After a short walk, Ash and friends finally reached the Pokemon Center. The entered the building through the automatic glass doors, facing the usual kind face of Nurse Joy at the front desk.

"Can I help you," she asked Ash, who was walking up to the counter.

"Could you please help me take care of Pokemon," Ash asked, putting his Pokeballs on a small tray.

"Of course, they'll be as good as new by tomorrow," Nurse Joy said, as she turned away from the table, and walked out of the room.

"Finally," Misty uttered as she walked over to the nearest chair, "we can take a break."

"Oh by the way, young man," Nurse Joy, returning to the desk for a moment, told Ash "someone from Pallet Town had been trying to reach you on the VideoLink. Ash confused, walked over to the VideoLink, with Misty and Brock behind him and saw a call from Pokemon. On the screen, the old, joyful face of Professor Oak appeared.

"Hey Professor," Ash, "what's up?"

"Hello Ash," said Professor Oak, "I've been trying to reach you all day. What have you been up to?"

Ash told their tale of today, getting lost in the woods, encountering Beedrill, and trying out Pokemon yoga.

"That's very interesting," said Professor Oak, two of his fingers around his chin, "Pokemon yoga. Sounds like it will be an interesting experience. I remember I once tried Pokemon ballet." The image of the Professor in a pink ballerina costume dancing with a Machoke appeared in everyone's head, making them sweat drop. "What I remember most of all is how my tights would always ride up my…"

"Professor, what exactly are you calling about," Ash said, closing his eyes and smiling nervously, hoping to prevent the Professor from revealing too much information.

"Oh yes Kurt of called". Oak said. "He said that he's finally discovered something about the GS Ball-," before Oak knew it, Ash, Misty, and Brock, Pikachu and Togepi were pressed up against the screen, their faces more eager than a child about to enter a free candy store.

"What's in it," asked Ash.

"What's it made", Misty.

"Who made", asked Brock

"Well-", Oak attempted to respond, but was bombarded by more excited questions.

"Is there are legendary Pokemon inside?!"

"How old is it?!"

"How does it open?!"



"Hey," Oak screamed. This caused Ash, Misty, and Brock to clam up and frown. "Kurt hasn't told me anything yet," Oak said. The group fell to the ground with a thud and a groan.

"He didn't tell you," Ash asked sadly.

"I really wanted to know," muttered Misty, a bit let down, "I mean we've been waiting for months now."

"Now, now," consoled Oak. "Kurt told me he's made a major step, but for security reasons he couldn't mention it to me over the phone. But he's going to present his findings at an archeological exhibition in a couple of weeks."

"Really," asked Ash excited "where is it"?

"I believe it is going to be in Redstone City," said Oak, "I think it's just-",

"Outside of Ecruteak City," added Misty.

"You know this town," asked Misty.

"Of course. Its home to Silph Co.'s headquarters and research center in Johto." She paused for a moment.

"Man, you know everything," asked Ash

"No, I just read it in the travel guide," uttered Misty, causing Ash to flinch.

"That would make sense," said Oak, "since Silph Co. is sponsoring many archeological digs. Anyways, there's going to be a VIP party before the event officially opens, complete with a tour. And Kurt personally asked Silph Co. to invite you guys."

"Really," shouted Ash, "that's great. We can learn about the GS Ball and get free food."

"Oh boy, a party," said Misty with a relish. "I can wear a dress, impressing everybody with my grace and beauty." She thought of the kind of dress she would wear, and imagined herself wearing a Tentacruel shaped outfit, which looked like a Tentacruel that was smothering her. The thought made her eyes glisten.

"And think of all the girls," Brock uttered with a blush. He imagined himself in an expensive tuxedo, with two beautiful ladies in dresses clutched in each arm.

"Are you going professor," asked Ash.

"Of course, since I helped care for the GS Ball. Tracey will be there, as will Professor Ivy. Huh?" Oak leaned forward in concern. Ash and Misty turned around and saw Brock sitting in a corner, his back turned.

"Don't mention that name," Brock muttered, in the tone of a kid that just lost his best friend.

"Great," said Misty, ignoring Brock's moaning. "So when do we get our invitations?"

"Well you said you were going to Ecruteak City," said Professor Oak. "I have Kurt mail them to the Pokemon Center there, and you can retrieve them when you arrive for your gym battle, Ash".

"Thanks professor," cheered Ash.

"You're welcome Ash-, AH", Oak screamed as a familiar blob tackled and smothered him in an attempt to give him a hug.

"Muuuuhk-," muttered Muk as he once again started to hug his favorite professor.

"Hey Muk, how's it going," Ash asked Muk.

"Muuuuuh," Muk said with a smile, clearing saying yes in affirmation.

"Well, professor," Ash uttered, saying his goodbyes, "I'll see you in a couple of weeks."

"Yes," said Oak, his voice strained and face turning blue, "I hope to see soon goodbye." The VideoLink switched off. Ash walked over to his friends, with smiles on their faces.

"Yeah," Ash screamed, "we are finally going to find out what's inside that ball."

"I know," replied Misty happily. "After all that effort, we can finally find out the truth."

"Now wait," said Brock trying to rein in the excitement of his friends, "Professor Oak said Kurt found something. It doesn't mean he's found a way to actually open it." The smiles on Ash and Misty's face drooped a little. Brock felt bad a little. "But don't worry. Whatever he found, I'm sure it will get us closer to finding out how to open it."

"Yeah but I went through a lot just to get that ball to Professor Oak," replied Ash. "I'd hate it if we did all that only for Kurt to never be able to open it."

"Yeah, that would have made everything we did for nothing," muttered Misty in annoyance over the idea.

"Yeah, but let's not worry about it now," said Brock. "Let's get ready for tomorrow".

The group walked to the living area where they prepared to dine, chat happily, play with their Pokemon, and sleep.

The next afternoon, Ash and friends returned to the yoga center, where they were met by Janine and Sarah.

"Hey guys, glad you could make it," said Janine in her calm voice.

"Of course we would, I wouldn't pass up any chance to become a master," said Ash.

"And I would never pass up any chance to hang out with you," said Sarah to Ash. She had a small blush on her face as she said that. Misty picked up on it and began to frown. The true meaning of her words, however, seemed to fly over Ash.

"That's great. It's always nice to make new friends."

"Right now we are just waiting for another student," said Janine. "Did you see some short redheaded kid on the way here?"

"No," replied Misty, "we did-,"

The bell rung, signaling the doors had been opened. In walked a woman in her mid-forties and her son. The woman had long brunette hair, was wearing an orange blouse and pink sweatpants. The boy had fiery red hair, looked to be about seven or eight, was wearing green pants, jeans, and had a distinctively sour look on his face, and a very loud voice.

"Mom," the boy yelled, "please don't make me-,"

"John," the woman finally yelled, "I can't stand seeing you and your Pokemon fight. I got you it because I thought you would get along with it. Instead all it does is avoid you. Why can't you get along with a Pokemon at your age?"

"It won't listen to me. I tell it to hypnotize a Caterpie and it just ignores me," shouted John at his mom. "Why should I raise something that doesn't listen to me?"

"I ask that question myself," John's Mom thought to herself. "Because if you want to become a trainer, you have to learn to deal with these things. Of course if you're not willing to do this, I could send you to Aunt Sheila." John's petulance was soon replaced by fear.

"Okay," said John, defeated by the "send to the Aunt" threat. "I'll do this."

"Good," said John's mom. She walked up to the counter, dragging John, who was trying to dig in heals to the floor, in an act of he felt was covert defiance.

"Janine," John's Mom said. "Thank you for taking the opportunity to deal with John and his Pokemon."

"Don't worry," said Janine, "John will learn to love his Pokemon in time."

"Well," said John's mom, "I'll be at the café if you need me. Be good," she patted John on the head and walked out.

Though somewhat put off by John's behavior

"Okay," said Janine calmly, clapping her hands with some joy, "we now have our group together so let's get ready."

After a few moments, everyone changed out of their regular attire and had taken off their shoes and socks. Ash had taken off his hat, shirt, and jeans, and was now wearing black spandex shorts and a black t-shirt. Brock was wearing a brown sleeveless shirt and orange shorts. Misty wore ocean blue spandex pants, a yellow tank top, and some shorts, and removed her scrunchie, deciding to let her hair down.

Janine wore a purple tank top and pink spandex pants, while Sarah wore yellow shorts and a purple tank top. However, one person, a certain redhead was not yet present.

"John," said Janine, "where are you?"

A wooden door in the back finally opened, revealing a pouting and angry child, wearing a pink unitard that covered everything between his neck and feet. There was not a sound, except everyone's compressed laughter, as John slowly walked out of the changing room.

"Alright, so is everyone here," asked Janine. She looked around the room for a moment. "Okay good, we are all here. So I want everybody to get out the Pokemon they feel closest to, in order to try this out." Everyone had their Pokeballs out, ready to let them out.

"I'd pick Onix," said Brock yanking out a Pokeball, but looking around the room made him realize that would not be a good idea, "but this place is too small". He pulled out another Pokeball. "So go Geodude," Brock yelled as he threw the ball, and out came Geodude in a flash of light.

"Geodude, GEO," the Pokemon grunted as it took in its surroundings.

"Alright, time to pick the Pokemon closest to me," Misty uttered as she pulled out a Pokeball, "go Staryu-," suddenly a Pokeball in her belt popped open on its own.

"Psy-duck," the very confused duck Pokemon uttered clutching its head. It took in its surrounding, and waddled over to a mirror, where it stared at itself with its dopey. It kept staring, and every few seconds it would say "Psy," as if saying hello. Everyone stared for a few minutes in bewilderment, except for Misty, who glared with annoyance at her absent-minded duck. Then is seemingly grew angry at its own reflection, and hit it with its wing. It soon regretted that decision, and it started running around in agony, clutching its paw.

"Well," Misty said with resignation, "I guess we are here to learn." She looked sadly at Psyduck.

"Go, Hypno," said Janine.

"Go Misdreavus," said Sarah.

Two Pokemon popped out. A Hypno, a very powerful psychic Pokemon. It was yellow, bipedal, and had a white ring of fur around it. And it was never seen without its trusty pendulum for hypnosis. And a Misdreavus, which looked blue doll, with red irises, yellow sclera, purple highlights in its hair, and some red gems around its neck.

"Misdreavus, huh," muttered Ash, curious about this Pokemon. He pulled out his Pokedex.

"Misdreavus", said the Pokedex in a robotic voice, "the Screech Pokémon. Misdreavus are extremely mischievous and like to cry out at night and pull people's hair just to startle them." Sarah frowned at the last part, but then returned to a neutral smile. Misdreavus flew over Ash, and emitted a large growl.

"Ahhh," Ash yelled, startled as he fell over on his back.

"Misdreavus," Sarah scolded her Pokemon.

"Missss," Misdreavus slurred, joyful about scaring this amusing child.

"Pik-Pika," Pikachu screamed at the amusing Pokemon, shaking its paw, only for Misdreavus to respond with a "Miss" and a grin.

"I'm sorry Ash," Sarah said sadly, as he helped Ash to his feet. "I wouldn't want anything to come between us." She compressed her hand really tight around his hand,


"So Ash which Pokemon are you going to pick," asked Janine.

"Pikachu of course," said Ash warmly. "You ready for yoga Pikachu," Ash asked his little friend.

"Pi-Pikachu," Pikachu said, nodding its head. Suddenly one of Ash's Pokeballs popped open on its own. With a flash, a yellow four-legged creature appeared before Ash. Everyone looked

"Bei," said Bayleef. She then belted toward Ash. Knowing that old habits die hard, Ash put up his arms, prepared for a tackle.

"Stop," Ash yelled, closing his eyes. But instead of being knocked to the ground, Ash felt something push up against his leg. He saw Bayleef, gently rubbing against his leg, and then she looked up at him with what look like tears at the corners of her eyes, and her mouth suddenly trembling.

"Bay-Bay," uttered Bayleef in an almost pleading tone. Ash was confused for a moment, but then suddenly got down on his knees to be eye level with Bayleef.

"You want to do yoga with me Bayleef," asked Ash softly.

"Bay," said Bayleef, nodding its head.

"Well," Ash said gently. It found itself unable to break the heart of a creature that pleaded so powerfully.

"Actually Ash," said Janine, walking over, "Pokemon yoga doesn't mean you can only use one Pokemon. It's usually recommended for reasons of space, but we room for two Pokemon.

"That's great," said Ash, overjoyed he didn't have to break the heart of one his Pokemon. "Okay, Bayleef, are you ready."

"Bay," said Bayleef.

"Now John," Janine said, with a smile, toward the short kid, "won't you please show us your Pokemon?" John stood there for a minute, his lips pursed into a frown, and his face red. He then sighed.

"Go Pokeball," John said, with the enthusiasm of a child taking a standardized test. With a flash, several eggs popped to the ground, or so they looked.

"Egg-egg," said the Exeeggcute on the ground. The six eggs were on the ground, hopping about and grunting. They had cracks formed in their bodies, some exposing their yolk-like brain.

"Wow, Exeggcute," said Ash, never guessing a kid's first Pokemon would be this curious group of eggs. When the Exeeggcute looked at John, they turned around in annoyance and hopped away. John frowned again, as if expecting this. The irate eggs looked to be walking toward the door.

"Hey, why are you walking away from John," said Ash, walking in front of the group of six.

"Ash," said Brock calmly, holding out his hand, "don't!" Ash had already stepped in front of the Exeggcute. The eggs, annoyed at being blocked, used hypnosis on him. Ash, hypnotized, fell over, dizzy beyond belief.

"Ash," screamed Brock and Misty. The two trainers, and Pikachu and Bayleef, ran over to help their friend. As Brock and Bayleef tried to get Ash comfortable, Pikachu and Misty glared at the kid who released the six troublemakers.

"You knew this was going to happen didn't you," Misty angrily asked John.

"Pika-chu," Pikachu spat.

"Well," said John, with a smug smile, "It wouldn't listen to me. In fact it keeps hypnotizing me whenever I tell it to do something. I'm just happy it happened to someone else." Pikachu, Misty, and Sarah continued to glare at John. Janine, however, instead calmly walked over the grumbling Exeggcute. She pulled out a small bag filled with seeds and gave them to the Exeggcute. They fell to the grown. The Exeggcute, hungry ate the seeds that the tall human had thrown, calmed down. She put her hand on the egg in the center. The eggs all stared at Janine's for a minute, almost in a trance. Suddenly they smiled, and started jumping up and down happily.

"Wow," said Brock, "how did you do that? I've never seen breeders with that much success with Pokemon they've met."

"Well, I'm here to teach you," said Janine confidently, but calmly.

"Mommy," said Ash lying on the floor, still dazed by hypnosis, his head swinging around, "can I have more Pikachu in my birthday cake." Everyone sweatdropped.

"Well," said Janine, "until Ash can stop being dizzy."

Wish Ash's recovery, everyone started out doing yoga stretches. On left side, we're trainers trying to do stretches. Each of them were standing on a blue mat, following the lead of Janine and Sarah, who were the most experienced.

On the other side were other Pokemon that were doing their own stretches. They were trying to follow the lead of Janine's Hypno, which was currently in a tree stance. But since the others weren't really bipedal, most improvised their own stances. Geodude pushed himself off the ground with arm, and help himself there. Bayleef swung her vines around, while trying to stand on one front and one back leg. Pikachu did a "triangle" with its tiny paws. Misdreavus flew straight up and down. Psyduck just turned its head around its neck, with a strained, "Psy" at every turn.

"Down dog," Janine said, and suddenly everyone was on their hands and knees, with their bottoms up at an angle. The success of each person was mixed.

"Very good, Misty," said Janine, who was impressed with Misty, doing a perfect "dog down," position. "Have you ever done yoga before?"

"Well," said Misty, a little impressed with herself. "Not really. I watched my sisters do this all the time. And my swimming in the Cerulean City pool made me a little more agile."

Brock himself held himself in the same position. He seemed to keep himself up, not with flexibility like Janine, Sarah, and Misty, but with determination like a good Rock Pokemon trainer.

John didn't look like he was even trying, just sitting on the ground.

"John," said Sarah annoyed, "you're not even trying."

"What is the point of these stretches," asked Jon scornfully.

"As I said," said Janine, patiently and not losing her stance, "stretching helps make your body flexible. In order to strengthen the mind, you must be able to loosen your body. He she said that, Ash was in "down dog," but instead of staying the position, he was straining to maintain it. He face showed sweat and discomfort.

"Ash," said Janine calmly, "you can stop if you want to." Ash strained for a few minutes before he fell to the ground. "Don't worry Ash," Janine said sweetly, "you are just starting out."

"He thinks he can learn everything in a day," uttered Misty. Ash, annoyed got up.

"Oh yeah," said Ash, his face in its determined look.

"Here we go," said Brock, closing his eyes (yeah they can open and close) and pinching the bridge of his noise, having recognized Ash's impulsive, confrontational look. Ash looked toward a poster that had a person putting their leg around their head. Ash began positioning himself, and lifted his leg higher. Only to strain his muscle by pushing it too far.

"Oh," Ash said screaming as he clutched his thigh, having been overstretched.

After healing Ash's thigh, the group found themselves outside in a lush garden. In the center, was a meadow, with a small table for sitting on the soil.

Sarah decided to get there first, hoping to control who she could sit next too.

"Ash," said Sarah, calling over to the young trainer," here's a spot right next to me if you want." She emphasized the era to her left by patting it.

"Okay," said Ash, happy to have a seat, but not really understanding why. Misty, however did and was nervous that this girl would get her hands on her… friend.

Ash walked over to the circle, each step making Sarah's heart thump in her chest. But instead sat two seats away from Sarah. Sarah looked with confusion.

"Pikachu, Bayleef, come over here," Ash said. The two Pokemon took the spots that Sarah offered Ash. She looked down, a sweat drop appearing on her head at Ash's ignorance of her love. She had fortune of sitting next to her best friend Misdreavus, but the misfortune of sitting next to that sad sack John, whose contempt she could feel without even looking at him. Everybody was seated around the table, next their Pokemon of choice.

"Okay," said Janine, sitting down cross-legged. "Now let's move on to meditation. Now I want to you to think about what makes you guys happy."

Misty thought of herself surfing alongside some water Pokemon. Brock imagined himself working in a Pokemon breeding center surrounding by some beautiful nurses. Ash imagined himself being crowned a Pokemon master before a huge audience in a cafeteria full of delicious food. He went a little too far in imagination side though.

"Thanks for the food," said Ash dreamily while closing his eyes, "I appreciate it."

"Ash," said Janine.

"Yeah," replied Ash, opening his eyes. He saw everyone was staring at him.

"Meditation is about quiet," said Janine

"Well," Ash starting rubbing his head. His friends sighed at his dimwitted behavior.

"At least he's enthusiastic," uttered Brock.

"Let's see if he can keep his eye on reality," muttered Misty. John rolled his eyes in annoyance, while Sarah just laughed at him.

"You're funny," said Sarah. She didn't notice the jealous thoughts fuming inside Misty and Bayleef.

"Alright everybody," said Janine. "I want you to grab your Pokemon gently." Each trainer, except John, grabbed their Pokemon by their appendage. Misty grabbed Psyduck by a wing. Brock grabbed Geodude by its hand. Sarah had Misdreavus float into her hand. Janine grabbed one of Hypno's paws. Ash held one of Pikachu's paws in one hand, and one of Bayleef's vines in the other.

"Everyone close your eyes," said Janine. "Trainers I want you to think about your Pokemon," her eyes still closed, she turned toward Ash, "quietly". He sighed and sweat dropped. "For the next few minutes, think just about your Pokemon, your adventures with them, your dreams, and your feelings toward them." She paused for a moment. "Pokemon, think about your trainers, and nothing but about your trainers."

Everyone sat still for a few minutes. The quiet was almost deafening. You could here nothing but a leaf falling behind.

Ash himself began thinking of all his adventures, his time with Pikachu and Bayleef, his care for them, remembering Pikachu's shocks and Bayleef's tackles. Suddenly, he heard soft voice call out "Ash," and "my love". Before he could respond, he suddenly heard a bunch of incomprehensible voices. They were as loud as a rock concert, and they felt like a hammer struck him in the head.

He clutched his head in pain, and opened his eyes, but saw a blue aurora. In the distance, he saw some figure surrounded by the aurora. He couldn't make him out, because he was covered in some kind of dark black robe. Suddenly, the painful voices returned, each word smacking him on the head. After a few moments of pain. Ash put his hand on his head, his brain seemingly on fire. Suddenly, he saw his vision go dark, and he fell unconscious.

I was really eager to put this part in, simply because this is where we see major changes from canon occur. I hope I provided you guys with some good reading, so I would like some feedback.