Chapter 3: The return of the riders


Murtagh's POV

Thud. Thud. Thud. the repeating thud of two dragons' wings resonated over the wind.

Murtagh asked over the wind to Ienira, "So this floating island is OVER the rider's island? What kind of bad joke is this Ienira?"

The woman seated on the white dragon tossed her silver hair in indignation and answered, "Murtagh, seriously. We'll be 6000 feet above the islands tallest peaks- which are over 9000 feet tall. No one will find us. Anyway, we could spy on Eragon-just to make sure he's safe . Plus, our "settlement" will be on the wild side of the island. Eragon doesn't even go there."

Murtagh replied, "How do you know?"

Ienira said, "Oh come on. It's easy to notice. You can tell because Eragon and Saphira's life forces are the strongest ones on the island except for yours, Thorn's, Vindria's and mine. Eragon is too busy being headmaster of the Rider's Island. He will not come here."

Murtagh said "Oh all right Eibrithil, I trust you. But why hide?"

Ienira said "I don't know, he might not greet you with the umm… Happy smile." Ienira smiled, flashing her white teeth. "Unpack and I will see you for sparring, ok?"

"All right, Ienira-elda."


"Right. swing your sword like this-yes! Quick, fast! Use your - like that!" Ienira instructed Murtagh.

Murtagh slashed to the right with as much power as he could.

"Good. I doubt Eragon can beat you anymore. Probe my mind - yes like that, and right, cast a spell," Ienira grinned approvingly.

Ienira was teaching Murtagh the art of attacking with a weapon, your mind and magic at the same time. Needless to say, Murtagh was excelling at this. He managed to brush the minds of almost everything in the forest. He now knew pretty much all the places where they could find dinner in no time. What he didn't know was that a few apprentices were watching them from a corner of the forest.

Larzendor, Ismira and Hope walked into the wild, since Eragon dismissed them to have free time around the area. They were walking along with their dragons, a purple, a pale blue, and a silver. They had walked for an hour, before they heard swords clanging.

The trio looked up, seeing nothing but a dot. Larzendor used his elvish vision to focus on the dot, suddenly it became clearer and clearer, a floating island slowly formed.

Do you know what lurks above? -Larzendor asked

Yeah, I mean no. I have no idea, I think we should fly up. -Artequin replied

We? You mean 'I'. Are you sure you are strong enough? I don't want you to get hurt, you are very dear to me. - Larzendor asked, worried.

Of course I am strong enough! Don't worry, I'll show you. -Artequin. He was sending happy thoughts to Larzendor.

"Come on, we have to check it out!" Larzendor shouted to the other two, climbing onto Artequin.

Thank you Quin, you are the best. If you feel unsure, you could go down. I really do not want you to get hurt. -Larzendor

*smirks* You worry too much. -Artequin

With a few strong wing beats, Artequin was soon in the air, with Hope's and Ismira's dragonets Dronden and Amethyst following closely behind.

They got closer and closer to the island. The trio could clearly see an elf and a human sparring. Artequin used his new ability and sent the images he saw to Larzendor. Larzendor observed the techniques they used to spar-they were really advanced and the only people he had ever seen doing that were Eragon and Arya-and some of them were ones that were even more advanced than Eragon and Arya's! The human jerked back and Larzendor gulped, hoping that the human didn't see Artequin and the other two. Luckily, their dragons were too tiny to be seen for a distance from a human eye. The human turned around again, hoping to catch the elf by surprise. The elf had expected the blow, so she parried with a pitying expression on her face.

Holy guacamole! -Artequin

What? -Larzendor

Did you miss it? -Artequin

Miss what? -Larzendor

Did you see them use magic? The human's one was red and the elf's white- they might be riders! -Artequin

Ones that Eragon don't know about? Not likely.-Larzendor

Anyway,let's focus on the battle.-Artequin

"Faster!" the lyrical voice of the elf could be heard from high above her. She appeared to be on edge, so that was probably why she snapped, Larzendor said to Hope and Ismira.

"Well how am I supposed to? I'm not as fast as an elf." The human with a deep voice answered dismissively.

"Well if you work harder, then you get faster quicker!" The elf shouted back, unimpressed.

As soon as she had said that, she was pushed to the ground by the man.

"Dead," he grinned with a smirk on his face.

That was amazing! All those tactics, surely I can learn from them. Wait, I missed something! -Larzendor

Miss what? -Artequin

Nevermind Quin, you should come back down. -Larzendor

Come on you old geezer, what did you miss? -Artequin

Now now, it's not very important. -Larzendor

Didn't you know? Dragons could be very curious, they will go 'kabam' if they couldn't find out what they wanted to know.. -Artequin

Actually no… I didn't know/.. -Larzendor

Well you learnt something new now… NOW TELL ME! -Artequin

You silly little thing. No. -Larzendor

The elf paled and said,"H-how did-oh my god you are the first human in 200 years to be able to beat me! You are seriously making some progress!"

Artequin and the others flew back and ended the ability. Larzendor whispered to Hope and Ismira and said as fast as he could, "WegottatellEragon-eibrithil."

"Okay Larzendor, let's go", chorused Ismira and Hope.

"You said that two people were sparring an hour's walk away from the rider's settlement?" said Eragon.

Ismira said "Yes Uncle, two people- one elf and one human "

"Hmm. Could you, Larzendor, tell me what they looked like?"

"Well the guy had black hair-"

"What color eyes did he have?" Eragon asked quizically.

The three exchanged looks and looked back at Eragon.

"WHAT COLOR EYES DID HE HAVE!" Eragon was nearly screaming at this point.

"G-g-g-gray, why do you-"

But Eragon was already running for Saphira.

Oh my god Saphira, Murtagh is back! -Eragon

Is that a good thing little one? -Saphira

Oh by the name of Oromis, YES! -Eragon

Why Oromis, little one? -Saphira

Quick, I'll tell you when we are in the air. -Eragon

Saphira spread open her magnificent wings and flapped it with strong wingbeats.

Now little one. Why Oromis? -Saphira

Oh Saphira, do you never keep up with events? -Eragon

No. -Saphira

Well, Glaedr invented this magnificent thing called Relearence that grants resurrection only to the people who needs and deserves it. -Eragon

But! Glaedr did it in his Eldunari? -Saphira

Yes. It's truly amazing. -Eragon

Wow. So what made Oromis resurrect and when can we meet him? -Saphira

I don't know. Angela said he must be resurrected for the future generations. That's it, so- Ahhhh. -Eragon

Saphira was too focused on the conversation, she nearly crashed into the trees in the nearby forest. Eragon yanked on his right foot rest. The left foot rest would hit Saphira's wergi nerve and would cause her body to swoop down. The right foot rest would hit Saphira's lergi nerve, which would cause her body to react and fly up in a matter of milliseconds. Eragon sighed in relief.

Are you ok little one? -Saphira

Yes, you? -Eragon

Definitely. -Saphira