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Several hours later

"Here. This is the place. 1086 West Kerking rd. " The building had 4 story's, black tinted windows with a concrete wall taller than I was surrounded the premises, and a roof that looked to have a fire escapes that encircles the entire structure. All in all it was very unremarkable. Nothing suspicious or unusual. At first glance, you might assume, it's an office building or a research facility. It would be the type of building people would drive by for years and never give a thought as to what goes on in there. "Hiding in plain sight. Not sure if it's brilliant or stupid."

If it wasn't for the fact that Raph found plans and schematics for this building in the rubble of the Krang's torture facility, I wouldn't have even suspected that something shady was going down here. Leatherhead thinks that this might be one of the ways the Krang fund themselves and their operations. We just need to find out what's in that building and then, if need be, we destroy it. It should be easy, after all we have a 2 ton, 50 foot dune gecko. If it comes to it. We'll use our imaginations. And if they aren't afraid of that then they aren't afraid of anything. Or there just stupid.

"I believe it's a little bit of both, ma'am" Red said timidly, stealing looks at Cerberus, who he was deathly afraid of, for some weird reason. The dog had waited outside the compound when we first met our fellow escapees. She had been too distraught to venture in very far, yelping and jumping at the slightest sound or movement. However bad the Krang facility was for me, it was ten times, no twenty time worse for her. Eventually, I took pity on her and asked if she would guard the perimeter of the building and she left looking very relived, all three of her tongues drooping out of her mouth. It was later, after we finally found some evidence, that we met up outside. Cerberus came running up, scaring the living daylights out of Leatherhead and Red.

It took a little while to explain why we have a three headed dog with us (A task that was not helped along by a very impatient Raph) but we managed. After that, we traveled here through an old maintenance tunnel made for forklifts and other heavy duty equipment. Despite the massiveness of the cave it was still a tight fit for leatherhead so we had to go slow, much to Raph's annoyance. Once we exit, it was dark so that made things easier. We snuck through the mostly empty street, but not without the unfortunate incident of scaring a grafting teenager half-to-death, finally we stopped at a condemned building right across the street for our target. (Leatherhead actually had to knock down one of the walls just to get into the same room as us) By that time it was entering the early hour of the day and the sun was starting to peak shyly over the horizon. I glanced out the window again and sighed. We're quickly losing our best asset to the unstoppable force that is time.

I shared a quick but thorough look with Raph. Ninja's don't do well in light. We thrive in the cover of darkness. Carrying out a mission out in daylight wasn't something either of us was comfortable with. Or trained for.

I was actually kind of surprised the demolition crew wasn't already here, it had to be 6 or 7 o'clock, at least. If we're lucky then they were given the day off. If not then . . . No matter what though, when they do get here, there definite going to notice the Leatherhead shaped hole in the wall. If that info somehow makes it to the build, to Krang ears, as dumb as they are, they might put two and two together and figure out we we're spying on them. Then they'll definitely beef up security and we'll be in a whole new mess of trouble.

I smiled giddily. Oooooh, look at me, acting all smart and tactical. Donny would b-.

I shut down that thought and tried to focus on the matter at hand. "Mikey. Not ma'am. Mikey, okay" I replied, beaming down at Red. "Ma'am makes me feel so old."

Red bobbed his head quickly "Yes Ma- I mean, Mikey. I mean, Miss Mikey. No wait, that-"

"Just quit now while you're behind kid" Raph said, as he looked over the entrance and the grounds of the building. "I didn't. And I'm still paying for it"

I didn't look at him, I would not give him that satisfaction.

Red looked back and forth between the two of us "I don't understand."

"No you don't" He said, dramatically. I shot him a look and he shut up. I just don't get him, one minute he's annoying and dissing me, the next he's listening and trying to stay out of my way. He's so . . . so . . . so-

"Raph was just being . . . . Raph. There's no other way to describe it, I guess. I wouldn't worry too much about it though" I said, trying to be nonchalant but firm.


"Are you ready, my friend" Leatherhead smiled when he said friend, as if he liked the way it sounded. Or maybe he just liked that he had people to call friends. I don't know. I don't understand Leatherhead anymore that I understand my ex-brother. Then again, I have only know him for like 2 hours, more when I remember what happened before I changed into a human.

"Born ready."

"One problem. How are we going to get him inside?" Raph jerked his thumb at Leatherhead's massive form" Those doors aren't exactly make for a plus size Croc" I glanced a Red and Raph. They weren't exactly made for a turtle mutant or a giant red fire ant either. Even if it was pitch black outside, that'd be pretty hard to hide and with the sun almost fully up, forget it.

"Plus size" Said Leatherhead. He looked down at his stomach then tried to covertly suck in the little extra fat her had. He actually looked way too skinny for his size and build, almost sickly skinny. When this is over, I'm making a bathtub full of algae and worms and just letting him go to town. It's the least I could do.

"I don't mean fat." Raph said quickly "I mean big. Come on, man. Your like 10 feet tall, me and Mikey are what, half your size. YOUR HEAD TOUCHES THE CEILING FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. It's going to be pretty hard to even get him through those tiny doors, let alone to hide him from security"

I crossed my arms "Like your one to talk. How exactly we're you planning on getting inside."

"By using the shadows, of course. Like a true ninja."

"NO" I shook my head "Too risky"

"You got a better idea"

"Yeah. I go in alone. OH FOR THE LOVE OF- I CAN DO IT" I yelled over Raph outraged roar and Leatherhead's surprised shout "I'm the best person for the job, SINCE-"

Raph's furious snarls cut me off "No. NO WAY. It's too risky. I am not sending my baby sister to those monsters ALONE. No way in HELL"

"That's not your decision to make" I shot back "You have to trust me"

"I not going to tiptoe around your precious feeling just so you can go on a suicide run." Raph barked, throwing his hands up

My eyes narrowed dangerously "So much for becoming my big brother. How am I to trust you again if you don't trust me?" I turned away, presenting my back towards him "Maybe, we'll just hate each other forever"

"Don't you dare make jokes at a time like this" Raph snapped.

"I wasn't joking-"

"And do you really think you can do this job better than me. I'm bigger and stronger and more experienced than you."

I whirled around and stared at him "You're being foolish. I'm not just your little sister, I'm a warrior too. That's something that none of you were willing to accept. And now, your being blind to the truth and the danger that-"

"We are not blind. I am not blind. You may be scared of the danger but this is just a mission. And a mission is something that I have trained my entire life for."

"I AM NOT SCARED" I shrieked. "YOU'RE THE ONE THAT'S SCARED. YOU JUST CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I MIGHT BE STRONG. THAT I MIGHT BE A WARRIOR. YOU WANT ME TO REMAIN YOUR SWEET, BABY SISTER ALL MY LIFE. WELL, I CAN'T. AND I WON'T. I just- . . . "My shoulders slumped and I placed my hands over my eyes. I steeled myself so I wouldn't cry and took a deep breath "I won't be just plain old, mess-everything-up Mikey for the rest of my life. I refuse to be. I'm going to be a true ninja someday, thought I don't know when or how. And, Raphie, I can't see spending the rest of my with my head hung down with shame. Being known only as Raph's, and Leo's, and Donny's worthless baby sister might just kill me "My voice broke" You know, I might have been born just plain, untalented trash, unlike you, but that's something I need to change" I tighten my hands into balls then slowly unclenched them. "I need to-"

Arms encircled my body and Raph layed his head on my shoulder "Mikey, Oh Mikey. I never wanted to make you feel . . . to make you feel worthless. None of us did. I am so, so, so sorry" My shoulder felt wet and I realized that I had made my brother cry. I brought my arms up and I held him, tightly.

"I need to do this, Please Raphie"

Slowly he pulled back so I could see his face. Emotions were at wars in his eyes and he clenched his teeth tightly, almost as if he was in pain but after few minutes he nodded slowly. "Only if your careful and at the first sign of danger pull out. Okay"

"Okay. Promise" I held out my pinky for a second before realizing what a stupid and childish thing that was. Before I could retracted my finger, Raph laced his thin green digit around mine.

"It's a promise." His finger tightened minuscule "Don't do anything stupid okay. I-I - "He stole a glance at Red and Leatherhead, who had both retreated to a corner during out argument, ( I had almost completely forgot about them" then he leaned in closer "I can't lose you too"

I suddenly dawned on me that if I don't make it out with the info today, then Raph will be the only one left. The likely hoods of him finding Leo and Donny without an exact location is little to none. It's only slightly more than the likely hood of him leaving me here to go look. If I don't come out, there's almost a hundred percent chance that he'll come after me. But if we do die, Me, Leo and Donny, and he somehow doesn't Raph will have to explain everything to Sensei.

This info, after losing his first daughter, will most likely kill Sensei too. And then Raph will really be alone.

I looked at him. That's a fate worse than death. I wouldn't wish that on anyone . . . Maybe on the man who destroyed Sensei's life and killed his first daughter. But even then, I don't know.

I straighten up and looked him dead in the eyes. "I will make it out and I will find Donny and Leo. Don't you doubt that"

Red nervously approached us, and when he was satisfied that we weren't going to start yelling again, brushed up against my leg and chattered timidly " Are you okay, Mis- Mikey"

I nodded and bent down to rub my hand over his head "Better than I have been in a while " There was a certain rawness to my words that made them seem untrue, made it sound like I was hurting in some way. All that yelling I did hurt my throat and affected the way I spoke.

He clicked his pinchers and then looked up at me "I- I don't think your worthless. You save me and Mr. Leatherhead too. I don't think a worthless person could do that" He turned and looked at Leatherhead "Right"

Leatherhead nodded his huge scalely head "Right, my friend" He spread his massive arms wide" We would not be here if not for your action and thousands more mutants would be on the Krang's dissection table right now. You saved them from that. And, as I should have done before, I thank you"

"Yeah and thank you" For trying. But a few good deeds does not make someone a good, worthwhile person. I don't need to prove it to them, I need to prove it to myself. And a few kind words aren't going to do that. "It means a lot"

Raph glanced out the window. The sun was fully up but was struggling to break through an early morning fogbank. A few cars were passing by and several joggers were chatting on the street corner. There laughter echoed through the street "SO what's the plan."

"I walk right through the front door." Raph looked like he was about to interrupt so I pressed on "Then I'll use my ninja skills to get to the restricted areas and dig through a computer until I find what we need. Then we get the hell out of here and go bust out our boys"

Raph considered it, which was a big step forward for him "But a computer. That's Donny's area. Are you sure you're going to-" I was already nodding

"I can't write code or hack as well as he can but I do know some basic commands and override functions. If all else fails "I gave them a wicked smile "I'll persuade an employee to do it for me."

Raph nodded, looking surprised "Since when can you hack and write code."

I shrugged "Me and Donny spend a lot of time together. We teach each other things. "I smiled again "I taught him how to fill up a water balloon with ketchup, mustard, paint and other things. It was awesome"

Raph raised one non-existence eyebrow "Why"

My smile was so big this time that it hurt "A little something I like to call REVENGE. I'd watch out if I were you. "I winked at him

"What did I do?" He asked a little panicked

"I'm sure you'll find out soon"

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