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Danny looked at his handcuffed arm in dismay. Now he was all alone and injured in a hospital wing where his wizard friends had just miraculously faded into thin air with some lame excuse or something. How was he even supposed to survive until they came back? Were the wizards who cuffed him here going to come back and kill him or something? Danny didn't really know, and he was having trouble collecting his thoughts at the moment anyway, so he decided to just try and get himself out of his current situation first instead of try and figure out what's going on right now. Danny scowled with all of his might at the offending piece of metal to try and scare it off with his totally intimidating fourteen year old squishy face. Very shockingly, it didn't work. Well, isn't this what ghost powers are for? Danny concentrated and attempted to make his arm intangible, and to his utter shock, he couldn't do it. He found out that he didn't have enough power to turn even a fingernail intangible. Danny found himself in a serious half-life crisis. Or half genetics… half DNA…? Well, Danny wasn't totally sure what was going on with his anatomy anymore.

"Well," he thought. "If I can't get my hand unattached from the bed, then I'm going to bring the bed with me!"

Danny sat up with effort and pulled himself to the edge of the bed, flopping onto the floor and crying out in pain as his half-healed leg injury flared in a burning feeling for a couple moments. Danny took deep breaths. Well, he wasn't going to rely too much on that leg for this little escapade he was about to go on. You see, Danny had the brilliant idea to make the biggest scene possible in order to get any wizard in the entire school who knows a locking charm to unlock his handcuffs so he could… He would… well, he wasn't entirely sure what he was going to do, but it would be something, and that something was going to be… great.


Danny stood up and stumbled with a lot of determination, then, taking a step forward, he attempted to pull the bed with him.

The bed didn't move.

Dangit, they must have put some sort of spell on it! A sticky spell! A spell to stick things to other things!

Well, Danny wasn't going going to just stand there and deal with this! No spell can match pure brute force! Fortunately for Danny (and unfortunately for the bed), he had managed to keep some of his superhuman strength in his human form, and he was able to pull the bed along with him when he pulled hard enough. Of course, this also happened to unnattach some of the wall. Danny looked at the hole he had made in the pristine hospital wing's wall.

Well, it wasn't his problem. Danny decided to get a move on before someone came to investigate the loud noise that he had just made in the process of destroying the wall. Fortunately for him, all of the teachers were somewhere else, discussing the Sirius Black situation going on. Danny smiled grimly as he limped and dragged an entire bed across the floor of the hospital wing, and lugging it through the heavy doors.

Students roaming the halls might have heard the squeaks and groans of a bed being dragged across stone castle flooring, and those who had been close enough would have seen the spectacle of a strangely familiar black haired and blue eyed muggle boy with dirty close and a determined expression, dragging around a hospital bed with his non-casted arm and looking around suspiciously the whole while.

Eventually, the echoing sounds of wood scraping against stone reached the Great Hall, growing louder and louder every time the occurred. Then they stopped, and everyone still milling about the great hall near the end of suppertime went silent, looking towards the origin of the haunting noise.

Then, Danny burst into the room with a flourish, making everyone either jump in their seats or just stare in shock. Danny dragged himself more into the hall until he was standing right in the middle of all of their confused stares.

And then, he spoke.

"Can someone unlock me from this hospital bed so I can go home?!"

There was a silence. And then, someone got up. They were a Hufflepuff, and they walked over to Danny and unlocked his cuffs with a quick muttered word. Danny smiled and said thanks, then he limped out of the hall as fast as he could, leaving behind a hospital bed, a piece of wall, and a whole lot of confused wizards and witches.

Danny limped determinedly down the hall, and when he neared the hospital wing again, he slowed to a stop. Okay… So Danny had no clue what he needed to do now. He didn't have a bed attached to his arm anymore, but… there could be a professor lurking around any corner, ready to point their magic stick at him!

… Okay, that was awful. Danny decided to call them wands from now on.

Completely disregarding his last train of thought, Danny limped away from the hospital wing and headed down to where he knew the door to outside was. Maybe, now that he was temporarily stuck in his human form, the ghost shield put up around the castle would let him out! Yes, this just had to work. Definitely.

Unbeknownst to Danny, Harry, Hermione, and Ron had just returned from their time adventure, happy with the knowledge that Sirius would be safe and a bit guilty knowing that one of them (It was Ron) had decided to throw a rock at Danny to get him to get a move on. Oh well, it was the course of time… apparently. They were, of course, very prepared to apologise to Danny and tell him what they'd accomplished, but it was then when they noticed the incredible lack of Danny in the room, as well as the missing bed and the not-so-inconspicuous hole in the wall. It didn't take them very long to guess what happened. This discovery led them to completely forget any amount of trouble they were in to burst out of the hospital wing and go searching for their friend. After some questioning of the incredibly confused and pretty frightened students still walking around the halls, they were able to find and follow the marks from the bed being dragged across the floor all the way to the great hall. From there, they were able to guess that Danny decided to make a run for it. They all sprinted as fast as they could outside, and spotted his figure in the distance.

Danny didn't notice his three friends until he could hear their footsteps from about twenty yards away. He kept limping along anyway, knowing that they would catch up to him with their relatively fit selves and their unbandaged legs with no bite marks and… such.

They all caught up to him eventually, panting with exertion. Danny vaguely recognised that if he tried to run that much in this form then he'd have collapsed by now. This only soured his expression more.

"Danny," panted Harry. "What… are… you doing?"

"I'm going to try to get to the ghost shield around the castle, then I'm going to try to walk through it… or maybe destroy it."

Hermione looked at him skeptically as she caught her breath. "Destroy it…? In your condition? Huff… Danny, you can barely even walk! How can you expect to- huff- destroy an entire barrier?"

Danny pouted a bit. "I don't know!" He said, a bit angrily. "I just need to get out of here! I don't know what they're going to do with me, but I- huff- don't want to find out!"

Danny wheezed a bit and registered the fact that all this limping was really taking a lot out of him. The three others looked at each other in concern, and seemed to come to a consensus. Ron and Harry took one of Danny's arms each to help him forward, and Hermione walked along beside them for support. Danny smiled at them all thankfully.

Eventually, they all made it to the Hogwarts gates, and it only took one poke to the metal for Danny to realize that he still couldn't get through. As he was still panting in exhaustion from just the act of limping to the gates (though they were pretty far away) Danny didn't think that he had the energy to do anything resembling an attack at the moment. They all looked worried. Now what? Danny couldn't go back! The Ministry of Magic had a weird stigma against creatures which were half-human half something else. There have already been plenty of problems with centaurs and Merpeople, and there's nothing stopping them from trying to keep Danny contained somewhere, or at the very least tagging him or doing something equally inhumane. The golden trio were not going to just let that happen! Especially now that they were aware that Danny was very alive.

Danny was alerted to the sound of footsteps, and his head whipped around to find the source of the noise. His eyes widened and Harry, Hermione, and Ron turned to look at whatever he was staring at, causing them to gain the same expression of panic. Coming at a faster speed than any of them could run (especially Danny), was Professors Snape, McGonagall, and even Dumbledore and the Minister of Magic. It would appear that their absence had been noticed.

Danny was just accepting the feeling of incoming doom when suddenly, a ground shaking BOOM sounded all around them, shocking everyone and causing the group of adults to pause about ten feet away from the four children and look up at the gates in horror. Danny found himself spinning again to see what was going on behind him, and his face lit up with happiness and anxiousness just as everyone else's darkened with horror.

There, ramming into the invisible combination of magical protection spells and ghost shields, was the specter speeder.

It looked like Danny's friends hadn't given up on him after all.

Unfortunately, the adults were knocked out of their brief shock induced haze by another loud thunk of metal against invisible barrier, and they all raced forward to it with wands raised. Danny found himself getting panicked again.

"LET THEM THROUGH!" He yelled angrily. "They're going to get in anyway! They're my friends! Just LET THEM THROUGH!"

Thankfully, Dumbledore was at least listening to Danny's desperate cries, and the old headmaster shouted to McGonagall and Snape to undo the barriers. The Minister of Magic had many protests to this, but Dumbledore wasn't all too inclined to listen to him just then.

After a couple minutes of the frantic undoing of spells, the specter speeder was able to burst through the remaining enchantments and hit the path behind them, skidding a bit and coming to a rest in a divot in the ground. Danny held his breath until the doors opened, and out came his two best friends and his sister.

Danny had never been so happy to get hit in the forehead with a booomerang. And that was saying something.

Sam and Tucker looked around, and upon seeing Danny they gained mixed expressions of happiness and horror. It's important to keep in mind that this was the first time they had seen their friend for nearly a year, and they saw him wearing ragged clothes and bandages surrounded by a bunch of strangely dressed individuals who were looking at them in shock and anger.

Danny, on the other hand, was practically ecstatic. He smiled and waved at them.

"Hi," said Danny.

"Hi…?" said Sam and Tucker, unable to speak properly.

Jazz, upon seeing her little brother looking like he did, screeched and held up a blaster, and with practiced aim, shot Snape right in the chest with an energy blast. The adults didn't take very kindly to this, and held up their wands to send a few spells in retaliation. Danny's expression turned to one of panic, and he rushed in front of them as fast as he could limp. Along with him came his other trio of friends, of course. They all stood in the way of the wands and Jazz's blaster to try and prevent the battle which would most certainly occur. Danny spinned around and faced his sister and best friends.

"Uhh," he said, very intelligently. "Please don't shoot anybody, I'm okay!"

Jazz's murderous expression melted as the tears started flowing.

"You don't look okay!"

Jazz, Sam, and Tucker all ran forward and engulfed Danny in a very tearful group hug, leaving the golden trio and the rest of the adults to look awkward and sheepish as they witnessed the reunion.

"Well," Dumbledore said, looking unfazed as three fiery glares were directed at him. "It appears some discussions should be held."

"You're damn right!" Said the minister, glancing from Snape's unconscious form to Jazz's weapon in unease. "This is unacceptable-!"

"Yes," said Nearly-Headless Nick, rising from the ground around Danny and company with the three other house ghosts. "We've got some talking to do about our boy who lived."

And many discussions were held. It seemed as though the Hogwarts ghosts had something to say about the unfair treatment of their new favorite ghost boy, as did Danny's friends and sister. Needless to say, there was a lot of yelling.

Danny was very happy throughout all of this, most likely because he was allowed to sleep through most of it. Having not had a decent night's sleep for months now, he was incredibly grateful, and was allowed to rest on one of the hospital beds not torn off of the wall without the danger of getting handcuffed to it again. But before he fell asleep, Danny introduced his sister and friends to his magical friends, and they all got pretty well acquainted as they all joined in on being very very angry at the Minister. The golden trio were only too happy to tell the ghost fighters the story of all the injustice done to Danny, and everyone was just about ready to spit fire once they were all caught up with everything, that everything including the collar he had to wear and the attempted tagging. Sam and Tucker were tasked with holding Jazz back, but it was a shaky operation, as they both were having thoughts of murder as well.

The Minister of Magic could only take so much of this, of course, and though he had the law on his side, it appeared that this wasn't going to turn out well for him. He was under the threat of getting this ghost kid's family involved in this, the same family that they weren't aware he had in the first place. A child being kept away from his family for many months in deplorable conditions would not look good to the general public, ghost powers or not. This, along with the threat of rebellion from the Hogwarts ghosts, including Peeves the Poltergeist, moved the Minister to completely ignore the halfa's potential danger in favor of letting him go back to his home and getting off Hogwarts grounds and out of there as fast as he could apparate.

Dumbledore personally gave a very heartfelt apology, and received reluctant forgiveness with barely shrouded glares sent his way. Well, he supposed he deserved that.

Madame Pomfrey, however, was not letting Danny go so easily. She absolutely insisted that he stay until his injuries are fully healed, and insisted very clearly when protests were heard. Tucker swore later on that she had hissed at him.

Danny would have been perfectly fine with this, but he had been told by Sam and Tucker that Vlad bad been wreaking havoc on Amity Park by controlling the ghosts and making them do his bidding. They attempted to reassure him by saying that Valerie and his parents were keeping them at bay, but then Danny was reminded that his parents hadn't seen him in almost a year, and judging by the last time he was missing (the melted face incident), they weren't doing all too well.

On another note, the whole 'magic' thing was a pretty big deal. Despite themselves, all of them were enchanted by the fact that magic, wizards, magical creatures, and who knows what else actually exists. Or, well, Tucker was enchanted by this until he was told that magic interferes with technology, which caused him to check his current PDA and then sob hysterically when he realized that it didn't work. Though he was calmed down when McGonagall informed him that his PDA, along with all of the weapons and the specter speeder, would begin working properly again once they were out of range of the magic. How Jazz's weapon had managed to work long enough to shoot Snape into unconsciousness was anyone's guess.

And, speaking of Snape, the man was apparently bitter enough about the whole ordeal to let it slip that Lupin was a werewolf and Phantom was part human at breakfast. This was accepted with incredible shock from the entire student body, especially since they had now realised that the strange muggle dragging around a bed was actually Phantom.

And this whole time… they thought he was… dead? When he was actually… alive! And- and single!

Well, that was some people's perspectives on it, at least. For the most part, they were very very angry. Just like they should have been.

So, to shorten it up, everyone was pretty upset. Though once Danny had finally healed up, spirits were rising. Quite literally, actually, because Danny could now turn into his ghost form comfortably and he would fly around Hogwarts freely and happily while all his friends and his sister watched.

The night they decided to leave, it was his task to push the speeder out of the grounds so they could fly it, and he did so pretty easily and anxiously. It seemed that he was finally going to be able to go home! He just hoped that everyone could wait until he got there…

Danny landed in front of Harry, Ron, and Hermione and smiled sadly at them.

"Well," he said. "I guess I'm finally leaving, then. Are… are you guys going to be okay?"

"We'll be fine, Danny," Harry said, and Hermione rushed up and hugged him.

"Be safe, okay?" She said. "Don't get hurt by that… that Vlad guy again!" Harry and Ron nodded with angry expressions. They had all been told about how Danny had gotten there, though none of them were allowed to help because of the secret they were supposed to keep for Danny. Everyone in Hogwarts was supposed to keep quiet about Danny's secret, actually. It was another magical thing to not talk to the 'muggles' about. Danny was at least grateful for that.

Danny smiled wider and he had a bit of an evil glint in his eyes. "Don't worry guys, I'm going to take care of him. Ohh, I'm going to take care of him good…"

The other three smiled nervously back and hugged him, giving him their last goodbyes.

Or, what they thought would be their last.

Danny waved back at them and retreated into the speeder with Sam, Tucker, and Jazz. The door closed and they lifted off the ground, hovering for a moment before flying off into the night.

"Soo, Danny…" Sam said as she looked over at him while he gazed at Hogwarts before the charms went back up and shielded it from view. "You feeling okay?"

Danny turned from the speeder's window and looked back at Sam with smile. "Yeah," he said. "I'm fine. I think I'm ready to put all this magic stuff behind me. I'd rather go back to punching ghosts in the face."

He cracked his knuckles and smirked, rubbing at a mark on his neck that didn't look like it was healing anytime soon.

"And I know just which ghost I'm going after first."

Danny don't you know that cracking your knuckles isn't good for you? Yeesh, reckless, this one.


*confetti in the shape of Vlad's newly punched face rains from above*

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