So I've read Child of Heaven and when I caught up on all the chapters I suddenly went through that quick "now what?" phase. I've settled on writing my own self-insert fic so yeah that's a thing I'm gonna be doing

A few disclaimers just for good measure:

Don't take this seriously.

English is not my first language and I'm still learning it so I'm sorry if anything sounds stupid or you can't understand what I'm trying to say.

Surprisingly, I'm not Hiro Mashima so nothing belongs to me in this story except for my OC which is totally not me by the way.

This was written for fun. It was never intended to be the best read you'll ever had nor is it the one I spent the most time on. This is merely done so I can relax a little.

Have a good read!

You know what's awesome in life? Playing video games while watching anime at three in the morning. You know what's significantly less awesome? Playing video games while watching anime for every single one of your waking hours.

Meet me! A self-proclaimed Super Mario 64 speed runner who's also in the top 20% players in the world at Hearthstone, can jam out to the tetris theme song and is exclusively going to Othakucon to get a body-sized pillow of my waifu which will be useful for reasons I will not divulge. As much as I can brag about my imaginary talent though, something much more interesting happened to me one day. One fateful day, clutching my pillow and munching on my thumb, I had a dream. A dream that would impact my life forever, thrusting me in too well known territory. Consider these pages my memoir as I retell the glorious life that I led.

The day this happened, I was enjoying my daily dose of Borderlands as I chatted with a few friends… what? Were you expecting me to elaborate further? Pretty much told you everything that occurred already so…

I went to bed at a reasonable hour that day: 5 in the morning, high on adrenaline and sugar from a prolonged period of "rekking" in my favorite FPS. My sleep is usually dreamless and even when my mind triggers them, they're nothing more than mere tidbits of trivial shenanigans. I had never had a prolonged and thorough dream in my life, let alone lucid dreaming.

Therefore, when I found myself floating aimlessly in an infinite black abyss, you can figure I was a little distraught.

The first question I asked myself seeped with intelligence as I muttered a little "the fuck?" under my breath. I felt weightless, floaty, as I tried to make sense of where I was and how I could get out of there. By now, the thought that this was all made up crossed my mind yet for some reason I quickly discarded it. This felt eerily real, nothing I ever experienced before and I lusted for this new feeling, this alternation in my day to day life.

My wandering remained fruitless however. No matter where I tried to go, darkness surrounded me. My original calm lost ground to panic as I started imagining I had died. I tried yelling the names of those I knew yet no one came. My mind drifting, desperately trying to figure out what to do, I tried to bite myself. This couldn't be real, I knew it. Perhaps if I tried to feel pain, I would wake up from my slumber.

A pointless endeavor as the bite hurt like hell.

I stared at the bite marks in disbelief. You can't feel pain when you're in a dream, can't you? So why then did I…

My eyes bulged at the realization. My chest tightened and my panic doubled.

"No!" I said then followed with a vicious slap to my face, it stung horribly.

"No!" I yelled as I tried to bash my forehead on my knee.

"No…" I sobbed, my body killing me with the repeated attempts at injuring myself to wake up. A few tears formed in my eyes. Despite being a usually stern 18 year old woman, I was this close to crying my heart out. I didn't know what to do, where I was or how I got there and this traumatized me more than any horror game I had ever played before.

A chuckle flew through the air at my pitiful display. It sounded like a man was watching me. I scanned the area around with my blurred vision but only darkness could be seen. Still, in this surreal scenario, this voice might be the one of salvation.

"Who are you?" I attempted weakly.

No answer came. I forced the tears away and tried to assert myself.

"Who are you?" I repeated with as much confidence as I could muster, my red eyes doing nothing to assist me out of this situation.

A few seconds of silence passed, each noticeably ticking in my head, as I waited on the newcomer to start the expected conversation.

"How do you picture yourself in the future?"

I was surprised at the question but desperation made me talk before asking anything else.

"As a lonely 40 something virgin whose job is to stream all day long, remembering the good old days of gaming."

"Are these really your ambitions?" The voice said a little amused.

"Not so much ambitions as they are quite a realistic outcome." I scoffed.

Several minutes of nothing followed. I tried to restart the conversation but the new guy was adamant on denying these attempts.

Then, just like that, I woke up.

I was in my bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. I could tell I was back in my world now which I almost thanked everything above for. A smile crossed my lips as I enthusiastically sat on my bed.

Just to find a man standing there.

I instinctively yelled and jumped at what I saw

"Who the hell are…" I started.

My sentence was cut short as a gunshot was heard and I felt searing pain in my head. It was a little too sudden to explain just how underwheling this whole thing was.

Lifelessly, I dropped back down on my bed just to be awoken later in the same dark abyss as earlier.

I tried to collect my thoughts at what had suddenly happened before coming to the soundest conclusion I had.

"Did I just…"

"Die? Yes, yes you did, my friend." It was the voice from before who said these words. " Your life was going nowhere, you're well aware of it so I did us both a favor and ended it prematurely. Earth doesn't need anymore more grumpy old women."

"You just murdered me?" I asked with disbelief painted by anger.

"That I did!" He chuckled again. " Don't be so negative about it, I have something great planned for you."

I didn't feel like playing along but what else could I really do? I could always try to laugh it off and expect to wake up but that was foolish at best. This guy had just killed me and I certainly didn't want anything to do with him but he seemed to have an intention behind this. Perhaps this was all a demented fantasy. Better insane than dead.

"What is it?"

"Name a world you like."

"Why?" I said, raising my eyebrow.

"To throw you in it. I'm kinda bored and I'd like to see how you would react if you were thrown in another world."

"Are you insane?" I yelled. "I just lost my friends, my family and my steady life in one swoop just because you felt like it and now you want me to throw everything that I know just for your own sick entertainment? I don't have to do anything you tell me and I sure as hell am not going to follow the orders of a deranged psychopath even if it is to live in an alternate universe of someone's creation."

"Good argument there, my friend. "He complimented. "Here's my rebuttal: what else would you do? You're dead. Your choice is Limbo or reincarnation. One of these things is surprisingly a little more interesting than the other.

I grumbled under my breath. He had me…

"Fine! Any world that I want?"

"Any of them." He answered, sounding confident.

I thought about it for a few minutes, weighting each of my options.

"Alright!" I eventually said. "Throw me in the world of Safe Haven."

A laugh roared through the air.

"You think you're clever don't you?" He said. "Just because of that little joke of yours, I'm half tempted to choose for you."

"You said any world that I want. I want to go in the world of Earth in the 2000 era. I don't see what's wrong with that. I'm following the conditions you set on me. You made a promise so put me back into my world now!"

"I made no such promise!" The voice thundered.

" You said any world. " I insisted. "I'm not going back in mine, I'm going in a god forsaken Nicholas Sparks novel that just so happens to take place in an environment similar to mine. It's a fortunate coincidence shall we say."

A low growl resonated through the air. Oh, how the table had turned.

"Fine, you smartass, I'm altering the rules!"

"What?" I responded. " Don't be a sore loser and respect what you said!"

"Silence! I have better things to do with my time than listen to your wit. If you don't want to cooperate like you're supposed to, it's only natural, I adapt to this behaviour. Now I'll be the one who decides on your future!"

"You can't…"

"Finish that sentence! I dare you to argument on who has the power here: the lowlife with a crush on a fictional girl or the man that spawned you in Limbo and has the possibility of putting you wherever he desires?"

I remained quiet at that.

"The world of Fairy Tail!" He inquisitively said. "You'll be going in the world of Fairy Tail!"

"What? Oh hell no! I don't want to be part of a freaking shounen!"

"Well, boohoo, sucks to be you then!"

"What are you? 10?"

We continued to throw petty comments at each other for a little while longer. For a seemingly omnipotent being, that guy was really a dick.

We eventually calmed down. I took a deep breath and tried to remain civilized regarding the unfolding situation. I did despise the guy for what he had done but he was trying to make amends in his own twisted way I guess. I didn't trust him but between having to endure Lucy and drift away in nothingness for eternity, the choice remained fairly simple.

"Why the world of Fairy Tail?" I asked.

He seemed to have regained his calm as well and answered with a mellower voice than before.

"It happens to be an expansive world with plenty of possibilities. Earth Land is vast, the magic you can learn is diverse and joining a guild would lead your life from adventure to adventure. You can also just stay in a town and live normally. Additionally, there are no video games or anime in this world; therefore forcing you in experimenting away from your comfort zone."

I scoffed.

"You sound like you actually want the best for me." I sarcastically said.

"You'd be surprised." He said with a small laugh.

A few minutes of silence. I thought of my family sombrely, realizing that they would have likely found my corpse by then. It saddened me that my mother would find her daughter murdered in her house. I felt guilty at that. The guy seemed to understand my morose expression, my head hanging low.

"I can make them forget you if you desire, much like I can have you forget them."

I raised my eyebrow but I knew hope glinted in my eyes. Still, I didn't trust the guy yet. I just had to make sure.

"How would I know you're not lying to me?"

"You can't really, it's just a promise I'm making you but wouldn't your mind be more at ease if your surroundings forgot who you were? Your death was sudden and, frankly, ungraceful. If they forgot, they wouldn't grief you, forever living with the idea that you never existed in this world. In a way, your final gift to them is avoiding the grief of losing you."

"They would forget the good as well though…" I muttered. I raised my head slowly. "Will I still be able to talk to you after I transferred to the world of Fairy Tail?"

"You will." He asserted laconically.

"Then I'll give you my answer later." I felt retrospection was vital in making such a massive decision.

"When will you be ready to head out?" He asked.

I sighed.

"Right now, I guess."

"Perfect, then enjoy your new life. I hope for you it will be filled with thrilling adventures and unexpected twists."

I smiled, nodding in response. He continued talking:

"Then starting now, your life as the daughter of Ivan Dreyar has begun!"

My smile faded.

"As the daugher of who?" I said before a bright light blinded me.

The feeling of weightlessness faded as I started bawling for no apparent reason.

"Congratulations!" I heard a joyful voice say. "It's a girl!"

And we're done for now! Hasty introduction to the story written while extremely tired! Yeah!

Admittedly, from the few chapters I wrote so far, this one's the weakest and considering it's the intro… well sorry about that.

We're gonna be seeing a change of tone starting with the next chapter. I swear I only planned to mention waifus once in this entire thing.