from her restless slumber.

Currently she was alone on her wide and comfortable bed, which made her frown because her beloved pawn Shinji wasn't there with her.

"Today, I will relax with Shinji." She thought with determination.

Because of her recent endeavors of doing paperwork about customers, schoolwork and reading reports about possible Khaos Brigade sightings in her turf, she had to prepare accordingly and find out if the sightings were true along with her peerage and reporting back to her brother, she didn't have a lot of time to spend with Shinji and her dependancy on him had increased.

And to top it all off, Akeno and Asia were having fun with Shinji while she was busy with her duties and it irked the hell out of her, but today was a free day and she would spend it with Shinji.

Using the mental link to instruct the maids to put enough food for a day on a food cart and after that telling Shinji to bring it to her room.

And almost 10 minutes later Shinji entered the room with the cart and when the door closed, Rias sealed the room with mandalas.

"Rias, what are you doing?" Shinji asked when he noticed that he was boxed in.

"Shinji, today we will spend the entire day together in this room and relax." Rias answered with a smile, her relaxation plan already formulated.

After thinking about her demand and recalling that she had been rather busy for a past few weeks, so he understood why she wanted some time to relax with him.

"Alright then Rias-chan, what would you like to do?" Shinji asked in a manner which made Rias notice that he understood her demand.

"First, we will sleep some more. My sleep was rather restless because you weren't here." She answered, patting the space next to her. She hadn't even gotten out of the bed yet.

As Shinji undressed to join her, Rias eyed his body which had gotten a bit more muscular thanks to training.

Shinji slipped under the silk blanket and scooped close to Rias who wrapped her arms around him to pull him into a kiss.

After a brief kiss, she said: "Shinji, you have been neglecting your duties as my slave."

"How?" He asked in surprise.

"You should have been here to comfort your master when she is stressed and busy." She answered.

"I thought you wanted to be left alone when you're busy." Shinji countered, knowing that she was kidding so he was playing along.

"That was before I became dependant on you. I can't sleep as pleasantly without you anymore." She stated.

"Well then master, let me help you relax." He answered and kissed her, while stroking her hair.

Rias broke the kiss when she felt a yawn coming. "Huaaaaah! Turn around Shinji." She ordered and after he did so, she started to hug his body against hers. It didn't take long before they both fell asleep.

When Rias awoke first, Shinji was still in her embrace and they had slept for over 6 hours. Her belly demanded food and she woke up her lover.

"Wake up Shinji." She said right to his ear and he woke up.

"Did you sleep well now Rias?" He asked.

"Of course. With you in my arms, I always sleep well. But let's eat now." She said and pulled on her purple shorts and told Shinji to only put on his boxers.

When they started eating the food on the cart, it was still fresh thanks to some magic and Rias was sitting on Shinji's lap. To both of them, it was a new experince to eat while topless and Shinji didn't mind the situation of having Rias on his lap while topless.

After eating, Rias asked: "Are you enjoying yourself so far?"

"It has been quite enjoyable so far. Maybe I should try this with Akeno-chan." Shinji decided to tease her a bit.

"NOOOOO!" She screamed and pushed him down on the couch and covered his mouth. "You will not do this with Akeno! You absolutely won't! This is for you and me only!" She franctically ordered in jealousy.

Shinji managed to remove her hands from his mouth and said: "I was just teasing you Rias."

"MOU! You're supposed to comfort me and help me relax and not get me riled up with jealousy." Rias whined cutely.

"Your reactions are so cute." Shinji replied.

She smiled a bit and kissed him again.

"Let's take a hot bath." She said when she stopped the kiss.

They moved to the bathroom and waited for the tub to fill up.

"So Shinji, would you tell me about that client Kiba gave you on your birthday?" Rias asked while they waited for the tub to fill up.

"Her name in Kanzaki. And when I met her, she instantly said that I'm cute. And when I introduced myself and told her that Kiba send me, she said she wanted me to come over from now on and had me cook dinner for her and play some cards with her. Then she wanted to cuddle me while watching TV and she even gave me a lap pillow." Shinji answered, knowing that Rias would be irked.

"You do realize that there is a limit to services we provide?" Rias asked in an upset tone.

"Yes, and I didn't cross the line." Shinji countered.

"MOU! You're supposed to do those things to only me!" She whined again.

"You're being selfish again Rias-chan." Shinji said.

"I'm a devil so that's a given. I don't like sharing things and people that I'm fond of." She whined jealously.

"I know, but it can't be helped. But I won't leave you Rias and I love you." He assured and kissed her to calm her down.

"MOU! I can't just let my guard down when it concerns you because someone is always trying to steal you from me." She stated after the kiss.

Shinji was quite amused by his selfish master because she would have preferred that he paid attention only to her. The tub was almost filled so they entered and Rias took her place in his lap.

Shinji wrapped his arms around her belly when she leaned against his chest. As he started to caress her flat belly, she started giggling.

"That tickles Shinji." She said while holding back her laughter.

"But you like it when I do this." Shinji said.

"Ghihihihi." She giggled through gritted teeth.

Shinji stopped tickling her and she took deep breaths to calm down.

Rias coiled her legs with his and asked: "Shinji, are you having fun with your master?"

"Of course. I always have fun with you Rias." He assured and kissed her forehead.

She decided to turn around and started kissing him softly. She knew that he prefered soft kissing with tongues and she didn't mind taking time to enjoy the pleasure.

They both moaned into each others mouth, enjoying the intimate moment without interruptions.

Rias pulled back to breath, a thread of salive hanging from their mouths.

"Shinji, do you have any idea how happy I am that you are in my peerage." Rias asked.

"You did say that I make you the happiest because I am such a rare man in your opinion and I saved you from getting married to Riser and helped you in many occasions." Shinji answered.

"Yes, but when I think that one day you will be a high-class devil and start your own peerage and life away from me, I get sad because I don't get to see you everyday like now." She answered with her looking sorrowful.

"That day is still far away Rias. Don't look that far ahead and enjoy the time we now that I'm not a high-class devil." Shinji said.

Rias smiled her small smile and kissed him again, pushing her breasts against his chest again. Shinji couldn't hold out anymore and his manhood got hard, which didn't go unnoticed by Rias.

She wrapped her hand around his hard cock. "Fufu Shinji. You got horny when I touched you with my body."

"Your body feels amazing Rias. Anyone would get hard when you touch them like that." Shinji said, enjoying how Rias stroked him.

Without a warning, Rias moved herself over his raging manhood and took it inside her. Both of them let out a loud moan from the pleasure.

"Shinji, make love to me again." She huskily ordered.

However, Rias started to move first up and down in a slow steady rhythm with him holding on to her ass to help her move.

2 hours later they came out of the bathroom, fully cleaned up and satisfied.

"Thank you Shinji for satisfying me so thoroughly." Rias thanked him.

"It was my pleasure." He replied.

"I'm sure it was." She said with an amused smirk.

They moved to the couches where Rias set up a chess game. During washing up, Rias asked Shinji to play chess with her and he agreed, though he said he couldn't provide a challenge because he hadn't played very much.

Hour and half later.

"Checkmate." Rias said as she moved her rook and trapped his king piece.

Shinji sighted. He managed to remove almost half of Rias's pieces but she still effortlessly defeated him.

"Cheer up Shinji, nobody starts as a master. It took me 3 years before I finally defeated father in this." Rias said.

"Three years?" Shinji asked in surprise.

"Yes. All the heads of the families hold chess tournament annually for championship and father has won 84 times. Not in a row though." Rias said.

"And your father has been the head of the family for 400 years now?" Shinji asked.

"Well, that's what he said. Nobody ever tells me the exact number. Father ordered everyone, including mother to keep the exact number as a secret just to tease me." She said with a red face.

"Your father teases you by keeping that information as a secret? And your curiosity is killing you?" Shinji asked.

"YES! I can't stand it that they keep that info from me." Rias whined cutely yet again.

"Maybe he will tell you one day or when he retires." Shinji guessed.

"That's what I'm hoping as well. It's like a thorn in my side." She stated.

They decided to eat the rest of the food on the cart which was still fresh and when they finished, Rias moved over to the bed and had Shinji join her.

"I'm going to place a spell on us that will let us sleep until tomorrow morning and let us see a dream together." Rias said when they were on the bed and in each others arms.

"What kind of dream will we have?" Shinji asked.

"You will see and remember it." Rias said and cast the spell. They both fell asleep and woke up in the morning like Rias had said.

Authorn Note: I decided to make an alternative version of the previous chapter where Rias and Shinji weren't interrupted by Sirzech. As for the dream what Rias made, I'll just leave it for your imaginations. Hopefully you had a good Christmas and may the next year be fortunate for those of you who could use some good luck.