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Skulker's POV

"The Halfling! Finally mine! Who knew it could be so easy?"

He was flying with his strange ghostly jetpacks towards his next destination, carrying the cubical, glowing, and green with ecto energy, containment device holding the unconscious ghost child within.

"Too bad he isn't really mine. I still have to give him to Plasmius... but I certainly could benefit from that reward..." he thought and grinned maliciously. "The ghost child's pelt will hang from my wall eventually... i'll just have to wait..." (A/N: ok, EWW) he landed in front of the Master's mansion and fazed right inside. No need to worry about intrusion. He's a GHOST for crying out loud.

Vlad's POV

Everything was going according to plan. Vlad grinned. The "Best Ghost hunter in the Ghost Zone" had caught Daniel and would be there any second. "He'll want his reward as soon as possible." Vlad thought in his own kind of sick happiness. "So i'll give him what's coming to him." He looked up as a large crash came from above him and rolled his eyes, cursing the lack of warning in the metal beast's appearance. He went intangible and fazed up through the top of his underground lair, arms crossed and glaring reached the first floor and discovered the large double doors still closed and the halls empty with the exception of a knee tall green glowing box and a large metal man, who was trying to replace a painting he had knocked to the floor back on the wall. Vlad ignored Skulker and instead turned his gaze to the box lying on the floor. He smiled smugly.

"Well, well, well. I didn't think you could actually do it. Good for you."

Skulker scrambled around when he heard Vlad's voice, dropping the painting as he turned around and tried to right himself.

"Ehm aah.. yes. Wait well I-"

"Mhm.." Vlad floated over to the box and inspected it carefully. He spared a glance to Skulker and smirked when he saw that the heavily armored ghost looked frustrated and embarrassed at his clumsily put together sentence.

"I suppose you'll want your reward?" Vlad looked at him once he was finished inspecting the box's details.

"Yes, and I expect it to be everything I was promised." Skulker glared at him suspiciously as he said this.

Vlad smiled and pulled out a small touch screen interface, much like Tucker's PDA, but, well, better. Safer, with ghost tracking software, ectoplasmic DNA detector, everything a ghost hunter could want, all in a small device.

Skulker snatched the device out of Vlad's hand greedily, worried that he'd try to take it back. But he just stood (or hovered) there calmly. Smiling when Skulker grabbed it out of his hand like a hungry wolf.

Skulker looked at the box one more time before turning intangible.

"Pleasure doing business with you."He disappeared through the double doors behind him.

As Skulker left, Vlad turned to the box and grabbed it, turning it intangible with him and floating down to his hidden lab. Of course, he had made a few adjustments to the device Skulker has now most likely connected to his system through his arm. Nothing the armored little booger would notice of course, but something that would definitely bite him in the... well, you know. He smiled once more as he opened his ghost portal, looking into its swirling green depths.

"First, a few final adjustments. Then goodbye Amity Park. Next stop, the wizarding world."

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