Author: CaptainTightPants12

Rating: K

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Summary: Spinning out of Flashpoint, Helena Wayne and Power Girl try to come to terms with living in a new world where the doppelgängers of the people they knew aren't as familiar as they'd like.

Chapter: #12, Finale

Author's Note: Alright! Here is Part Five! The grand finale to the Worlds' Finest saga!

"Well, in all the madness of those Jokerized Citizens, we lost Black Mask," Huntress grumbled.

Power Girl nodded as she continued to wring out the vegetation from her hair. "The Owl weirdos got out of here too. Especially, that slimy one that was running his mouth the whole time. I wanted to slap that mask right off of his stupid, smug face." They all looked at her with narrowed eyes, but she simply shrugged. "I don't have to be nice just because I'm one of the good guys. I mean, just ask Jonah Hex."

Black Canary shook her head, "I don't know who that is, but we've gotta jet out of here now that the GCPD is on their way. We've got places to be. Apparently Star City found itself under attack last night as well, we'll need to swing by there and help out."

"It seems that a lot of places found themselves under attack last night," Batman nodded. "I appreciate your help here though."

She nodded, "Ollie has his allies. Gotham needed a hand. And you three," she gestured towards Power Girl, Huntress, and Batwoman. "You guys ever need a hand, Penny-one knows how to get ahold of us. And so does our buddy in Watchtower."

"Well, I appreciate it," he shook her hand. "All of you." Fairchild, Ravager, and Katana nodded before they found themselves on their way. Batman turned to Batwoman, who seemed to be all matter of uncomfortable with this moment, "I don't believe we've had the pleasure."

She shrugged, "Gotham is a big place. It takes more than one Bat to cover all of it. Someone has to do it."

He narrowed his eyes, "And your partner? Is he a part of covering it as well?"

Batwoman shook her head, "The kid? He wasn't with me. And I'm not with whoever is covering Burnside either, if that's what you're wondering."

Huntress could tell that his wheels were spinning, but he wasn't going to let her know that. He nodded and extended his hand, "Maybe we'll run into each other again one of these nights. I appreciate you answering Penny-one's call. Gotham needed you tonight."

"It won't be the last time that Gotham needs me."

She raised her grapple gun overhead and fired, letting it pull her away to a nearby rooftop. Huntress stepped forward, "You know what? I like her."

He turned to her, "It looks like you lost a cohort as well."

"What can I say? She marches to the beat of her own drum, but in case you missed it, I was totally right about her," she saw the corner of his mouth almost smile and she pounced. "It's ok to admit it. She totally showed up and did the right thing when I needed her."

Batman looked away, "I've never doubted that Selina has good in her. Just whether or not she could control the other parts of her."

She rolled her eyes, "That was the lamest, 'Yes, Helena, you were totally right, and I was totally wrong, and you're awesome' I've ever heard."

He put his hand on her shoulder, "You did great."

"Well, not too great," she nodded down at her arm. "But you never go toe-to-toe with the Clown and come out completely unscathed, do you?"

Nodding, "I'll have Alfred look at it, but it looks like you didn't get hit too deep."

She shrugged, "It's not the first time I've taken a hit. Besides, Kare gave it the ole x-ray vision. Everything is as it should be."

"I look after the kid, Bats," Power Girl smirked.

Batman gave her a light chuckle, "Speaking of kids, do either of you know who the boy was?"

They shook their heads, "We assumed that Alfred must have called him. You don't?"

He looked away for a moment, "I have a suspicion." Before they could ask anything else about it, he lifted his finger to his ear. "I read you Penny-one." They saw him pale slightly, and his eyes grow wide. "Tell Cyborg that I'm inbound now. And no one else can-" Alfred must have interrupted him. "Alright. Keep trying, but I'm on my way." He turned to Power Girl and Huntress, his stare lingered on Power Girl for a moment, but then he looked back to Huntrss, "I have to go. Wait for Gordon. He needs to know what happened here and who is still on the loose. I'll touch base as soon as I can."

The Batwing soared overhead and he grappled upwards, and in a flash, he was gone.

Power Girl frowned, "That was weird."

"You didn't catch any of it?" Huntress asked.

She shook her head, "I think I've still got plant guts in my ear."

Huntress rolled her eyes, "You're never going to let that go, are you?"

"Hell to the no, I'm not going to let that go, are you serious right now, Hel?" Power Girl feigned shock. "I was trapped by like a billion vines. Do you know how weird and creepy that is? It was like one of those weird anime shows that Hiro used to show us, do you remember those?"

She shuddered, "Don't remind me."

Power Girl nodded, "Exactly. And let me tell you what, the smell? I don't think I'll eat a vegetable for a month. Maybe longer."

"Like you needed an excuse to not eat vegetables. You and Lois are all steak and potatoes," Huntress chuckled.

"We eat Chinese food too. We're cultured. We're civilized."

She let out a laugh, "Yeah, you two, civilized, that'll be the day."

Waving her finger, Power Girl gave her the ole 'don't even' look. "Hey now, I'm not the one that is going to have to chase down my mom all over again. I mean, I don't get it. She knows that you're trying to help her. She knows that you're on her side. Does she really have to disappear at every chance? I thought that was your dad's thing? I mean, not even a 'see you later' or a 'catch ya on the flip side' or anything?"

"If she had said 'catch ya on the flip side,' I would be certain that we landed in Bizarro World," Huntress snickered.

Power Girl scrunched up her nose, "Oh man, Htrae is the worst. Remember Bizarro Luthor? And I thought the regular Lex Luthor had a forehead on him."

"You don't have to tell me," Huntress chuckled. "But you don't have to worry about her. I'm sure she'll turn up eventually. I think she's kind of freaked out that someone does care about her these days. She's probably not going to settle down and relax anytime soon. It's not in her nature. She's been on the run too long for that. I think this is the way it's going to be for a while. And I'm willing to wait that out."

"Well, aren't you a saint?"

She rolled her eyes, "I'm serious. You've got a bigger heart than me. I mean, you've barely spent any time with Lois or Clark lately because you've been helping me." Huntress glanced over and they saw the police flashers heading their way, "You should catch up with them. I can handle all of this. Metropolis and Gotham aren't that far apart. I've got Not-Dad here, and Not-Mom, you should enjoy your own Not-Parents too."

"Someone has to look after you, Hel," she smiled.

Before either of them could say anything else, their coms turned on. "Attention! This is a League-wide Alert! We have an emergency situation in Metropolis and we need high-level durability responders now! Toxic chemicals are at play and we need clean up and containment now! Again! This is a League-wide Alert! We have an emergency situation in Metropolis and need high-level durability responders now!"

Power Girl frowned and turned to Huntress, who was shaking her head, "You need to go, Kare."


"I'm not a high-level durability responder. You are. Go. They need you. Gotham needs me right now. I can handle this. I know you want to stay and help me with my mom, but you need to think about your own parents right now," Huntress explained. "Whatever is going on, it pulled Batman out of Gotham with the Joker on the loose. That's huge. You need to get over there now. I can handle all of this."

Power Girl nodded and hugged her, "Be careful, Hel. And if you need-"

"I know. Just go."

She let go and tore off into the skies, heading towards Metropolis. Huntress swallowed roughly before turning back to the oncoming police vehicles. The first one out was a man in a brown jacket and a fedora. She recognized him immediately. "Evening, Detective Bullock."

He narrowed his eyes, "And which one of these costumed weirdos are you supposed to be?"

"Harvey," a warning voice called out.

Nodding at him as he moved out of the way, she smiled, "Always a pleasure."

She recognized the red hair and mustache immediately. He looked up at her with careful eyes, but not quite with the judgement of his partner. "My name is Commissioner Gordon, and we got a tip-off from the Batman that you had something for us?"

"We've administered the antidote to the toxins that the Joker unleashed on these people. They're coming down now. We've got them locked in the offices and the vaults inside the bank," she offered as she led them over to where they were being held. "I've also got information about some of the inmates from Arkham that are running amuck. We've had a lot of colorful faces come through this place tonight."

As they went inside, Huntress didn't notice the person that was watching from the ledge across the street.

She watched as Huntress led the police inside, and then she turned back and held the vial up to the moonlight. She thought back to how she had sliced Huntress on the arm with her claws and collected some of it before the smoke had cleared. She had told her that one of the Jokerized Citizens must had done it, or perhaps a piece of shrapnel from the bomb that the Joker had set off. But she had made sure to collect some of the blood for herself when she was tending to the wound. She had to know the truth. Why this girl was so committed to helping her. Why she seemed to believe in her.

It was commonplace for someone in her line of work to have a doctor that tended to the various wounds that happened on jobs, and she hoped that they would be able to analyze the blood. Because she was going to get down to the bottom of this. Bruce might not want to tell her the truth about the girl, but she knew that he was keeping her secret from her. But now she had her blood, and she was going to find out the truth about her.

She was going to find out who this Huntress person really was.

. . . .to be continued in the pages of Flashpoint! Come check it out!. . . .

Author's Note: Well, what did you think?! That's the finale of Worlds' Finest, at least for now! I would love to come back to these characters when my work life slows down a little bit, but for the time being, I think we'll be seeing plenty of these two in the pages of Flashpoint, which will continue to go up every Sunday for the foreseeable future! But I'd love to hear what you thought of everything! It was a blast to right, and I love both Huntress and Power Girl so much, but I knew that the plate was full and I got behind, and instead of posting what I could when I could, I decided I really wanted to hold off to link Power Girl's appearance in Flashpoint to make it all fit pretty when the finale of this story dropped! But I cannot wait to hear what you thought of how everything came to a close and how everything got wrapped up! Power Girl heading off to Metropolis, Huntress seemingly teaming up with Batman, a potential Robin sighting, and now Catwoman has Huntress' blood, what is that going to lead to?! I can't wait to pick up each of those threads when they come up in Flashpoint, though as those of you that know about what is happening in Flashpoint right now, you know that each one might come at different times!

Anyways, thanks for coming and readying this little mini-series of mine! I had a blast writing it, and I hope that you guys enjoyed it! If you did, make sure to jump over to Flashpoint, because it's a lot of the same kind of shenanigans and it comes out every week! I'll see you there, and for those of you that leave reviews for this story, I'll probably do a "13th chapter" that just responds to the reviews in about a week or so! Thanks again for reading!