Chapter 12

His eyes opened, his sight blurry. A great colourful being hovered over him. He blinked a few more times, slowly, weakly. The vision cleared enough he could see details on this black skinned person's? face.

His voice resisted use. He strained, felt something let go, felt his throat flood with liquid. He managed to garble out his question to the now teary-eyed being above him. Don't cry.

His body trembled as he tried to reach up to brush away the wetness on its his face. His hand did not move. He tried again, body wracking with tremors. I don't want to see you cry. I don't like to see you cry.

His body would not move.

A tear landed on his face as his world faded.

Don't go.

He struggled to stay, to see that person again.

His body floated, painless.

He never heard them whisper goodbye.

He never felt the dagger slip between his already decomposing ribs.

He never felt the cascade of tears that streaked down their face and landed on his.

Never felt the clinging, grasping hold of their arms wrapped around him as they cried.

But still, he wanted to know.

Who are you?