Mix of Kuda and 3rd POV

"Come on Kuda!" She huffed a bit and replied "coming!" Kuda raced out the house and into her position. She could hear Lumina using her magic to make her a coronation. 'Being a normal seahorse would be boring' she thought.

Kuda was definitely not a normal seahorse. She was pink and had pink hair. Actually, she hadn't seen another seahorse so she wasn't sure if it was normal but, she hoped that it wasn't . They already live in the middle of nowhere.

She heard the signal and swam up to the coronation elegantly with her kelp cape being held behind her. The fish holding it took it off halfway and she continued to her "throne" or the clam.

She was crowned princess Kuda and given a crown that got upgraded by Lumina with her pearls.

I mentioned her powers earlier but I didn't say what they were. Well, she has Pearl magic. She can control pearls. The pearls can be connected and whenever she uses them, a pale rainbow light surrounds it. It's really pretty!

We heard Aunt Scilla coming so Lumina told everyone to disperse and she put the pearls away but one got stuck outside the Clam shell. She grows to put it back in but Scilla saw it before it got back in.

"Were you using you pearl magic again?" She tied to fact somewhat innocent but failed. Or at least I think she did, I got pushed into my "throne" and is just listening.

Scilla swam around a bit. "Lumina! You know you can't use your powers out in the open! It's dangerous!" Lumina turned to her and complained, "but what's so dangerous? We're in the middle of nowhere."

Aunt Scilla sighed and shook her head. "It just is. Come inside soon." She headed back to the house passing my clam shell, "Hello Kuda" she sounded disappointed so I replied smally.