Artemis is Lumina (looks like her too.) Whenever Aunt Scilla goes to the kingdom, Artemis leaves to the surfice after Kaldur found/finds her and sees her powers. He uses some advanced magic to give her the power to change between human and mermaid at anytime through a necklice.

She's a royal to the believed to be fake Seagundia (see-goon-dia). On the surface, with the help of Kaldur, she manages to convince Batman to let her be a hero. She becomes Pearl.

She tells the team after joining that she would have to leave if her gaurdian tells her to, which is a total lie because she has to go when her watch beeps because her aunt is about to get home giving her a 5 min make or break. She put up sensors she got from a weird room(not important though).

Her actual name is Lumina but because news could possibly get around, she goes by Artemis. She doesnt know what school is but Kaldur covers her by saying yhat they have a different teaching system which doesng have schools.

Also, where she comes from they don't last names, because they based their society similarly to the Atlantans.

Her human outfit is: mail/u/0/s/?view=att&th=14dd61fc83c135c4&attid=0.1&disp=attd&safe=1&zw

Any color And longer when going to parties, black for stealth, and fades to orange at the bottom and less sparkletastic for hero outfit. Wears a bright blue hoodie, (wide round) sunglasses when needed, and black capris with a pink skirt when in normal civilian clothing.

{We're going to treat my fic as if it was the actual show and ignore the fact that a normal person could easily figure out who she was by how similar her outfits are.}

Pink secret- Beginning idea/ more revealing summary