Today was the first day of school. I was officially a third grader. I was starting to shake off the baby reputation and make my way higher on the coolness level. I was up pretty early anyway, I was downstairs eating a bowl of Cheerios with Gavin. He was going into Senior year and was entirely flaked about it. He didn't do too well in the SATs but didn't seemed to bothered in boosting his GPA.

Then I watched cartoons. Probably Scooby doo that was my favourite as a kid. Jason woke up an hour after me at 7, school was only 15 minutes down the road so mom made us walk. It started at 8:30 every morning and I showed up at exactly 8:30. Most kids came a half hour early to be safe but I never saw the point in that. Mom had laid out my outfit for me which was usual for 8 year old me.

It was a simple red dress that she had paired with a black belt and a pair of black slip on's. It wasn't until middle school that I started to experiment with my style. Then mom plaited my hair before Jason and I left for school because she is under the impression that if I wear my hair down I'll get heat stroke.

"Jade it's 8:15." Jason told me as he threw my backpack at me. I caught it but it had still hit me pretty hard in the stomach. I sighed and turned off the TV and followed Jason out the door. Mom kissed us both goodbye and wished us a good day at school. I saw Beck looking a bit lost as he walked towards the school.

"Beck, wait up!" I called as I chased after him. He looked behind me surprised.

"Oh, hey. I thought you'd be at school already since it's nearly starting." He told me. I shock my head.

"I try to spend as little time as possible in that building." I told Beck. I heard him giggle a little.

"So you don't like school?" He asked me. I shrugged.

"I guess, some people are okay, it's the teachers that I can't stand." I told him.

"You hate a lot of things." He noted.


Beck seemed lost for words. "So do you have many friends?" He asked curiously. I nodded. "Are they all girls? Cause my dad says that I need to make some guy friends."

I rolled my eyes, Beck's dad didn't like that he out with me instead of Jason. "Yeah, Robbie and André are dudes. Well André is." I told him.

"Are they cool?" He asked.

"It depends what you think cool is, they're cooler than Jason."

"Quit it, Jade!" Jason barked from behind us.

"Quit eavesdropping you booger." I snapped at him.

He scoffed and folded his arms over.

"I'm a bit nervous to be starting." He confessed.

"Quit being a pussy, Oliver." He told him as I shoved him to the side.

He laughed and shoved me back. "Watch it, West." He retorted.

"Your flirting is making me sick!" Jason yelled from behind us. I turned around and kicked him in the stomach. He doubled over in pain.

"C'mon Beck, the prison is around the corner." I informed him as I grabbed his hand and pulled him away from were Jason was crying.

"That looked sore." Beck commented looking back at Jason. I rolled my eyes.

"He'll be fine, he's got thick skin." I told Beck.

"Jadey!" I heard a high pitched voice wail. It was Cat. Cat's my best friend. We met in a summer dance group before first grade so we went in as bestfriends. The pair of us were as thick as thieves when we were together. We used to come up with weird elaborate plans to get Cat's parents back together since Cat hated her step dad. They all failed since we were 6 and hadn't a clue how romance worked.

She latched on to me with a firmed grip and swung her legs up around my back. "Who's he?" She asked in a whisper. Her head was just above mine and she was choking me as she tried to cling around my neck.

"My neighbor, Beck. He's new." I told her as I tried to pull her arms off of my neck but she had a strong grip.

"He's cute." She whispered again but Beck heard and blushed awkwardly.

"Get off!" I yelled giving up on forcing her off myself.

She obliged and smiled at Beck. "I'm Cat" She introduced with a bright smile.

"Cat?" Beck asked confused. I covered my face awaiting for Cat's response.

"Yeah, its a name. Why does everyone have to question it? Beck isn't even that cool a name either but I don't go off sagging your name do I?" She asked angrily.

"What, no? I like your name, it's just I've never heard of anyone called Cat before." Beck said trying to calm the girls anger.

"I like it too, it's short for Caterina." She informed him with a bright smile. Beck let out a sigh once she stopped yelling at him. I smirked a little at Beck's panicked expression.

"Cat's my best friend." I told Beck. Cat smiled happily at that statement. Then we heard the bell ring. Cat quickly ran into the school building. I scoffed and Beck gave a small giggle.

"She's em, she's very..." Beck wasn't able to think of what to say.

"She's certifiably insane." I said putting the words into his mouth.

"I wouldn't say that, maybe quirky." He said.

I smiled. "Just you wait buddy."

Mr. Egan was the 3rd grade teacher. He was young, this was probably his first full time teaching job. He was very laid back and didn't seem to care what we did. We played all those ice breaker games even though everyone knew each other (bar Beck of course.) Instead of having regular desks he had random shaped tables with chairs surrounding the outside of it. He let us all sit where we wanted for the first day. I took beck down to the back of class to where Cat and Robbie were. They had grabbed a hexagon shaped table. André was quick to follow us.

"Who's the new guy?" He asked as he sat down.

"Hi, I'm Beck." He introduced.

"André, where you from new kid?" He asked as he settled into his seat.

"Montréal." Beck replied casually.

"Wait you're from Canada?" I asked in disgust. Beck nodded confused at my sudden outburst. I gagged and turned away from him. I heard him giggle and he and André began to strike up a conversation.

"Okay class, I'm Mr. Egan your third grade teacher and we are all going to have a great year this time round. So let's all go outside." He suggested. The class cheered and ran towards the door.

"This sort of stuff never happened in my old school." Beck told us as we all made our way outside.

"Well, welcome to Hollywood Beck." André said and gave him a slap on the back.