Fry/Bender Drabbles: #1

Rating: K

Description: Leela's become confused by the recent behavior changes between a certain robot and delivery boy.

A/N: I haven't written a fanfiction for anything in nearly two years, so I'm totally out of it. I think maybe writing drabbles will help with this, and get me back on a writing streak. Anyhoo, I've been watching Futurama again, and my love for this pairing came back. Apologies if anything seems a tad OOC. If you have any drabble requests, please inform me. I could use them.

Rating will go up as chapters progress.

How Leela found out her friends were dating, it took quite a bit for her to figure out. They still acted the same as they always did. It just took thinking to realize the clues she had seen, but dismissed.

Bender still always made comments toward Fry, talking down to him sometimes. He was still an asshole. But…now that Leela thought about it, she noticed that his comments had toned down just a little. They didn't seem as frequent. And whenever they sat down beside each other, she noticed that he'd scoot his chair just a little closer to his human friend's. The matter was brushed it off as nothing.

Then there was that time Bender stole from that store down the street. Nothing unusual about that, just same old Bender habits. Except, it was just the fact that the day before, Fry had commented about a watch he saw there when they were making a short delivery to the store. The thing cost quite a bit of money, and the crew left the store with Fry empty handed. It was the next day that Bender and Fry came to work, the same exact watch on Fry's wrist. When asked how he got it, Bender was quick to pipe up that he stole it, mistaking it for something else he wanted, and, not going to be able to return it to the store to get the other thing he wanted, simply gave it to Fry as a gift. Leela knew that certainly wasn't true. Bender was more careful when it came to stealing objects he wanted. There was no way he would have mistakenly pick up the wrong object.

That, and since when did he ever get anyone a gift? It was confusing.

Leela had taken note of more joking between the two, more closeness. The behavior was incredibly strange, and sometimes, Leela could have sworn she heard a flirting tone in their voices at random points in their conversations. She started to get a little concerned. She knew bromance was a thing, yeah, but…was it at all like this? She knew nothing at all about it. The cyclops attempted to assure herself she was stressing over nothing. Leave it alone, and go on with your life. What those nutballs did was none of her business.

It worked, ignoring it. At least, for a while.

What finally sold it was during a work meeting. Hermes was talking about sales, everyone focusing their attention on him. Or at least, all but one. Professor Farnsworth, having found none of it interesting, had fallen asleep in his chair. His head tossed back as he snored quietly. Leela had found a pen on the table, and started playing around with it, listening to the meeting go on. It was when a loud snore from Farnsworth startled her that the pen fell onto the floor.

Leely bent down to fetch the pen, only to bonk her head once she grabbed it and started to sit back up. "Ouch!" she hissed. The pen had lost her grip again, and rolled farther down under the table. She crawled under the table to grab the pen, and she looked up.

What she saw made her forget entirely what she was doing.

Before the meeting started, Bender had, as he'd been doing for the past week or so, scooted his chair closer to Fry's. What made Leela shocked was that fact that Bender and Fry were holding hands, hiding this under the table so no one could see. Bender had Fry's hand in a grip, resting their hands on his knee. His thumb was gently rubbing the palm of Fry's hand, and she saw their hold tighten.


Before Leela's mind could fully understand what she was seeing, there was a tapping on the top of the table.

"Leela? Mind sittin' back down?" Hermes asked, bending down to look under the table to look at her; he was oblivious to Fry and Bender.

"Oh! Uh, right. Sorry." Remembering what she was doing, Leela picked the pen up, and scooched out from under the table. She was going to have to ask questions later.