Hey guys, so I listen to the reviews and PMs and many of you still want this story to remain but the thing is that I'm deleting this story to at the very least make it better then it was before and because I already ruined it before. This chapter will really give a list, though not spoiling too much, of what changes will be made for the Reboot version. Hopefully it will increase your interest and make you more excited for the newer version of this story. Of course there will be some stuff that will remain the same and I'll get those out of the way first:

1) The story will still be about Danny being betrayed by the Titans and him taking revenge on them as well as targeting and tormenting the other heroes of the DC universe.

2) Danny is primarily a sorcerer but is enhanced with cybernetics.

3) Danny is still trained by Deathstroke AKA Slade. Along with other villains such as Tala.

Now that's out of the way, time for the changes to the story.

1) Danny is still saved by Deathstroke but he was hired by another villain who Danny under his personal wing.

2) Danny has a human, secret identity.

3) This new human identity is one of great power and wealth.

4) Danny will be more involved with the Ghost Zone.

Now that is all that I can spare without going into full detail of the changes. I still want to keep most of it as a surprise. After all, if I just told you everything then what would the point in reading it? LOL. Anyway, thanks again for your support and and please send me a review or PM telling what you think of the confirmed changes and what you might want to see in the future.