Coffee Girl

This story: is by
Theultimatecombo and RoughpurpleDiamond

Arthur is sixteen and in love, this is first real crush but its so much more to him than a simple crush. A lovely blonde haired Bunny namee Ariana who is 20, and the object of his affection, his desire and possibly his true love? With the help of his friends who are in established relationships he attempts to let the lovely older woman know how he feels...but a certian red head doesn't like the idea atall. Will love prevail? Is the age gap too big or will Arthur be able to conquer his fears and ask Ariana out?

Ariana is Theultimatecombos creation/OC and this story is written based on his idea/plot.

Buster, Sue Ellen, George and Francine feature in this story as do Muffy and Brain.

So sorry that its taken this long.

The pairings were my idea. TUC approved :)

Chapter one

It started with a Mocha

The Read household, 10pm...

I am laying in my bed. My bag is on the floor. My clothes stink and my contacts need cleaning. I didn't even bother with a shower, which is not like me at all.

Do I care? No...

You see between my friends, school and hobbies I have not had much time for dating actually despite my parents and younger sisters pestering Arthur Read has never actually been on a date. I have had crushes. I even kissed Sue ellen at her 12th birthday after a fun game of spin the bottle. I thought she was the "one" because we had a little crush on each other but my closest friend Francine also liked me, well she appeared she had. We held hands a few times but it was in sixth grade and her other best friend and annoying little brat Muffy kept intervening so that fizzled out.

Lets fast forward to junior year.

Where are Sue ellen and francine?

Well they are both still my friends and both in relationships, with err, my friends, my best friends in fact.
Sue ellen and Buster have been dating since, uh forever. I am sure Sue ellen would remember when they first kissed. Francine finally gave in to Georges advances at fourteen and the two of them started high school together as a couple. I must say he has been nothing but good for her. I like this Francine, she is more George-ized meaning a more laid back less bossy kind of girl.
Enough about them, my mind is a blur a beautiful spellbound blur that is.
and it all started over a mocha at our local coffee shop E-Wood Espresso

Earlier that day.

The leaves were green and the flowers were blooming outside. It was a beautiful spring day, it appeared that way but to me, the unusual friendly Aardvark who has always been the lovable sort, I had not time for the scenery. I was actually in a bit of a funk that day.

DW had really pissed me off. Huh, but what else was new? She was always pissing me off. Her words and actions were getting in the way of my life and Mom was doing her usual "just ignore it" act. It was Kate I felt sorry for. She bore the brunt of DW's verbal bashing's and I wasn't always there to save her.

At this particular time though, I just wanted to meet up with my friends and hang out after a long drawn out day at school.

Sue Ellen was giggling with Francine when I entered the small coffee shop.

"Lets make a list of all the guys Muffy has been with" Sue ellen sighed, scanning her Smartphone. Facebook was littered with Miss Crosswires latest escapades online on Face-book.

"You know what would be shorter?" "A list of all the guys Muffy hasn't hooked up with" Francine said with a smirk.

Sue ellen giggled and Buster concurred. The bratty red head and rather feisty girl in our homeroom was often the subject of conversation. She was usually attempting to hurt someone via facebook post, nasty text or open display in the school cafeteria. The world had to know Muffy Crosswire was a force to be reckoned with. A girl who would run companies and build empires on her families fortune. Her track record of promiscuous dating had not given her the best reputation, nor had her loss of virginity at fourteen to Rattles, the Elwood City "bad boy" and cheating delinquent about ready to land himself in juvie if he wasn't careful.

Hence the conversation between Sue ellen and Francine often contained gossip about Miss Crosswire. Sometimes George would ask Francine to tone it down a bit but I guess she was hurt as her and muffy had a close friendship which dissolved quickly after she tried to kiss George in front of her last year. Buster was pursued by the slutty monkey, right in view of Sue ellen who was greatly upset. We eventually clubbed together and told her to "let it go" and for reasons we still do not know, she admitted defeat and moved on to her next conquest.

I was unaware at that time, or day that I was to be her love interest and about to meet my very own...

I took a seat beside George who handed me a ten dollar bill.

"Your turn to get the coffees" he smiled. "This is for Fran and I"

"Okay thanks" I replied. I looked over at Buster, who as usual "owed me one" but he was my best friend and I wasn't about to let a coffee lay on his conscious.

So while I watched my other best friend kiss her boyfriends ear and thank him sweetly for paying for her drink, I decided to go and grab the coffees.

"What did I miss?" I asked, taking ten dollars from Sue Ellen. She was always willing to foot the bill for her boyfriend.

"Just the usual gossip" Buster sighed. He wrapped an arm around his girlfriend and asked about what our plans were for the weekend.

"Uh, not sure yet" I replied. I could smell the coffee beans and the scent was too much for me, I needed one now.

"Well my parents are away" George informed us. "If you guys all wanted to hang out"

I noticed a large blush on Sue ellens cheek and a subtle bite on Francines lip.

"Sounds perfect" They both said. Buster kissed Sue ellen affectionately. He was like a puppy dog around her. She was his little kitten. It was all very cute...I guess.

"You can cuddle up with me while I play you a song" George was using his soft words to entice Francine, who played with her pony tail.

"Well okay then" She said, kissing him.

Teenagers in love...I assumed it was only normal for them to have the urges, I just harbored no feeling for any girl in our class OR school for that matter.

I ignored the chatter of my friends for a moment and went to get our drinks.

"Right, Ill go get our mochas and be back" I grinned.

"Soy for me" Sue ellen called out. "Extra cream for me" Buster grinned.

Sighing I nodded and went to place my order at the counter.

Then I saw her.
There she was
In all her splendor
Captivating glory
A Sweet smelling blonde haired beauty with a lovely smile.

"So, what will it be?" She asked me with a wink.

I froze. Looking at those bright brown eyes captivated me and ignited this feeling inside of me.
I had not experienced this before.

What was it?

She was a bunny with blonde hair, tied back in a pony tail. A green apron with a few coffee stains on it and a sweet smelling lip gloss covered her mouth. I imagined how it must have tasted. Wow where were my thoughts going?

"Hey hon, I have customers waiting" She gently reminded me.

"Oh" I coughed. "Four Mochas, one with cream and sprinkles", "and a non fat latte with soy please"

As she rang up the order on the till I just starred at her. I felt like a guppy fish.

Hoping she would not notice, I just placed my hands in my pockets nonchalantly and whistled.

"Well arent you the generous guy" She sweetly smiled.

"Oh uh I did not.." I was about to continue when I just decided to go with the compliment and pretend I HAD purchased the coffees so generously as the girl had thought.

"Ariana" My mind read aloud. It was printed on her shirt.

"Yeah thats me hon" She said with a wink.

"Are you here?" I asked.

"Yeah" She replied, moving toward the coffee machine to grind the beans.

Someone else took to the till. A tall Aardvark with a husky voice.

"Ariana, I know you're new and all but you need to cut the chatter and pick up the pace okay?" he grunted.

"Wow, what a douche" I thought to myself.

She cringed and mouthed the words "Sorry" in my direction.

"Here's your table number, Ill bring them out to you okay hon?" She sweetly informed me.

I went bright red and nodded.


"It was nice uh um meeting you" I said. Wow where did that come from?

"You too" she replied with a big smile.

"Oh I'm from Indiana by the way" She managed to say out loud before the manager gave her another "Back to work" glare.

Once the coffees had arrived, my friends thanked the new girl and asked about her.

" I'm from Gary in Indiana" She replied. "You're friend and I already had a lovely conversation about it" She grinned. Her smile was like sunshine.

I gulped and looked at the ceiling. "Uh well you know, I am uh.."

"Hes a welcoming kind of guy" George interceded.

"Thanks" I smiled.

Francine raised an eye brow as the tall blonde walked away.

"What was that all about?" She asked.

I was taken a back.

"What do you mean Francine?" I asked, stirring my coffee.

"Ugh, you're weirdness around that new girl"

Sue ellen nodded her head. "Yeah you were strange"

Buster assured his girlfriend that I was apparently always that way.

"Right Francine?" He said, looking directly at her.

She scrunched up her nose. "I"

"We hang out all the time" She replied. "I don't know, sorry Arthur". "I guess I didn't notice"

"Yeah" Sue ellen added. "We probably just assumed you were upset over something"

"Its okay" I grinned.

Phew, crisis averted

For now!

I really did have some great friends.

Which brings me back to the evening.

I read my poem with the light of my cellphone hovering over it.

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
You smell of fresh sunshine,
and flowers that bloom

A woman of beauty traverses the fields
And reaps the crop that beauty yields

My sweet Ariana, Ariana my sweet
Your song is as gracious as the birds who tweet.


End chapter one

The poem was written by The Ultimate Combo.

The story has been written by me but was requested by TUC