Word Count: 459

Age: Three Weeks

"In this life, we have to make many choices. Some are very important choices. Some are not. Many of our choices are between good and evil. The choices we make, however, determine to a large extent our happiness or our unhappiness, because we have to live with the consequences of our choices."

James E. Faust

It was hell.

Only a few weeks had passed he was already sick of his new reality. His limited vision and mobility enraged him. The humans who only seemed able to fuss and coo disgusted him. He wished he could expressed his utter disdain for these weak mortals, but alas he couldn't speak and was too proud to scream at them with his shrill infant voice.

He settled for glaring, as much as a baby could, at everything and everyone.

Unfortunately, even that did not stop the cooing and coddling he was subjected to by various friends and associates of the Sawada family. Kurama filed them all under unobservant idiots. His 'parents' being at the top of the list. Eventually, thankfully, his strange behavior did cut through the euphoria of new parenthood.

His human 'father' was the first to noticed or at the very least the first to react to his 'son's' odd behavior. Kurama took vindictive pleasure in the man's confusion and fear. It started off as quick glances and a hesitance to hold him as much as he had been previously. Fear slowly seeped into the confusion as the man began to realize that his 'son' was more aware than a baby had any right to be. Kurama assumed that he would snap at some point.

Kurama didn't, however, expect to be taken to be examined and prodded by some rather strange people, for humans that is. He was not especially fond of the elderly human who tapped him lightly with a strange orange flame.

What shocked him to the core, however, was the appearance of another child. A baby that had more control and power than should be possible for such a small body. Kurama didn't know what he was, but his envy burned brightly whenever the other child entered his line of sight.

He didn't catch much of the conversation due to his limited senses and lack of understand of their language, which was different than the one his parents poke together, but they seemed to decide that he was in fact the idiot blonde's 'son' and not an impostor. He would have smirked if he could. He was the idiots' child by blood, but his soul was another matter. Their limited human knowledge and power couldn't recognize the signs. They focused too much on their sciences and technology. Had they brought in a more spiritually aware human, he would have been slightly worried given his vulnerable state, but the humans had proven themselves fools once again.

He was returned to his 'mother' and his 'father' left for work a week later, unable to look at Kurama for more than a few seconds. He would have laughed if it didn't come out as a tiny gurgle, rather than the derogatory sound he aimed for.

Some of these are already written/partially written in various notebooks. So, I've been searching for them and finishing them. Since I'm off from work for the next few days I should be able to post what I've already written and start some new stuff.

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Kurama's being a bit of an a** if you know what I mean, but that'll change I promise.