This is my sixth chapter of Alpha and Omega

Pairings: Humphrey/Garth, Hutch/Candu, Winston/Mooch, Marcel/Paddy, Salty/Shakey, Scar/King (Slash)

Rated: K

Scar and King walked for long hours into the passing night until Scar said something out to break the silence "It's nice out here" He looked at him, but he didn't say a word, so he faced forward until "I know my daughter put you up to this" He said which made Scar question him. "What" he laughed nervously "I have not idea what you're talking about" He smiled at him. "Don't lie to me, I saw that pregnant wolf and his mate. "You mean Garth's mate, Humphrey? he asked stupidly. "Please don't make me regret this, I really like you" King's words of romance touched him to the point of giving up the charade fest. "Okay, Princess knew that Humphrey was pregnant and knew we had to stay cause we told her the reason we came" They stopped. "So, my daughter planned this cause she knew that I liked you and tried to get me to hook up with him? 'Yes, but please don't send up away." He begged until he caught King smiling my daughter did a good job taking advantage of my feelings "Huh, I'm totally lost here. The two sat down in the middle of the path, and he sighed "I can't deny your pack, but I go by Princess's judgment, no one else.

Scar remember the first time that his partner and him wanted to protect their territory from Candu, Kate Hutch, they fought hard so in a way, they kinda related to where he was getting at. "Come on, let's keep waking" He walked on ahead though Scar's mission was successful, King still wanted to continue their walk and get to know him better. "Scar, you coming? He looked back, smiled and wagged his tail sexually while raising his eyebrows.

"Uhh, sure" He walked by his side as he waited then nuzzled his right cheek. "Well, you guys finally did it "Shakey said and he and Salty were walking side by side. "Hey, what're you two doing out here? Scar asked. "we're going on a date just like you guys are" he got an idea "hey, why don't we made this a double date. Salty said. No way, this is a very personal thing" Scar thought. "I actually like that" King said. The dark wolf agreed. The four walked together in peace "So, are you pregnant as well? King asked Shakey. "Umm, I don't think we're ready to have children" He looked at his mate while laughing. Well, I have good news for the pack" King said "I've decided to let your pack live here" The couple's tails wagged and smiled with glee. "Really, that's great to hear. "Yeah, Humphrey and Garth will be very happy, " Shakes said after his mate. "I have but one major condition though," King said, thinking dirty thoughts. "Oh, What kind? Salty asked. "I'll give you a hint; it strongly involves a certain dark wolf.

Giving time to think about it and the three didn't have enough "We can keep walking and maybe we can think of it" Shakey asked. In another part of the Lyle and his twin was sound asleep until Link heard something in the bushes and alerted his brother by shaking his paw. Lyle grunted awake with sleepy eyes 'What, I was having a beautiful dream? "Me too brother, but I heard something, maybe it's a delicious mean" He got up "I'm gonna check it out," He said, looking back at him before running off. Lyle just went back to sleep cause he was tired "If he wants to hunt alone" He said before yawning, laid his head down and closed his eyes.

"Ohhh boy, having this meal all to myself is going to be really sweet" He licked his lips and stopped in his tracks once he saw an unknown pup chasing some fireflies, so he crouched down in the thick grass and waited patiently "Where're you going, you delectable snack,? He asked himself" the pup was trying to catch them in his mouth "I'm gonna get you one way or another," He said playfully until he frightening heard growling which terrified him to stop his playful act. The fireflies flew away "Who's there? He felt shivers down his spine. Suddenly, Link jumped out from the grass and made Fleet fell backward. "Relax, I'm just here to have fun, same as you" He circled around him as he whispered "Really? He allowed himself to let his guard down. "Sure" He stooped and sat on his butt. Fleet couldn't put it into words about how untrustworthy he felt, but he was a smart little wolf "why don't we play a game" He said as the butterfly had flown away.

"Sounds fun," He said excitedly "what did you have in mine? "Hide and seek, I'll hide and you'll count up to 103," He said, giving himself time to escape his grasp. "Okay, hide well now" He began counting, sitting on his hind legs and covering his eyes. "That wolf is so stupidity gullible," He said to himself as he was running back home.


Nars was drinking some water by the lake next to their cave, but looked at his reflection and caught himself staring motionless at it; it pains him to think of the decease of his mate. *sigh* "I have to find me another one, I do not know if I will be able to provide for my pup much longer," He said to himself " just want to have a mate so we can be a family again" He spoke out of delusions, and it was clearly evident that he was fooling himself for thinking such a miracle could come true. To that, he chuckled at some wishful thinking "No, it is not some of the fairytales where you magically fall in love at first sight" He said until he heard running footsteps behind him and instantly turned around to see his only son who was shaking in fear. "Fleet, your shaking," He said as his pup when he walked up between his legs, giving Nars a clue feeling of worries "Something happened that I do not like. "Dad, I am fine, I was playing," He told a little white lie as he did not want his father to fight for him 'Please do not lie to me" he grinds his teeth "you know how much that angers me" That facial expression made Fleet give in. 'I am not mad, but if anyone hurts you or tries too, you gotta let me know" He explained how much he loves him. "I miss mom, wish she was still here" The pup's shivers got worse. Nars copped for a long time without a mate, and he was doing just fine being a widowed father.

"I tried not to think about it cause she would have wanted me to move on," He said, noticing him feeling hopeless. Even before his reformation from abusive behaver to his two pups, he shall not let even one of his children suffer so he decided to give his pups what they rightfully deserve. Deep down, Nar was crying on the inside like a baby, he thought to himself about their teenage years, he would be broken or if one of them needs attention more then the other. His head was hurting from those thoughts. "Maybe remating would be smart" He has the courage to start dating again. Still, seeing his son full of fear means that there was something out there.

Here's the chapter you have all been waiting for though not precisely as expected, I just had to add a side story, and I think I played it off perfectly. The first time I saw Nars, I mistakenly thought that he was a woman judging by his looks and feminine appearance. I am hooked on pairing him up with Link who will have the same initial thoughts that I had and hopefully, the two brothers will fight or be in competition to be Nar's, right mate. What do you think, let's put it to a vote to higher wins?