This story begins before they first went up to the surface.

Mikey will be a little different than normal because she's a girl. She also looks up to her brothers more. Her brother are also going to very protective.

This all started that day. We were training of course. I was sparring with Leo while Donny was fighting Raph.

Leo ran at me, one sword held to his left. He was holding back and that annoyed me to no end. If he was really serious about our fight, both swords would be out.

I twirled my nunchucks around and charged at him, dodging left when he swung his sword.

"Ah yeah, Mikey's on the move " I snickered. I keep up a steady stream of taunt, directing all of them toward my older brother.

I jumped over Leo next attack and laughed at him " Ha, you don't know what to do. How can you beat what you can't even see"

His eye's narrowed, annoyed at my bravo. I had to roll under his next attack, when he aim it at my head.

His next swing, was so fast that I barely had time to block it with my nunchucks chain. The strength he put into that swing left me struggling to stand. It was so strong that I almost stumbled backwards. I really started to panic when Leo forced me to my knee's.

In a battle of strength, There's no doubt in either of our minds that I was gonna lose. Now if it was a race, I would leave everyone in the dust but that doesn't help me now.

I was close to giving up when an idea came to me. I slide my chain up his sword, so fast that there was sparks, until I was inches from him, then I threw a punch into his gut, as hard as I could while also using my momentum to make my punch even stronger.

He grunted and instinctually stepped backwards as well as dropping his sword point so that it was towards the ground.

Without thinking, I planted my foot on Leo's stomach and kicked out causing Leo to stumble backwards a few more feet, the breath knocked out of him

I darted left and jump so I was above Leo, planning on attacking while his guard was down. He manage to raised his sword to try and block my attack. Halfway through my jump, while I was still in the air, I puled out the long chain that was connected to my nunchucks and threw it at Leo's sword. The chain wrapped around his sword and with one mighty tug, I had the sword out of his hand's. It clattered on the ground loudly.

( It the long chain that has the blade on the end. I have no idea if it called something, sue me for being to lazy to look it up)

I landed only inches from Leo and sweep his feet out from under him only seconds later.

He landed on his back with an oomph. I swung my Chuck's around(short for nunchucks) and . . . . froze. I couldn't do it. Leo looked so helpless that I stopped in my tracks. I couldn't attack my brother.

And my hesitation cost me. Big time.

With a swiftness that stunned me, Leo reached behind him for his second blade, the one he left sheathed, pulled it out and slammed the hilt into my stomach.

I gasped and fell on my butt. I could feel my lunch trying to come up for and encore.

"Good one Leo" I gasped. He nodded and waited for me to back on my feet for round two but I just shook my head "You win, I'm done" My arm's burn with exhaustion from his previous attack and I've got a huge bruise on my stomach and am still at war with my lunch. I don't think continuing to fight is the best move. Even if I beat Leo, I then have to fight whoever wins between Raph and Donny.

Leo looked shocked but nodded his consent.

I made my way over to the side of the room the me and my brother's call the loser section. If you lose a fight you sit here so your out of the way of whomever still fighting. Leo rarely ever ends up here. and Raph too, for that matter. This should be called the Donny and Mikey side.

As if to confirm that, Donny trudged over to sit on my left. The only fight left now is between Leo and Raph. Why was I not surprised.

Donny had several bruises on his head and on his shell. He rubbed his head and glared at Raph. I put a hand on his shoulder and gave him a sympathetic smile. He smiled back and rubbed my head.( like how people rub little kids hair) I turned back to Raph and Leo who were already trying to kill each other.

I watched their fight with fascination, for there moves were so fast and fluent that it was like they rehearse it before hand and even more surprising, consist of no trash talk. That's a first for Raph. I was kind of disappointed. Raph's temper is always fun to watch.

Leo used only one sword against Raph just like he did against me. I felt a little better when I saw that.

The fight lasted half of what mine and Leo's did. Probably because both of them were actually fighting at there all. I still couldn't shake the felling that Leo held back when he fought me. I wonder if Donny also felt like that.

Raph disarmed Leo and flipped him over onto his back. It was cool to watch. I need to learn that move.

'That's awesome. I'm going to be stronger than them someday' I nearly giggled at that thought. I saw Donny give me a weird look but I decided to ignore him.

"Yhmae " came a strong voice, breaking my train of thought . Sensei walked in and with that signaled the end to our training for the day.( Don't think I spelled that word right).

I stood up and marched to the center of the room to sit with my 3 brothers. We sat in a straight line oldest to youngest with me on the left. We sat Leo, Raph, Donny and them me. The only girl in the family. The horror, I know. You try living with 4 men who can kick your butt and see how you feel. I barely get any time in the bathroom.

"You all did very well " started Sensei

"But I did better" gloated Raph.

I tightened my grip on my chucks "Keep gloating and I'll -" but I realized I was talking over someone, two someone's actually.

"Raph, chill o-"

"Oh come on, don't -" They both broke off the same time I did. None of us got our full though out but Raph understood.

"I wasn't gloating, I was just wondering whether you noticed how much better I did than you"

We all howled with rage but managed to rain in our fury. I wonder how much trouble I'd be in if I smacked, just once, on the nose.

Sensei walked behind Raph "This is about self improvement, Raphael. Not about winning or losing "

" I know, Sensei. But I won and they lost"

Sensei grabbed a pressure point just above Raph's throat. Raph flinched away from Sensei but sensei grip was firm and very strong. "Aha ah aha " Raph groaned "But what's really important is that we all did our best, good job everyone"

Sensei didn't let go. If anything he grabbed on tighter. "Your all awesome and really strong " Sensei squeezed again "ah and I'm sorry for my gloating" I glanced at Raph again and was shocked to see real pain on his face. On instinct, to protect my brother, I jumped up and a grabbed Sensei arm.

"Stop Sensei. Leave Raph alone" Sensei was so shocked by my out burst that he let go of Raph. Raph breathed a sigh of relief and stared at me. Probably as shocked as Sensei.

I glanced at Leo and Donny, only to see identical mask of shock and surprise. Glad no ones angry.

I let go of Sensei and took a step back. "Sorry, I-"

"No, my child. You acted in defense of your brother. There is no need to be sorry. I apologies for upsetting you"

"Thank you" I mumbled. I turned to my brothers in hopes of breaking the tension that was almost tangible "Now wash up and get ready for dinner. It's in 30"

"I did not say you were dismiss"

"Oh . . . sorry Sensei"

"Ah well, You are all dismissed. Get ready for dinner."

"It's going to be the best dinner ever" I have a little surprise in store for my brothers.

"You always say that Mikey" scoffed Donny.

I just smiled at him in response. He would be eating his words in a half hour, literally.

The five of us left the training area, the other 4 talking happily. Leo and Sensei talking about training and Donny and Raph talking about some comic they both read. I was too busy thinking about dinner to join in.

"Hey Mikey, do you need help with dinner" someone asked, I was to distracted to really focus on who.


"Are you sure, I mean it's a lot-"


"No, your not sure or no -"


"Uh, Mikey are you feeling okay"

It took someone grabbing my arm and spinning me around to break me away from my train of thought.

"Mikey" I'm face to face with My oldest brother Leo "What's going on"

"What" I replied stupidly, still in the kitchen, mentally.

"Your acting really out of it" said Donny who was standing to the left of Leo, Raph was to Leo right, they completely cutting off any escape.

"I'm okay, just excited about dinner"

"What are we having"

"Algae and worm"

"We have that everyday" scoffed Raph

"Yeah but today will be different"


"Trust me " I laughed

They all sighed but nodded. They set off toward there rooms while I headed to the kitchen.

I started to get Dinner ready, but making Algae and worms is a task that only keeps my hands busy. My mind was free to wander. It wandered to what is hidden in the fridge. I had to beg Sensei for weeks to get him to get it for me. I hope it was worth it.

I had dinner ready earlier that I thought I would. Only 20 minutes later I had the table set and the food ready to be eaten

"Sensei, Leo, Donny, Raph Dinner"

My bro's approached my cooking cautiously as if they were expecting it to jump out and bite them.

"I didn't do anything to the Algae and Worms don't worry. " I laughed at Donny's relived expression and how Raph and Leo refused to look me in eye.

We all ate in a hurry, Leo told us that today he was going to ask Sensei if we could go to the surface. We were all so excited and scared at the same time. I ate so fast that it almost came back up. Donny had to pound me on the back several time before I could breath again.

"Okay, What is going on. Never have I've seen you all so . . . agitated "

The four of us glanced at Sensei, then at each other before putting down our chop sticks and looking at Leo.

"So Sensei now that we are all 15, I think that we are finally ready to go up to the surface "

"Aahh, that's what this is about, (Sigh) Yes"

We all cheered and I pumped my fist into the air.

"And no"

I banged my head on the table while my bro moaned in disappointment.' I hate when he does that'

"You have grown powerful but you lack the maturity too use your power wisely "

"So Sensei " inquired Donny "Isn't that just no "

"Yes . . . . . . and no. Wisdom comes from experience, and experience comes from making mistakes"

"Ah ha, so in order for us to gain the wisdom we have to make mistakes, so we can go" Said Donny triumphantly


"And Yes" continued Donny hopefully

"No " said Sensei forcefully


"Sensei we know you are trying to protect us but we can't spend our entire life hiding down here"

Sensei sighed and appeared to be in deep thought. I gave Sensei my best puppy dog look, silently begging him with my eyes. Sensei sighed again.

"Its not that your all not ready, its that one of you is not ready. I will not let any of you go until I am sure that all of you are ready"

"Sensei, what are you talking about "

Sensei glanced at me, then back at my brothers. I had a horrible feeling in my gut that told me I was the reason we weren't going to the surface.

"Sensei" I began quietly " I can do this" Raph and Donny glanced at my in surprised. Leo, on the other hand, jump right to my defense. He definitely saw Sensei glance at me.

"Yeah Sensei, Mikey almost beat me today when we sparred."

"What " yelled Raph. Everyone look so surprise that It was insulting. ' I'm not weak. You can't hit what you can't catch.'

"Yeah, if she hadn't hesitated she would have won and gone to face Raph"

"Phff, I would have won that fight easily" I was, again, tempted to sock Raph in the face.

This news didn't seem to reassure Sensei, in fact it looked as if it upset him even more. "That is your sisters problem, my son. She, unlike you three, has no instinct to fight. She hesitates in battle too often. She is very strong, yes but, she may get hurt if she fight like that. Michelangela, I'm sorry but -"

"Sensei I can do this"

"I do not think - " began Sensei

"Please trust me, I promise we won't fight anyone. I'll stay by my brothers sides, I'll do anything, just let us go up to the surface. " I glanced at my bro's for support but none of them were looking at me. Each of them had there puppy dog look out now, begging Sensei to let me go. I smiled and felt a warmth in my stomach. I have such great brothers.

"Very well" sighed Sensei "You may go, tonight"

We cheered like we won the Olympics . Donny and Raph high three's (basically a high five, for all the newbies) and Leo picked my up around the waist and spun me around a few feet off the ground. I laughed, it was bubbly and joyful. When Leo finally set me down, I hugged him.

We stayed like that for a few minutes, before I caught Sensei eye behind Leo back. He was smiling at us. It was that smile that made me realized how hard Leo was holding me. We must look . . . I pushed off of Leo in embarrassment.

He let go of me easily and I saw that he was just as embarrass as I am. I glanced at Donny and he gave me a sly smile. I nearly blushed.

"Well, I've . . . I have something important to do in my room" I turned

"Wait, Mikey you said you had something special planned for dinner" said Donny

"Oh yeah" I thought it over "You know what, how about we wait and I'll give you guy's the surprise when we come back, okay"

"Great, Now I don't have to worry about your surprise till we get back" joked Raph

"It will be good I swear" I promised feverishly.

"If you say so"

We all disperse, Me and Donny walked towards our rooms while Raph pick up a comic and flopped on the couch, Leo looked like he wanted to follow me an Donny but seem to think better of it. Instead he turn on the TV.

I rushed to my room, to grab my favorite nunchucks. They were my lucky charm. Once i grabbed them, I turned to go back to the living room, only to find Donny blocking my doorway.

"So what's going on between you and Leo"

"Nothing " I sputtered.

"Sure didn't look like nothing to me. If you two are dating you can tell me, I promise to keep it a secret from Raph"

"There's no secret. Leo doesn't even like me like that."

"Do you like him like that"

"No of course not - Why am I even talking to you about this" I pushed past him into the living room. Donny fell in step next to me.

"Are you SURE" he asked me

"Yes, and stop with the over protective brother stuff, please, I can handle myself."

"Sorry, old habits. Your my baby sister and I don't want to see you heart broken. i don't want to see either of you broken ."

"What do you mean 'broken'"

"If he breaks your heart, me, Raph and Sensei are going to kill him and if you break his heart we are going to kill you."

"Oh, so I assume Raph is having the same awkward talk with Leo right now. "

"Yes "

"Great, Why can't you just beat me, it would be fast and way less embarrassing"

Donny started to say something but was cut off

"Donny, Mikey. Were getting ready to leave" yelled Raph's impatient voice.

"Yes, it's go time" I called back. I grabbed Donny hand and pulled him faster toward the living room. Our arrived interrupted whatever Sensei was saying. I saw Leo's eye's flash down to note my hand around Donny's and the huge smile on my face. I think he look hurt. Raph looked furious, like he wanted to bite both our head off.

I tilted my head to the left in confusion. 'Why is everyone so tense, did something happen'

Sensei continued as if nothing happened "As I was saying, you are going up to a strange and hostile world. You must maintain awareness at all times."

"Ay, Sensei"

"Stay in the shadows"

"Ay, Sensei"

"Don't talk to strangers"

"Ay, Sensei " we all said a little annoyed now.

"Everyone is a stranger"

"Ay, Sensei" we said again but this time it was close to a sigh.

We all raced up the steps that lead to the sewers, each wanting to be the first to see the surface world but again we were stop by another of Sensei warnings.

"Make sure you go before you leave, the restrooms up there are filthy and watch out for your sister, stop if she needs a break. Don't push her past her limits or yourself for that matter"

"Sensei" we all complained

He sighed "Good luck my children" .

We all started talking over on another. I wanted him to know how much this mean to me

"Surface time" howled Raph

"This is going to be epic" I gushed

" I am so pumped" celebrated Donny.

Leo was the only on who stayed silent. He looked like something was bothering him.

We raced through the sewer to find a way up, Since I am the fastest out of the four of us, I arrive first. I started up the ladder, going two rungs at a time. I was pushing aside the manhole cover when the other's arrived.

"Mikey Stop. Wait for us"

"Well then hurried up slowpokes" My first look of the outside world stunned me. I was halfway out of the grate with only my feet still underground but the full moon so bright and silvery, so pretty that I froze. Sensei told us about to moon but I never expected it to be so big or so high or so bright or so amazing. I continued to stared. I was so entranced that I didn't notice the grinding sound until the rung I was standing on broke.

With a yell, I manage to grab to edge of the hole. I looked down to see the entire ladder had broken off the wall. our combined weight to much for the old bolts. I pulled myself to the surface. Once I was safely outside, Panic set in.

"Donny, Raph, LEO, Someone ANSWER ME" my voice was no more than a whisper as hopelessness washed over me. 'no how could our trip have gone so wrong already.' I was about to start crying when I heard coughing and groaning.

"Guy report" came Leo's voice. "Who's alive"

"Not me " groaned Donny. Hearing there voices was like being told your execution was been called off and your free to go. I almost cried with relief. There was a lump so big in my throat, that I could hardly breath let alone talk.

"I'm fine but Mikey's not going to be when I get my hands on her" raged Raph.

"Uh guy's where's Mikey"



"Mikey was near the top of the ladder. What could of happened to her. Ugh, Sensei was right we never should have brought her along. What if she got hurt." I could hear panic in Leo voice.

"Calm down Leo"

I took a deep breath and tried to speak. It came out kind of breathless but I managed to speak. "Guy's are you okay"

There was a brief pause, only about 2 seconds before Raph answered me "Mikey, oh thank - Your okay. Where are you"

"More importantly are you hurt" called Donny

"I'm on the surface. " I scanned myself up and down and was surprised to see several bruises, two on my legs and 1 on the hand that stopped me from falling. With the adrenaline pumping, i must not have felt them. When I put pressure on my bruised leg, i found the pain nearly unbearable "I'm okay but I think I hurt my leg."

"Stay where you are we'll found you"

"Uh Leo, how"

"I don't know"

"Go talk to Sensei he know the sewers better than anyone, He will know the fastest way to me"

"Fine, but hang tight, we'll be back soon "

"Leo wait" There was a pause before Leo answered "Yes, Mikey"

"Can you stay with me, I'm kind of freaking out"

"Of course but wouldn't you rather Donny or Raph stay with you."


"Are you s-"

"Look this is no time to be arguing. Leo stay with her while we go talk with Splinter "


I listen to Raph and Donny footsteps for as long as possible. I can't believe that I ruined our first day out and I also seem to have piss Leo off. How could I have ruined everything. Leo and I sit in silent for a while. I took this time to look around. The outside world couldn't be more different from the sewers or our home.

I searched for something that would calm down my racing heart but everything was too weird and unfamiliar

"Mikey "

"Yeah, " my voice was high with stress, fear, worry and about a thousand other emotion.

"Are you okay"

"Yeah of course . . . but could you continue to talk to me just in case. " I asked.

"Sure . . . What do you want to talk about "

"Tell me something funny, like a story or a joke"

"Okay, uh why did the chicken cross the road"

"To beat up the idiot telling jokes about him" I guess.

That cause us both to roar with laughter. We continued to talk for a few minutes. We went back and forth with joke trying to out funny the other person.

Our causal talk soon turn to less pleasant topic. Leo started that conversation with a "Are you dating Donny"

I laughed and answered "No, actually he told me too be careful around boy's because he doesn't want me to get hurt. "

"Really" The relief in his voice was nearly tangible.

"Yeah, he's just being an over protective brother. I mean what boy would be interested in me, I'm a turtle.

"I would . . . "

"You would what. Your acting weird, is something wrong "

"No, Nevermind"


"Actually -" but Leo never finished his thought because it was interrupted by two loud screams. Immediately I was on my feet, leaning against the wall when the pain became to much for my leg.

"Mikey, What's happening"

"I don't know but I'm going to find out"

"No, you can't" he cried but I was already half way out of the alley way. I made it to the opening of the alley only with the walls help. What I saw when I got there made me wish that Leo was by my side ready for a fight. A family was being kidnapped, 2 teens and 1 older man.

There was at least 15 to 20 men, one of them were carrying a screaming teenage girl while about 5 were being held off by another teen, a boy this time, with a hockey stick. Within minute he was disarmed and was being carried to the truck too.

A unexplainable rage came over me when I saw them being hurt. I crouched down, ignoring the pain in my leg, and charged at the kidnappers.

I slammed my nunchucks into there head, guts, sides but no matter what I did they wouldn't go down. There movement and expression were the most unnerving. It was like they were robots, or that they didn't feel pain.

They even talked weird.
"Krang has decide to tell Krang that he must bring the one who is hindering our escape. The one who is hindering our escape has seen what is know as to much ."

'The one who is hindering our escape? Do they mean me' fear shoot through me at the same time adrenaline did.

At least 6 of these freaks charges at me at once, I dodged or knocked them out of my way. i thought i was doing pretty well until strong arm enclose my arms and waist and I was lifted up off the ground.

Krang has succeed to capture the one know as the one who is hindering our escape. Krang will now put the one who is hindering our escape in the van known as Escape Van"