( this takes place after they defeated Chen)

(Kai's POV)

I sat in the small room of the rental house we got. There were 6 bedrooms, and a kitchen. Each bedroom had its own bathroom, as well as the kitchen. The kitchen had a small, round table, white walls, and a wooden floor.

Me, Cole, Lloyd, and Zane sat at the small wooden table, eating dinner. Two of the chairs were unoccupied. Jay was out getting weapons, and Nya was in her room. We continued to eat the chicken and rice Zane had made us.

After a few minutes, we finished. Cole and Lloyd said goodnight and went to their rooms. I was about to do the same when I heard the door open. Jay walked in carrying two bags.

He looked tired, his auburn hair ruffled. I also noticed his new clothes. Instead of his blue ninja GI, he now wore jeans, black boots, and a black leather jacket. I frowned and looked at his face.

It was pale, expressionless. I got a shock when I saw his eyes.

Instead of their bright, spirited green, they now were a empty black. Soulless.

He deposited the first bag onto the table, then turned around and left without saying anything. I felt so confused, for many reasons. But before he had left, I had spotted the tip of a black mark peaking over his collar.


What was it?

(Kai's POV)

Over the next 3 days, Jay didn't come out of his room once. It worried us. So, we hatched a plan for Zane to go in there to see what was going on. We had also made him attach a micro chip to his wrist, so we could hear them. We needed to know exactly what was going on with Jay.


(No POV)

Zane had walked into the bathroom where Jay was, while we waited in Jay's room. It was all blue, with dark blue dyed wooden floors, and painted blue walls and ceiling. There was a bed with black covering and white pillows for Jay to sleep in.

But it was untouched. On the right wall was a oak bookshelf with dozens of books on mechanics and inventing. Next to the shelf was a white door to the bathroom. But something had disturbed the ninja greatly.

On one of the walls was the words 'IM ALREADY DEAD INSIDE' and on the ceiling 'SELF HARM IS A SILENT ADDICTION', both were written in blood. The ninja were on the floor, listening to the conversation. It wasn't going well.

(Zane's POV)

Zane walked into the bathroom. The floors were teal tile, while the walls were white tile. There was a shower, sink, and toilet. Jay was in the tub, curled up. I nervously approached Jay. Just then, I noticed the floor was littered with pills, and pill cases.


A second later, Jay was there, standing in front of me. I stumbled back into the wall. He stared fearfully at Jay. Jay was wearing torn jeans, and a dark blue t shirt. His pale arms were cut, scarred. I forced my eyes to look at his face.

His face was pale, his lips blue. And his eyes...the bright green was now ruby red. His black pupils had turned to catlike slits. He had a crazed expression.

Slowly, he approached me. I took a deep breath. I had to save him.

"There was no one to tell

And nowhere to hide

So I kept to myself

While a part of me died."

My glowing blue eyes widened. This was not Jay. I shook my head in disbelief. Jay spoke again.

"Every thought is a battle

Every breath is a war

And I don't think

I'm winning anymore."

I didn't know what to do. But he was speaking in rhymes, it was hard to understand him.

"Jay, what happened? What's wrong? Are you ok?"

I ask him, hoping to try and reach my brother. Wrong thing to say. He glares at me and snarls.

"Don't ask if I'm ok

Don't ask if I'm alright

Because the only thing

That would

bring me joy

Is to find myself dead tonight."

I almost choke. What was wrong with him? Still, I had to try.


I never get to finish. He lunges at me, and slams me into the edge of the tub. I cry out. My vision glitches for a second, and I hear a click.

He locked the door.

I look up. Jay is kneeling next to the closed lid of the toilet, pills in front of him. He glances at me and smiles insanely, revealing sharp teeth. He looks back at the pills.

"In front of me are ten pills, pretty little pills.

I'll take one because you lied to me..."

He picked one up and put it in his mouth.

"I'll take another for all the family trouble..."

He put another in his mouth.

"Ill take two more for the scars on me..."

He swallowed two of the small pills.

"I'll take another because I hate myself..."

Jay ate yet another one, and I started to panic. He had just had 5 pills. Who knows what they could do to him?

"I'll take another for all the rumors..."

He continued. I struggled to get up, and a warning sign flashed in front of my eyes. I gritted my teeth. I had to wait.

"I'll take one for all the nights I've cried..."

I blink as he takes another. All the nights he's cried? I never...we never knew he did...I look at him. He's shaking slightly.

"Now, I'm shaking, I'll take one more because I need to calm down..."

I want to scream at him to stop as he swallows yet another pill. But I only manage a gasp. He's taken most of the pills. He needs to stop!

"One left...am I beautiful now? Does this make me perfect?..."

Jay shoves the last one down. I gulp.

"I'm done. I'm perfect now..."

He looks at me. He's visibly shaking as he starts to get up.

"He paints a pretty picture,

But the story has a twist,

His paint brush is a razor

And his caravans is his wrist,

He paints his pretty picture

In a colour that's blood red

While using his sharp paint brush

He ends up finally dead

His pretty pictures fading

Quite slowly on his arm

The blood is not racing through him

He can no longer do harm

He painted his pretty picture

But the story had a twist

His mind was a razor

And his heart was his wrist."

He stumbles towards a bottle lying on the floor and twists off the cap. Jay puts the bottle to his mouth and swallows its contents. As he does, shimmering amber liquid leaks out of the sides of his mouth, falling to the floor.

He tosses it aside and looks back to me.

"Can you feel it?

The dead weight of

Your legs from the

Sleeping pills, the

Dizziness from the

Alcohol, the soft

Throbbing of your

Pulse as blood is

Pumped out your wrist?

That's it.

That's what we've

Been waiting for,

that's the quiet comfort.

The beauty of dying."

Jay whispers and slowly walks towards me, who is still in shock.

"Are you ok...?"

I say, and immediately regret it the moment the words leave my mouth. Jay's mouth twists into a sneer.

"No, I'm not ok. I'm destroyed, I'm broken, I'm a mess, I'm missing the most

Important pieces, I will never be whole, I will never be okay."

Jay grabs me be the collar and hauls me up. He slams me against the wall and I cry out.

"Just let the flame kiss my skin,

Let the razor glide across my wrist,

Let the pills take control of me,

Let the shotgun pass through my head,

Let me gasp for air when it's not there,

I want the pain.

I want my life gone.

I want to die.

Why cant you just let me die?"

Jay says, face to face with me. I look sadly at him.

"Because we care about you, Jay Walker. We're your brothers. We wont let you die."

I'm trying to save him now, I'm trying to help him. His eyes immediately blaze with rage. He slams me against the sink and I yell in pain.

"Shut the f*ck up you lying bitch!"

Jay screams at me, and I feel a spark of annoyance. I glare back at him.

"You call me a bitch? Well, a bitch is a dog, dogs bark, bark is on trees, trees are part of nature, and nature is beautiful. So, yea, thanks for the complaint."

I remark, then regret it. He grabs my neck, and hauls me up so that we're face to face. Then, he whispers in my ear.

"Darkness cannot be

beaten. Evil cannot be

stopped. You of all

people should

know this. It always

lives in the hearts

of people like you."

Those words hit me hard, and I gasp. I shake my head.

"Your wrong, Jay."

I protest softly. He just grins at me insanely and pulls out a black flash drive with a red strip. My eyes widen in fear and recognition. No...

Jay holds it up and tilts his head sideways.

"Cut, burn, pull, scratch

Break some glass then

strike a match. Pop the

pills then take a drink.

Watch your blood run down

the sink. Gone are the

voices inside your head, and

now your close to being


He jams the flash drive into my neck, and the last thing I see is my brothers face. He is gone...