This is my first long awaiting story of Alpha and Omega 5 part 2 FINALE, since the first story ended with the new pack starting a new life and Humphrey's *ahem* stomach were raging out of what's to come next

Reason: I've been busy with other stories so please be patient and bear with me

Now that I've got that out of the way, this story will reveal puppies as well as their names.

A major song is contained in this called " Black Magic by Little Mix.

Congratulations to Winston/Mooch, Salty/Shakey who are now an official couples and let's not forget that the relationship between Humprey and his beautiful mate are stronger then ever.

Pairings: Humphrey/Garth, Hutch/Candu, Winston/Mooch, Marcel/Paddy, Salty/Shakey (Slash)

Rated: K-M

About half-way to the Sawtooth National Area, Mooch's stomach was growling making his older mate look back.

"Don't worry, we'll eat soon" He said before backing up and nuzzled under his chin whitch made him feel better a bit...maybe he can give him some pleasure afterward as well.

Marcel and his fateful companion was flying close to each other, Candu was even more attracted to his mate as he kept nuzzling him all the way.


"We's almost there everybody...just hang on" Garth said but noticed Humphrey walking in front of him with all that sexy butt but why was he hurting? "Now...we gotta find a new lake" Marcel said as he missed the old one but Garth said that there was a lake near some trees and he will show them.

It was long road ahead but at the top of a cliff, King growled upon the trespassers on his territory. "Daddy...maybe their friendly" Princess claimed but King turned to his daughter in anger.

"Friends are just a thing wolves say when they don't wanna be alone, weak word for the helpless'. "But what are they doing in our territory? She said questioning that they don't get many visitors.

"Trespassing...I know how to deal with them" He said before howling as a signal call for his acquaintances (not friends nor close) to appear. "Finally...we're here" Garth said smiling while looking at his friends but Winston felt something was not danger.

"Is something wrong? Mooch said scooting by his side. "We are not alone...someone is watching us" He said using his ears like some kind of telepathic wolf while squinting his eyes.

Suddnly, Garth heard the growling of the Rogues like Toothache, Toughbomb, Swallcut, Kilum, Groomum and Harmya and surrounded the wolves causing the couples to huddle together.

Winston, his son-in-law and Hutch stood the ground and growled in defending their mates cause Candu injured his paw one time, Mooch almost got a war started and Humprey's stomach is hurting.

Tornlina cuddled close to his beautiful Italian husband, Larezzio in fear.

Don't'a'll be alright" He said being a responsible patent as they disagreed to have any cub. Paddy was hiding behind his boyfriend's back while shivering so they flew off, trying to find the lake.

Humphrey felt like this was the perfect time to tell his Omega brothers so told them follow him. Mooch was scared to leave his mate but knew he can handle himself so they left and gone behind a tree

"Humphrey...what's going on, we're in trouble here" Shakey asked kinda angered. This was totally more then new meaning they may be all be killed so it's safe to let them know now.

"If I tell you this, you have to promise me that you won't say a word to Garth cause I'm gonna tell him" He said referring to his pregnancy" I'm pregnant. "It's about time" Shakey said like a mind-reader or something. "How do you know? Mooch said forgetting the very words.

"Remember...I'm an expert at mating rituals" He said placing a paw on his own chest. When the got back to the pack, fighting started, biting and clawing occurred then the Rouges had the leaders pinned to the ground.

Snarling at the mouth, Humprey thought for sure that Swellcut was going to kill his mate until King broke it up by howling causing his pack to stop to a halt, princess was ordered to stay.

Swallcut got off of Garth and scattered back to the den then the group looked at him.

"What are you doing out here?...this is the wilderness and my territory so you better go back wherever you came from" He said growling towards Garth who was growling as well.

Scar approached him so see if he could reason with him but when King caught sight of his eyes, it was like he was under some kind of spell such as Black Magic Princess came along beside her father, looks like she disobeyed him again.

"Please...let them stay...just for one night" She said then her father looked away and looked at her. "I thought I made it very clear to stay put...don't you ever listen? He said growling making her ease back until Scar defended her.

"You should be a lot nicer to your own daughter cause one day, she might leave and start her own family" He said speaking in wisdom. There it was again, King found Scar very convincing with those soulless eyes of his but looked down then up again after giving it some thought. night ONLY then I want you all gone in the morning" He said after seeing the wolf who was pregnant before leaving growling at himself. After he was out of sight, Winston thanked her and introduced himself including his mate and friends.

Princess had no problems as to why Winston's mate was so much younger then he is but hey...age is nothing up a number. Garth told her the whole story as to why that had to leave and it wasn't good at all.

"Oh my gash...that's just terrible for Eve to do that to you guys. "Yeah...that's the main reason we left" Winston said in depression but Mooch lick his cheek to make him feel better.

"Can we go or what" Humphrey said resulting to feeling his water about to break, none or the others except for his Omega brothers so the pack walked on while Princess went back to home.

I'm finally done with this chapter and it sucks but I assure you it will get better and again I greatly apologize but...please understand my situation .

Yeah, the pack had found a new home but King is trying to throw then out in the morning unknowing they can never return to Jasper National Park but can a certain special wolf convene him otherwise.