Chiaki was standing in the back of the ambulance with the little boy she had saved. Her mother had been shocked at the least when Chiaki informed her of her plans. It was as though she would decline, but her mother had been surprisingly supportive of her decision, and had called to pull her from school for the day. Chiaki was seated on the small bed the child was lying in. Instinct told her to stroke his cheek. His skin was surprisingly cold as her internal temperature readings told her. She took another blanket at the foot of the bed and placed it over him, continuing to watch him in his slumber. Hmm...Perhaps a kiss to the forehead would suffice...He looked like he needed some affection. She leaned in casually and placed a quick kiss on his cranium. The effect, being a stirring from the boy. He was awakening! Chiaki tilted his head, perplexed. How peculiar...He was supposed to be injured... After a moment of stirring, the child's eyes opened to reveal bright green orbs, emerald. He gained focus, and locked eyes with her. Chiaki put a smile on her face and tilted her head. "Hello there." His reaction was not pleasing to say the least. He started trembling and moving backwards, shaking his head as though he was terrified. Her systems confirmed it, he was having a panic attack. She searched her database, looking for the best way to go about consoling him. She decided that a simple hug, and calming words were the best course of action. She reached forward and wrapped her arms around the panicking child. "Now now...there's no need to be frightened..." He struggled more, wanting desperately to escape her clutches. She redoubled her efforts, finding his calm points and stroking them with her fingers. "Shh, little one. I will not hurt you..." Harry looked at her with huge confused eyes. She responded by giggling. "Wow...You're REALLY cute."

He blushed, hiding in his hands. Chiaki let out a small laugh and pulled Harry onto her lap. He still shook, his heart rate showing her that he was still scared. She retained her smile and looked into her database to find a way he would like to be held. Hmm...Perhaps if she cradled him like an infant he would feel more at ease. He was quite tiny after all...perhaps he WAS an infant? She adjusted him into that position. His weight, combined with her powerful limbs made him as light as a feather on a diet! She barely felt as if she were holding anything at all! Then again, it just made him even cuter. However, the fact he was still trembling was quickly becoming a nuisance to her. She had to convey that she had no ill intentions, but how... She had to be patient...Maybe a few more kisses would console him. Smiling gently, she leaned down and planted another kiss on his nose. Sadly it only irritated him more...he gained tears in his eyes, and his face cringed. Chiaki was very sad to see him in such miserable state, especially after being shown affection. "W-why...?" He asked, his face showing confusion and frustration.

Chiaki tilted her head. "Why am I being nice to you...That's what you mean, right?" Harry hesitated, then nodded. Chiaki kissed his head once more. "You've been shown a wrong example of life. I'm here to correct that."

Harry blinked. " you wanna help me...?"

She giggled. "What other reason is there other than you're cute?"

She began to rock him back and forth, searching her database for a lullaby. She found one, a simple easy "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." utilising her brilliant voice, she began the song. Harry suddenly found himself calming down instantly. The cheerful, soothing tone she sang in, the gentle swaying of being rocked, the pretty girl's smiling face... He had one more question though... "W-What'" he asked, rapidly falling asleep.

Chiaki kissed his cheek once more. "My name is Chiaki." She tilted her head and closed her eyes with a smile. "But you can call me Chi for short if you want." Harry smiled lightly, and then...out like a light. Chiaki couldn't help but give him another peck on the nose. He was so little! And cute! And little! And Cute! She was repeating... She was so overwhelmed by the boy's tiny cuteness! It was overloading her circuits... Except it wasn't really... She was just feeling...Genuine emotion! Emotion! She'd discovered it! How?! This boy... Had taught her that! She held him closer and stared at him, perplexed. "How did you do it...? How?" She asked, leaning close. "...And now I want to give you another kiss...Why are you so cute?" She kissed him again and curled up next to him, stroking his hair. She smiled warmly and rested her chin on his head. He was just so cuddle able! I mean, like a teddy bear! Smiling and giggling to herself, she stared lovingly into the boy's sweet little face as he slept soundly. Oh she could stay like this forever...she was an android after all. She pressed her forehead against Harry's and just stayed with him as he slept, holding him tightly against her bosom. She decided to shut down a bit until he awoke...yes that sounded nice. Giving him one last kiss, she closed her eyes and activated shut down mode, setting the timer for one hour. And with that, you could say they were both sleeping... Harry, for once, had sweet, happy dreams. Chiaki...well, didn't.