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News of having been able to retrieve a stolen Sunflowers a second time spread across the world instantly. The mass media was all over Jirokichi and his Lake Lock Exhibition's special feature. What's more is that with the endorsement of Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Museum's endorsement, Jirokichi was finally able to call out to and gather all seven of the Sunflowers to Japan.

Having the opening date of the Sunflowers Exhibition decided on, Jirokichi, along with Sonoko appeared on the News channel. They were seated on some sofas arrange in the shape of the character ハ, with an MC and a commentator sitting opposite to them. In the center in between them was a monitor featuring "The Opening of the Japan's Beloved Sunflowers Exhibition Official!" in big letters.

"We have here with us the instigators of 'Japan's Beloved Sunflowers Exhibition', Mr. Suzuki Jirokichi and his niece, Suzuki Sonoko, of the Suzuki Plutocracy Consulting Group. Now, will you please share with us the reason why you decided to put on such a large-scale exhibition?"

"Van Gogh himself found inspiration by the bright light of Japan he saw through an Ukiyo-e (Wood-block printing). He attempted to pursue this brightness when he headed for the town of Areles, borrowing a yellow house, and planning to paint 12 Sunflowers pictures to hang on his walls."

As Sonoko spoke these words, the front monitor showed the scenery of the Southern province town Areles and the yellow house.

"So we have decided to succeed his intentions and gather the remaining Sunflowers here in Japan today."

"Oh~ that is wonderful to hear!"

At hearing the commentator's praise, Jirokichi smiled his trademark grin.

"We have heard that in order to host this huge project of the century, you're using an incredible museum that exceeds our imagination…"

"Yes, the exhibition will take place at Lake Rock Museum."

From behind her as she said this the monitor projected the words, "The Impregnable Lake Rock Museum!"

"It's a name we've not heard before isn't it?"

"That's because this museum was created especially for this exhibition." Said Jirokichi.

"In order to create the most suitable atmosphere to exhibit these masterpieces, in addition to making it compatible with a flawless security system, it was necessary to build this exhibit from scratch."

"Very well then, let us hear an explanation from Ms. Suzuki Sonoko accompanied with a preview video of this exhibit we've received in advance."

The announcer turned to the monitor. The screen displayed the expected outer appearance of the museum.

"This Lake Rock Museum is built within a reformed limestone cave that my company has taken possession of. It is a building that extends eight floors underground, with a viewing room on each floor. On each of these floors, one of the seven Sunflowers paintings will be displayed separately for the guest to enjoy at their leisure."

In accord with her explanation, the monitor changed to show the cross section of the interior of the Lake Rock. It showed that from the entrance building on the surface, eight floors were lined up extending directly downwards. Connecting each floor was a single elevator shaft and a spiraling tube-like walkway. The route the viewers were to take was highlighted on the screen, following the tube.


"Finally, as all our viewers gather on the eighth and final floor, the Sunflowers paintings on each floor will be taken in a specialized automated elevator down to the eighth floor where our viewers will be able to view the entire collection of the Sunflowers at once as they wait for the visitor elevator that will take them back up to the top."

"I see! So we wouldn't be able to view all the Sunflowers together at first, but only after we have been able to appreciate each Sunflowers individually, correct!?"

"And not just that! Our security is top-notch too!"

Jirokichi bragged, raising his folding-fan all importantly as Sonoko continued.

"If anything out of the ordinary occurs near the Sunflowers, it will set off a sensor that will immediately put the paintings inside a water and fire-proof enforced case, so there is no need to fear any damage from flooding or a fire break-out. Moreover, even if the Sunflowers happen to be stolen from within the building, our defense system will immediately seal off all entrances and exits. So if Kaitou KID somehow manages to disguise himself and sneak in, he will definitely not be able to escape."

"And our safety measures are fool-proof as well! No matter what may occur the elevator to the roof and the emergency security system will not stop functioning." Added Jirokichi.

"Are you saying that there is a self-generating power system involved?"

At the commentator's question, Sonoko nodded, "Yes."

"About that we have prepared another video for you to take a look at."

The monitor showed the water tank that was located on the surface of the museum. It zoomed in on the tank and projected an image of it being completely filled with water. From there it changed over to show the cross-section of the inner-Lake Rock as the water from the tank flowed out, filling into the turbine located at the lowermost part of the museum underground. The water caused the turbine to rotate, gradually lighting up each room of the museum.

"The tank takes water straight from the lake that is right in front of the museum. If the need be, it can fluctuate the water hydroelectric power. Because of this, we can safely send our visitors to the surface in addition to using the specialized rail to transport the Sunflowers to an emergency safekeeping storehouse above ground."

On the layout that displayed the inner-Lake Rock, a Sunflowers icon appeared, opening up another window that demonstrated the paintings being moved along the specialized railing. In a different window it showed a safe similar to the New Iron Tanuki and its remarkable door being opened up, allowing the Sunflowers to be filed in there safely at the end of their railroad.

Then all the windows disappeared and the monitor once again displayed the seven Sunflowers painting.

"That is amazing! A truly perfect system!"

"An impregnable fortress to protect the Sunflowers!"

The commentator and announcer said in admiration. "Indeed!" Jirokichi agreed, standing up.

"In this ultimate environment, you can view some of humanity's greatest treasures, all seven of the Sunflowers, at once. And the only place in the world that this is possible is the one and only 'Japan's Most Beloved Sunflowers Exhibition'!"

Jirokichi let out his great laugh while fanning himself as the announcer sweat-dropped before looking at his documents.


"Well, it seems that this exhibit is limited to only one-hundred viewers per day for the span of a month. From when will the raffle start for the tickets?"

"From now, actually!" declared Jirokichi.

"What!? Really!?"

"If you access our company's homepage at the moment, you will be able to apply!" Sonoko explained.

"The starting time is the same for all applicants around the world. So the chances of winning are astronomical!" Jirokichi warned.

Sonoko looked at the camera and gave a pose.

"Everyone! Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity ."


Immediately after watching the news, Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta gathered at Professor Agasa's house and attempted to apply for tickets to "Japan's Most Beloved Sunflowers" from his laptop on the table.

"Aww, a miss!"

On the screen showed the words "Too bad" with Jirokichi's face looking awfully disappointed. Ayumi dropped her head sadly.

"I thought we'd definitely get a ticket if we used the professor's house connection…." Said Mitsuhiko.

From his place next to Ayumi his shoulders dropped. Conan stared at him thinking, what kind of logic is that?

"Nobody won one, what's with that~" complained Genta.

"Is it even possible to get a hit?"

Ayumi and Genta stared at the "You Missed" screen in suspicion.

"Professor, if you get a hit, then what would this screen show?"

Mitsuhiko asked the professor who was watching on from beside them.

"Well, first after you register an official photograph, it will give you an ID and pin number. You then put those into the application page. After that the ticket will be delivered in a few working days."

"Wow professor, you really know your stuff..."

Just as Conan began to feel impressed, next to him Haibara let out knowing laugh. No way thought Conan as it clicked and he looked back up at the professor.

"That's right, I got a hit! Gufufufufu."

"That's a creepy laugh."

Haibara chided, to which Professor Agasa cleared his throat.

"Please Professor! Let me have your ticket! I want to see the exhibit!" Mitsuhiko begged.

"Me too!" "Me too!" added Genta and Ayumi.

As the children begged, Agasa stroked his beard with a grin.

"Absolutely no way!"

"Now, now, don't be childish, Professor."

To Haibara's words, the others started as well. "Yeah, professor!" "Don't be childish!" As he was even being glared at by Conan, Agasa turned his back towards them. "This is troublesome…" Then, as though he just thought of a good idea he spun around."


"Well, if you're that determined, let's decide this by a quiz! You'll have three choices to choose from, but I'll give you all together only one chance to answer, okay?"

The children's faces all lit up at once.

"Okay!" "Alright!" "As expected of the professor!"

"Now let's begin."

The professor puffed out his chest and put up his pointer finger.

"For the sunflower who lives in a sunflower field and loves the sun; what, then, does he hate? ① Spiders, ② Snakes, or ③ Scorpions?"

"In other words, kumo, hebi, or sanri in Japanese."

Haibara translated for them. Immediately Conan lit up then gave a painful laugh.

"Well of course the answer would be –"

The professor immediately put a finger to his mouth and said "Shhh!"

"You two aren't allowed to answer!"

Just then the kids spoke up. "I got it!" "Me too!" "I do too!" they each said raising their hands.

"The answer is sanri right!?"

Genta blurted out. "Wha~!" Ayumi whined at him.

"You're wrong Genta-kun!"

"Huh? Butscorpions have poison right?"

"There are poisonous spiders and snakes as well you know!"


The professor giggled, his shoulders shaking. "Bzzz!" he said.

"The answer was number one, spider."


Genta had a blank look on his face as Mitsuhiko and Ayumi began to explain.

"Because spider is kumo."

"And kumo can also mean a cloud in the sky. Sunflowers love the sun so they would hate the cloud that got in the way of the sun."

"What's with that? It's got nothing at all to do with poison!"

"So as it seems I will not be handing over my ticket to anyone."

As the professor said this, he began to giggle creepily once again.


"Which is why we all thought we'd like to go see the Sunflowers together….would it be okay?"


The children had all gone to visit Jirokichi's house and were gathered in the seminar room with Charlie and the other curators. Figuring they had nothing to lose, they decided to try asking Jirokichi himself for tickets.

"We're begging you." "Please!" "Pretty please!"

Conana, Haibara, and the other kids at the table looked at Jirokichi with puppy eyes. The man folded his arms and seemed to think it over.

"Very well."


"Huh?" Definitely thinking they'd be refused, Conan looked at him in surprise.

"Is it really okay?"

"However, I will be requiring you to cooperate with me even more from now on, kid."

Jirokichi laughed victoriously. From next to Conan, Haibara said cattily, "We'll be counting on you, Mr. Kid Killer."

"Do you all like the Sunflowers that much?"

Kumiko, from where she sat across from them, asked the children, quite pleased.

"It's like, an awesome thing that they're all gathered together 'n all right?" said Genta.

"I'm gonna buy lots of souvenirs!" said Ayumi.

The curators all kind of sweat-dropped at the children's reactions. Keiko asked another question.

"Everyone, what is it about the Sunflowers in particular that you like?"

"Ummm, I don't really know, but they're supposed to be something really amazing right!?" said Genta.

"Genta, they're supposed to be amazing because they're painted by Vincent van Gogh," chided Mitsuhiko.

"Yeah, we like them because they're done by Vincent van Gogh" agreed Ayumi.

"Ah, I see. It's not really the Sunflowers in of themselves that you hold interest in." Keiko commented, slightly disappointed. Conan let out a sigh, looking a little sheepish at the children's behavior.

"You guys, we just managed to be able to go, but are you planning to ruin it all or something?"

The monitor in front of the table was showing all seven of the Sunflowers. Haibara looked at each one, comparing them.

"If you look closely, some of the paintings have his sign and some don't."

"Wonderful! You really noticed well!"

Natusmi readily praised Haibara. The other kids looked at the monitor as well.

"Really? Which ones?" "Where where?" "Ummmm…."

"Look veeery closely at the first, second, and fifth paintings."

"Ah! I see it!'

"On the vases right!?"

At Natsumi's hint, Ayumi and Mitsuhiko were able to notice "Vincent" signature on the vases.


"Yes, and there's a theory that the three paintings with no signatures are fakes, you know."

At Natsumi's explanation, Kouji and Keiko had dubious expressions on their faces.

"Especially concerning the fifth Sunflower that we got back from Kaitou KID. Despite the fact that it's been painted on the same canvas as the other four paintings, just because it doesn't have a signature, it has a history of being doubted as an original creation."

"Natsumi!" Keiko said angrily.

"To think that even you would say such things…"

"It's not good to teach the children things that are not proven."

As Kumiko gave Natsumi a criticizing look, Kouji added in.

"The reason why there is no signature is because Van Gogh had intended to give those paintings to people he knew personally right?"

"Yes that's right! It's generally accepted that he'd give them to Paul Gauguin, right!?"

In the midst of the curators who seemed to be on the edge of a fight, Conan looked at Haibara.

"It's true that if someone wanted to create a counterfeit, it'd be normal for them to go to lengths to mimic the signature as well."


The Genta spoke up reprovingly, "Hey, don't fight you all!"

"Either way doesn't matter to us!"

"We'll believe both sides, so don't fight!"

As Ayumi and Mitsuhiko said this, Natsumi quieted down. The other curators hurriedly put on smiles for the kids.

"We're not fighting, so don't worry."

"Sorry for troubling you…"

From behind them, Charlie looked at his wristwatch.

"Counselor Suzuki, It's almost time to start the meeting."

"Yes. Okay then."

Sonoko looked at the kids.

"Okay you guys, I'll see you home so let's go. Lupin, you come too."

Lupin, who had been sitting obediently next to Sonoko, barked happily.

"Uncle, don't forget Ran and Shinichi's tickets too okay."

Jirokichi nodded and called for Ishimine.

"Sorry, but can you go on ahead?"

"Yes sir. Once the time and routes for each vehicle is decided, please contact me."

Conan, who had been following the kids out of the room, stopped in his tracks after hearing their exchange.

"Hey, how are you taking the paintings to the museum? Even if Lake Rock's security is perfect, carrying them there would be pretty dangerous right?"

"Don't worry. We've prepared numerous dummy vehicles as well."


"The only one who knows which vehicle is the real one is myself. "

Charlie assured from where he was standing by them. "I see," Conan said and gave him his kid smile, "Well, if it's Charlie then there's nothing to worry about." He then gave Charlie a serious glare.

"But if you're planning on using that, then don't forget. In this world there is not a single life that it's simply okay to take away."

"I'll be sure to remember that."

Charlie had folded his arms to look at Conan coldly.

"However, if you are always pursuing the ideal then you are sure to be betrayed by reality. Just like with this Kaitou KID."

Conan clenched his teeth, galled at the man. But just then-

"Brat! What are you doing? We're leaving! Everyone is waiting for you~!"

Sonoko said returning to the room. "Okay!" Conan replied chirpily and ran out. For a brief moment Sonoko's eyes met Charlie's and she stuck her tongue out at him before slamming the door shut.

"…..it seems I am quite hated."

Charlie huffed and let out a small smile.


Genta puffed out his cheeks at Conan as he exited the seminar room.

"You're so slow, Conan!"

"My bad, my bad."

He and Genta rushed out after the other kids. From the other side of the hallway came some maids pushing a cart with plates and utensils on it. They stopped in from of the door to the seminar room.

"But it's a good thing we came."

Ayumi said and Genta nodded enthusiastically, "Yeah."

"We got to eat lots of cake and all."

"That's not what she meant Genta, she was talking about the tickets."

Mitsuhiko corrected. "Oh, you mean that," Genta said lightly.

"I bet the Professor is gonna be surprised that we're able to go too."

"Let's keep it a secret until the last second you guys!" said Genta.

"Yeah! Ai-chan you can't tell him either okay!" said Ayumi.

"Sure sure."

Haibara replied noncommittedly. Just then Lupin, who had been walking beside her, stopped suddenly. He sniffed around them before dashing back the way they came.

"Ah! Man not even the dog does what he's told around here."

Sonoko complained looking back at the dog. She then turned to glare at Conan.

"Brat, you better not go back either!"


"Uh, yeah."

So your faith in me is the same as the dog huh…

"Okay everyone, we gotta get going. So hurry up and start walking!"

"Yes ma'am" the kids chorused.

Lagging behind, Conan rushed to catch up with the others.


The bodyguard Gotou opened the door to let in the two maids pushing the tableware cart.

"Sir, there's also a box delivery and message for you…." They said.

"Ah, thank you."

Jirokichi took them from the maids, sticking the box under his arm and started with opening the envelope that came with it first.

"From who, I wonder. They sent it here instead of to the company after all…"

At that moment Lupin came rushing back into the seminar room from the hallway. He sniffed the floor, drawing nearer to Jirokichi. As he got closer he started to growl and bare his teeth.

"Be quiet, Lupin!"

Lupin immediately dropped his head and lowered his tail between his legs.

"Really, we spoil you too much."

Giving the dog a light glare, Jirokichi went back to opening the letter. His eye widened at finding the card inside.

"I-It couldn't be….KID!"

He flipped the card over to see the KID mark on the back.

"Please show me," requested Charlie.

Jirokichi handed the card over, and Charlie looked at its front and back.

"There's no mistake, it's Kid's. And what's that?"

"Some kind of present it seems…"

Jirokichi removed the box from under his arm and pulled the ribbon that was wrapped around it. At the action, Lupin once again bared his fangs. He leapt up and stole the box straight from Jirokichi's hands.

"Lupin what's wrong with you!?"

"Counsellor, stand back!" Charlie warned.

Lupin shook the box in his mouth furiously. A shoosh sound was made as some kind of liquid leaked out from the box. Lupin shrunk back and growled.

"That's good enough Lupin! Come here!"

Suddenly the box burst into flames, causing the dog to panic and run away with his tail between his legs. Charlie pushed Jirokichi away staring intently at the box.

"Judging from the invisible smell and the sudden combustion… It's a kind of inflammable liquid! Everyone needs to leave the room!"


Gotou opened the door and the maids left with a shriek. Jirokichi and the curators also left the room hurriedly.

Charlie covered his mouth with a handkerchief and reached for a large fruit platter that was on the table. He grabbed it and quickly put it on top of the burning box.

"Are you okay, Charlie!?"

"Yes, it's safe now."

"Contact Inspector Nakamori immediately!" ordered Jirokichi.

As Gotou reached for the telephone handset, Charlie addressed Jirokichi, "Are you sure about that?"

"This is a life-threatening case. If you report it to the police they will definitely make you put the exhibition on hold, if not cease it altogether."

Jirokichi grinded his teeth in frustration.

"It's just as Charlie-san says."

Gotou confirmed. "I understand," said Jirokichi before turning to the other curators.

"You all too don't speak about this incident to anyone else alright?"

"Uh, sure…." "Understood."

The curators all nodded. Lupin came up to Jirokichi and rubbed his leg.

"Oh! Great job Lupin! You did good discovering that! You saved my life!"

Jirokichi knelt down to pet his dog affectionately.

"Charlie-san, just in case we should block off this room."

Chalie nodded at Gotou's suggestion and left the room. But he stopped at the door to give another look back at the box that was still covered by the fruit platter.

"Kaitou KID….You have shown your true character at last….there will be no more mercy for you after this…."

His glasses glinted sharply in the light.


That night. The gates to Jirokichi's mansion opened. A truck that had been parked in the wide garden turned on its headlights and drove off. As it went away, delivery service staff were carrying a large wooden container used to store paintings onto a different truck that was parked. In the garden there were even more identical trucks on standby. At Ishimine's directions, the curators were watching over the wooden containers being carried onto the trucks.

"I wonder exactly how many dummy trucks he has prepared…"

Kumiko muttered to Keiko, who was still looking forward.

"More than that, what do you think about the incident that occurred today?"

"What do you mean?"

"I'm talking about KID's motives."

At Keiko's question, Kumiko dropped her gaze in deep thought.


"Probably he thinks that if the 'Japan's Most Beloved Sunflowers Exhibition' gets cancelled, then the second and fifth painting will be released from Lake Rock museum….then he'd get another chance to steal them."

"Just that?"

"Huh?" Kumiko looked surprised at Keiko's unexpected response.

"If that was the case, the why wouldn't he just wait a month until the exhibition was over? Why is Kaitou KID in such a rush I wonder…"

Keiko said this and furrowed her brows in thought as she continued watching the trucks.


As the trucks were leaving one after another from Jirokichi's base, Gotou was found standing in the hallway of the guest rooms where the curators were staying. He glanced around to confirm that nobody was in the area before trotting over to a certain room. He pulled out a card key and slid it through the lock and opened the door.

He entered the room without turning on any lights and made his way over to a laptop sitting on the desk. He inserted a USB memory stick and typed on the keyboard before pressing the enter key.

On the computer screen the words "Analysis Complete" appeared. New window after new window began to open on their own. All of them featured pictures of Lake Rock Museum's security system. Among them included a layout of the interior of the museum, the second and fifth Sunflower, and pictures of a molecular formula and chemical bottles.

With an unreadable expression, Gotou looked at the windows and operated the mouse. In the very center of the screen the words "COPY" appeared and a progress bar slowly began to fill its way up.

Hmmmm, Gotous actions are suspicious! Any thoughts on his motives?

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