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"Stillness…then strike..."

Many would think he was a stiff, loner, stubborn bot. But he was more than just a lonely bot. He was a friend. He was family…

"Can't…pull in…anymore fragments…only…one way..."

His last words according to Jazz, who seemed extremely saddened by the loss of his comrade. It just hurt remembering him. Prowl…their dear friend…was gone. It distracted the Autobot leader, Optimus and his crew. It distracted their leader during the celebration of the capture of the Decepticon leader, Megatron. It distracted him during Prowl's ceremony, even during the trial of sadistic leader and now, on the ride back to planet Earth. "Hey Boss-Bot, how are you feeling?" The usually energetic Bumblebee asked, who was surprisingly quieter than normal.

Truthfully, terrible.

But instead of adding to everyone's depression, he nodded and replied back with, "I'm fine." He turned back to the monitor and Bumblebee left to the cargo holding dock. He found Sari sitting next to Prowl's casket, just staring, seemingly deep in thought. "I just want to go home…" She whispered and retracted her helmet. Bumblebee sat next to her and looked at his fallen friend. Prowl…even though he was boring and dull, he was always there when it counted. Even if he was a bit of an afthead when they first met him (bothered him is more like it). Even though his name was honored for saving many, it didn't fix the fact their friend was gone.

"Hey Bee, can you promise me something?" Sari looked at Bumblebee with pleading eyes. "Of course. You can trust this face." He gave a goofy smile and lifted her up to his shoulder. She sat down and said, "Don't. EVER. Die on me. I don't care if Detroit is going to be wiped off the face of the planet, save me the pain." She realized how awful it sounded and quickly added, "And not just for me, so you don't think I'm being selfish, but for everyone else. Please…" She looked down at Prowl and tears welled up in her eyes. "I-I won't. I promise, just please stop leaking from your eyes" He tried to calm her down. Truthfully, Bumblebee would gladly join her in the leaking of the eyes, or 'crying' as humans call it. He missed Prowl just as much as she did. He took her in his hands and hugged her close. "I'm not going anywhere, Sari. You're my best friend." Sari wiped away the tears and sniffled, "Ok…oh Bumblebee, one more thing." Bumblebee looked from Prowl quickly to his best friend, "Hm?" "Captain Fanzone hired someone to help us rebuild the city and catch any Decpeti-creeps lying around." Bumblebee nodded, "I'll tell Prime-"

"You'll tell Prime, what exactly?" The old timer and medibot of the group, Ratchet, walked in with Arcee, an old friend of the doctor's that they had recently rescused from the Decepticons, trailing behind. "Captain Fanzone is hiring some new girl to help us out." Sari explained yet again, sounding quite annoyed. Bumblebee on the other hand, looked quite surprised, "A girl?" "Yes Bee, you know, what I am? A female?" Her voice dripped with sarcasm and she rolled her eyes. Ratchet growled, "He should tell her to go back home to her family, before she ends up like him." And with that, he stormed back out. Sari and Bumblebee were shocked. Yes, Ratchet has always been grumpy and rude at times, but he wasn't ever harsh or cold. Arcee sighed, "He means well…he's just been through a lot…" She followed him right back out. The duo ended up walking right afterwards, mumbling to each other.

"And we aren't?"

Sari observed her surrondings of her group of friends: Optimus was staring blankly at the monitor, displaying the blue and green planet known as Earth. Ratchet was with Arcee, who seemed to be talking to him in a hushed yet calming matter. Jazz sat quite away from everyone, just keeping to himself, while their friend, Bulkhead, motioned the two friends to come over to his monitor. There displayed a message from Sari's father, Professor Isaac Sumdac.

"Sari, I hope you'll be home soon. Please let me know when you are even so much as a smidge close to home. I'm just so worried about you and your Autobot friends-"

Sari shut off the transmission. Her father may be angry with her when she got back, but at this point, she was hurting too much to really care. "Yo, lil lady, he's just checkin' in of ya. He's probably all worked up with you being gone." Jazz piped up. Sari nodded, "I know…it's just…not too good of a time you know, with everything going on." Jazz spoke calmly, "I understand, just explain that to him when ya get home."

"Hate to interrupt the conversation, but you might want to buckle up, Sari, we're entering Earth's atmosphere." Optimus called out.

A Little While after Landing

"SARI!" Professor Sumdac cried out in joy at the sight of his daughter, running towards her and flinging his arms around her. "Thank goodness you are alright! But…you have some explaining to do, which we will discuss after we get the Autobots settled in." Sumdac stated, making Sari cringe a bit. Well, that's my dumb luck. "Well, Professor, Ratchet left with Omega to our base," The Autobot leader transformed from his robot mode to his vehicle mode, a fire truck, and one by one, his crew transformed into their vehicle modes as well. "Would you care to join?" He opened up his driver seat door. Now, Sumdac could tell by the sadness in Optimus' voice, not only he, but the rest of the crew, were deeply hurt by the loss of Prowl. But, said nothing.

"Of course, Optimus. Just let me tell you something. Captain Fanzone is waiting for you guys."

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