Love, Family, Music, and Frying Pans

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Chapter 01: Anniversary

June Eight was a special date for people. It was Elizabeta's birthday but it meant more it was also her wedding anniversary. Roderich certainly tried to make it special for her because not only celebrating the date of her birth but celebrating the day of their marriage. It tended to become more of a day for them to celebrate the wedding.

Elizabeta never complained about it, she enjoyed the day all the same. Still Roderich wanted to do something special to let her know that he was just happy that she was born. He wanted her to know that he appreciated her. So he came up with a plan.

Elizabeta yawned as she woke up. She reached around the bed to her husband only to find that he wasn't anywhere to be seen. She forced her eye to crack open. She scratched her head, last year her husband had planned this whole surprise for their anniversary. She assumed that this was something akin to that since he rarely ever got up before her.

The door to their bed room started to open. Elizabeta was a bit surprise to not only see her husband but her teenaged daughter, Lily, and her younger son Leopold.

"Happy Birthday!" They cheered for her.

Roderich was holding a tray with breakfast food, a candle and a birthday card.

"What?" Elizabeta wondered.

"Did you forget, it's your birthday." Leopold looked up at her with curious eyes. He had that slight stoic look that his father had, it made it hard to read him.

"No, I know it's my birthday… but." Elizabeta began.

"No buts." Roderich told her placing the food in front of her. "I just felt that we neglected to celebrate your birthday. I know it was your choice to get married today but I think we need to celebrate your birthday as well."

"Oh dear." Lily let out. "We forgot to get your presents. Just one moment please." The young girl quickly left the room to get her mother's present. Her young brother raced behind her, his silver pig tails bouncing up and down as he did.

Elizabeta turned to her husband, " I take it that this was your idea."

Roderich gave her a small smile, "It was though the children took to it quiet well."

"Why? You didn't have to."

"It's not out of necessity, I just wanted to not only celebrate our wedding anniversary but the anniversary of your birth such an event should not be ignored. The family will celebrate your birthday today and tonight you and I will celebrate our wedding anniversary."

Elizabeta beamed at the tender tone her husband held. "I'm assuming I get to have my breakfast with you."

"Anything you want, birthday girl." He sat down besides her and gave her a quick kiss.

Author's Notes: Hope you liked this, I wanted to start a drabble series about the Aushun family I started going in the stories Anniversary and The Baby. I wanted to start it up June 8th because of the Anniversary and decided to add something about Hungary's birthday since it's the same day. Anyway, let me know what you think and I'll write up another drabble when I got another idea.