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All four children stood completely still, with shock and/or confused looks adorning their features. Danny, who was currently the clueless of the four, decided to address his concern.

"Guys?" He said hesitantly. "What's, uh, what's going on here?"

Harry was the first to speak up. "They killed Buckbeak," he said quietly, as Danny managed to pale a bit more, turning as white as a gh- as a sheet. "Hagrid." Harry muttered after a moment. Ron and Hermione had to hold him back before he walked right back down to the groundskeeper's hut.

"We can't," said Ron, managing to turn almost as white as the sick ghost standing next to him. "He'll be in worse trouble if they know we've been to see him…"

Hermione was almost hyperventilating as she muttered disbelievingly under her breath about the previous events. The four set off to the castle, teeth chattering and stumbling slightly due to the shaking halfa in their midst. It wasn't long before they had to stop for Scabbers again. Ron tried to wrangle him for a bit, but the old rat just wouldn't have it. Scabbers bit Ron and tried to squirm away more desperately. Then, Crookshanks showed up. The rat wriggled out of Ron's grip and hit the ground, scampering away with Ron and Crookshanks in hot pursuit. Harry and Hermione cried out for Ron and threw off the invisibility cloak, running after him. Danny stumbled behind, going at a half jog to keep up. Seeing his plight, Hermione grabbed his hand and started sprinting forward again with the ghost boy in tow.

When they finally came to where Ron had caught Scabbers, Danny was near collapse. The short conversation they had was drowned out by the pounding in his head, and he only tuned back in when a ginormous black mass of a dog came barrelling into Harry's chest at top speed. Danny shot up from his doubled over position and quickly got his bearings. The dog had knocked Harry over and was going for him again, but Ron intervened and was being dragged away by his arm to the Whomping Willow. Danny was having none of this. He leaped at the dog just as Harry and Hermione were hit back by the Willow's branches. He grabbed onto Ron's legs as he was being dragged under the tree, and dug his feet into the ground, temporarily halting the dog's progress. They played a game of tug of war with Ron for a moment, but it came to a stop when the dog jumped over Ron and dug two inch long teeth deep into the halfa's leg.

Danny screeched in pain and collapsed on the ground as Ron scrambled away from the scene in a panic. The dog, in a moment of confusion, grabbed for the closest person in the immediate vicinity. This, of course, happened to be Danny. The dog's jaws closed in on Danny's leg again, eliciting another (very manly) shriek from the ghost boy, and he was dragged down into the tree, struggling weakly. Unfortunately, Danny's half-hearted struggles caused his arm to catch onto a tree root. Instead of helping, the root caused Danny's arm to twist at an unnatural angle. One tug from the dog later, and a loud and ominous snap rang through the air. Danny was pulled under the trunk with little fight after that, and his friend's desperate cries echoed faintly behind him.

The beast of a dog let go of Danny leg about a few yards down, in favor of dragging him by his booted foot. Danny was too busy groaning and moaning in despair and pain to appreciate the sentiment.

The dog and its captive continued moving down the dirty passageway until it opened up into a room. Danny was dragged down a hallway and up some stairs, his vision swimming a bit as sharp stabbing and aching pains seemed to explode from everywhere at once. He held his good hand to his head and groaned again at his luck, blearily opening his eyes when he noticed that they'd slowed to a stop.

Danny took in the old decor and dusty four-poster bed with a pained and confused expression. He heard purring, and turned his head painfully to look at its source, Crookshanks, who looked rather happy about the current situation. 'Good for him,' thought Danny with more than just a touch of sarcasm.

The halfa attempted to pull himself into a sitting position, but to no avail. Once he put weight on his broken arm, he cried out and fell onto his back again.

"...sorry about that."

Danny jumped and hissed in pain. He held a hand to his head and looked up for the source of the hoarse voice. His eyes widened almost comically at the figure standing in front of him.

The man was tall and skinny, with matted hair reaching down to his elbows and a yellow-toothed grin stretching across his nearly skeletal face. It was Sirius Black.

"I didn't mean for you to get hurt, whoever you are," said Black, looking almost sheepish. "But my goal is much more… important."

Danny glared at the man weakly. After all, he had just gotten his arm broken by him, and the man was on the run trying to kill Harry. If Danny had the strength, he would've accompanied the glare with an ectoblast to the man's waxy face. It was then when three pairs of quiet footsteps in the hall were heard by Danny, and he looked towards the door with what could have been an expression of both hope and dread. Black retreated into the shadows like he was one of them himself as he heard the steps stop right outside the door, but Danny was having none of this.


Quick as an emancipated bolt of lightning, Sirius Black sped across the room and smacked a hand right across Danny's mouth. This happened right as the door was slammed open.

Three startled faces gazed from the doorway at the peculiar scene. Sirius Black, looking like he'd just seen a ghost, had a hand over their equally surprised ghostly friend's mouth as he lay on the floor with an obviously broken arm and ravaged leg.

Naturally, instead of running, Harry decided to leap right into the room and tackle Black away from their friend. Ron and Hermione both shrieked in equal pitch as they tried to simultaneously pull Harry and Danny away from Black before anybody could do anything, and this pretty much managed to start a full out brawl on the floor with wands and stunning curses flying randomly in every direction. At some point the cat decided to join in and was now hanging off of Ron's shirt as he swung around and accidentally elbowed Harry in the face. Hermione lost a shoe which was currently stuck in Black's tangled hair as the man tried to keep Harry from repeatedly punching him in the face, and Danny could be seen face down on the floor where he decided that he just no longer has the will to get back up.

It was to this scene that Lupin opened the door to. The professor stared at the chaos for a moment before ducking out of the way of a stunning spell and completely losing his cool.

"What the bloody hell is going on here?!"

Everyone froze.

"Oh we're having a wonderful party!" Said Danny from the floor. "Won't you join us?"

It was at that moment when Ron surged up from the floor and faced Black, pointing a wand at him.

"Expellera- wait, wha- this isn't my wand!" Ron exclaimed while examining the twig he held in his grasp. "Where's my wand?!"

A meow from the ground brought the ginger's attention to the ground, where Crookshanks sat with a very familiar piece of wood in his mouth.

"Hey!" Ron leaped at the cat and barely missed it, landing on the floor on his stomach while the thieving feline walked over to Black and deposited the wand at his feet. The man picked it up and added it to the others, which he had somehow managed to collect during the scramble on the floor.

"Alright," Black said. "Nobody say or do anything, you hear me? I'm going to do what I came here for, and then things will be explained, okay? Alright? Are we good here? Okay!" Black pointed a wand at Ron, which had Harry and Hermione immediately standing up in front of their friend. Unfortunately, all three of them were trying to protect each other at once, and this caused them to swarm around for a few seconds and trip over Danny, who was still lying face down on the floor. They all landed in a pile again and started scrambling around while Lupin just facepalmed from his position in the doorway.

"Alright," he said, walking over to Black. "This has gone on long enough. Where is he?"

Black pointed to Ron, who was currently on top of Harry, who was sprawled across Hermione, who was currently wondering where her shoe had gone. Lupin walked over to Ron. He gazed at him in confusion before turning back to Black.

"But why hasn't he shown himself before now? Unless…" Lupin's eyes suddenly widened in realization. "-unless he was the one… unless you switched… without telling me?"

Black, his eyes never leaving the professor's gaze, slowly nodded in silent confirmation. Still on the floor, Danny groaned in a very loud expression of his misery.

"UUURGH can everyone stop being so vague already? Just get to the point!"

From her position under two of her friends, Hermione took this as a signal to shout out her own know how about the situation.

"Professor Lupin is a werewolf!" She shouted.

Everyone went silent for the second time that evening.

"What?" Ron said weakly as he rolled off of Harry.

"WHAT?" Shouted Harry, who was still pretty shocked that Sirius Black was in the room and nobody was dead yet.

"Aaarrgguhhh" moaned Danny, who still had a broken arm.

"And Black has my shoe!" Hermione added. Sirius looked confused until he looked down and noticed that he indeed had footwear decorating his dirty head-rug.

"Alright that's enough!" Lupin shouted, looking very fed up with the situation. "Yes, I'm a werewolf, no, nobody is getting bitten, and yes, Black still has your shoe, Hermione. But that's not important right now!" Lupin stepped over Danny, who was banging his head on the ground in exasperation, and stepped in front of Ron. "Ron, could I see your rat for a moment?"

"What? No!" Ron scrambled back and hit his head on the bed in his desperate escape. Lupin sighed.

"Mr. Weasley, I will not hurt him. I just want to see-"


Ron looked at Danny with a baffled expression and reluctantly took a wildly struggling Scabbers out of his robe pocket. Lupin gazed intently at the rat and Black's expression immediately darkened to one of pure loathing.

"What's my rat got to do with this anyway?" Said Ron.

"That's not a rat," Sirius spoke up suddenly. "That's a wizard."

"Oh my god of course it is," muttered Danny. "of-freaking-course the rat is a wizard."

And then Ron voiced what Harry and Hermione were thinking. "... You're both mental,"

If was about then when Danny started to think he was going to go completely insane around these people. He tuned out of the conversation and started trying to sit up instead. Concentrating with all be had, he pushed up with his good arm and put his good leg under himself, then push back and fell onto his backside from the force. He then just sat there panting and watching the aftermath of Black's struggle to get Scabbers and kill him and wondered why he was doomed to a life where he encounted lunatics like this every other week.

Danny listened to the story Lupin and Black were telling with an incredulous expression on his face. He was absolutely amazed at the plot convenience of this moment. Do things like this really happen in life? 'Is my life just one big movie?' Were his thoughts. 'It's definitely weird enough. That guy's a werewolf, the murderer is actually innocent, Ron's apparently been harboring a criminal rat, and everything is a wizard. Why me.' At some point, the door opened by itself and someone mentioned the place being haunted. Danny snorted. 'It is now.'

A bit more outrageous story telling later, and Danny was just about ready to give up and pass out on the floor.

And then, Snape showed up.

The situation was getting more plot twists by the second.

Snape was pointing his wand at Lupin. He observed the room and spotted Danny sitting on the floor. He scoffed.

"And what would that ghost be doing here?" He drawled.

"Who invited Dracula's assistant," Danny said dryly.

And then, chaos. Giving no time to explain how he got there, Snape shot ropes out of his wand, apparently set on getting rid of the two 'dangerous' creatures of the room, and they wound around Danny and Lupin within seconds of each other. The ropes wound around their mouths, wrists, and ankles. Lupin fell to the floor and Danny let out a muffled shriek of pain and indignation as his broken arm was wrenched behind him. Hermione covered her mouth with her hand and Ron shouted "HEY," while Sirius and Harry both roared in rage simultaneously. Snape was pointing his wand at Sirius' forehead and Harry was pointing his wand at Snape. Snape tried to glare at both of them at the same time.

"Give me a reason," he whispered. "Give me a reason to do it, and I swear I will."

There was a lot of muffled screeching coming from Danny's direction, and it could be seen in the halfa's eyes just how incredibly done he was with the situation. Everyone in the room was not having a very good time. In fact, the time they were having was pretty bad I think.

Scabbers was going completely nutzo crazy at this point, and Ron was trying desperately to reel him in. Harry had a wand pointed at Severus, and that was probably one of the factors leading up the the reason of why Danny was really upset about this. There were other reasons, but this was one of them.

"Just stun him already you freaking doof Harry," was probably what the ghost was trying to say, but in reality, it sounded more like "MUFF MFMUFIM AFMMNN MM NREMMFFN NOOF MNRRE."

Harry, who was apparently skilled in the art of angrily-talking-through-a-rope, got the gist. And with not a moment of hesitation, Harry zapped Snape with a stunning curse while the man was distracted with monologuing. It appeared that Snape hadn't really thought about what would happen if he pissed off a kid who still had a wand. Figures.

Unfortunately, Harry decided that he wasn't finished, and hit Black with a stunning curse as well. Or, at least, tried to. Black had none of that, and he reacted with the speed of a large dog, and turned into a large dog. He dodged Harry's curse and leaped at Lupin, ripping apart his bonds with his sharp teeth. Lupin sat up and rubbed his arms as Sirius turned back into a human and picked up his wand.

"Christ, Harry," said Lupin, who knew of muggle religion apparently. "Didn't we already explain ourselves?"

Harry looked disgruntled and confused.

"I just really don't know right now, okay?!"

Ron and Hermione then went over to Danny and untyed him quickly. Immediately after being untyed, Danny glared at Lupin.

"OKAY, I think I deserve a few explanations here, since everyone else seems to be having their whole lives explained in shocking detail. FIRST OF ALL, why can't any of you wizards just use one of your little special unlocking charms on this stupid collar? I mean, come on! This is ridiculous! If my powers weren't restricted, I would be gone by now! Out of your hair! Back at MY HOUSE! Why can't someone just let me out of this stupid magic school? I'M SO FED UP."

Lupin seemed a bit confused that Danny decided to bring this up now and not earlier, but he answered anyway.

"Well, um, you see, that ecto-collar already has some charms against it that are stronger than a little locking charm. Besides, if we did, then we wouldn't have the highest reputation with the ministry-"

"I DON'T CARE!" Danny shouted. "YOU PEOPLE ARE DRIVING ME INSANE!" He then looked at his friends. "Well, not you guys. I like you. But ALL THE ADULTS HERE ARE INSANE! And with the rat thing! If the rat is a wizard, then demonstrate why don't you!"

"Okay," said Lupin. And the man walked over to a startled Ron, preformed a spell, and right before their eyes, a fat, ugly man blossomed forth from the rat. The man looked just as terrified as he was in rat form, and Ron started to look incredibly disgusted. Everyone was strangely quiet. It was just like magic. Because it was. And Danny was so beyond tired of this stupid magic.

"OH MY GOD!" Shouted Danny, regaining the attention of everyone in the room (with the exception of Snape, who was still passed out).

"I'M SO DONE. YOU KNOW HOW DONE I AM?!" Danny stuck his arm into the air, straight as an arrow. "THIS done! You see my hand?! It's pointing straight up because my level of being done goes straight through the roof and into the clouds! It goes THROUGH the ATMOSPHERE and into the FREAKING SOLAR SYSTEM. My level of done goes through space and reaches the very edge of reality, because the universe didn't inflate enough during the Big Bang to contain how FED UP I AM WITH YOUR MAGIC!"

All of Danny's research on space has led up to this moment in time. Everyone in the room was looking at him oddly. And then there was Pettigrew, who was inching towards Lupin's fallen wand on the floor, using everyone's distraction to his advantage. Danny just kept on yelling. As he was telling, forgotten ice and ecto energy started gathering around him. Hermione noticed and her eyes widened even more.

"Um, Danny…?"







Danny finally looked over at her.


And then he finally got a look at the intense glow of energy he had surrounded himself with, his last shreds of power, and he decided to borrow a phrase from the person who got him into this mess.

"Oh butter biscuits."

And then he looked promptly horrified with himself. But before he could mutter a few more colorful bits of language, Pettigrew finally managed to snatch Lupin's wand. The very first thing he did with the newly acquired weapon was point it at the most threatening person in the room, who, incidentally, was Danny. A jet of green light exploded from the tip of the wand, and it collided with the ecto-collar around Danny's neck right as Danny was unable to contain his own ghostly energy anymore. Danny was thrown against the opposite wall, and there was a huge explosion of green light. Everyone was thrown back from the explosion, and Danny's half of the shack was absolutely obliterated. A falling piece of the roof shielded the other occupants of the room from most of the blast, and as soon as it started, it was over.

The piece of the roof was slowly lifted up by Lupin and Sirius, and everyone emerged from their places under it, coughing in the dust that was billowing all around them. Someone kicked Pettigrew aside, as the man was knocked unconscious by a roofbeam. Sirius layed him by Snape and tied him up, kicking him a couple more times for good measure.

"Where's Danny?" Asked Ron suddenly. Everyone turned towards the rubble of the other side of the shack. The dust was settling on a figure lying still against the only part of the wall which wasn't destroyed. Once the dust settled enough for them to see clearly, everyone let out sounds of unrestrained shock.

Lying in the rubble was one completely human boy, with black hair, pale skin, and an ecto-collar lying next to him, broken completely in half by a lightning-bolt crack.

Unknown to any of the currently shocked still occupants of the halfway destroyed no-longer-quite-haunted-shrieking shack, the large expulsion of ecto-energy had temporarily knocked a hole in the ghost shield around Hogwarts, just long enough for a certain poorly named tracking device to pick up the ectosignature of one Danny Phantom.

Looks like help was finally on the way.

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