Spiritual Bonds

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1: Getting a Tou-san.

# Orphanage somewhere in Japan#

"Everyone, have you all got your coats on?" A care taker asked as she counted all the kids that wanted go outside to play, many of the children had forgotten to put on their coats and were running to the coat rake.

Not everyone was there.

There was this one boy, looking over the rest of the other kids with envy.

He didn't know his true name, he just want by the name 'that one'. It wasn't until he reached 2 years old that he know that wasn't his actual name and when he asked what his name was to the big people, he was ignored.

He didn't know why kids and the big people hated him. He didn't do anything wrong, all he heard was his parent had forced him on them when they refused to take him.

Since then, the big people made a huge show out of it. Whether it came to food, toys ae even clothing.

They were starving him.

Other kids would eat as much as they wanted and he was only giving half the size of what other kids were eating.

He didn't know it was wrong to do that, he just saw it as a part of everyday life and want about staying out of people way, of course the kids would eventually pick up how the adults treated him and started treating him like something to be ignored or hated.

They would beat him up on regular bases, that's why he was never shown to any of the parents that wanted to adopt kids because of his bruises and if they did manage to catch a glimpse of him. The Care takers would spin up some lie that he was extremely clumsy and was constantly falling down the stairs.

There was no way he could defend himself.

He was educated enough to speak and recognise certain letters of the Alphabets but that as far as it went and nobody taught him how to speak properly or to exactly read.

If he tried to defend himself, he would just ended up sounding like an idiot and the other children would laugh at him.

When things got too much, he would go to the one place that nobody would bother him.

The closet.

In the closet, he could dream about what life would be life if he hadn't been forced onto the Orphanage.

He would imagine, he had parents and they would love and care for him every day.

Allow him a full plate of food.

Clothes that weren't old and didn't have holes in them.

Friends to play with.

Toys that he could play with that were brand new and not chewed.

He spent almost all his time dreaming of Parents that didn't exist and since he didn't know what they looked like. He imagined his mother to be medium sized height with black long hair and chocolate brown eyes that were filled with so much love for him that she gave him hugs on a regular bases. For his father he imagined to have blond coloured hair and hazel coloured eyes like his own.

Since he had never been outside the Orphanage or watched T.V before he had no idea that he was picturing a man that looked identical to a certain international super star except with much less neater hair.

He imagined his father to be the crazy one, the one that would always make him laugh and smile when he was sad and took him on one of those 'father- son' bonding trips he heard (overheard) so much about from kids who used to be in the Orphanage and came to visit.

What he wouldn't do to be out of this hell hole.


The legendary Red Dragon could sense it as he draws closer. He sensed a person that was strong enough to be his Chain.

Demon had stopped coming to the human realm, just over 70 years ago so Chains were never found and the ones who did stay ended up dead.

Since he was the strongest, he survived and many high level demons too. It was harsh but they managed to survive in this world while making trips to their own because it was safer.

Never in all his years would he have ever thought he would get a Chain.

Chain were special humans that didn't disappear when a demon touches them and had the power to bind them to this realm.

You're probably thinking why would he want to be bound?

Simple, he was bored.

Too long had he been gliding on the face of the earth, watching humans die and live and advance in knowledge. He wasn't blind to the corruption of mankind but he also saw the good in it too.

To survive he had to kill those who came to challenge his title.

If he want on a killing spree in public, armies would come after him and he did not want to spend the next 10, 000 years or so, fighting them until they created a weapon that was strong enough to exactly kill him.

He wanted to be able to go out into the open and not see people automatically point their guns at him. He wanted to experience Human emotion.

Being around billions of years old, sucked out the excitement of the world.

He had seen it all.

He wanted to understand what it felt like to care for someone and not just living a pointless existence doomed for eternality.

As he drew closer, he got a clear view of an Orphanage and one of the children had spotted him and not knowing any better they went to touch him.

That child disappeared.

Not that one, than.

The kids outside who saw everything, started screaming and going into panic soon even the adult were notified and didn't even bother defending the children and ran for their lives.

Cowards! He went after them all, one by one. None where his chain and was about to turn back in disappointment until he saw a little boy in nothing but rags and looking thin, slowly come out.

# Child view#

I heard a lot of screaming from the other children and big people before it suddenly became quiet. When I came out of the closet to look around, I found nobody there.

When I looked out of the window, I saw a lot of children clothes and toys on the floor.

Not knowing any better, I want outside to investigate.

#Normal VP#

Red Dragon watched the boy inspect the clothes on the floor, trying to find out what happened to the people who wore it from the shadows.

He didn't know why but he felt drawn to the child and slowly approached him until the Child noticed him.

The Child screamed.

This one smarter than the others He thought as he observed the boy in front of him, looking so small and freighted. The boy must have come to the conclusion that he had something to do with all those people disappearing.

Could this child be my Chain? Only one way to find out!

He shot at the child, determined to have the boy put to the test.

Chains came out of nowhere and stopping him in mid-air.


#Child view#

A monster suddenly came out.

It's going to eat me!

He saw his short life, flash before his eyes.

No, he was not going to die here! And as if responding to his will, chains came out of the ground and tied the monster down.

But the monster was persistent and was already making its way out of the chains.

Somebody please help me!

But nobody came as expect but he was okay with that. He would fend the monster off and pretended to be a knight in one of his day dream with his pretend father and pretended to have a sword and lunged at the monster.

He touched it and a white light erupted from contact.

He was thrown back at the force.

When he got up, his eyes landed on the form of a naked man with blond-coloured hair and hazel coloured eyes, a large dragon breathing fire tattoo was on the man back.

Somehow his pretend daddy had become real!

He looked at his daddy in excitement.

"Will, be Tou-san?" He asked before he collapsed from shock.

#Normal VP#

"Will, be Tou-san?" The child asked, before collapsing from shock.

Red Dragon caught the falling child and he looked down at the child sleeping in his arms and sighed, knowing he would have to call Mika to forge identity papers.

He looked around at the empty clothes on the floor that once held children and adults alike and began searched for a phone and finally found one that was small and old but thanked god, it could still call.

He dialled the number that Mika had given him in case something like this ever happened and took for a joke, thinking nothing could bind him.

#somewhere in forest #

K2 didn't know how long ago, his chain had died.

Time seemed to blur around him and his existence was merely just eat and sleep.

His chain had died, helping Mika and him escape from the 'Hunters' while her family had fallen one by one because they refused to step aside and let them be killed.

K2 was pretty sure, he and Mika were the only ones brave enough to still live in this realm. The rest had stayed away so his kind hadn't been seen for almost a hundred years and was pretty sure the humans had forgotten they had existed and only lived on through bed time stories.

It was truly a sad existence they both lived in.

While they were driven out, humanity had boomed and continued to kill anything that was different including their own kind.

The race was full of hypocrites; they were the same as demons in everything except form.

It took most of the race dyeing for them to finally find out, how the humans were able tacking them and identify them. Apparently all of them released a unique energy and they release it constantly and by the time they figure that out and tried to hide it.

Half of their race was already dead.

Only the Demons in the top 60 could put a lid on the Energy they released and that's how they survived while others below them died in thousands.

Now the survivors of the war stayed away from this Plane and waited steadily for their numbers to be back to its former glory.

The humans didn't care what the reason was that Demons sought out humans. They were fixed on 'revenge' and 'protecting' the human race and some other self-righteous bullshit.

Mika had just finished killing of a demon that was foolish enough to come to this plane despite the warnings and Mika had promptly killed it and devoured it.

Suddenly a buzzing sound was heard and he tensed, thinking there was a human nearby and was ready to hide but quickly realised it was coming from his phone.

But the only who had his number was….

He opened it and answered the call.

"Does this mean, you've finally got yourself a chain?" Mika asked, knowing the answer.

Red Dagon wasn't at all surprised that Mika know it was him. "Yeah, but it's a little kid barely 3 years old, of all the people I could have been stuck with, it had to this toddler! And to make it worse he asked me to be something"

"And what was that"

"He asked me to his new father!"

Mika was laughing at the other end of the phone. "Father, hmm? I never pictured you as a father or a father to someone so little"

" Very, funny just help me forge Identity papers. I'm going to be this human child father from now on" He said, not likely the situation he just landed in and finally getting a good look at himself in his new form, in the mirror.

He froze.

"Mika, we have a problem"

"And that is?"

"I look like Kuu Hizuri"

There was a long pause at the end.

"Oh, things are going to getting interesting."

Very interesting…

And cut!

As I said, this will be a one shot until I get 5 reviews. Hopefully, I'll get to the whole Lory finding out and then Kuu gets involved whole situation. I had this idea from my other story 'Last Prayer' and it got me thinking. What if there was two Kuu Hizuri? Since I loved the manga Demon Sacred a lot and it didn't look like 'Red Dragon' was going to get his own chain. I combined them both and came up with this!

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