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"Demonic/out worldly voices or thoughts"

(Author's Note/Translation) The ANs that are numbered are at the bottom.

Chapter 1: The Road to Hell…

In a dark room where the only source of light were the rays of sunlight that bleed through the curtains, the form of a girl laying on the bed could still be made out. The girl had orange skin, a trait of her alien heritage, with vivid green eyes and flame-red hair that reached to just below her rear. She was wrapped in the sheets of the bed; she had been awake for quite some time but she just had a hard time finding the willpower to crawl out of bed

Starfire sighed as she pushed the blankets off of her revealing her nude form as she sat up. Hair covered the right side of her face as she again sighed deeply. She's been like this for quite some time now, going on for some time She got to her feet and walked over to her closet, which contained not only her copies of her uniform but a shrine as well.

The shrine was made with several photos and newspaper clippings featuring Danny Phantom, the Ghost Boy of the Teen Titans. The boy that she loved more than anything else on this planet. "Hello…Danny," she said as she allowed herself as a small smile as she looked at her favorite photo.

It was of him and her taken from the top of a Ferris wheel at the pier almost four years ago, when the team was still young in its creation. Their faces were close together as they were both smiling at the camera Danny had with him. That was an important day for her as it would be the start of many firsts for her: the first time she had cotton candy, the first time she saw fireworks and the first time she fell in love with someone.

She was being stalked and attacked by drones from unknown assailants around the same time her older sister, Blackfire, came to visit. The longer she was around the more it seemed like she was getting replaced, as everyone seemed to favor her sister over her. Beast Boy was smitten with her, Cyborg held a lot of respect for her, Raven enjoyed her dark nature, and Robin was interested in her martial art expertise. Most of them didn't seem to notice her growing depression, save for Danny.


Starfire sat at the edge of the roof of Titan's Tower as she looked at the city, hugging her legs close to her. 'Everyone favors sister over me', she thought to herself. 'Maybe it would be better if I leave?'

"Hey Star," she heard a voice call out to her.

Surprised, she turned around to see Danny phasing through the roof and sitting close to her. Danny was one of the Titans who stood out the most. He had spiky white hair and green eyes that were quite literally glowing with power. He had a simple uniform with a black suit with white boots and gloves with a white 'D' on his chest.

"Friend Danny," Starfire said, "what are you doing here?"

"I've noticed that you seem upset about Blackfire…" He answered simply with a faint smile on his face.

Starfire hugged her legs closer to her as she looked out into Jump City. "It is not like I hate her." She started. "It is just…everyone seems to prefer her over me. After all, she is the better fighter, the better poet and even is the best at the video games. She is better than me in every way."

"I wouldn't say that," Danny answered, causing the alien girl to turn to him. "Blackfire is different and interesting, sure, but I wouldn't say she's better then you. You have an important spot on this team that just can't be replaced, even by your sister." Danny said as he smiled at her.

Starfire felt her face turn red as she looked shyly down at her feet. "Thank you, Danny." She whispered as she could feel her heart beat harder from his words.

"No problem, I know what it means to feels to be out-shined by someone close to you. So if you want to talk about it then you know where to come and get me." Danny said as he patted her on the back.

Starfire's face went red for a second as she kept shyly looking down at her feet.

END of Flashback

Starfire put the photo back in its place in her shrine as she started to gather her clothes for the day before going into the bathroom to shower. In the end, it turned out that her sister was trying to frame her for crimes she didn't even commit. If it wasn't for a rescue by her friends spearheaded by Danny, she would have been arrested and locked away. Over time, her crush developed and grew to the point where she was utterly and obsessed with him.

He was there in her thoughts almost 24/7. He was there when she woke up and he was there when she goes to sleep. She dreamed of him, daydreamed of him, pretty much the only time where she didn't have Danny on her brain was during missions but even then she would steal glances of him if only out of concern. Despite all the love she had for Danny, it tore her up when she found out that Danny had feelingsfor Raven, who had no feelings for anyone…and how everything came crashing down and ruined everything. Her thoughts were cut short when the alarm went off.

Reluctantly, she rushed towards the main room of the tower to see what the problem was. Starfire's uniform had changed over the years; instead of purple her clothes were white with black trimming, in remembrance of her friend. Her armor now extended to cover most of her arms and legs as well. Her hair had grown as well, not bothering to cut it, yet she still managed to contain it and not let it be a distraction for her even when her right bang had a habit of covering that side of her face. As she flew down the hall she stopped and instantly turned around to fly back to her room and retrieve a necklace from underneath her pillow. It was a simple one: a silver cord with a green star as its center. The centerpiece was cold, being made from an unnatural ice colored green, but she held it to her chest before wrapping the cord around her neck and flying back out.

When Starfire reached the living room the other Titans were waiting for her. "What is the problem?" She asked distantly. She hated being in the same room with them, she only tolerated being even near them in this tower because they were still working towards a common goal that is much easier to achieve together as opposed to working apart. The same could be said for all the others as well.

Starfire wasn't the only one to have changed their appearance over the years. Cyborg had undergone some upgrades to his hard and software, his red eye was now a bright yellow, almost golden. His metal chassis was more bulky and durable and the cybernetics was a darker shade of blue, almost like oceanic. Beast Boy grew taller and started to cut his hair shorter. His purple and black uniform was now replaced with a white and rust-colored one, and he even grew more muscular and less lanky though not by much. Raven still wore her signature blue cloak, only it had some tears from the harsh battles fought over the years; her hood still hid her face and she still wore a black leotard, only it now was sleeveless and was accompanied by a long skirted cloth in front of her along with her hair now reaching down to just below her chest and tied with black braids. The last one, their leader Robin, changed his uniform's bright colors for more natural darker shades. Instead of bright red or green it was a dark red, almost a velvet, and a hunter green with the only thing bright was the yellow 'R' on his right peck. His hair also started to grow out and his domino mask was sharper and thinner.

Robin turned to her. "There's a break in at the Bank of Perez," he said as the video of the bank being attacked by a man in a black suit with a light bulb on his chest. "Titans, go!"


In the city, at the Bank of Perez, Doctor Light was blasting away at the police with yellow energy. "Get back!" He yelled. "I'm ordering you to stay back you fools!" He shouted frantically with a mad, desperate gleam in his eyes. The police took shots at him only for the light-based villain to protect himself with a shield. Yet on a roof in the distance stood a female figure watching the scene patiently. She was dressed in a sleeveless shirt that was a dark violet that had the top open, exposing a fair amount of cleavage and her naval and a black mini-skirt. Her arms had metal gauntlets that matched the color scheme of her clothes along with knee-high boots. She smiled at the scene with her arms crossed. Her black-violet hair was combed back and made into a braid that reached the center of her spine and tied with red string. She pressed a finger to her ear as she spoke into a communicator head-set. "You're distraction is working splendidly. The tower should be empty by now."

"Understood, keep me updated for when the Titans arrive on the scene." A voice answered back.

"Be careful, they may be gone but they may have some defenses active."

"You worry too much Blackfire. I'll be fine, after all..."

At That Time

Back in the living room of Titan's Tower, a glowing green crack slowly appeared in the air like a knife cut through the very fabric of reality before it expanded into a portal that allowed a figure to enter the room. "They don't expect me back," he said as he removed his finger from his ear. He was in a hooded black silk, long-sleeved robe with matching pants along with leather gauntlets that reach halfway up his arms. Along his robes were dark grey trimming that resembled serpents. The white belt around his waist connected together to form the image of a demon with a fierce scowl. The lower part of his face was covered with a black cloth, leaving only the vaguely glowing green gemstone in the center of his forehead and two red eyes, glowing like rubies from a furnace, visible. Only his left eye had no pupil and glowed brighter then the other, like the beam from a sniper's scope while the right one had a narrow pupil like a snake. His right arm was made from black metal and had the scarlet image of a three-headed hell hound on the back of the mechanical hand.

He slowly looked around the tower. "This place...hasn't changed much," he told her over the headset.

"Exactly what are you doing there anyway? I thought you wanted to take your time showing yourself to these idiots." She asked with annoyance clear in her voice.

"I am. I'm just curious about Raven's collection. Magic is a silly thing Blackfire, all of my hard work scouring the world and the internet, digging through documents and notes, looking for artifacts to teach me magic all being shot down because of some incantation in a dusty old tome that I've overlooked."

Blackfire sighed tenderly over the radio. "Remember that time we went to Paris to steal the works of that alchemist from the Crypts?"

He smiled at his girlfriends' tone. "Yeah...aside from the corpses it was fun. I also remember how you dragged me to the Eiffel Tower and tried to have your way with me after we stole that painting from the Louvre for Slade after we fought the guards, how many did we kill? Twenty maybe thirty, including the police?"

Blackfire laughed softly. "It's not my fault. You're sexy when you rip souls out of their bodies. In fact, I'm kind of getting turned on thinking about it."

He laughed loudly. "You're such a damn hedonist."

"Once again, that's not MY fault. In fact, I recall you were the one that attacked me one night out in the jungles of Africa in the first week after you got your new body and made love to me for three hours straight. How could I not become addicted after such a night?" Blackfire said longingly.


"I'm just happy that my kind can cancel pregnancies if need be. Otherwise I would be stuck raising two kids by now while you have all the fun." Blackfire joked.

"Yeah, that would have been horrifying. Half-Tamaranean, part-ghost, part-human babies. That's sounds like something out of a straight-to-video horror movie." He joked back before putting on a straight face. "I've found Raven's room. How are things on your end?"

"The Titans have just arrived."

"Good, I'll be done soon. Till then the doctor has outlived his usefulness."

"Will do."

Back at the Bank

Doctor Light shot his beams at the police till a familiar blue and white car came onto the scene. He allowed himself a hopeful smile as tears went down his face as the Teen Titans came out with Starfire flying not that far behind. "Oh thank God!" He called out. "Please! You got to help me!"

"'Help' you?" Beast Boy called out to him. "You're the one attacking the city and robbing the bank!"

"Not on propose! He said if I didn't do as he said he was going to kill me!" Doctor Light called as out as he fired a projectile at them, missing them on purpose.

"Who said he was going to kill you?" Robin called out.

"I-I don't know his name!" Doctor Light called out as he charged up another beam. "H-He had called himself…" He said as he was struggling to recall the name as panic was clear in his voice. "It-It was something with a 'C'."

"Just take it easy Doctor Light, we can help you," Robin said trying to calm the villain down.

"It…it," he struggled as he tried to think of the name. "It was Cer-GAAAH!" He called out as he clenched his chest in pain. "H-HELP ME!" He called out as he started vomiting blood.

"Oh my god," Robin said to himself as he and the Titans rushed to inspect the doctor. Doctor Light was shaking and flaying as if he was having a seizure. Cyborg got him on his back allowing them to see abright red mark on his chest.

"Oh god no!" Doctor Light called out weakly as blood started to leak from his eyes and ears, with a gasp his chest was sucked in with a sickening crunch before imploding, drenching the majority of the Titans in blood and gore, save for Raven and Starfire who were flying out of range.

"What the hell was that?! What the hell just happened?!" Robin looked down at the grisly scene as Beast Boy started to vomit from the scene.

Cyborg backed away from what used to be Doctor Light only to see the horrified look on Raven's face. "You okay Rae?" He asked, yet the Goth magician didn't even respond. "Raven? Raven!" He shouted at the girl making her jump. "What's wrong with you?!...wait…do you know what this is?"

Raven was silent while the other Titans started to gather around her. Raven looked at the concerned looks at the other Titans. "I-I need to go back to the tower," she said as she started to fly back to the tower. Starfire followed after her as the boys got the blood washed off with a hose.

Blackfire, who was hidden in the alley next to the building. "Good work, I think you have them scared. Get out of there."


A green portal appeared in the ceiling of a simple room as books started to drop down onto a bed. It wasn't long before the black-robed figure hovered in, barely touching the ground. "I'm already gone," heanswered. "Come on back, I'll be waiting for you."

"Good, I'll see you soon, Danny." Blackfire said warmly as she shut off her communicator. Danny smiled as he removed his hood, revealing his snowy white hair reaching to his shoulders and the white, thin surgical scar that could be seen around the top of his head. "So, let's see what Raven knows." He said as he started to open a random book and started reading.

A Few Minutes Later

Cybrog, Beast Boy and Robin finally arrived at the tower. They saw a clearly disturbed Raven sitting on the couch while Starfire was in the corner of the room, looking down at the floor with a somber look on her face and her arms crossed. "What's wrong?" Robin asked.

"Someone…entered my room and they stole some of my books," Raven answered. "Namely those about the dark arts."

"What?! Seriously?!" Cyborg asked. "But I just upgraded the system! Not even a fly could get in without triggering an alarm!"

"There's more," Raven said as she turned to Starfire.

The Titans turned to Starfire who still didn't seem to notice that they returned. She only raised her head when they got close. "I found this," Starfire stated as she raised her hand to show them a disk in a jewel case, with the words 'About Danny' written in black marker. "On the wall of Raven's room…"

The End

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