In a old stone castle amongst the hills of scotland. There were many teachers and students moving along the castle grounds.

But amongst all of the busy students and staff, sat an old man in his office. He was seated in a old wooden desk that was cluttered with an assortment of strange objects. The old man appeared to be staring rather intensely at one specific one. It was a glowing pyramid on top of a black cube. The pyramid was radiating a dark red color.

The old man looked very troubled.

"Professor Dumbledore? You asked for me?" Said a woman who also appeared to be rather old, but perhaps less so than Dumbledore.

"Yes, yes. Come in Minerva." Dumbledore said with a hollow tone. "I must go check on Harry, I fear something is wrong. Expect me back soon."

Dumbledore knew something was wrong why else would the blood wards be failing?

Before Minerva could retort Dumbledore was gone with a flash of light and a loud crack.

Dumbledore appeared in a rather bland neighborhood. He got his bearings and started walking as quickly as he could to Number 4 Privet Drive.
Dumbledore knocked on the door, there was no answer. So he knocked again. Still no answer. He decided that the door was his enemy and it shouldn't be allowed to exist anymore. The other residents of the street heard a loud boom, and thus the door was no more.

On the other side of the once door was a rather angry looking woman who resembled a horse.

"What is your problem?! Blowing down my door? Didn't you hear me? I said I would be right there!" Petunia said. With a gesture she beckoned him inside of her home.

"Well, I'm quite sorry. I feared the worse, you see the wards are failing I was afraid something happened to young Harry." Dumbledore said in a calm grandfatherly tone.

"Well my father, you remember him correct? I believe he visited my sister in school quite often." Petunia asked.

"Yes Richard, he against the wishes of the staff pulled her out of school almost every day…" Dumbledore acknowledged.

"His name is Rick. And he is a very crude but intelligent man, he was visiting to see if my precious dudders inherited his intelligence, he instead found Harry to have his level of intelligence and told us he would raise him because he felt we couldn't raise a genius properly." She growled out the last part.

Dumbledore was shocked. But also he appeared to be slightly relived. After all the protection worked as long as he was around a blood relative. But also he was worried because Rick was...Well Rick.

"Thank you for your time I wish you the best in raising your son." Dumbledore said.

With a flash he disappeared. He also left the door as it was he was convinced it was still his enemy.

Back in his office the old man turned to a bird the almost looked like it was made of fire.

With a shrill the bird flew towards the man and with a burst of flame the old man disappeared from his office.

A few thousand miles away Rick entered the apartment he had been living in for the past few months it was only a few miles away from his daughter Beth's house.

He took his grandson and placed him down on the table wondering what the best next move was. For the smartest man in the universe he hadn't really thought this through.

Before he could decide on his next move a random flash appeared in his apartment, thinking it was one of this many enemies in the universe he pulled out pistol sized gun that looked like something straight out of a comic book.

When this flash was gone, there was Dumbledore and his phoenix.

"What do you want D-bag?" Rick said his gun was aimed firmly at the old man and his fire bird.

"Rick I am professor Dumbledore of…" Dumbledore started, "I know who you are two people in my family went to your shady witch school, Why are you here?" Rick asked.

"I was informed by the boys guardian that you took young Harry in." Dumbledore responded.

"Why do-do you even care,you're like a principle of a school he might go to one day." Rick said with a slight stutter.

"I am the boys magical guardian I need to make sure he will be properly treated." Dumbledore responded calmly.

"So you're the one who left him with my abusive daughter?" Rick said accusingly.

"Abusive? I am quite sure you're mistaken, Petunia is very caring woman." Dumbledore assured. Rick looked very angered at this and then tightened his grip on his gun.

"She left him to sleep in her broom closet, on the floor; all while I was visiting the fat ball she calls h-her son. Now tell me does that sound like a caring, loving person would do?" Rick looked very angry. He once again tightened his grip on his gun and he looked like he was preparing to shoot it.

"Well… Rick here are some papers for young Harry I um… Hope to see him at Hogwarts." Dumbledore nervously responded. He handed Rick some papers he pulled out of robes. And with a shrill from the bird he disappeared in a flash.

"Well that saves some trouble." Rick mumbled to himself as he shuffled through papers for Harry. Once he was satisfied he mumbled something inaudible. And went off to his kitchen and dialed his phone.

"Hey Beth?...Yeah it's me….Look I don't care, I just need you to look after a kid for a bit...Because I need you to… He's your nephew if that makes it a little better...No he's not from another dimension! Do take me as some sort of crazy scientist person?...Nevermind Beth I'm sendin' him over now." Rick hung up the phone.

Rick walked over to his grandson and pulled out his portal gun and fired it at the wall. The familiar green swirling mass appeared. He picked up his grandson and they both walked through.

A few miles away another green mass appeared on a wall. Rick and Harry appeared on the other side. They were in an normal looked living room with three other people.

There was one young girl a woman in her late twenties and a man around the same age.

The man screamed.

"Hi..Dad, I didn't expect you to come here so fast" Beth said with a slightly forced smile.

"Look I don't have a lot of time to explain this Harry, yah know Lily's kid? I need you to watch him while I go on a arrond." He handed Beth Harry and the walked back through.

"Mom why is Grandpa Rick so weird?" The little girl said.

"And more importantly Beth, why did Rick leave us with your sister's kid?" The man said with a bit of a annoyed tone.

"I don't know Jerry. And Summer he's a little crazy."

"Jerry I'll go lay him down with Morty, keep an eye out for my Dad okay?" Beth said.

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