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Percy's POV

Okay, how did this happen?

One day everything is normal, my friends still liked me, Camp Half-Blood was my home, and Annabeth was still my girlfriend. Then he showed up.

Jonathan Prince, son of Zeus, also known as the guy who ruined my life.

Now my friends despise me, camp is more like Tartarus for me, and Annabeth…maybe I should go back to the beginning so you get the whole picture.

It all started on Monday (Which makes sense, bad things happen on Mondays.) when me and Annabeth were sparring. We were pretty even for a while until she accidentally left her guard down on her left side. I quickly took the opportunity to grab her arm and flip her over my shoulder. As soon as she was down I pinned her arms to the ground with one hand while holding riptide to her throat.

I grinned at her. "Looks like I win Wise girl." I fake gloated.

She rolled her eyes at me but was smiling. "Whatever Seaweed brain. Now will you let me up?"

I acted like I was thinking about. "On one condition."

She raised an eyebrow at me. "And what would that be, hm?" She asked suspiciously.

I gave her my usual goofy smile. "A kiss." I said simply.

She too acted like she was thinking for a second. Finally, after what seemed like forever for me, she smiled at me. "Okay, close your eyes." She said to me.

It seemed suspicious but I shrugged it off and shut my eyes. As soon as they were shut I felt her break my grip and flip us around so she had me pinned. When I opened my eyes back up she kissed me. As usual it made me feel like fireworks were going off in my head. When we parted she whispered in my ear, "I win, Seaweed brain."

I was about to reply when the camp alarm went off. A demigod was approaching camp. Annabeth and I quickly got up. "You go get Chiron, I'll go help the new demigod." I told her. She nodded and ran off.

Little did I know that kiss I got would be the last one she would ever give me.

I arrived at the top of the hill to see a demigod around the age of fifteen with black hair running up the hill. And right behind him was-

"Oh come on. Again, really?"

Right there, charging up the hill behind the demigod, was the Minotaur.

I run down the hill to the demigod and push him along. "Go on, get going. I'll handle him." I tell him. I turn towards the monster that stopped in wariness of me. I start shouting at him, "Hey Beef head! Haven't you learned yet? Every time you come back you die. Are you really that stupid" I insulted him.

He roared/mooed in rage and charged at me in his fruit of the looms. I grinned and waited for him to get close enough. As soon as he was about ten feet away I sprinted forward. Before he could react I stabbed him straight through the heart with riptide. He gave one last yell before evaporating into the usual monster dust. I turned around to find the guy tackling me to the ground. He wrestled riptide away from me. We both got up just as Chiron and the campers arrived.

Before I could react to the new guy stealing my sword, he began talking to the camp.

"Thank god you got here. I'm being chased by a monster and this guy just tosses me a sword and says 'Deal with it yourself noob.'." He complains.

I look at him bewildered. Does he really think he can trick my friends? I turn towards the camp to find them with looks of disgust. Except they weren't looking at him, they were looking at…me.

"Percy how could you? We're supposed to help demigods, not just tell them to 'deal with it'. I'm ashamed of you." Said Jason. That shocked me.

"Guys, he's lying. How can you believe him?"

Then the idiot stepped forward. "If I'm lying then prove it."

I glare at him. "I swear on the Styx I'm telling the truth about him."

For a second they all seem to realize the truth as thunder rang out, proving he was telling the truth, but then their eyes glazed over and seemed to gain a tint of…purple. Dark purple.

Most of them seemed to regain their looks of disgust, but a select few of his friends just seemed unsure. The campers walked away, mostly gathered around the new guy. Chiron still stood there with Percy, along with Annabeth, Clarisse, and Chris.

"Why didn't they believe me? I swore an unbreakable oath, key word is unbreakable!" I say to my friends.

"I am unsure Percy, but whatever is wrong with the campers, I have a feeling a great evil is behind it." Chiron muttered gravely. "Be careful Perseus, for I fear this evil will be targeting you in the future."

I sighed. "Of course it will. It usually does."

Annabeth came over and grabbed my hand. "Don't worry Percy. Whatever is coming this time, we'll face it together." She told me, but I could see in her eyes she was questioning whether or not to trust me. She was just as affected. You could see it in Chris and Clarisse's as well. They must be fighting whatever is happening, but it won't be forever.

I smile at Annabeth anyway, knowing we could figure this out before it's too late. "Of course we will Wise girl. Now let's go, I'm starving" I say to them.

Chiron chuckles to himself while the others roll their eyes. "When aren't you hungry Prissy?" Clarisse jokes. Everyone laughs as we head towards the dining pavilion.

As we get there we see the new guy sitting on Aphrodite table, gloating about his false victory over Beef head. All of a sudden a symbol lights up over his head.

Chiron walks forward reluctantly. "Child, what is your name?"

"Jonathan Prince" He says pridefully.

"Hail Jonathan Prince, son of Zeus, god of the skies and king of the gods." Chiron said grimly as the lightning bolt over Jonathan's head disappeared.

From then on things got worse.

Jonathan began breaking and stealing peoples things, then framing me for them. Time and time again I swear it wasn't me but their eyes just glaze over with a purple tint every time. He broke Jason's glasses and placed them in my cabin, along with Piper's knife Katoptris, making them both mad and causing Jason to shoot a bolt at me. Eventually even Chris and Clarisse switched because of Jonathans tricks. Annabeth was still with me, but I could tell I was losing her. Whenever I went to kiss her she would turn and I'd get her cheek instead.

Of course Frank and Hazel were unaware, along with the rest of the romans in California. And it's probably better they don't or they might be affected as well. Same goes for Thalia and Nico, her with the Hunters and him recapturing spirits that escaped punishment.

Finally, after a week of being blamed and betrayed for all different crimes, it happened.

I was heading towards the Big House where Annabeth asked me to meet her. I suspected she was going to break up with me but I'm hoping with every fiber of my being I'm wrong. As I arrive I see Annabeth on the porch, waiting with a glare pointed at me.

I walk up to her, acting like everything is alright. "Hey Wise girl. What did you need me for?" I ask, putting on my goofy smile.

She continues to glare at me as she begins to speak, "Percy, we need to talk."

"About what?" I ask her, thinking I know the answer.

"We want you to leave camp."

Okay, that one surprised me.

I recoiled in shock. "Leave?"

She rolled her eyes in impatience. "Yes, leave. All of the campers agree that you have become a pest and a disgrace to Camp Half-Blood. We want you out today."

I was shocked and hurt at what I was hearing. "And if I don't?" I ask, looking directly into her eyes.

She smiles and points behind me. I turn and see all the campers, weapons in hand, glaring at me. A few were grinning evilly, happy to attack if needed. Oddly though, Jonathan was nowhere to be seen.

As I look out at the crowd, I talk to them. "So you all want me gone?" They all cheered in approval. "And you'll do anything to get me out?" They cheer again.

I turn back towards Annabeth. "And Chiron?"

For a second she seemed to break whatever was influencing her and seemed worried. But then she went back to glaring. "We sent him off, telling him a camper needed help in the forest. He knows nothing of this." She told me.

For a moment I smiled, happy he didn't betray me. But then I put on a blank mask. I turn to the crowd. As I do, they raise their weapons in anticipation, expecting me to attack. So I did what they wanted.


The one word hung in the air, seemingly forever.

"Okay?" Annabeth asks, astonished.

"Yep. I'm going to leave. Immediately."

Annabeth eyes me suspiciously. "Why are you going so easily?"

I look over my shoulder at her, with tears in my eyes. "I have no home here. You all hate me because you believe some idiot over me. And even though you all betrayed me and hurt me, I don't want to fight you. I don't want to hurt you. Any of you." I look back at the crowd and for a second they all look guilty, looking worriedly at me. But then, just as always, they switch back to glaring and sneering.

I wipe my eyes and start heading off towards Half-Blood hill, feeling the gazes of everyone on my back as I walk away.

As I reach the top of the hill I looked back at my former home one last time. As I see the cabins, the lake, the forest, everything, I wonder if I will ever see it again.

I shake the thought from my head as I turn and keep walking.

And so I kept walking. I walked for hours heading for the place I knew I'd be safe. I was heading for my mom's. The reason I didn't take a taxi was because 1. I didn't have money and 2. I needed to think.

After walking for what felt like forever, I finally arrived at my mom's apartment. I knocked on the door and waited a while. After five minutes I knocked again. After ten I started getting worried and knocked harder on the door. After fifteen minutes I was pounding on the door. At seventeen I lost my patience and kicked the door in. I walked in and what I saw horrified me.

There, on the floor in front of me were mom and Paul. Cuts and stab wounds covered their bodies. I rushed forward and checked their pulses.


They were both dead.

But before I could even react I was hit over the head and knocked out.

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