Author Note

So…yeah…saying its been awhile would be an understatement.

I'm sorry for that. Really, I am. I never meant to just leave this unfinished. I'd always preach to myself how much I hated when writers did that. I never really understood why or how someone could just stop without a word. Granted, I know some people have personal issues or life gets in the way or they just downright lose interest. But not saying a thing or giving a proper answer…that's a horrible thing to do.

And yet, its something I did. The worst part I think, is that I never stopped going on fanfiction. I keep reading stories I like. I favorite, follow, and search for stories every other day. But I didn't write. I suppose my best excuse was that I didn't feel like I was making a good enough story. Because to be perfectly honest, I have put the most work on here into this story and it isn't exactly the most original idea. Heck, I have read more than my fair share of these stories and kept looking for more.

And the thing is…I would look at other stories, and when I came back to mine I'd feel…discouraged? Maybe I am self-criticizing too much here, but I honestly didn't think my chapters could compare to many others. Of course, so many reviews said otherwise. So many loved Phanes, liked Domarty, and wanted me to keep more chapters coming out. And the fool I am, I gave my word that I would keep posting chapters and wouldn't just stop writing like a lot of writers do.

And I had a really good idea with this story, or at least I thought. I even had sequels in mind that led to a crossover with another book series. Jonathan, as some may remember, was a very dangerous and mysterious enemy from that book series who commonly went by different forms and identities. Then again, that book series wasn't quite as popular as Percy Jackson…but that's not the point.

The point is that I AM sorry. And I want to try again. I want to write stories again and have people enjoy them. I have notes of different characters and story ideas I keep on my phone just because I don't want to forget them. I want more than anything to give life to these stories that I imagine in my head and see how many others would enjoy them as well. But here's the thing…

I can't make a promise that I can't keep.

I can't do that again. It is wrong to do that. Because if I promise something and don't end up fulfilling that promise, I basically lied to y'all. And lying freaking hurts. It can hurt you as the person being lied to, and it hurts me as well. It depressed me to pick up my phone and see another person had followed or favorited the story, even though I didn't touch it in years. I scrolled through the reviews the other day, so many asking what happened, why did I stop writing, to please keep writing, and it killed me to read those.

So I will not promise that the next time I post something on here will be tomorrow. I won't promise I will be next week. I can't even say it will be next month. All I can really promise you is that I will try my best. And this won't be the only story I will be working on, cause I got plenty I started and never even continued. But this is the story I felt the most guilty about, so I figured it was the main one I should explain myself on. I probably won't even post again until I have the next freaking month of chapters ready to be posted.

Now, before I sign off on this note, I have a real question for you all. Ya see, a few reviews felt some areas were a bit rushed and some interactions even OOC or forced. And looking back, I can agree. But going back and rewriting some parts of the story isn't so easy as I don't even have my original computer with the original story chapters on it. So that bring me to a big and rather serious question.

Should I keep going with version one of this story, or should I rewrite it?

Now, I'm not going to make a poll for this, I will just stick to review answers.

Also, whenever I do finally have some chapters for stories primed and ready, I will be posting them early on a account I will be making in the future. Sad to say, I do need to make money somehow and when I started this, I didn't think I could even dream of making money for it. The only one I won't be posting on will be this story. You guys waited long enough. I'd have to be a real piece of schist to ask for money just so you can read some chapters in advance. Unless that's something you guys would want? I mean, getting access to them early would be kind of the point of as the rest of the stories would just make their way here anyways…I don't know, I'll leave that up to the reviews.

Anyways, I hope to get back to you guys soon, so until then…