Author: CaptainTightPants12

Rating: K

Disclaimer: If I owned DC Comics and/or any of it's associated characters or storylines, don't you think I'd be posting this in the funny pages for money instead of on the internet for free?

Summary: Spinning out of Flashpoint, Helena Wayne and Power Girl try to come to terms with living in a new world where the doppelgängers of the people they knew aren't as familiar as they'd like.

Chapter: #1, Breakout

Author's Note: Spinning out of the pages of Flashpoint, welcome to the sister series starring Helena Wayne and Karen Starr, better known as the Huntress and Power Girl! You don't have to read Flashpoint to understand this story, but you do need to know that this is set in the Flashpoint continuity, which has it's own universe. It's very similar to the DCU, but there's a lot of differences too. Like I said, you don't need to read Flashpoint to understand this story, but if you'd like to check out their backstory, make sure to look into chapter #91's Secret Origin: Spoilers and then chapters #99 through #108 for when they appeared in Flashpoint!

This story spins directly out of the end of the recent 'Voices in the Cave' arc! Enjoy!

She sniffed wildly, "Oh god, do you smell that?"

Green Lantern frowned, "Ummm, you know that they don't sell deodorant on Oa, right?"

She shuddered, "Ew. No. Not that. I smell food. Earth food. No more weird, alien food. I mean, Kilowog is a great guy, but I couldn't stand to eat one more meal of his cooking. I have Kryptonian will, but it doesn't cover that. Food isn't meant to move while you're eating it. Nor is it supposed to survive my heat-vision. I definitely smell a Starbucks too. Oa needs a Starbucks."

"Now that, I'm on board with," he grinned. "Race you there."

Power Girl snickered as she watched him speed down through the atmosphere. "What a noob."

She blurred past him, causing him to spin out. He growled, "Show-off."

By the time that he got down to the Starbucks in Coast City, she was sitting there in civilian clothes, sipping her Carmel Macchiato. "You are literally green with jealousy, Hal Jordan," she snickered at his glare.

He shook his head, "I'm so glad that I'm not going to have to hear that joke anymore."

"You know you're going to miss me."

"I'll miss having the non-girl-scout version of Superman," he shrugged as he snatched the black coffee from her hands and took the seat opposite of her. "Certainly easier on the eyes than Salakk is, though he's just as bossy."

Power Girl rolled her eyes, "Oh simmer down, you could always team up with Arisia. She's a cutie if I ever saw one."

He shook his head, "I'd have a better shot with Aya."

"She is mostly a computer program, you could probably get Cyborg to put in a good word for you?"

"I kind of hate how you're like a Lois Lane with super-powers," he chuckled.

She gave him her best 'oh-really?' look, "Everyone else seems to love it."

"That's because like Lois Lane, they're afraid to give you their honest opinion," he sipped his coffee. "Or they're just too busy staring at your boob window. You know Bats told Barry that when he first started out, he used a yellow logo to attract bullets to his chest and away from his face. Is that what you use it for so people can't figure out your secret identity?"

"That's pretty sassy for a guy that's just hiding his cheek bones," she glared.

Green Lantern shrugged, "You've seen my butt in my costume. You know they're not looking at my face," he smirked as he leaned back in his chair. "Besides, you didn't hear that Jaydian girl that I picked up complain, now did you?"

She rolled her eyes, "I'm pretty sure that girl was Laira's cousin, and I'm pretty sure she's going to murder you all kinds of dead for it."

He chuckled, "She can get in line. Speaking of which, I've gotta find Carol. I haven't shown up for work in like two months."

"And I need to find Hel. When I left she was side-kicking for Batman. Hopefully she hasn't killed him yet," she muttered as she pulled out her phone. "Look at that, I've still got service. I'm going to kiss Victor when I see him."

"Is that all it takes? Paying your cellphone bill?"

She raised an eyebrow, "Do you know how much roaming on Oa costs?"

"I do. I had Vic put Bruce's card down for my automatic payments."

Power Girl snickered as she put her phone up to her ear, "I've gotta remember to do that. Hmm... Voicemail. You'd think that a girl would be excited that her bestie, and literally only friend from her birth universe, would be calling. I wonder what she's up to..."

. . . .what Helena Wayne is up to. . . .

She pulled the vibrating phone from her pocket, 'Ah, man. Why can't she ever call when I'm not hanging from a light pole, breaking about a dozen homeland security laws?' she thought to herself before putting it back in her pocket. When she glanced back downward, she noticed that the security guard had heard the vibrating. She dropped from the ceiling, fired her crossbow.

The sleeve of his shirt stabbed into the wall, he glanced back to see a fist flying into his face. Helena flinched, "I'm sorry, man. Family business and all. Just put some ice on it." When she pulled the arrow from the wall, he dropped to the floor unconscious.

Huntress grimaced, "I really hope that's the only guy I've gotta do that to..."

She looked upwards at the iron gates, reading 'Arkham Asylum.' Somehow, she wasn't hopeful that would be the case.

Racing through the wilderness of the island, she made her way towards the wing where they held the prisoners. It was odd to see the island in this configuration. Back where she was from, it had been destroyed after the Titan incident. This version of Arkham seemed so small in comparison. It's patients so few. She was confident that this wouldn't take long. She just had to find the right cell.

Her eyes scanned the horizon. She counted well over a dozen guards. She knew which one to look for though.

'Not a hook, not a hook, not a hook, not a hook, oh yeah, that's a hook hand right there,' she grinned to herself.

She'd made sure that Aaron Cash was still Aaron Cash on this world. And if Aaron Cash was guarding something, that meant it was something important. Like the wing of the Asylum where they kept the super-villains. Like the place that she was looking for. She made a wide turn to head towards him. She slid to a stop behind the bushes that he was walking past. She used one of her arrows to get a reflection as he walked by. She turned it to check his belt. 'There is his security card. I wish Karen was here. She could've just blurred over there and snatched it off his belt without him even noticing. I hate having to do busy work,' she sighed.

Narrowing her eyes, she spun and fired. The arrow snipped the chain that was holding the card just right and caused the card to drop to the ground without Cash even noticing. She grinned to herself and blew over her crossbow.

'And that's how Robin- Er... that's how Huntress does that...' she reminded herself.

Flipping over the bush, she sprinted over and grabbed the key before jumping off the bridge and landing down by the creek bed. She landed with an 'Umph.' Brushing the dirt off her knees, she eyed the grate that was on the underside of the bridge. Huntress used her grappling hook to get her way up there. She pulled her torch from her utility belt and melted the grate bars and slipped inside.

She crawled on her hands and knees as she made her way through the drainage duct. 'It's going to be so much easier to clean this black suit than the old green and reds. Maybe I should invest in more outfits like Karen has,' she mused.

Huntress came to the other end of the drainage duct and used her torch open it again.

Hopping down, she landed inside the Asylum's patient wing. In the distance, she could her a guard coming, so she quickly grappled up into the rafters. She caught the grate with her finger-tips as she swung upwards. Two guards made their pass, muttering to each other about how much they'd rather be elsewhere than on the job. "The only thing that makes it worthwhile is seeing Poison Ivy in her cell, I am gunna be waiting all night just to walk past her again, man," one of the guards muttered.

When they passed, she dropped back down. She quirked an eyebrow, 'Sounds like they're all that way.' She made her way down where the guards had come from, coming to a corner and peeking down. The cells all had glass panels in front of them, though she felt that she could safely assume that the panels were far stronger than simply glass.

'I don't want to alert the rest to my presence. I need to figure out where I'm going, and I need to figure out how to get there without being seen,' she glanced upwards. 'Luckily they're still using this old place. This is like a Wayne's delight.'

Grappling up the rafters, she simply swung across until she reached the guard shack. She dropped down onto the roof and looked down through the ceiling fan to see that two were waiting inside. The guard looked to his companion, "Did you see this? That Black Canary character tore things up on the East Side. She's so much better than Batman, dude."

"You only say that because she wears fishnets. You should've been here during the Zero Year, man. Batman is the boss."

Huntress rolled her eyes. 'I guess I get to look forward to him bragging about that at some point too. I hate how similar, yet how different our universes are. At least I'll get to shore up on one of the weak parts in a minute.'

She pulled the blow-darts from her utility belt and fired them through the vent to knock them both out. Flipping down and slipping into the guard shack, she checked the list and grabbed one of their keys. 'Looks like I need to find Cell #1940.'

A quick glance informed her that she was looking at Cell #1917. 'Of course it's going to be like dead center down the hall.'

Back to the rafters she went, sliding past the other cells until she reached #1940. She dropped down to the ground and peeked inside the cell. It was too dark to see inside, but she jumped away from the glass when she heard, "Well, aren't you a curious little cat?" the voice asked her. "Something tells me that ole Jerry Arkham didn't change up the uniforms."

Grinning to herself, she grabbed at her utility belt. "Does this look like standard Arkham issue?"

A face came into view, frowning and glancing up and down, "No... But it definitely reminds me of somebody I know."

'Don't smile, you're a Wayne... Don't smile, you're a Wayne... Don't smile, you're a Wayne...' she told herself repeatedly. She swiped the key, but the lock didn't budge. She swiped it again and again, nothing. She frowned.

"We're high-profile, that means high-security," the voice sounded amused. "You have to have one of the shrink's keys too."

Huntress sighed and muttered, "Good thing Dad always taught me to be prepared."

She could practically hear the eyebrow raise inside the cell, "Daddy's girl, are we?"

"Not in the slightest," she smirked as she pulled the lock-picking tools from her belt and in a flash had the door open.

Stepping out into the moonlight that was dripping through the windows above, Selina Kyle tried to resist a grin and failed. She looked up at her liberator, "I've tried to pick that lock a thousand times. How did you do that?"

"What can I say? My Mom taught me a thing or two," Huntress smiled.

Selina nodded approvingly, "Your mother sounds like a very admirable woman."

Trying to resist her own grin and failing, Huntress shook her head, "You have no idea."

In the distance, they could hear the guards returning to their post. They exchanged looks, nodded to each other in silence as if they'd done it a million times before, catching both of them off-guard. They didn't wait to talk about it though, as they disappeared into the darkness as the guards rounding the corner. "I'm just saying, Poison Ivy has red hair. Who doesn't love red hair, man?"

When Huntress and Catwoman reached the edge of Arkham Island, they were both out of breath. Huntress bent over to catch her breath while Selina closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the air on her face.

"So what was this all about?"

She glanced upwards, one eye still closed, "What was what all about?"

Selina eyed her carefully once again, "Why did Batman send you?"


"I know Batman when I see him, and you've got Batman written all over you, Pretty," she quirked an eyebrow. "Last time I checked, he was the one that put me in here in the first place. Why would he send you to break me out?"

Huntress shook her head, "Batman didn't send me to break you out. I don't work for Batman."

She narrowed her eyes, "And you expect me to believe that?"

"I don't really care if you believe that or not. I came here to break you out of that place. You don't belong there. That's all the matters to me," Huntress said firmly, but she knew that she was just confirming what Selina already knew. There was some Wayne in her.

Selina watched her carefully, "He's going to know that I've broken out of here. Aren't you worried what he'll think?"

She shrugged, "I won't tell if you don't tell."

Normally, she wouldn't have bought that. Normally, she would've pressed. But there was something interesting about this girl. There was something that she found herself curious about. And what could she say? Curiosity did kill the cat after all. "Fair enough. Now what? Are we going to be best pals now? You break me out, and now we team-up and fight crime?"

"I told you, all I cared about was getting you out of there. You can do whatever you want now."

Selina grinned as she looked at the ground, "You know, I can tell when Batman is lying too." When she looked up, the Huntress was gone. Selina scanned the horizon for a moment before shaking her head. "Well now you're just proving my point, Kid," she muttered to herself more than anything. "I guess I'll have to go get the answers for myself then."

A few yards away, the Huntress watched as Selina made her way towards the water as she made her escape. She swallowed roughly as she considered the consequences of her actions. 'You promised yourself you'd save her, Hel... That didn't mean just getting her out of Arkham... Remember Dad's rules for being a tail on a suspect... Don't let her catch you following... You've got a job to do...'

As Selina began to swim, she jumped from the tree and began to follow. A guard flashed his flashlight towards the water because he thought he saw something. She fired one of her non-lethal arrows and knocked him out, and jumped onto the flashlight to keep any other guards from noticing. Huntress saw Selina look back before turning to the water and swimming again.

'Don't worry, Mom... I've got your back... I just hope I know what I'm doing...'

. . . .to be continued. . . .

Author's Note: Well, what did you think?! I've been planning a spin-off for ages now, and I just couldn't decide if I wanted to do it with Power Girl and Huntress, or if I wanted to do it with the Birds of Prey. There's a very good chance that the Birds could end up being a part of this story, but for right now, I really want to focus on Power Girl and Huntress. I'm really excited with the story that I have in mind for these two, and I can't wait to see what you all think! Anyways, Power Girl is back! This will be a big deal because in case you have forgotten, she left to find out where the Kara of this universe was! That will come up! Huntress has broken Catwoman out! What does that mean?! What will Batman have to say about this?! That will come up! I can't wait to hear what you all though, and I'll see you all in two weeks when chapter two comes out! Until then, shoot me some reviews!