This is my second chapter Alpha and Omega 5 part 2, I usually don't let the comments get to me but I did by a fan saying that he wanted more so here you guys go.

Pairings: Humphrey/Garth, Hutch/Candu, Winston/Mooch, Marcel/Paddy, Salty/Shakey, Scar/King (Slash)

Rated: T for the use of the word Porn

Just as Humphrey suggested, his mate and gang moved forward, they couldn't wait to finally find some relaxation in the Sawtooth National Area after their little showdowns at Jasper National Park.

Garth was becoming very suspicious his lover, he knew it wasn't just stomach had to be something bigger then that, why else would he be acting weird ever since they left Jasper Park until his dad came, Winston walked up to him.

"Something wrong Garth? The Alpha said looking at him "I'm worried about Humphrey, he keeps having these stomach pains" Hs son said in depression hoping he would be of any help but Winston had only laughed at that particular statement.

"Oh, Garth...he doesn't have a bad stomach at all, he's just pregnant" He said laughing, he was a huge supporter of a lot of things even male pregnancy. What? to you know? He asked getting to catch what he was trying to say.

"Long story short, Eva had the exact same pain when she was having you" He said after controlling his laughter telling his backstory. "So basically I'm gonna be a father" He had got the point clear now.

Winston only nodded and nuzzled him in congrats then Mooch as well as his brothers came up to him "Hey Winston" The fat Omega said before licking his cheek.

"How're you holding up back there? He said worried about his pack "Hutch and Candu are doing fine" Salty said until his mate set his eyes on Garth who was looking down and asked if he was okay.

The pack had made it to the middle of the forest and Tornlina and Larezzio were both tired to they plopped on the ground, Larezzio put a paw on Tornlina to know they he'll love him forever.

"I'm alright Shakey...just trying to get that my mate is pregnant" The fiery wolf said to the three Omega and trying to get a good read of this "How can he be pregnant...he's a guy? He said in a good way but very confused.

A moment of silence was within the fine wolves until Mooch broke it "So...what are you going to do? He said forcing all around to stare at the handsome wolf once more making Garth think as this was a very big responsibility.

'I always wanted to be a father" He thought as he was looking at Humphrey who was going to get some water for his stomach" Okay...I'll go talk to him" He said going into his mate's direction.

Winston smiled at his son-in-law then caught Mooch nuzzling him reminding him that they needed to eat "Come on...we know where some berries are" Salty said then the three brothers ran off.

"Oh, boy" Mooch said holding his stomach before bolting off leaving his mate dumbfound cause he had never known that wolves eat barriers and he was older then his mate and his brothers but he just went with the brothers.

Hutch and Candu decided to plan their very date by taking a long walk through the area "That sounds like a great idea honey" The small wolf said and Hutch lowered his head in order for his mate to nuzzle his neck before parting then went off close together but this time, he'll be extra protective of his boyfriend.


King was walking back and fourth on his rock " Daddy, I think you should reconsider letting them stay for one day" Princess said calmly before starting to go to the den until she caught her dad staring down at Scar, the dark wolf who was practicing his howling.

She then knew that her father seemed to be interested in a male witch was very surprising and odd to her cause he had never ever even showed the slightest amount of loyalty, trust, happiness, joy or kindness but only, anger, madness, power-hungry, cruelness, cold-hearted and, nasty.

"Father...don't tell me that your crushing on Scar" She said raising an eye-brow with a slight grin. Her dad then slapped out of his gazing and turned to his daughter.

Are you kidding me, I'm a Rouge and Rouge's don't need partners" He said as he walked to the den and laid down on the cold ground not that he cared about the temperature which he didn't.

Princess looked at Scar then her father and Scar again as the song "Have You Ever by Brandy" was playing in the background, she smiled like she was hatching up a plan which she did plus needed some dad off her back for a while.

Humphrey took his sweet time to drink the fresh water, his tongue had left dripping water causing ripples, they appeared to be a reflection forcing him to turn around only for be face to face with his mate with a disappointed face looking down.

From that reaction, Humphrey frowned and slowly walked towards Garth hoping her would be mad for not telling him that he was pregnant but while standing within 3 inches of his mate "I'm so sorry Garth, I should've told you" He said but the fiery wolf put his head under him chin and kindly nuzzled him.

This was so unexpected as a tear came down "It's okay, I understand" He said caring before wrapping his tail with his. Seven seconds of crying and Humphrey stopped.

"You're okay now? The soon-to-be-father said " Yes...we should head back" He said and Garth's nose touched his in comfort "I don't wanna ever let this feeling go" He said saying that that gay life was just perfect to him then the two parted and walked back.

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