Summary:It's been years since Eragon had left Alagaesia to train new dragon riders. Eragon had named the place Du Atilan Skulblaka. Du Atilan Skulblaka has over a hundred apprentices ready to become into legendary rider someday. The chosen riders have the choice to either stay in Du Atilan Skulblaka and teach the upcoming apprentices, or, go to Alagaesia and be seen as one of higher rank. This story is about Larzendor, a new rider, and his friends Hope and Ismira, and how they become riders in full.

Head Rider (and dragon):

Eragon Shadeslayer and Saphira Bjartskular
Sword: Brisingr (fire) (sapphire blue)

(teaches mental and aerial combat)


Second In Command (and dragon):

Murtagh Morzansson and Thorn

Sword: Zar'roc (misery) (blood red)

(Teaches combat (the grounded version) specialises in using a sword)

Third In Command(and dragon)

Ienira Miolandra-Thrandúrin and Vindría Bjartskular

Sword: Islingr(light bringer) (Vrangr (awry)) (Bone white)

(Teaches Advanced Magic)


Elder Riders(and dragons)

Arya Dröttning and Fírnen

Sword: Tamerleín (Forest green)

(Teaches riders to help them prepare for the journey across the Eastern Sea to Du Atilan Skulblaka,queen of the Alfa-kyn

Martha Miriamsdaughter and Lily

Sword: Mithrim (rose) (cayenne)

(healer, Rider High Council)

Selja Llyr and Shulideir

Sword: Freohr (shadow) (midnight black)

(head of Rider Patrol, Shulideir ferries potential apprentices to and from Du Atilan Skulblaka)

Neydra of Durgumist Ingeitum and Kuldriel

Sword: Solur (sun) (sun yellow)

(Rider High Council)


Larzendor Miolandra-Thrandurin and Artequin


Mentors:Ienira Miolandra-Thrandurin and Vindria Bjartskular

Hope Elainesdaughter and Dronden


Mentors:Murtagh Morzansson and Thorn

Ismira Katrinasdaughter and Amethyst


Mentors:Eragon Shadeslayer and Saphira Bjartskular

Olivier of Durgumist Vrenshrrgn and Florina


Mentors:Neydra of Durgumist Vrenshrrgn and Kudriel


"Good job, Larzendor. Not many could go through such an obstacle," Mr. Alotin said, pleased as always. Larzendor gave a quick bow and smiled.

"Sir, I could help the whole class if you would like," Larzendor said gleefully as he chuckled. Yes. This could totally make me into a dragon rider, Larzendor thought at the back of his mind.

The only thing Larzendor thinks about is becoming into a dragon rider. It's his one and only dream. His parents always doubt him but he would never listen and he is confident he would be one when he grows up. Larzendor is an elf with long and stout ears. He hand blond hair with a quiff haircut. He was skinny compared to the others and unusually tall.

That was when It happened.

Larzendor's vision suddenly blurred. His body ached as he winced. He squeezed his eyes shut and tensed every single muscle in his body. LARZENDOR BOLETUSSON! A booming voice erupted in his head, YOU HAVE BEEN QUALIFIED FOR RECEIVING AN EGG. COME TO DU ATILAN SKULBLAKA VIA SHULIDEIR TO YOUR RIGHT. YOU CAN SUMMON THE ITEMS YOU WOULD NEED BY SAYING 'PULISHIN'!

Pulishin. Funny, Larzendor thought. Suddenly, a stylish briefcase appeared on his hands. Wow, it even works by thinking!

Larzendor's vision recovered slowly. His surroundings were all white and he thought he was transported into another dimension. Larzendor looked to his right. A silhouette of a dragon roared at him. Larzendor's pointy elf ears pricked up as he gaped. What a beautiful dragon, Larzendor thought, feeling so amazed.

The dragon was about twenty feet tall. Its scales were black and shiny, its limbs were strong and thick. The tail was swishing back and forth. The yellow and glimmering eyes, the small and stout ears, the long and thick horns made Larzendor's mind cry in wonder. He had never seen such a magnificent creature before.

The dragon looked at him with one eye and shook its head, indicating that they must go soon. Larzendor ran straight to the dragon. He put one hand on the dragon's smooth back and jumped. He tried hopping over to the dragon's back but failed constantly. The dragon gave out a grunt and lowered its back. Only then, Larzendor gave his last effort and climbed onto the dragon's back. Larzendor clung on as the dragon lifted off.

At first, Larzendor could've sworn he wanted to puke after a few 'turbulences', but the sensation was soon replaced by a feeling of exhilaration. The breeze swept over his shoulder as he breathed into fresh, clean air. He got used to the sudden glides and enjoyed it. His mind drifted off into a different world.