In a far off dimension entirely void of life except for one area. This area looked like something straight out of a space movie. It was a giant white space station that looked brand new.

"Welcome to the council of Ricks state your problem or get out." Stated a miscellaneous ."Rick, with a bored tone.

"Yeah I'm Rick from Earth dimension C-137, and I have to report a crime that happened to someone of Rick level intelligence." Rick said as he took a sip out of his trusty flask.

The other Rick looked slightly surprised at this statement.

"C-137? I thought you wanted zero to do with this 'operation that came straight from the mind of a one year old' Rick?" He replied.

"I still do, but this is more important." Rick stated.

The other Rick rolled his eyes and motioned him forward. The two Ricks walked into a short narrow hallway that led into a small room.

"Wow this place looks like a shitty little kids clubhouse." Rick stated with a slightly mocking tone.

"For your information C-137 the place is still under construction. Keep going the Rick at the front desk may or may not give enough shits to help you" The other Rick retorted.

"Welcome to the Rickport center, what can't I help you with today?" Said the Other Rick with a tone that dripped sarcasm.

"Yeah I would like to report a crime that happened to our grandson." Rick looked a little annoyed.

"This is not something the council gives a shit about go to the police." The Rick said while waving a hand dismissively.

Rick slammed his hands on the table in front of the Rick and said "No it's something the council will give a shit about because Lily's kid has the Rick Brainwave." He said in an extremely angered tone.

"Fine the council is behind the door you should see if they give a crap." The Rick behind the desk said in slightly shocked voice.

Sorry this is such a short chapter but some stuff has been happening in my life making it hard to write. I will continue this story though