Author's Note: This fic follows, as best it can, the fanon set up by the crossover fic "Infinite Stratos: For Answer" by Demons Anarchy of Pride.

However. Please know that this fanfic is not in its best possible state.

Don't forget [the] hole in the wall

I'm like [a] ghost, turning on the road

Day after day

I stay around on far away

"Hey, Strayed?"

I looked up from my IS to see Ichika. "Yeah?"

"What are you listening to?"

Day after I've gotten it

I'm going to stand on the floor

By the way, I found

A flower [a] little way away

A way away…

I took a look at the arm display. "Erm… Ah—'Day After Day' by FreQuency. With a capital Q."

Ichika raised an eyebrow as he walked up to me. "Huh. Never heard of them. You don't happen to remember what this 'FreQuency' is, do you?"

I sighed. "I wish. Heck, I didn't even know my IS unit came with music at all."

"Huh. I think you're the only one with a personal IS loaded with anything other than weapons and other combat-related things."

"Really? Did the other rep candidates mention having anything else in their personal units?"

Ichika shook his head. "If they do, they haven't brought it up."

"Hm. Maybe I'll ask Yamada-sensei about it later. But right now, I need to wrap up this spot of maintenance."

"Sure thing. Oh, hey—see you in the arena later?"

I grinned. "Roger that."

With that, Ichika left, and I got back to looking over White Glint.

If this is the routine that I'll get into day after day, I thought, I could get used to this.

Day after day

Things are rollin' on

Day after day

Things are rollin' on…

Day after day, something will change.

And day after day, something will stay the same.